Govt says JB facing criminal charges

Government has for the first time said former president Joyce Banda faces criminal charges when she comes back to Malawi in connection with her alleged role in the infamous cashgate, the plunder of US$20 million public resources at Capital Hill,the seat of government in Lilongwe.

Joyce Banda: Govt calls her refugee

Joyce Banda: Govt calls her refugee

“Government has a lot of solid information on her on cashgate,” said a statement from the ministry of Information signed by minister Jappie Mhango.

In a strongly worded statement ever issued by the Peter Mutharika administration in response to Banda’s accusations of high level involvement to implicate her in the cashgate scandal, describing her as a criminal refugee, the government asks Banda to come back to Malawi and face those that are implicating her, including Senzani, in court.

“Her prosecution is inevitable,” says the statement, putting to rest a year of speculation that the state wants to prosecute her.

The government has told her to come out and tell Malawians where she is getting money to fund her 15 month stay abroad, alleging she was using cashgate money.

Mhango, in the statement says she has turned down 10 residences the government identified for her following her claims that the government is not offering her accomodation, saying she can come back to help the government identify a residence of her choice.

The government says it has information that Banda hired Paul Mphwiyo allegedly to scheme out the cashgate.

The statement says Banda did not sanction the cashgate to allegedly fund the PP campaign at a cabinet meeting but rather at a meeting comprising her inner circle and trusted party loyalists.

The government then asks Banda to stop involving President Mutharika in the issue and to shut up otherwise, it says, it will continue to expose her in public in retaliation.

The office of the former head of state is expected to respond to the scathing new year attack from the government.

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88 thoughts on “Govt says JB facing criminal charges”

  1. ZACGEPA says:


  2. papa lima says:

    mdziko muno zoti multi mtsogoleri mukudziwa ndinu a Dphiphi pitala abweze nyumba ya mayor was mzinda was LIlongwe yomwe lidamanga ndi boma lakamuzu
    zimatiwawa pliz return back the house ngati muli ndi makutu

  3. igwe says:

    Ladies and gentlemen. We should come together and ask government to give us tax holiday for five years as a compassion for what these two governments did to us ” stealing our monies” onsewa abwere poyela and ndidzaweludza ndini
    We want our monies back.

  4. nthandalanda says:

    At least JB managed to arrest some Cashgaters but this DPP- MK 577 billion APM has done nothing – Only reconstructing the cash books and ledgers. He he de. kwali tivionenge limodza. This government’s rating 0%. And now Jappie has jumped the attorney general and Apm to make such silly and confusing remarks. Stupid Jappie and stupid amene anakutumawo.

  5. J b is flying without landing coz she is wicked .ordinary citizens are languishing in poverty due to donor community withdrawal of their funds coz of the pp cashgate.and she is busy enjoying the other hand she is afraid she knows what she did better than any one else.

  6. ngongoliwa says:

    Muyambe ya apm 557bn. Otherwise, u will c BLOOD SHED IN MALAWI, TRY IT.

  7. dadaboma says:

    JB woyee! No one above JB. JB is great. JB is hero. JB will rule Malawi again next.

  8. tozer.t tsono says:

    The government is losing this fight badly.
    Where is the subpoena for Joyce?
    Now they have defamed the former president and that means money to her.

  9. DADA says:


  10. Lhomwe 2 says:

    A game has finally started……….

  11. Che Mopiha says:

    pajatu pali mau akuti woyipa amathawa opanda omuthamangisa

  12. mbwiyache says:

    The woman must come home and defend herself. Kodi mzimayiyu wakwiyira ndani? …Amalawi, kusonyeza kuti amafuna azingotiyamwa (kutibera ma taxes) basi. Amafuna akhalebe president, kodi gwiriza ambwiye achokapo ndi kulakwa. Hey hey, akuka mwatotanije, idzani koni mudzatiuze nokha kuti cashgate hamunaidziwa. Kunjako eee mudyako chani, rent akulipira ndi ndani. Nanga 2019 mudzafunanso mavoti athu kapena za inu tiyiwale, tiyambe kudalira anthu ena?

