Govt assures immunity of MPs from arrests at Malawi Parliament

Malawi government has committed and assured Members of Parliament that   the law enforcement agencies will follow National Assembly Powers and Privileges Act where none of them will face arrests while Parliament is meeting, adding the police erred in arresting MP Jessie Kabwila after attending parliament and other lawmakers previously.

Kasaila: No more arrests of MPs while attending parliament

Kasaila: No more arrests of MPs while attending parliament

Leader of government in Parliament, Francis Kasaila made the assurance following the motion that was moved by the member for Lilongwe North East Maxwell Thyolera who asked for adjournment of parliament up until the government made commitments and assurance that it will grant them their privileges enshrined in the section 60 not to be arrested when the parliament is meeting.

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya on Tuesday adjourned Parliament proceedings after the arrest of two Malawi Congress Party (MCP) legislators Peter Chakhwantha of Lilongwe South West and Jessie Kabwila of Salima North-West and spokesperson for party as well as Ulemu Msungama, the party’s executive member.

The decision was received with cheers from opposition benches and prompted some MPs to verbally attack the government side for being undemocratic, who described President Peter Mutharika’ leadership as “dictatorial”.

“You said you would not arrest people without any reason, what are you doing, what is this? Is this not a police State? [Malawi] is a democratic country and we have the right to stop whatever you are trying to do,” shouted one member in the House.

But on Wednesday Kasaila told the house that as am government they indeed agree that police were at fault for the arrest of the two MCP lawmakers, as well as the arrest of United Democratic Front (UDF) Member of Parliament Shaibu Kaliati and former deputy speaker Jones Chingola.

Kasaila said the business committee of parliament met and discussed the issues of privileges.

“I t was very clear that the provision of privileges act was violated in number of occasion that member of parliament were arrested without following procedures and that all of us we have agreed.

“It is the commitment of government that will make sure that the provision of act in as far as the procedure they are followed as to the law that is important for all of us and to the future of our country and as government I’m giving that commitment that is the commitment from the President as well that the provision from the act will be followed “,Kasaila said

Addressing the members on communication from the business committee, Speaker Richard Msowoya said the committee has agreed that the speaker’s office should be informed on the arrest of any MP in line with section 4 of national assembly powers and privileges act and that they expect police not to arrest any MP while parliament is meeting unless procedure as provided for in powers and privileges and section 60 are adhered to.

“My office will also write the minister of home affairs and internal security advising her that the mounting of road blocks and arrest of members of parliament while the house is meeting should not be repeated unless the relevant laws are complied with.

“ I wish to assure the house that parliamentary committee on privileges will be handling matters related to the breach of members of parliament privileges as provided for in its mandate,” Msowoya said

Commenting, leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera described the agreement as “best interest of our nation”

The mover of the motion, MP Thyolera said “Assurances from Government must be adhered to”

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A nation obsessed with useless trivial things.


A Philip Buzinezi paja amakhala ndi ma programme ofoila, more especially when the regime has expired. Ine ndikanakhala bwana wa ku MBC ndikanangowaletsa ma programme awo opanda mutu aja. Enanso ndi mafumu eg Lukwa, Kaomba, Lundu etc, amachita kuchiona chilungamo koma amamulimbitsa mtima president pa zinthu zolakwika with the aim of kumupisa mthumba kenako azidzamuloza chala zinthu zikasintha. If I were the HE anthu enawa sinangawamvere coz upangili wao umapangitsa anthu kudana ndi HE.


dont be stupid MPs the gvt want u to finish her business then the final day they will pounce on those two MPs again

wa noma

its time to sue for harassment and character assassination

His Excellence the Life President Wolemekedzeka Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Artillery Missile Manthakanjenjemereza
His Excellence the Life President Wolemekedzeka Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Artillery Missile Manthakanjenjemereza

Police ya ku Malawi siyimadziwa ntchito. Akati agwira munthu wa vakabu ati ndi koletsedwa kuyenda usiku. really? Amakagwira munthu ali mu bottlestore(licenced), umbuli. Malawi Police needs more training.

Baba Maduapera

This DPP Govt is a govt in a comma. It’s motionless, so to say. Let’s wait & see what happens next!!!!


Boma please lets have economic receovery and kwacha appreciation. this are things that are really effecting us,

Eye Witness

Lopeee . Read the story 10 times and ask your stupid question.

The leader has indicated that the police ???? erred in the arrests. But in the future they will need to follow procedures provided in the said act.

In Mature Democracies, they arrest people in the act and not prematurely. What if today the same people had a whatsapp chat saying ” Lets support the government and not think of the president to resigning”. Would you still arrest them?

You designated undercover agents to keep tracking their activities while gathering evidence and pounce when they are launching their plans.


Our President is smart ndipo akhoza kutula udindo or lero but atidye nawo sangalore akhoza kulira ndi kukukuta mano kuti chonde bwana musasiye, mukasiya ife tikadya kuti. Amenewa ndi amene amayambisa zankhaza muziko lathu lino. Ndipo they can do anything for the sake of their positions. Agulukunyinda

Ba Chatola

Nanga a filipp bizimisi amatinji pa radio wani madzulo akuona ngati amalawi akadali opusa ndithu

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