Gossip-quake hits Malawi govt: Mutharika says people shared cabinet positions when he ‘dissapeared’ 

Malawi government has been hit with gossip-quake  witht he power struggle deepening  and ministers are  worried about an impending  Cabinet reshuffle following claims that the week that President Arthur Peter Mutharika returned to Malawi, some officials in the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are reported to have been sharing cabinet portfolios.

Ministers Kondwani Nankhumwa and Dr Patricia Kaliati: Fear Grips Ministers Over Impending Cabinet Reshuffle

Ministers Kondwani Nankhumwa and Dr Patricia Kaliati: Fear grips over impending cabinet reshuffle

On Monday when he officially launched the Mulanje-Blantyre water project in Mulanje, in his address to the huge crowd that attended the Presidential rally at Pasani School grounds, the Malawi leader thinly disclosed the underhand activities that occured whilst he was away in the United States.

“During the time of Bingu, a lot of people run away from us. We had plenty of pharisees and I didn’t realise we still have them until now,” said Mutharika.

The President was apparently referring to the death of his late brother President Bingu Wa Mutharika in 2012 where the nation witnessed a mass exodus of senior party officials to the new governing party then, the Peoples Party (PP) of former Joyce Banda.

“As I was drinking coffee in New York, others were busy here planning for my state funeral. Some of these pharisees were allocating cabinet portfolios and other government positions,” the President continued in an address aired live on the national broadcaster, MBC.

The President who did not name any of those involved advised people to always be careful in life.

“My late grandmother told me that when you are running, you should also look on the ground otherwise you will stumble and fall,” concluded the President without eradicating.

Nyasa Times has learnt that those linked to the scamble for cabinet portfolios included Civic Education Minister Patricia Kaliati, Labour Minister Henry Mussa, Information Minister Malisoni Ndau, Home Affairs Minister Grace Chiumia, Deputy Defence Minister Vincent Ghambi, Blantyre City East Parliamentarian Noel Masangwi.

Kaliati is reported to have been the likely Vice President of Malawi in the event that the President was indeed pronounced dead.

A few weeks ago, Kaliati was handed an honorary doctorate degree that has seen her change her name to Dr Kaliati. It is not known if the doctorate title and the touted country Vice Presidency were linked to each other.

Analysts have blamed the lack of information that let to speculations the President Arthur Peter Mutharika was seriously ill in hospital in the USA or indeed dead.

Rumors were rife that Mutharika’s long stay in the U.S. was because he was undergoing surgery.

The President during a news conference confirmed he has a surgery on his shoulder but that he was in robust health.

With Mutharika’s remarks on pharises and Judases that surround him,  fear now grips ministers over a cabinet shake up.

Others also speculate that treason charges may be pressed on some and that Vice President Saulos Chilima is targeted with state spies linking the cabinet sharing story to him.

“There is too much gossip in this government and the President is being fed with a lot of lies,” a cabinet minister who is accused to have been one of those sharing ministerial posts told Nyasa Times.

“It’s witchunt and political posturing that is disuniting us,” added aother.

Nyasa Times understand that the President may have pencilled down some of his ministers who would be relieved of their positions in another major cabinet reshuffle, particularly ministers with presidential aspirirations which will also pave way for DPP strongman George Chaponda to sail through easily as Mutharika’s successor.

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But i thought vincent was busy in USA dancing with sendeza women


‘my late grand mother told me that when u are running….’ CONCLUDED THE PRESIDENT without **eradicating*** are you sure????????? free xool…kkkkk timati *** elucidating*** thats wy i shun this sight …eeeish azungu angaseketu apa ….were we under BRITISH RULE or Portuguese…kumayamba mwawerenganso kangapo before posting to the WORLD ..

Friend Indeed

And you as well… Is it sight or site?

Jeffrey phiri
Isi ndiye za Boza,Malisau Ndawu,Grace and Ghambi, innocent ministers , Please mention the right people ,if I remember ,the only woman coined to DPP in the North was Grace,if there were two Mps royal to DPP in the North it is Ghambi and Obama, don’t spoil the image of others you bad people.this is so sad it is a lady from South and amen from the North who have complicated GHambi and Obama,,I will reveal one day. Mr president these devils there days are numbered. Amasser a kwa a singing a Kati Amalie anzawo. Sikh Lina nizam nena.

It took me 2 years to do master degree abroad then PHD with research and teach then 6 years PHD. Some in Malawi get it free. And are called Dr. What are we going to call doctors in hospitals? Shame. Obama, Bill CLinton , Bushi or Michelle Obama was not called Dr. What is a heil is Malawi? U are ashaming us and devaluing PHD. How can APM allow this? He does not care because he know Malawians are stupid. He,s interest is money.


What was that at the remembrance ceremony…the VP wasn’t called to lay a wreath after HE..I think it was out of order


Katundu wakuba amavuta kusamala. Muzelezeka ndipo simunati! We will keep praying for Malawi until onse oononga dzikoli mwadala atakanthidwa. May God Bless Malawi!


For your information guys: I have Dr. Cowboy Konzekani at my farm within the country. No need to go to school nowadays to become a doctor. Just praise heavily someone or some organization or academics or even some learning institutions.

Binnwell Kachikopa

Ma PHd otola! Kkkkkkkkkkkk! A Kaliyati anatola yawo!

pWorried about my party
pWorried about my party
There is a lot of gossip in the DPP. Spme of us have allowed to let fate decide. I really dont care. This is not what we fought for. If Chilima becomes president, what is wrong with that? Moreover, everything is in theb constitution. Now u want us not to respect the vice president. Anyone respecting the vice president is deemed an enemy of DPP. But why and how? Peter is an intelligent man. But he is surrounded by enemies of progress. He is surrounded by people who hate the Vice President. Now they want to talk about mare cabinet… Read more »
Let them make a mistake by firing Chilima. They forget Chilima know how they got there. If they think they can remain in power without him they are joking. Not this time when they have seen what have happened in USA. Also if there was election s to day DDP will not win. They killed Bembera because he did not want to steal votes and shade crocodile tears again. He has lived with that for two years. As a Christian it pains. Yes he got money but money of betray of his country. One does not die like that if… Read more »

It in only Chilima who knows that we stole the votes from amayi , Atupele and Chakwera. So whats the fuss? Chilima was picked for the 2014 cause and not the 2019 election. By the way Chaponda will never ever become president of Malawi because of his arrogance and tribalism.

Vic M

Chipasupasu cha angoni pamatengo….

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