Gov’t allowances to Malawi university students must go

Upkeep allowances, disbursed monthly to all government sponsored students in the country’s public universities, have been recipe for all sorts of mayhem since they were introduced. Because of them, students have found enough reasons to insult innocent passersby and barricade innocent motorists on the country’s roads, to mention just but a few problems.editorial op

Introduced not more than two years ago, the upkeep allowances initiative demands on the part of the colleges to set aside K40 000 (about US$80) for each student each month as their meal allowances. In addition to the meal allowances which, elsewhere in the same country are monthly incomes for salaried statesmen and women, the students get yearly stationery allowances of about K30 000 (about US$60).

Well, much as government issues out the money on the basis that the students are needy and, therefore, not capable of supporting their financial welfares, the students are possibly being as unthankful as dogs if their demeanors on the same which have heightened over the years are anything to go buy.

Of course that the students are needy is a lie. Most – of course, with exception of very, very few cases – would be capable of supporting themselves as far as issues of meals and stationery are concerned. After all, government already fills the bigger part of the puzzle by paying for their school fees.

And, yet, the students always go rowdy at the mention of anything regarding the allowances. Worst of it all, the students go to the extent of stoning, insulting innocent taxpayers who are the grand financiers of the money they make so much noise about.

The last week, for example, has seen Mzuzu University (Mzuni) students going on rampage because of the same. The students have since been indefinitely suspended, which means something about a year or so as a holiday for them. Had it been not for the allowances there would not have been the noise, and the students – especially the finales who were due to end their programmes in the next two weeks – would have been safe and sound.

Mzuni is not alone. At Chancellor College (Chanco) – a constituent of the University of Malawi (Unima) – calls, likely to end in notorious demonstrations, are rife that the allowances be hiked from the current K40 000 to K60 000 on basis of economic tough times. Now, K60 000 is monthly income for most of these students’ parents or guardians with which they pay bills, feed and clothe their siblings back home. And, what do our students use the allowances for? Shop luxuriously, smoke, drink and womanize.

We, at Nyasa Times, would like to appeal to all stakeholders to find other modalities, with which they can help government sponsored students for they are causing us, as a nation, more harm than good at the expense of our own taxes. The upkeep allowances must definitely go.

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64 thoughts on “Gov’t allowances to Malawi university students must go”

  1. ernest mlimi bunda says:

    kweni kweni chimakhala chani ? why are u comparing dismilar situation? stupid mtolamkhani

  2. nanyoni says:

    the writer knows nothing and is very stupid. DPP yakoyo ndi imene inasiya kutipatsa ma meals ku cafe instead anayamba kutipatsa dollar. Go and ask college admin how much they r saving now as compared to the past wen we were given fud. And uliuze boma lakolo limange ma hostels okwana coz pa 40pin ikunenedwayo ena amalipira rent outside campus 20-25pin. Go get facts b4 writing trash

  3. plural says:

    its not necessarily a right but a necessity that the government owes to it citizens
    it true government take a risk in sponsoring us but its more that worth takin I will tell u why
    am rised by a single mum she’s a school teacher her salary I think is around 70 thousand I wasn’t born poor like I said my dad died with my siblings we clearly have one shot of having a decent living that’s university education its not the only way but but it the best decent way any parent would be thankful for
    I know I’m intelligent that why I’m here if it wasn’t for this sponsorship there is no way i would have continued my education and I’m not that poor I would say by estimation my family is inside top 30% wealthwise in this nation
    so what about the other 70% do they even have hop for changing there status
    mind you this was also introduced as an incentive for those poor children to work hard and have a purpose in life have hop that some day they may help there elder parents
    if this was removed the richer will surely remain the richer this is one incentive by government to redistribute wealth try and support it

  4. Tsinya says:

    Biso name Biso let mi lecture u….A Mzuni graduate is 100 times competitive on the job market than any graduate from your colleges…Palibe chimene umadziwa cha pa university let alone cha ku college imene unachoka iweyo…Foooooolllllll!!!!!!

