Govt pledge support to Mzuzu University after burnt libary: Education Minister visits

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Dr Emmanuel Fabiano has described the destruction of Mzuzu University (Mzuni) Library by fire as a shock to the college, requiring both short and long-term measures to restore the resource centre.

Dr Fabiano (middle), franked by Mzuni officials, takes  look at the burnt library building at Mzuzu University in the city. pic by  Trouble Ziba, Mana

Dr Fabiano (middle), franked by Mzuni officials, takes look at the burnt library building at Mzuzu University in the city. pic by Trouble Ziba, Mana

Minister of Education, Dr Fabiano (first left), keenly  listens while Mzuni Vice Chancellor Dr Ridley (second left) explains about  the fire  that gutted the library. Pic by Trouble Ziba, Mana

Minister of Education, Dr Fabiano (first left), keenly listens while Mzuni Vice Chancellor Dr Ridley (second left) explains about the fire that gutted the library. Pic by Trouble Ziba, Mana

The minister was speaking Saturday when he visited the burnt library to assess the situation after it was gutted by fire Friday (around 3:00 a.m.) – the closing day of the university’s first semester.

Fabiano said the fire has caused a big loss both to Mzuzu University and its surrounding community.

He said rebuilding the library structure and replacing the resources which were inside the library building were the two important aspects to which stakeholders needed to find long and short- term measures.

“Facts are clear that books have been damaged and that information has been destroyed. Some of this information can be replaced while the other cannot,” said the minister, assuring that government would see to it that the library is restored.

However, he advised the university management to make plans on how the library could be restored and students’ resources be replaced, as a short term measure, to assist students in their studies.

Fabiano held a meeting with the university’s authorities, including the Vice Chancellor Dr Robert Ridley, before touring the burnt library.

Ridley earlier informed the minister the fire started independently from within the library but quickly spread to other parts of the building.

On the cause, he was not in a position to categorically tell what caused the fire, but said the college would engage experts to find out the cause.

He conceded it was a big challenge to rebuild the library, saying it would take some years to be done.

However, following the incident, there were already positive messages from well wishers within as well as outside the country to assist the college on the problem, according to Dr Ridley.

The fire, whose source is not yet known, destroyed about 45, 000 books and computers. Included in the destroyed books are those the college received as a donation from World Bank last month (November) valued at K100 million.

However, only the children’s library and American Corner Wing was spared by the wrath of the fire.–Mana

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Thoko Nyirenda

Its high time,Malawi Government should commit itself to fire management in Malawi by allocating enough resources.How magnificent the building could be without proper fire control measures it will also turn into ashes within a twinkling of an eye.


Its high time people start paying for these things. What caused the fire should be establshed, kaya ndi escom ilipire baxi plus the insurance people osamangolandira ndalama apa


This is not the time to point fingers @ one onother in as far the issue of Mzuzu University Libraly is concerned, it is time to cross fingers and generate lasting solutions to that cause.


A library above all places needs an efficient fire prevention system – extinguishers, sprinkler system and easily accessible water mains for the fire service. Where any of these in place in Mzuzu library? Any sort of fire in Malawi seems to run out of control and destroy everything. Whole market places have been destroyed by fire when an efficient fire service should have been able to contain the fire. Sorry, but Malawi has a lot of catching up to do.

Neither Fabiano nor the Vice Chancellor and indeed the University of Librarian should resign. There is no need for these to resign because the MZUNI problem is a historical thing. Mistakes were made a long time ago when the Mzuni was established. How could you take a TTC and glorify it into a University. By the time that was happening, the buildings were already old and tired. There is evidence that there were electrical sparks before the fire was started (i.e. EBSCOM) related issues. The call for a new library at MZUNI were made a long time ago right from… Read more »
Dear Mzuzu University Malawi has very learned professionals in Library and Information Science from Chanco, COM Poly, Luanar KCN MUST, National Library, Mzuni itself and NCST who are well qualified with Masters degrees and PhDs in Library and Information Science. They know how to react to such disasters. Why dont you ask these to establish a COMMISSION on MZUNI Library recovery Committee that should come with a detailed write up of the loses and the prospects. It is okay to parade the politicians around the ashes but these do not have the technical know how. Already the estimates of the… Read more »

In A Real Democratic Country Either Fabiano Or Ridley Would Have Resigned Or Get Sacked But Lucky That Ours Is Democratatorship Type Of Government.Shame


Akupatsani cheque pitala
Paja amangotapa ku account 1 nkumati well wisher


everywhere there has been a fore breakout in Malawi, there was total loss. Are there no fire fighting services in Malawi?

Nankununkha sadzimva

Elsewhere where people no longer live medieval type of life, city planning ensures that each and every building has a close range high pressure water system where the fire brigade can quickly connect to put off the fire. Sizathuzi zoti a fire kubwera kenako ayambe kufunsa kuti, kodi kuno mtsinje ulikuti pafupi?
Ndiye apa a minister wo thandizo lake akuti atani kaya? Akuonekanso kuti ndi munthu owuma mutu ngati uyo.

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