  13. bob says:

    What Joyce Banda should know is that the longer she escapes justice, the greater will be aggravating circumstances around her case. As of now there are no factors to mitigate her case if there were a conviction. On the other hand, the longer she stays abroad the better for her personally as she has some freedom. The moment she lands in Malawi, the freedom is gone unless her party accidentally wins power again

  14. Mlomwe says:

    Peter is the Big fish of MK577b.Angolimbana ndi azimai Chakwera wamulephera.2019 DPP out.Shame on you Peter

  15. Biti NAC says:

    577 too no Sacred Cows!

  16. Dr Haswel P. Bandawe says:

    Government has the office of the Attorney General, the Chief legal advisor to Government and Director of Public Prosecution who assesses the prima facie basis for prosecution of potential wrong-doers.

    One sees no reason for Government Spokesman to go to the Press announcing that former Head of State will face criminal prosecution if/when she returns or any statements relating to cash gate. If Government has a case, one hopes that a dossier for such a “criminal” case will have been prepared by the Attorney General and submitted to the Office of Public Prosecution for assessment of the prosecutability of such a case. Thereafter, the case would been filed in the High Court for issuance of Simmons of arrest.

    If the country has no extradition agreements with whichever country the former Head of State may be residing in, then negotiations for extradition would start.

    There is no need for all this drama surrounding the issue. In fact, public statements from government, instead of concrete actions, raise more questions than answers. Such statements trivialize the issue.

  17. tan'gatan'ga says:

    Jappie is not a court to summon JB. If the court’s are satisfied that JB has a case to answer, let the court’s summon her. If she defies the court summon, then, and only then, can the Jappies of this world can start saying the things they are saying now. CHONDE TISAONETSE UMBULI WATHU PAMMENE NKHANI ZAMA COURT NDI MILANDU ZIMAYENDERA.

  18. nyopsy says:

    bwerani mayi adzakunjateni

  19. Alole says:

    20m is equals to 577b kkkk. Don’t come mama first 577b

  20. joe says:

    So sad

  21. selfish decision says:

    Even a kid could see where this cashgate saga would end up.The big fish is now out

  22. Naliyela says:

    tamamanganani kaya, ife kwathu nkungopenya…

  23. Billiat says:

    No wonder she’s avoiding coming home. Every sensible person suspected that

  24. John Grey kufa 2 says:

    Nkani iyi imandinyansa!pano dzaka ziwili popanda mutu weniweni,kodi ndekuti ndalama mukugwilisa ntchito pofufuzila nkhani ya galu ameneyu musowanazo chochita eti?nzipatala mankhwala akusowa,achinyamata alibe chochita YEDEFU kulibe ndalama zowa ngongoza achinyamata,magesi akungo kwela koma Loadsheding nde osanena,katundu naye wakwela ntengo 50kg ya chimanga lelo ndi 10,000,mwatitenga opusa ife eti?boma lanu litha ngati nsalu ya katani ndithu adzakuvotereninso ndi adzimanu ndithu,nde bola tilamulilidwe ndi army mwina zingayendetu.

  25. kunena mosapsyatila says:

    Where are the comments a Nyasa I am not able to view what the country thinks about this issue.

    By the way, Jappie wamera mapiko ndi kaundidoko? Remember your friends before you. Ukamaloza chala mzako, uziwe kuti zala zina folo zikuloza iwe. You cannot cheat me that Mutharika is a saint at all to be pointing fingers at other people. Nonsenu ndinu anthu akuba, period!

