Govt says will now help 20 Malawian girls stranded in Kuwait

Malawi government has made a change of heart that it will now help to repatriate home  20 Malawian girls stranded in that country following confiscation of their passports.

Kasaila: Young Malawians going to Kuwait were doing so on their own.

Kasaila: Young Malawians going to Kuwait were doing so on their own.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Francis Kasaila said the government is too broke to bring the  girls  taken out of abusing work places in Kuwait, saying relations should  to for their air tickets back to Malawi.

But Ministry of Foreign Affairs has since changed tune, saying they have courted their Kuwaiti counterparts to help bring back home the girls.

“Government is working hand in hand with Kuwait and processes for their repatriation is in process,” spokesperson in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rejoice Shumba said.

“Malawi government cannot abandon its people there in Kuwait,” she stressed.

The girls who are alleged to have been trafficked  had their passports withheld.

Malawi government also deployed Minister of Labour, Henry Mussa to engage their Kuwait counterparts on the issue.

Government admitted that legal flaws in the current migration laws are fuelling unregulated export of labour due to a number of agencies which continue to be established.

“The gap in the laws of Malawi has made it easier for labour agencies to export labour in different countries without a clear legal framework to check on their operations as Malawi is still using old laws. It would have been easier for the government to control labour migration as it requires in other countries, which involves provision of national policies, law and regulations relating to immigration for employment and conditions of work,” reads another report dated May 17 2016.

Meanwhile, government has since issued a ban on all labour exports to the Middle East as Kasaila said there was no government to government agreement on the current labour migration deals with Kuwait.

Job Centre Limited managing director Trevor Kandoje said the government needs to regulate the job recruitment agencies.


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Winston Msowoya
Not only Kuwait mistreats Africans,the whole lot in the Middle East Arab Muslim World.Right now,there are thousands and thousands of young Africans boys and girls who are treated brutally as SLAVES.There are Sudanese regardless of their religious beliefs,Tanzanians,Kenyans,Ugandans and West Africans and yet,the toothless bull dog , Continental Organisation the AU remains unconcerned with the disturbing plights of our young people.Where is the leadership here? Logically,some Africans including myself,urge former colonialists to return to Africa and rule us for another 150 years to learn our lesson.A good instance of complete failure,is Mugabe’s Zimbabwe,Kabila’s Congo,Somalia,Sudan,Malawi,Uganda the list goes on.Please return our… Read more »

Arrest the guys who send them. Job centre.


All this is because of JOYCE BANDA and the Stupid mayi waku Blantyre uja anali minister

Patrick Blair Scott

Tell me,Kodi ndi ndani adayambitsa kuti atsikanawa apite ku Ulayako?,Atuluse ndalama yokawatengerayo.


Apatu yalakwa basi. Sabata yatha yomweyi tinamva kuti kutumizidwa ndege yokatenga zovuta za azimayi awiri anafa pa ngozi yapa msewu uko ku dziko lakutali. Pano akulu akulu apanga manyazi atawona kuti palibe kusiyana kulikonse pakati pa ngozi imeneyi ndi vuto la atsikana aja amene ali uko ku dziko lija laku ulaya. Kapena mwina ndege inakatenga zovutayi inachokera ku ntchito kwa azibambo amene amakachita maphunziro awo azantchito ku dzikolo. Komabe izi ndizovuta kwambiri kudzimvetsa.

chipatso mbewe

Malawi Army sent this ndege for the women.


Failed state

Kanthu Ako!

That is a waste of Government Money.

People said on this very page “DO NOT SEND LABOUR TO THE MIDDLE EAST” and the comments were, “A MALAWI NSANJE”

People now have forgotten all that, because it was Joyce Bandas idea.


Mika Kumbire

Bring back our girls.


We told you PP and middle east jobs were a scam. Mumaona ngati nsanje, go to school get educated osamangonamizidwa zinazi no easy life. By the way Joseph Alfazema “zonena ife tilibe’ how is he doing there? what jobs were these guys doing?

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