  5. Thino Phiri says:

    Mesa akakupasani ma free meals?pano kulibe dat dats y kuli upkeep allowances to buy food

  6. Editor ndi chisiru, tikagona ndi hule lako ife, chakudya ukatidyesa, za chamba basi.

  7. rasta says:

    Truly, the writer sumadziwa chomwe ukulemba, u think that nkhani ya upkeep allowance is common sense that u can write anything about it as long as u know we are paid 40 grand, noo do ur research first then u will know that wat u have written is nonsense

  8. Tara says:

    Obviously oziwa kutukwanawo atukwana kale nde sindiwonjezera ayi. In stead, what I will do is to help u with some kind of thinking, I mean intellectual kind of thinking. I promise whoever wrote this article that I will remain sober as am pumping sense into your nonsense article.

    To begin with, if this is indeed nyastaimes editorial team that has come up with such a thought, then in Malawi we have very big problems. Its not only her economy that need to sort out but also her people of such mindset. What do you want to achieve?, that the allowance should be abolished(to punish students) or that the Government should stop providing high quality education to its citizens?

    I am failing to understand the comparison that is given between Salaries and student allowances. And I wonder if this guy is within Malawi, He/she would have been able to tell the atmosphere here that everyone is crying for increment in their earnings be it allawances or Salaries because of Kwacha depreciation.

    I wonder if the author of this article went through any University in Malawi at all. He should have known that the government has a right to collect taxes from its citizens, at the same time the Citizens have the right to Education, the government has responsibility to provide this education to its citizens to ensure more socioeconomic development. Obviously, the university education is very expensive anywhere you go in the world. Anywhere else, students get loan frm banks or finacial institutions to pay for there education and pay back when they get a job- in that case to get a job after finishing college is guaranteed! But we are in Malawi my friend, tell me which Bank can run a risk of issuing money to students who are not even assured of getting a job immediately after college?, tell me how many parents in Malawi(where above 60% of its citizen live below $1/day can afford university expenses for their children?, this is where the government comes in to fill the gap, taking responsibility over the right to education of its Citizen whose parents collectively pay tax from their manute salaries.

    Apparently prices of goods and services are sky rocketing due to contiously weakening of Kwacha, and prices food in the universities are not exceptional. The meal and accomodation allowances for student have not been revised upward for 2 years now but meal keep on going up. Student, being intellectuals, all this time has been engaging government authority to consider increasing allowance but to no avil, no one think about them, not even selfish parliamentarians. Its. Because people like you that think students do not deserve it, my foot!, When students take it to the streets, obviously people expect peaceful dem, but as students they their own way of demonstrating anywhere in the world no one can refute this that when university students demonstrate its always chiotic, and the best way to stop them is to prevent demos from happening at all buy responding to their grievances in appropriate time.

    Its unthinkable for the whole editorial to make such careless suggestion/opinion that allowance should be stopped simply because students are insulting or blocking road, leaving out the bigger picture that the students deserves to be well taken care of. In addition, if you ask the government authorities to compare the system of giving meals to student and that of allowances, trust me the government would want to go back to the old system because the later is more economic sound. On the same note if ur suggestion was pointing towards completely abolishing giving anything to the student, then you have the shock of the day, because Malawi have no alternative but to provide such thing
    s to its poor students in absence of load security.,

  9. Needy says:

    and u thnk u r a profeshono journalist hahahahahahaha uyu siwapa mighty wadia

  10. Chanco yalero says:

    Mbalame iwe sukudziwa kut ka 40 ko kamagwra ntchito yanj,cafe ya pa campus you pay about 1500/day ukapanga pamwez ndi almost 45000,nde ukuona ngat tizikagona kwa mako?

  11. ke u says:

    mbuzii iwe… Do a research first b4 postng ur crap here. Zaonetseratu kuti u dnt knw hw unima operates nw

  12. ke u says:

    mbuziii do a research first b4 u make noise. This z crap.