    In your statement you have asked JB to come and provide explanations about pple pointing her in their statements, has your govt provided tangible reasons for the following unscrupulous activities.
    1. The murder of Njauju
    2. The missing forensic report from the Dutch land ambassador’s house.
    3. The fee hike being implemented in schools despite rebuff by opposition.
    4. The sale of MSB.
    These are a few among the many blunders you have committed in 1 year and some months of your govt.

    I am not backing JB because I know that no President has come out clean in State House. The donors told you to clean up the mess that she discovered and was partly involved for aid to flow in, what have you done about this gesture; heap the blame on JB again? You are very much senseless! What are you hiding from? Your self? That is what JB has failed to do. No matter how you can play a blame game, it will boomerang to you.

    The Almighty God is the owner of posterity and posterity will rest your cases (JUDGE YOU) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. keyboard says:

    Every dog has his or her 40th day. Saying that cashgate should not be investigated until the K570bn DPP(Bingu ) cashgate is done with is like a murder convict stalling a court process on the basis that other murderers have not been arrested or convicted. A stupid way of logic, at best kindergatten stuff.
    How is JB able to sustain herself overseas? There are no free handouts out there dear country men.
    The massive fraud could NEVER NEVER have happened without at least the blessing of the head of state. Here we are talking about RBM, Treasury all involved.
    Yes, the K570bn DPP cashgate needs to be unearthed but while we are waiting for that, we can just as well start with the JB cashgate. There is no law that says cases have to be tackled in the order of their occurance. That would be absurd. Only a foolish fool would deny that JB did not actively participate in cashgate…and many Malawians are sufferingand dying because of that.
    She is not special in any way. She is not above the law. She must come and defend herself. I for one would not want to see her coming in handicuffs with interpol, that would be degrading personally to her and her family as well as to the nation. Amayi must come on her own and touch the green green grass of home at KIA. We will all applaud her for her courage instead of hiding like a cornered rat .

  27. for goodness sake says:

    well we all new it would get to this. You cant have people who are on trial mentioning person X and nothing happens. And please don’t claim persecution the writing was on the wall when Tony Blair and his Good Governance Initiative were the subject of some uncomfortable pointed questions in the UK parliament!

  28. Zandikwana za JB… have you finalised the cashgate cases of those that are within the country including the 577 billion scam? Give us strategies u have put inplace to turn the economic mess inorder plz!!

    1. Beast Msonda says:

      One of those strategies is to get back what joyisi cashgated. That money will help to turn this joyisi’ economic mess. Do you need some more clarifications?

  29. Tengupenya says:

    Brethren, cashgate has its roots and a godfather. Look at this logic. Chitsulo cha Njanje vowed to nip corruption. His effort started to bear fruits as civil servants were groaning that he had plugged many of the loop holes people were using as relief for siphoning public funds. Until one canary sung to one Bingu that he Bingu was a beneficiary of plundered resources that were used in the campaign that saw him win the elective office of Head of State. This is where the game became entrenched. Bingu lost both the moral ground and the determination to fight corruption in government. So let’s take time to rout the cashgate system decisively. It may take decades, but it can be done. First phase to comb is 2004 to present. Second phase is pre 2004 to 1980. Third phase is 1970 to 1980. Then we can sing hallelua, thereafter..

  30. Tengupenya says:

    Hey hey hey hey. So staying abroad for long can be circumstantial evidence for being a beneficiary or player in the cashgate saga…. Eh eh eh, never imagined that!

  31. James kotoki says:

    Stupid DPP and her president have failed malawians

  32. Bibo says:

    This DPP party stinks. Much as I have never been a supporter of JB, I am fed up with the excuse from DPP leadership that Malawians are going through economic malaise due to Cashgate, always Cashgate this Cashgate that.By the way, how much money was it? not even half a billion dollars but always making noise.Go to Kenya or Nigeria and hear for yourselves how much money gets looted in government coffers, billions of dollars, but we don’t hear excuses from the ruling parties. We don’t condone public stealing, however we don’t take excuses when people are being failed, find another subject you morons.

