Govt to introduce toll gates to raise funds for Malawi roads

Roads Administration Fund says it is to engage the private sector to introduce toll gates in Malawi, the first ever, in a bid to raise funds for dilapidated roads.toll gate road

Masauko Ngwaluko, the spokesman for the Roads Administration Fund said the Fund will soon launch 20 toll gates through the Public Private Partnership arrangement after the government clearance and all relevant laws have been put in place.

“The government will determine which roads we will install the toll gates. The Privatisation Commission will identify the partner for us,” said Ngwaluko.

He said this year; the Fund has surpassed the K12.8b and managed to get K15.8b.

“We are helping community roads programme to the tune of K500m per year, said Ngwaluko in reference to the community road project through RIDP where the poor work on roads for money.

He also said the Fund helps the traffic police in safety programmes during Easter and Christmas and buys cameras and breathalysers for the traffic police.

Ngwaluko said the Fund needs at least K40 billion a year to be more effective but gets K23b a year through fuel levies and transit fees.

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88 thoughts on “Govt to introduce toll gates to raise funds for Malawi roads”

  1. PROFESSOR says:


  2. PROFESSOR says:

    thats a better of colleting we got toll gates in most of all african cointries, why not Malawi? thats killing but a small milking from a big cow.

  3. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    once again a strategy to further rob poor malawians of their hard earned money!!

  4. akukonde akukonde Osaopa says:

    In Malawi one million people pay tax on behalf of the other remaining 13 million people. one million people make money from which government deducts P.AY.E, Withholding tax, VAT, fuel levy, road use levy through every litre of fuel bought,( Road permit), market fee, etc. now toll gate fee. it is like it is a crime to earn money through just means. Yet the president and his army of Ministers, MPs and advisors pay no tax.

  5. tan'gatan'ga says:

    Erecting and managing road toll gates is not as simple as building and operating pay toilet where you just need running water and toilet paper. In order to appreciate what is to be considered before implementing this project visit’’ There you will find a comprehensive study report on road tolls.

  6. Chiriko Phiri says:

    This is utter nonsense. Have the Road Fund Administration done a proper feasibility study on the viability of this programme? I know that toll gates are viable where the vehicle population on a road per day is about 20,000. Which road in Malaawi carries that type of vehicles? I bet only two or three roads and these are all urban roads like Chilambula Road aka Paul Kagame Road in Lilongwe and Kenyatta Road in Lilongwe, Kamuzu Highway in Blantyre and Kenyatta Drive in Blantyre. These are short distance roads. You can not have tolls on these roads as you would be asking for heavy traffic congestion. Don’t work us up. There is no suitable road infrastructure to put toll gates on. Keep on dreaming. Be content with stealing the fuel levy monies.

  7. phollip banda says:

    Shame on you for trying to install the so called toll gate with an intention to rob the poor. This is a foiled plan try another one like what you did with all the goods we purchase in shops. Stupid people.

  8. Zaife Banda says:

    Maybe 2030 zidzatheka!!!!

  9. Mphwache says:

    Toll Gates are intended to collect charges for using a roads (road user fees). Just as any charge for a service, the charge per unit of usage must be determined, and the level of service delivery must also be determined. I do not want to be charged to use a potholed road, neither do I want to charged more for using a particular road, more than someone else. I would also want the big fishes (like the President and his convoy) to be charged. The road user fees must also not be the cause of another cashgate, where the road tolling attendants become the next lot in court.

    That is why in 1998, it was agreed after a 2 year study, that the best way to charge for road usage was through a Road Levy contained in the price of fuel. For every litre one uses on the road, a certain portion is paid out to National Roads Authority. Its not perfect, but there is very little cashgate involved, also bigger vehicles pay ore for road usage than smaller vehicles because they consume more fuel.

    I have yet to see an effective working model for toll gates in Malawi. I live at Zalewa, and i cross the bridge 8 times almost every day with my vehicle, do I pay road tolls 8 times a day?

  10. Mtondoli Jionazi says:

    It could help boost government coffers if done wisely. If the money could again be plowed back into maintaining or building new roads, I am sure a lot of people would support the development. The only thing that people would need I am sure is transparency. I doubt if people have problems paying – the root cause lies somewhere else and everyone knows what that is exactly.

    Example: a lot of people who pass through Zimbabwe by road will attest to the fact that they also started with simple blockades with people manning the blockades and collecting cash (US$1.00 or ZAR10.00). They later on went on to build gates, though last time I passed through, there was still no automation.