  13. Biso na Biso says:

    Nyasatimes, your suggestion is not in order. Withdrawing allowances is retrogressive. The government should identify a good strategy for supporting the process for example, give student allowances on quarterly basis other than monthly. As for Mzuzu University, something is totally wrong. Since the university was opened, we do not even feel the contribution that its graduates are making to the country. Actually graduates from MZUNI are as dull as students from Malawi Corespondance Colleges. This University should be closed indefinitely chifukwanso cha tribalism of the lecturers.

  14. Keen Observer says:

    Yes scrap it

  15. martha says:

    Problem with most of the commenters here is that they are mbuli za pa college. Just because they are ku chanco, poly, mzuni, luanar etc they think they are the most educated people on earth. What they are forgeting is that these institutions have existed for decades and through out they have graduated thousands of people. In fact, most of those graduates now hold many more degrees.

    Nde akabwera pano they forget they are the ignorant ones and we are the smart ones PLUS we are the fax payers, the financers of the ‘get rid if that ignorance initiative’ that they are have been privileged to be a part of.

    Let me tell u something my dear boys, u r no different from any other form 4 certificate holder. Akakuwidani pano, emanu mukakolopa, enanu mukakhala ma prison guard, enanu m vendor etc. Stop being so proud. Humble yourselves that God may exalt u in due time.

  16. kamfana says:


    1. Thino Phiri says:

      Mesa akakupasani ma free meals?pano kulibe dat dats y kuli upkeep allowances to buy food

  17. kamfana says:


  18. Vyachalo says:

    Ana inu auzeni bwino atolakhani. Akukhalangati inu mumadya ku boarding. Sopano auzeni ntchito ya malawaseyi. Mongowanena chabe sakuziwa. Akuti ngati inu mukulandila K40,000+K30,000 each per month. Koma anthu a banja lawo la ana three akulandila K30,000 mu boma. Ndiye kuti a boma aziwapatsa anthu a muboma K70,000 as lowest salaries. Teach them

  19. Zenze says:

    journalist wopusa kwambili iwe…. chufukwa aku posa salary yako eti. shupiti idiot. iwe uli ku zul yako yau tolankhani sunka landila… I cn see wango yamba kumene… kapena suna pite ku Poly eti. which makes u wopusa komanso opanda nzelu…. Shut up you dumb fool

  20. Baby wa a mummie says:

    Mr Editor tell your government to give the students food,accomodation and stationary if u want them to take away the upkeep allowance. For your own information,giving students upkeep is the only cheap way government has as far as running UNIMA is concerned. Jst apply into UNIMA nxt year,b one of the students and lets see if u will come bck to write your trash here!!

  21. Panyapako says:

    This is an issue of intelligence. Come to the university and see how it is to live with your stupid 40000. we are far gone with those you are comparing, you mean we are watchmen. We deserve the amount we are receiving as well as demanding. This country needs the people of our calibre my friend to drive the economy to the greater heights ndiye iwe ndi MIJ yakoyo stupid.

  22. chonchobe says:

    I have lived and worked in villages and its hard for most Malawians to raise money to fund their children in Colleges. When making your opinions do a research first than calling others dogs, in Phillipians 3vs2 the bible says dogs are those who does evil not that you have said. have a sense of humour please.

  23. Clemor Neymar says:

    Ulibe nzeru iwe…………go research Kaye then u rewrite nyasi zakozi

  24. kokha says:

    ma jealous chifukwa simunapite ku college. Malawi is still poor because of such mediocre minds. You lack the ability to conceptualise and reason Mr editor. You are forgetting that the very same people you are talking about are the civil servants of tomorrow. this is the generation that will develop malawi anthu akalenu for 50years mwalephela. we are the future.

  25. And for your own information, government does not give the students food and accommodation because the students are needy, it does that because its got a responsibility to…. its not a privilege but a right for those students. Tuition fees is what is given as loans to the needy…. give me your contacts i should give you some 411 on this… smh

    1. martha says:

      Can you educate me on how the allowances are a right?