    They have failed to govern and are now putting blame on JB. Do these people think we don’t know who they are? UDF=DPP=PP, all thieves. In conclusion, there is no sane and trustworthy president from southern Malawi. If they continue ruling the country, it will be disintegrated with no future.

    The only thing DPP can boast about is the few Chinese funded projects which will be a burden to the future generation otherwise zero performance to uplift the lives of Malawians- they are total failures and deserve no continuity. This Jappie Mhango is another imbecile in the making, talking trash after trash.

  33. dadaboma says:

    JB is innocent in as far as cashgate plunder is concerned. Everybody now knows that cashgate is a scheme of DPP; it was begot by DPP, nurtured by DPP, and continued by DPP remnants in JB’s govt after Bingu died. We all knew from the beginning that this DPP govt is bent to falsely prosecute JB to divert people’s attention from real thieves (i.e. DPP) and from govt’s failures to govern Malawi to prosperity. Honestly If JB was in power this country would never have met the sad socio-economic quagmire we’re in. DPP has failed – we knew it would fail even before elections, and it will never succeed in uplifting lives of Malawians. Just yesterday we lost 80 bn Euros in aid from the well-wishing Europeans on a mistake that could have been avoided if DPP leaders were not big-headed. Actually DPP stinks. Should DPP try to lay hands on our beloved JB, we’ll pounce on all that makes up this smelly and nauseating party.

  34. Ma says:

    Stop this stupidity you both plunderers dpp and pp you think we are fools as Malawi? Mad digs nonse. From Bakili, Bingu, JB and now this helpless snake called APM you are all thieves period.

  35. Patriot says:


  36. someone will take government and will take care both cash gates the Bing cash gate and Joyce Banda cash gate all the problems will be sorted out including midnight 6 and election gate. that time we will see the truth

  37. advisory committee says:

    Amai just come back and defend yourself if you are innocent the courts will set you free

  38. Mtumbuka2 says:

    Is the government accepting that its not paying ex president by asking who is Fundi g her stay?
    How are poor Malawians in Malawians surviving without Fundi g from DPP government?

    1. Beast Msonda says:

      What a stupid question is this? Those poor Malawians are eating their sweat. They have jobs or piece jobs. You mean you don’t know this? Is joyisi also working in South Africa?

  39. chatonda says:

    The best government can do is not to be speaking to the media like crying babies but rather to involve the Interpool to extradite her back to Malawi where she will be arrested upon arrival and try her in a court of law. This is how government can conduct its business regarding this issue.
    The nation knows that cashgate is Joyce Banda and Joyce Banda is cashgate. She must be tried ofcourse because justice has to known otherwise she will not hide forever. The same feet that took her to USA will bring her back.

  40. ngongoliwa says:

    Start with wot bingu stole 557 bn. He never ate the money, it’s apm who is eating the money. Let me warn apm U WILL ROT B4 BURIAL LIKE UR BROTHER

  41. ngongoliwa says:

    Dpp, boma lakukanikani. Chilichonse basi cashgate stupid govt mwalephera inu, kwacha pano k800 to dollar?

  42. Mapwevupwevu says:

    I wish truth be told

  43. Mtsikana sachepa. says:

    Mbava zokhazokha zikukangana. Malawi ali pamoto.

  44. When are you going to extradite Misozi Chanthunya… it because his wife is a good friend of Duwa?

  45. Yuda Walusa says:

    No need to make noise if there is evidence take it to court let the court convict or acquit not in newspapers please.