    Of course we cannot compare our country to South Africa where toll collection seems to work efficiently (with the only exception being the tolling of roads in and around Johanesburg – Gauteng which has been met by huge resistance from motorists. Again this is a result of improper consultations and dodgy tendering and procurement processes).

    I will also agree with one of the people who commented that proper consultation must be done with people and not just force the idea on them. I would also personally suggest to offer people alternatives – that is to say people must be able to use other roads that are not tolled to get where they want and these roads must also be equally well maintained (using money from tolls perhaps?) – what if, say, I do not have money to pay on a toll road?

    On the other hand, yes, it will affect the already affected masses as transport costs will go up raising prices of commodities and other essential needs.

  11. Why are we paying taxes for thot for services and infrastrure development not increase in ur fuel,fone,toilet peper allowances.why am not hearing cutz on these for mps ,ministerx, ps and presidential advisors… Muzibenso katatu? Futy allowance nitez exceeding 365 days in one year?

  12. QueenB says:

    This works in the United States due to technology and infrastructure. Do we have the technology in Malawi that will monitor the toll gates? Will there be transparency? Unless our government is willing to invest millions of $$ to build the monitoring system and the technology that goes with it. They can send representatives to NTTA in Dallas, Texas which has more toll roads than any other place that I have seen and the city collects billions of dollars which is used to build new highways and maintain the old ones.

  13. Funzo says:

    I thought there were tolls already! Why have I been giving money along the M1?

  14. Mbiyazapolama says:

    Ngati boma likulephera kupanga manage ma gate collections ku stadium nanga ndalama zochuluka ngati zimenezi zilongosoka?

  15. Let us think about this properly.
    Toll gate involves-Security-Police, Electricity and Honest people. Do we have these infrastructures. Please let us debate. No country in Africa has done it?

  16. ephrahim says:

    I agree this is complete nonsense in an economic situation like this. It will rise the cost of living and with it the already highest inflation rate in Southern Africa to a world record level!
    Apart from the cost to establish the infra structure and run such a cash generating maschine it needs quite a administrative management and good security, to become not another cashgate or looting haven for staff involved in this ppp or other criminals?!
    Remember this stations are out of town, running 24 hours ,day and night and it is lots of cash involved!
    Or do we find there also bank counter of one of our private bank where we queue and fill our deposit slips straight into a road rehabilitation account ?? ?
    You will see, this PPP thing will go the same route like with “Nationa Bus” !
    The roads becomes even worse and the money is disappeared!!!

  17. crazy stuff says:

    Keep posting comments nuggets. No point. No one will hear you.

  18. Banda says:

    Cashgate has brought in somethings that Malawians are made to suffer in silence.

  19. English Guru says:

    There has to be a reason why motorists have to pay tollgate fees. In the UK for instance, the toll road is just outside Birmingham. Motorists have an option of using the M6 motorway and they don’t pay and money, but the M6 is prone to heavy congestion at peak times in the morning or evening. Motorists who want to avoid congestion, (choose to) use the toll road, a voluntary choice to pay in order to travel faster. Besides the toll road is relatively new with a lot of lanes and very nice to drive. In view of this, what will Malawian motorists be paying for, really, that they don’t pay for already through the many motor related taxes??

  20. Cheyusufu says:

    akuberanibe kumene. Mbuzi za anthu ku malawi. palichomwe mungachita kulepheretsa zomwe a boma aganiza? inu a boma dzibeleni zitsilu za ante izi. mbuzi za anthu kumakhala ndi galimoto kuti chani?

  21. English Guru says:

    I hope this proposal will go through parliament before it is rolled out, I hope parliament will not just rubber stamp this without proper scrutiny! Government already collects enough money from motorists and does not need to introduce new methods to siphon more money. Above everything else, there is no road in Malawi that can justifiably have a tollgate! For what?

  22. levelheaded says:

    Very welcome idea. I was wondering why not here in Malawi? We have very good roads more than Zimbabwe and Mozambique but our friends started long time back.

    When one is travelling by bus to southafrica you even envy our neighbouring countries with very poor roads but have toogates which create revenue all year round and I even boast to my friends that we have world class roads back home.

    Guys you talk of Limbe Muloza road,limbe Zomba and many more.

    Have you remembered of those tourists who travelled from west Africa to south Africa and recommended that Malawi has the best roads among all the countries they travelled?

    Proud of being Malawian.