  26. poly says:

    unakafufuza before kulemba article yako, journalism yako unapangira kuti? unakakhala wa poly sibwezi ukulemba ur retrogressive ideas here, yes ur tinking backwards do u know that the cost of living is going up? or u tink our welfare is getting better while prices r sky-rocketing. mind u every govt has to subsidise on govt-sponsered students we r in malawi not uk we r very needy so take back ur words and rethink properly anthu adzakutukwanani nazo

  27. You such a moron and a very ignorant human being, such a waste of air on this world. I feel sorry for your friends, relatives or companion if you have any, which i doubt you do. If its the whole Nyasa times crew then you have to stop confusing people. Do you know the role of the government in training its citizens? Do you understand where our hard earned taxes is supposed to be used for by the government? I suggest you go find out first the rates of accommodation, food that these future doctors, administrators, managers, accountants, engineers and teachers are paying for their survival. The government chose to outsource services like accommodation, cafeteria which were initially being provided by the colleges to be giving the students money… and if you ask me K60,000 is way less than the government was spending per student per day in terms of accommodation and food. Currently most hostels (even hostels on campus) are charging between 15g to 20g per month and food is K500 per meal so surely one person at Nyasa times should know some math and can calculate the minimum that should be given to these kids per month. This nation will never see light because of selfish people like you. You just put your opinions to public, misleading people and forgetting that people can believe you. Do your research first, understand whats going on. This thinking is very sad.

  28. John says:

    Government should stop sponsoring the students. That can be the permanent solution to deal with this phenomenon!

    1. chonchobe says:

      sunapite ku university eti?

  29. Madalli wapa Poly says:

    You clearly don’t understand a thing about what you have written; it is one sided and in an outsider’s perspective.

    Your argument that we should not fight for an increment because ‘it is my parent’s pay’ should help you understand how underpaid our civil servants are. Before you write any further on this issue, find out how much a decent meal costs and calculate how much a student needs for a month. Secondly, find out how much a decent room, befitting a university student, costs. These are the two principle reasons why we get that allowance, since the university is not able to provide us with these services.
    For the stationary allowance, it is not everybody who gets that. It is only a small percentage.

    On top of that, for you to say that most of the students are not needy and can support themselves financially is really immature and naive, on top of being contradictory. Students don’t work or run businesses. You have said in your article that “K60,000 is monthly income for most of these students parents or guardian with which they pay bills…..” Well, my fees alone is 55 grand…and I am government sponsored. Now, reconcile that with the 60 grand plus all my other needs, including those bills you mentioned and the food for the whole family and the needs of my siblings.

    Unaphunzira kuti iweyo? Thats if you have done any tertially education at all?

  30. musss says:

    did you that government saves a lot of money by disbursing these upkeep allowanfes than paying directly to service providers. you cant compare a salary to an allowance they are two different things. Allowance for a lowest paid civil servant is 3000 /day if he or she does duties outside his duty station how will he get 90grand….. ndiye pliz stop insulting the students zinthu zaduladi. come to think of it… students are always troublesome on the issue, why doesn’t the govt change to providing meals to students…… mastudents ambili alivery creative they go as far “kwamakhaza’ in chitawira to search for cheaper meals at the expense of classes… tell them to revert to the old system uone ngati zitatheke..

  31. Tasaukanalo says:

    Amene ukuti government allowances for public university students should, you are selfish ukufuna anawa anyentchere eti? Ndi previllege yawo imeneyo for being sponsored but don’t forget that in the past students were given at the college ndipo kudalibe zoti monthly meal allowances ana amadya quarter chicken kodi ndalama zake zimachokera kuti because it was the same Malawi the same universities ndiye akachotsa allowanceyo ayambanso kudya za pa campus ngati momwe zinalili m’mbuyo? Komanso kale kunalibe zoti ana akasankhidwa kupita ku UNIMA nkumati awa ndi a Self sponsored onse amalipirilidwa ndi boma ndiye pana parallel programme yomwe munthu amachita apply separately.

  32. themenacious says:

    nonsense and stupidity all in one article….can’t you use more appropriate words….???ma journalist akumalawi kukanika…

  33. OneMic says:

    My friend you are a fool. Youre article is very badly researched. Do you know that Mzuni students have been suspended not because of this allowance you talk of here. and tell me when was the last time Chanco or Poly complained or took to the road because of this money? You are writting things you dont know. Students everywhere are supposed to be fed by the school what is your problem? It is because of people like you that the Malawi education system will never flourish. Useless goat.