  46. its high time she come home and face the long arm of the law

  47. mbuya says:

    amai amenewo used Mphwiyo in 2003 – 2009 amayi cashgate woyee! DPP Rephrase your statement otherwise mukuzivula nokha

  48. Wilfred ZIBA says:

    Mr Mhango and company, this clearly shows that the DPP government doesn’t know exactly what to do to stop the only female president Malawi has ever had from humiliating Mr president. you are wrong the only thing you need to do right now, is to call her excellency the former president and talk out your differences. This is going to benefit every body but if you insist on arresting her well, I bet, you will never succeed. remmember she is not in Malawi and I don’t think she is stupid enough to come to a country where she will be arrested. talking of how she is surviving in a foreign country, well that sounds pretty much fun because even a nobody like me will survive especially in a country like South Africa in fact I was there for 6 solid years and you wanna ask how she has survived for only a year and 3 months, hahaha ah, ask that question after Peter’s term is over. Look at your selves and tell Malawians if you are fit to change the economy of this country. I think Peter can do it if given the right people to work with. My request to Mr president choose the right people to work with the one’s you have now will take you no where

  49. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    Agwe baasi, Jezibelo’yu. Interpol imutumize kwao kuno, olo manja ali mu unyolo.

  50. Charles Tunthuwa says:

    The move taken by the government now is a very clear and transparent one and that’s how it will bring everything to the understanding of each Malawi.

  51. I G says:

    Inu mukutinyasa psl jst leave us alone gvt,J Banda nonse ndi mbava, mukuzunza ife osalakwa ana antchito zasatana

  52. Tengupenya says:

    the government can no longer deny the obvious. rule of law means transparency in enforcement of accountability. if they will take the former presidents to task to account for their alleged part in misappropriation of public funds, the government must come out open and just do the right thing without discrimination. after all we have constitutional guarantees to fair trial.

  53. Mccarthy says:

    Amalawi ndidzi anthu dzopusa, they would never learn a lesson, you always support this puppet peter Mthalika who rigging the election from Chakwera, if you don’t choose wisely in 2019 election, that’s your problem, Most people you like talking bad about MCP, Can you tell me! How many People have been killed with DPP? You Malawians; you like to be rulled by strangers, and you don’t even know where peter Mutharika comes from!

    1. Beast Msonda says:

      If Peter stole Chakwera’s votes then it just means Chakwera is but a fool and does not deserve to lead this country. Where was he when Peter was stealing his votes? Chakwera azabesa dziko uyu.

  54. George Kamanga says:

    APM and your stupid, foolish DPP dogs you have gone mad. Tell us about K577 billion which was stolen when kwacha was more strong against the US Dollar.

    APM and your dogs have become ACB, Magistrates and Judges. Why is ACB quiet on the issue that JB is to be prosecuted for her involvement in Cash gate. All those involved we heard through ACB but why JB is this dog “jappie Mhango” issuing that JB should be prosecuted. Take care you will pay millions of our taxes earned cash to JB when you lose the case.

    You are threatening JB because she has told you the truth that donors won’t fund the govt till you investigate the Stolen K577 billion.

    You (DPP followers and APM) monsters, dogs, murderers, robbers you are fighting a lost battle.
    Zitsiru zotheratu za DPP.

  55. Tina says:

    Really? Shame. Loose Government

  56. kenkkk says:

    Stop this silly talk, just charge her officially as to what she allegedly did on cashgate. She doesn’t need to be in Malawi for the govt to press charges against her.

    So please charge her so that the whole country know what crimes she allegedly committed during cashgate. Actually by charging her,you can also seek her extradition from where she is hiding and even embarrass the same donor countries that are giving her refuge.

    The same donors would be happy and consider the govt to be serious about resolving cashgate thieving scandals by taking on the big fish. At the moment you are just talking rubbish,actually childishly the way your arguments with jb are panning out.

    The impression I get is that it seems this govt is happy with jb being outside the country and want her to remain there. For fear of what?

  57. MHELIWA says:

    Kodi cash gate report ija
    Yatuluka ndi imeneyi ???

    Dear Baket Tilly;
    Is this the cashgate report
    We have been waiting for ???

    Thank you .