  23. onyonyo says:

    Tollgate ikunuikadi

  24. Darwin SA says:

    Thus pure robbery to the poor ,u don’t even grade the Roads nowadays

  25. Prince Edward rsa says:

    The dpp government cannot be trusted anymore since everybody knows that they are ruling through back doors everything is aflop,no wonder they are killing malawians bcoz they did not vote for them toll gate for wat.

  26. Here in Dublin says:

    Countries generate revenue through toll gate, but will the funds be available for development? That should be the question knowing our greedy and highly corrupt nation

  27. Prince Edward rsa says:

    So that you can have more money to build another ndata

  28. James moses says:

    Mitu yanu achina Ben Phiri, toll gate you want another cash gate? Build roads first freeways and dual carriages before talking about tolls.

  29. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    I have never seen a country without weigh bridges for overloaded vehicles. Foreign trucks, well over-weight damage Malawian roads without paying a fee and off-load at the border to other countries where weigh-bridges are all over and make them pay. No wonder our small roads get worn-out fast. By the way is there anybody in the road traffic department? Toll fee alone is not a solution to road sustainability. Why do Malawians always sleep?

    And corruption sweeps all the to be income for the nation. See how money is given to police on the roads by over-loaded bus drivers and conductors, especially mini-buses and foreign big buses!! Conductors or drivers just go behind the mini-bus or large foreign bus and the policeman follows to get, even as little money as MK200. There is now common knowledge between the two, everywhere up to the borders. You wonder whether the inspector general of police, or his subordinates, is not aware of this.

    We told you Kachama is a damn rich himself from corruption, uncountable vehicles and houses, so to him such things are normal. Now toll charges will not mean anything unless this ‘cancer’ which is now even seen openly is treated. Nobody cares in Malawi, it’s sad! sad!

  30. tan'gatan'ga says:

    Road tolls are expensive. It will take a very long time to recover the investment which in itself is not development. Consider also that the private investor will be paid from the same including his profit. So the toll gates do not make any economic sense. Unless the reason is for some individuals and companies to make money, let Government just increase the road levy on fuel, this would be a simple effective and cheap means of raising additional funds for road building and maintenance.

  31. DAT billion people will pocket it instead of use for the road

  32. kawalalaa says:

    This is utterly nonsense,kuberana poyera yera, we pay fuel lavy for what I Thought each time we buy fuel we pay road or fuel lavy.

    unless to change the regulation and engage the private sector to build private roads komwe tizilipira otherwise we have courts. We will get an injunction ASAP

    asa mwatiwonjeza bwanji
    u think we don’t understand how these things work

    kenako muziba

  33. tan'gatan'ga says:

    I can already guess that Mota Engil will be given the toll gates, just watch and see. No transparency!

  34. Sir Bentby says:

    mulibe misewu yoyenera tallgate mumalawi, kufuna kubera anthu basi. Ziserekwete inu. Mzuzu nkhatabay road niyoyenera tallgate?

  35. Mirella K says:

    You get 20 bilion a year ad still we have no a flyover! Com on Malawi!!!

  36. man-yalo says:

    Finally the gvnt at work but the only concern being management due to greedy pple????

  37. Chalume says:

    Does this mean the road levy on fuel will be removed?

  38. Khemuche says:

    You collect K15.8 billion and you use only K500M for roads? Where does the rest of the money go? Road fund admn please explain! That’s stealing from the poor us.

  39. A baza says:

    Mudzananso ndalama zones!

  40. Wamandasi says:

    That”s a perfect idea. However tolled roads must be part of luxury travelling. Travellers must benefit freedom from vendors, potholes, traffic lights, animals and human disturbances. There must be brand new tolled roads even if they cut through western Mozambique or eastern Zambia. There must be a benefit for the traveller especially time wise. I would support and encourage Malawians that no existing road must tolled. Limbe-Zomba can have the new freeway more straight and time saving.. Blantyre-Lilongwe likewise while existing roads remain unaffected with these tolls. Lilongwe to North/Chitipa same way.

  41. Steven Malamba says:

    This is a belated wonderful move. There are so many vehicles on the roads now and this makes a lot of sense. But please prudent management of the exercise will be extremely crucial. The private partner should engage honest people otherwise it might become a futile venture. Wishing you well!

  42. Lorna says:

    Malawi gets few tourist and will be legating fewer as you keep putting prices up and offer very little in return.US$75 tourist visa is an absolute rip off as well.

  43. milonde says:

    makes sense but implemetation is a weakness in Malawi. too much posing and stealing. a zoo.