  34. From Wadiya Kingdom says:

    Walemba izi seems to be lacking adequate knowledge of why the noise about the allowances came into being. Let me xul you, 2years before Bingus death, the money was mk32,000. JB came and devalued the Kwacha, the amount still remains the same. This Proff of yours has further devalued our currency $1=MK520, and your thinking is allowance shud stay the same!! Life is tough in town Achimwene, Kodi inu mmakhala kuti by the way??? Who brought the idea of giving the allowances?? and why is it failing to cope up with this economic situation?? The adjustment is just by Simple arithmetic!! In Kamuzus Time there were not issues like these!! You shud have a human mind brother!!! Think!!

  35. Nyasa says:

    To say the least, I totally agree with you Nyasa Times.

  36. hehe says:

    zopusa eti?? Ukuziwa mmene ma meals akwelela?? Kaafunse a boma wo ngati angathe kubweletsanso cafe, yoti ife tizikadya ulele. Last yr anthu anapempha, govt refused coz thy knww fud z too expensive now.

  37. Munyalapa says:

    Nyasa Times sunapange any research on what the upkeep allowance is usd for, student allowance can’t be compared to a salary! U must hve lost the track!

  38. Freck Malunga says:

    Zimene tikukana ndizimezo kutukwanako.Kodi ophunzira ndinu nokha pa dziko la Malawi lino?Misonkho yathu mutilalatire nayonso?Mupeza njira yophunzirira koma ndalama zathu ayi anthu osayamika inu.Ngati ndInu osawuka ndizanu.

  39. Chi man says:

    Chirunga fool

  40. martha says:

    I am 100% with Nyasa times on this one. Students forget this is a privilege and start making silly ans senseless demands. Stoning MZUNI staff, blocking the M1, carrying a vehicle to block the majn entrance, burning university property etc are acts of people who feel entitled to the money but they afe not. They DONT earn the money, they are just given. When they get withdrawn on academic or any other ground, that is a huge loss to society.

    As tax payers we are gambling by financing these “loans”! I suggest the universities get fully privatized with skme scholarshio funds for the really needy ones. Not only that, the campus accomodation should be made available to the studengs at the market rate with them footing their own bills.

    Ayamba kutiwonjeza kwambiri. Silly kids. Kutigenda mmatako monsemu ife kumakanika kukhala bwinobwino.

    1. kokha says:

      umbuli madala inu. sopano mukuti inu ndi ma tax payers will u be tax payers forever? the very same peiple your condemning are the tax payers of tomorrow. you lack the ability to think,conceptualise and reason.mediocre minds like yours are whats keeping this country from developing

      1. Suwali Mikithayo says:

        chamba chake chimenecho mungazakhale future tax payers? tizikaudyetsaniso ku mental hospital mpaka kalekale.

      2. martha says:

        I would say you are the one with a mediocre mind because u are relying on me to pay your fees when you should be getting busy during he holidays raising your own fees. The fact of the matter is that only the needy students, the really needy ones should be in government scholarships. Tne rest muisova.

        By the way, most of you didnt even deserve to be in the university system. Mitu kuuma tikungowonongapo misonkho yathu. Ku weedidwa every year. After that kukathera penapake where u cant even contribute significantly to national output.

        Kodi ukadzakhala tax payer uzidzasekerera amene akudya misonkho yako akukutukwana plus kukutsekera pa mseu kwinaku akukugenda? Be serious. Grow up!!

  41. Anderson Mkonongo says:

    I dont blame the author but ignorance.