  58. andrew says:

    Why threaten her to shut or get exposed?
    Malawi are we really serious? If you have evidence as you say why not get the matter done with unless you two rats (dpp & jb) know each other.
    Who’s fooling who here.
    And as always Malawi suffers.

  59. Ingangasyungu Yunyeghela says:

    Kkkkkk Misala yokha yokha ili apa.

    Had it been am Joice Banda I would not response to the ‘mass’ of rubbish above. hahaha

  60. Zikatha says:

    Why not just issue a warrant of arrest?

  61. mpkm says:

    Yes, go to court and defend yourself. Y are pipo tryn t defend jb? useles!

  62. Matako says:

    What a bunch of clowns these DPP, Muthalika and his cronies. You continue to make noise about Joyce Banda while your own closet is full of bagage. You talk about MK20 Billion while the DPP looted 50 times that. When will you charge all those involved in the looting of MK577 Billion? If you think JB is guilty why are you not charging her regardless whether she is here or not? You are a bunch of fools full of ate. You look at JB instead of yourselves. You continue to loot our resources without shame. What I would like to say to clueless Muthalika is if you have enough balls charge Joyce Banda in absentia!! otherwise shut the fuck up you incompetent moron!

  63. Chimwemwe77 says:

    Yayimuna ikukanika kukoka ngolo! Its busy finding falts on JB, you are in gvt since 30th May 2014, concentrate on mending the economy en let the courts do their job independently. Why is it that you are too busy with JB, instead of sorting out the many problems that Malawians are going through? The corrupti on that DPP spearhea-ded and is still spear-heading? Press confe rences wont bring value to the Kwacha, not even solve a single problem. Start with the K1.7bn Muluzi case, then the MHC/ City Assembly houses bought dubiusly by the DPP, the proceed to the K577bn up to the K20 bn PP, WHY IS OUR JUSTICe SELECTIVE?

  64. mapwevupwevu says:

    I don’t want want to read another story about this foolish thieving woman!

    And to you Andekuche usatinyanse kuyankha za azakhali ako okubawa! Iwo anaba kuthawa, ana awo Geoff ndi Roy akunjoya iwe ulibe kalikonse kukhala Ku 18 A in a 1 bedroomed house courtesy of your wife!

    Stupid idiot! Finish your laws studies and get a degree. Ngati law sukwanitsa do Community Development at ka University ka fake kaja kotchedwa Exploits.


  65. anadimba says:

    jappie ,jappie muyambe ndi ija ya 577 billion ija,eyaka kenako 20 bilion . Eya .proffessor kundende, Joyce ku ndende dzikoli ali tenge chilima. Eya ti dziwa kuti ma jappie athu .tikuwachapa tonse.

  66. Shem says:

    “Expose her in retaliation”? What type of governance is that? Does it mean that there are some people that are being protected because of being on the correct side of government? As the person at whose watch cashgate happened, yes, JB has a burden of accountability. But to threaten her with exposure unless she shuts up is betrayal of public trust in a government they look up to for real leadership.

  67. Ur all thieves!!!!! Pa thako panu!!!

  68. KHAZANGA says:


  69. No name brand says:

    Banda cannot continue to hide. When an allegation surfaces you can only defend yourself in court to safeguard your reputation. Responding to allegation in the media while in hiding is childish and immature. I still do not understand how a former civil servant who was earning quite little in comparison to her peers can afford to sustain her lifestyle in dollars now. If she comes home it gives her an opportunity to implicate the muntharika’s as she believes they were also thieves. After all you worked for them and you should know better. Stop behaving like you are some sort of a Goddess.

  70. che mtiche says:

    Jappie wamwa mkontho! Why not issue warrant of arrest? Kumangobwebweta APA zopusa basi… Zakumavwalo fokofu

  71. Nyamalikiti says:

    I fully support JB claims that this is cooked up to implicate her. Have you noticed that the Minister of Information is contradicting Senzani on where JB issued instructions to steal. The government is correcting Senzani meaning Senzani, the only PS to have ever involved in cash gate does not know the issue except got the news from Kalonga.