  44. Chitsiru chiri ndi mwini says:

    Eeee!! koma chuma chavutadi pa Malawi, tiyenazoni muyambeso kutolera ndalama kwa aliyese olowa mdepot monga achitira mu Ubungo bus Terminal pa TZ

  45. Sapitwa says:

    Some people do not understand this tollgate issue and some have never travelled to see that Tolls are in Zim, SA, Mozambique and Malawi can therefore not be spared. The companies running the tollgates pay tax from their revenue including VAT. They then take full responsibility in maintenance and or developing the road.Koma a Malawi kuzolowera za mahala. Zitheke basi ndiziyera Benz yanga mu misewu yabwino.


    This is good move as we don’t have roads in Malawi all of us lets support this, as this is only way to develop our roads here in Malawi

  47. mwiithotho says:

    Zofunika koma honest management PLEASE

  48. Dikisan says:

    Jala pamlomo,
    Stealing from the poor. Kukama mkaka ng’ombe yowonda. DPP mwamwelanso! Tikadavutika.KKKKKKKKK

  49. opportunist says:

    Which roads in this country can attract to be paid toll gate?

  50. mbwiye wapata says:

    Malawi rise !! dont accept this nonsense and buffonary!..The tollgate is a good idea but not in the current economic environment,,It just shows that this government does nopt care…its simple,first you feed the cow before you milk it…all you cows know is to milk,milk and milk!!!
    You go to hail and you dont come back!!!

  51. George phiri says:

    Kenaka muyamba burial tax, toll gate on every grave yard.

  52. Head Boy says:

    kenako ndiye mungotiphatu mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuuuuuuuuu

  53. Guguh says:

    Ayi please. Find another way not this one. Vuto the money that was intended for this was stolen by a few and all Malawians with cars will suffer for that, let’s say NO to this nonsense until all the money stolen has been given back. Let’s not suffer just because of some greedy few!

  54. Moyenda says:

    This is progressive and overdue. It must have dual objectives one of which should be to de-congest central business districts (CBD). Someone also needs to enforce that heavy trucks should not be parked on undesignated road sides, not travel on community roads in residential areas and their parking yards should be in industrial areas.

  55. sapitwa says:

    Yes as long as the indignant Malawian companies can be the investors in this project. Otherwise tilemeretsa a mwenye or ma kampani a kunja. We also need transparency on this project by this it should have been discussed in Parliament and also the communities where the toll gates will be constructed should be involved

  56. Byron says:

    Which roads for toll gates? Build super highways first then you can talk of toll gates. Connect cities and towns with dual or tripple carriage- ways, and connect regions and districts with inter- district highways. This country will be fast like never before and the creation of a highway department can shape the milestone for traffic efficiency and a boom in revenue through toll gates.

    Malawi needs a complete new planning because the MCP government didn’t have a proper vision for the country. Their economic planning has made the country to be sluggish in infrastructure development.Be ambitious you leaders, Malawi depends on you.

    1. Peter says:

      You still blame MCP regime which we booted out of power some 23 yrs ago!

  57. Therere says:

    good development, our friends in Mozambique,South africa started long time ago

  58. Viyazi Tembo says:

    Which Malawian roads need tollgates? the same roads that Jacob Zuma once mocked about? this is just fat cat scheme in the GOVT exploiting citizenry, shame on sorry Malawi failed state………..

  59. Peter27 says:

    …. And the president’s convoy will be exempted from paying the toll fees because,, well, he does not pay any taxes anyway.

  60. Camsras are cslibrsted wrongly, the ewuip does not agree with safety roadsigns…why? Kofi misonkho si for services and improve infrastrures..nfiye azidya ma ppliticians…ayi takana zimenezo..lets improve our rail system bus depos improve our rails

  61. Missla ija ndjmeneyi…shere are our tzxss going thot itz fod improvement oc servicsx infrsstritire etccamer yspolice whivh ic calibrated wrongly and does not agrde with safety road signs….ayi konzani a free way is a freeway to facilitate speedy movement of goods and pipo..not ze opposite?crazy heads!!

  62. Wadyera says:

    Hoping that money realized will go into government coffers unlike what is happening now where by the Traffic Police Officers have their own GRN when you pay the money goes into their pockets! Shame!