  42. chanco needy says:

    Fuck you aise ngati sunapiteko ku chanco don’t talk as if you know anything of how life is like there, from what you’ve said its obvious ndiwe ongovetsedwa ndi anthu kuti ku chanco kumakhala chakuti… Two years ago yomwe ukunenayo we were receiving the same amount of money and meals were around 200-250 and for those outside rent was around 7-10 thousand for most and others were higher, iweyo utayesela kukhala munthu oganiza which I’m doubting you are do you think after two years when meals have gone up to 450 and rent as high as 20 for others would the same 40 thousand sustain you? And like I said you don’t know shit about life at chanco, a very very few ukuwanenawo are the ones who can manage to sustain themselves if they had to do it on their own without government’s help cause ambili mwa ife ndiwochokela m’ma cdss, what? you think I can just all of the sudden be able to pay over let’s say a 100 thousand when I’ve learnt school ya 2000 kwacha, where the fuck do you think amma get the money? For your info ma registration numbers athu show who was in high school and who wasn’t which means those who can afford for themselves at a higher price and those who can’t… Kuyankhula ngati ndinu anzelu koma zoyankhula zanu zadzadza ndi umbuli cause simukudziwa kanthu… Ndiye mukati ma allowance athetsedwe those who do not have a place on campus azikagona kuti? Mukuti we use the money for womanizing and drinking kodi mumawona ngati tikafika ku chanco amachita kulandilitsa akaziwo ndi mowa by the administration kuti izi zikhala zako, chanco is like the world were different people of different characters meet ndipo its illogical to say everyone in this world is a womanizer and alcoholic cause some are and your ill logic… Your writing shows lack of professionalism ndipo mwadzadzidwa ndi umbuli, I just feel sorry you couldn’t make it to unima kuti umbuli wanu udzachotsedwe

  43. wapona says:

    Kodi ku newsroom mmalemba without ka research pang’ono? Mwaonetsa umbuli bwanji? Ndingokuwuzani kuti 40,000 kwacha minus ya rent timadya in two weeks. Ndipo tingakondwe kwambiri kumadya ku cafe ngati kale ndikuti atimangile malo ogona rather than kutipatsa ka meagre allowance. Do some research osangolemba basi.

  44. Rastafarai says:

    Kodi mkulu, munaphunzira kuti? Mukanayamba mwafufuza kuti kodi upkeep allowance yo inayamba on w@ grounds. Kodi kapena ndiwe mtolankhani wa JCE? Unayamba wazayendako kwa a Chikanda? Nyumba ikongole or inyanse z always above 10grand per month, now think of the meals, 3 per day, @ least K700 per meal for 30 days. Ungakwanise iwe zimenezi? Now think of the Internet, xul of today z on d internet, so check d rates from our Malawi’s communicators…? Kodi mumangomva za Chanco? Mubwere muzapange research kaye, pa Journalistic Ethics, supanga post chinthu chimene ulibe nacho Data. For ur own info, this govt cant afford to build new hostels to accormodate and feed all of us. Check out….

  45. Rasfarai says:

    Kodi mkulu, munaphunzira kuti? Mukanayamba mwafufuza kuti kodi upkeep allowance yo inayamba on w@ grounds. Kodi kapena ndiwe mtolankhani wa JCE? Unayamba wazayendako kwa a Chikanda? Nyumba ikongole or inyanse z always above 10grand per month, now think of the meals, 3 per day, @ least K700 per meal for 30 days. Ungakwanise iwe zimenezi? Now think of the Internet, xul of today z on d internet, so check d rates from our Malawi’s communicators…? Kodi mumangomva za Chanco? Mubwere muzapange research kaye, pa Journalistic Ethics, supanga post chinthu chimene ulibe nacho Data. Check out….

  46. rasta says:

    can you suggest alternatives please other than pushing it to the stakeholders to find other modalities. its always easy to single out a problem but always hard to provide meaningful alternative solutions

  47. John smith says:

    You need facts. Should we really tell you how to do your job. Are you drunk? Research why the system was introduced, which system was there before, what is the price of food at the cafeteria and how many students can afford the food. Don’t be this shallow. As a reporter, you are supposed to tell two sides of a story. Don’t be stupid. You are clearly an embecile. A disgrace to your profession. Advice: for you to be a good writer you have research.

  48. SAFE chancol chirunga says:

    If upkip allowance goes it means college has got enough rooms 2 accommodate all govt sponsored students. If th same goes govt is to spend more money on food for students which all agree that it’s expensive. Mind u th MK40 000 also caters for accommodation for none residential students due 2 lack of space on campus. Even if th whole amount is meant for food, one has 2 spend about K444.44/meal. Ndi packet yomwe ya sugar sikukwana. U must be balanced when presenting your ideas plz!!!!!!