    Government has no clue on how to run the economy hence want to waste our precious time with attacks on JB.

    Mama you did well to expose this evil plan for DPP. I fully agree that K577bn and K20bn were linked. Besides, was Mphwiyo recruited to steal DPP K577billion. That’s Why Jappie was chased from funeral. Ndichindele chafufikapo mwe!

    I rest my case.

    1. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

      May be, time will tell.

    2. Beast Msonda says:

      How can K577billion be DPP cashgate when it is covering the period between 2009 and 2014, with over 94% of it being cashgated between last quarter of 2012 and first half of 2014? Muyalukatu chaka chake ndichino cha 2016.

  72. Mwakipiki says:

    When dog eat dog đŸ¶

  73. Ok says:

    Its people like Zondiwe who unfortunately are too many in Malawi and unfortunately still want to remain in that colonised mentality where they don’t want to open up their eyes and mind and acknowledge reality. Joyce Banda stole money I know and you know. Its not a political party thing, tribal thing or gender thing. She stole money period. Be a patriot and acknowledge what she did and be man enough to disagree. I’m MCP by the way.

  74. Tonny says:

    Phew….. Ain’t we tired of this talk by now? People can stay out of the country for as long as they want, it doesn’t mean they store their money to finance their extravagance. Finish the R577 billion investigation and bring all involved to court, if JB is on that list, subpoena her to defend herself. Malawians are tired of all the rhetoric and selective justice associate with this DPP gvt.

  75. Chipoya LJ. says:

    She need to come back and defend herself osati zomwe mukunena enanu zoti asabwere why?
    Is she above the law? Come on my fellow Malawians, no one is above the law. Iye akuthawa chiyani? No wonder oipa athawa yekha.
    Bakili, Kamuzu and Chilumpha did defend themselves here, they didn’t ignore houses and others benefits. How special is she? Should she be receiving favours because she is a woman. Let the ground be levelled regardless of gender or what.

    Can’t wait to see her here in court.

    All in all, GOD Bless Malawi!!!!!!!

  76. jedida says:

    What can you expect from a falling government? hahahs!!!!!

  77. haroon says:

    misala iwe bwelela kumeneko

  78. Truck says:


  79. Zondiwe says:

    JB is right to remain outside Malawi as DPP has already found her guilty even before she goes to court.
    Since there is no justice in Malawi, let JB remain outside the country until 2018 or thereabouts. We are already in 2016 and time flies. Leave the clueless DPP alone. Do not lose sleep over their rantings. Trust in the Lord.

  80. Zondiwe says:

    Jappie and the whole government machinery should be ashamed of themselves that they are doing nothing but always dreaming about how to imprison JB. Issuing funny ultimatums and pronouncements that do not sound like they are coming from Govermnent, bur a warlord in some jungle. If these cases are in court, why is government panicking and releasing information via the press rather that the court process?
    JB did a lot to repair the damage done by DPP as well as end the fuel queues, restore diplomatic relatioms with the UK and others, etc., etc. The ‘thank you’ she is getting is the daily vilification by Jappie and his cohorts.
    JB has a lot of followers in Malawi if the DPP does not know.
    What DPP can do is to start to actively work on the economy, the weakening of the Kwacha, job creation, improve education for our youth, and end the dreaded quota system.
    If these issues are not addressed, forget about returning to power in 2019.

    1. Beast Msonda says:

      If DPP will not return to power in 2019, then who will takeover the power? joyis? Lazalo? Kapena Uladi? Hahahaha usandisekese iwe…you know the truth. It is not difficult to precisely predict the election results in 2019. Even the kids in primary school can precisely predict this. Who doesn’t know that in Malawi we have a voting pattern and also we have national, regional, district, constituency and ward parties? If a national party cannot win elections then who else will win? regional party? District party? Or constituency party?

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