  63. Ndinunkha says:

    Transparency is of utmost importance in this project. Government should not engage the Zimbabwe Roads Authority (ZINARA) which our Transport Minister visited sometime back to engage them on construction of tollgates. ZINARA has no capacity and itself had engaged South Africa Group 5 for the construction of tollgates in that country. Engaging ZINARA will be very costly besides our country risk having sub-standard infrastructure as ZINARA failed to build modern tollgates on their own and finally had to engage the South African firm which put up the current world class infrastructure. Government should instead directly engage Group 5 in South Africa for the construction of these tollgates which may save this country a lot of money in the long run. Our roads need maintenance and government should derive the resources to maintain these from the motoring public who will enjoy the benefit of traficable roads.

  64. Benford says:

    Is the good idea but give us work first, then milk us, wosati kumakama mkaka n’gombe yowonda.

  65. The real Ujeni says:

    You want to finance community roads in southern Malawi districts

  66. Hebdo says:

    Toll gates are acceptable but the roads have got to be good. Who is going to pay for driving through a collection of patches and potholes?

  67. Chatty Man says:

    Which roads for tollgate? Construct good roads dual carriageways that will fit its purpose osati miseu yamabawoyo.

  68. Chingolopiyo says:

    Take the issue to the parliament for approval first, if parliament passes it will simply means all MPs are the same, motorists are already paying high fees on fuel, RTD fees, insurance, MRA, Police.

  69. belekiya says:

    Koma a Malawi tikufinyidwa eee

  70. LessChildrenPlease says:

    Fuel tax is more direct and transparent. Or does this mean revenue will be spent only on roads where this was collected?

  71. SONG says:

    Explain properly what do you mean to collect revenue by toll gate and I see listed vehicles. Don’t emulate rich countries with poor country like to get more money and then cash get it.

  72. uladi says:

    we’ll have better roads now,where were mr.masauko(mr planner well done)

  73. Stevie Lipenga says:

    Shame, Mutharika Must Withdraw before he messing up our beloved country

  74. Viyazi Tembo says:

    Hehede! zili kumeneko, misewu yake iti yoyika ma toll gates? ma pot hole ali mbwee. you guys must be kidding, mulibe ndi manyazi omwe, mapwala anu………..

  75. yunusu says:

    Mukufuna kuti finyanso tithawira kuti abale

  76. Dolo weni weni says:

    There is a lot of revenues generated through the fuel levy. Will they abolish this or want to do double taxation? Secondly, the Roads Administration should first account for revenues generated against the quality of roads. The quality of many roads in Malawi is questionable and investigation need to be instituted to determine whether there is no corruption under the carpet. Technically, the govt need to institute auditing of the roads against the investment made. There are a lot of maintenances instituted by this agency but with no change in quality of the roads.

  77. Stevie Lipenga says:

    Poor Country like Malawi we don’t needs to pay E tolls at the road. Mutharika is now taking our beloved country to the dump. He must leave the position to well known people

  78. John says:


    THIS BROAD-DAY STEALING MUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Another route to robbe us Eish Malawi wanga

  80. izi ndiye nsete mwayambazi, always milking out citizens, it was passports, then licenses now tollgates, next time it will be tax for having a dick, anamachende mukutionjeza kwambiri, basi mukakhala a ndale basi tizivutika nanu chonchi, panyero pamanu nonse

  81. Chopper says:

    You ve chopped tax on salary, tax on groceries, tax on fuel, tax on sms, calls and internet, tax….. tax. Now road levy

  82. Tom Kidd says:

    We will be making divertions basi, ku Malawi sitinafikepo popanga izi osamangotengera zilizonse zomwe maiko ena akuchita

  83. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

    First of all you fix troads to a high standard then introduce toll fees. Otherwise mudya ndalama izo

  84. chemusa says:

    Government should concentrate on the food shortage rather than raising money for public roads of course its good but the situation itself doesn’t allow to do tha at this time.Let us raise money for Health&

  85. Truck says:

    Thats good move we must try to collect Taxes using our Roads and you must put Weighing Bridges on those Toll Roads most cars are overloaded which results in damaging Roads.

  86. Green Grass says:

    Can you please be transparent on how the current levy on fuel is being utilized. On the other hand don’t be too excited with this toll gate business. If one drives on the country’s road ie Blantyre – Lilongwe how many vehicles use that road daily? Would that number really make a difference in revenue collection? What will be the policy on government vehicles? Will they be required to pay or shall be exempted bearing in mind that a good percentage of the vehicles would be government owned. If they would be required to pay then I guess it will be on post paid basis leading to bad debts, you only have to ask Escom and the Water Boards what type of customer government institutions are. Finally another group of users are commercial passenger vehicles who shall simply pass on the cost to the please warn the passengers in advance.

  87. No laughing Matter says:

    someone is thinking

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