  49. Whoever was writing this doesn’t know the reality on the ground. It is wrong and illogical to compare our monthly allowances to civil servants’ salary since the two are far from being comparable. Initially, government was providing us with food at the cafeteria. Government had to buy us food. Now the question is; if the government was still buying us food would it not have increased its budget as a result of the soaring food prices? I’m absolutely sure they would have.

    Let me remind you that before we go on the streets we do engage government so that we find a lasting solution to our woes. They promise us that they will raise the upkeep allowances only to fulfill the contradiction of the promise. So what do you think we can do? Watch and do nothing? No, we can’t do that.

    You may wish to know that currently support staff at CHANCO are on a sit in. Consequently, we cannot have access to the library for there is no one to serve us. Now tell me, are the supporting staff wrong to demand an increase in their wages?

    Next week lecturers will begin their strike in order to force their employer (Malawi Government) to raise the lecturers’ perks. Do you know how much they receive? I don’t think you do. I can’t tell you the amount but do your research and tell me whether they are right to demonstrate.

    I don’t blame you at all. You are a recipient of the President’s bribe hence your stupid article. You will know that we were right when Chanco collapses.

  50. mulitani says:

    that’s when editorial misses the point and clueless like amai government

  51. nganga says:

    It shud rily go.

  52. Clueless leadership says:

    Let me guess….by doing so up until 2019 University of Malawi will be closed. There are enough problems like that.
    The leadership has completely lost direction. More over these allowances are there in the budget, but stoping disbursment of such to the youth, you are going to create another NAC-gate, it will be Allowance-gate syphone by beam, mulakho and nib.
    No allawance MUST be paid to students. Full stop.

  53. pido says:

    Surely it must go

  54. MAYO says:

    Must go indeed, a Chilunga akutukwana ma tax payer, misala imeneyi kukhuta chamba ndi ma allowansi! Peter scrape these allowances off immediately! invest the money in improving accomodation they must pay for. Asafuna achoke!

  55. GaluMtsukwa says:

    They shld surely go. Hope Fabs who is now a minister of edu wl find a solution to his solution! Givong students monies is jst plain stupid. A lazy government produces a lazy nation. A sad nation wth no vision whatsoever.

  56. u r far from de world. Salary ya makolo has no logical connection with de upkp allowance. Jst go & ask 4 meal prices in hotels & calculate the monthly expenditure 4 de 3 regular meals a dy. Next tym tidzakutukwana kuti chakuti chako!

    1. Ineyo says:

      Umeneo nde uchitsiruo, why should the calculation be based on hotel meals, yet ndinu apumbwa chabe apa sukulu…kudzipopa kwake kumeneko thats y ka degree ka 4 yrs mudzipananga 6yrs

    2. Suwali Mikithayo says:

      IQ levels have indeed extremely gone down, if 1 is indeed a university student. one who cant see logical connection between his father’s (a PS in government) earnings and his upkeep allowance or the fact that he does not deserve it. one who hallucinates that the bench mark for his upkeep allowance should be cost for meals at a hotel when he does not get anywhere near a hotel to procure his kachaso or chiwaya tchipisi. one who sees a lot of sense in looking inside his under wears to see what parts he has, hidden there, and then publicly mention them visa vis another person. pathetic!!!

      government should restructure university scholarships. All students from private secondary schools should not be awarded scholarships. their parents should be responsible enough to support their children’s university education. tax payers paid for their parent’s education. should they be condemned to educate their whole clan? secondly, scholarships should be categories, i.e. fees, upkeep, education materials, etc. only those from very poor families should get 100% scholarship. each district should be allocated an equitable number of scholarships administered through the district council. we should reduce number of beneficiaries and increase the quality of the scholarships. this free for all should end now!!!!!!!!!!!!! the tax payers have been insulted enough!!!!!!!! Malawi does not deserve educated savages!!!!!!

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