Grace Chinga laid to rest: Daughter sings goodbye to her ‘angel’ in tears

Malawi’s renowned gospel artists Grace Chinga  was laid to rest at HHI Cemetery in Blantyre on Saturday, as thousands  gathered at the Robins Park in Blantyre for funeral service and broke barriacades at the cemetery to get near her golden coffin.

Grace's daughter Miracle saying goobye to 'angel' mum-Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Grace’s daughter Miracle saying goobye to ‘angel’ mum-Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Grace's mother bidding farewell -Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Grace’s mother bidding farewell -Photo Jeromy Kadewere

The coffin arriving at HHI Cemetery...Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

The coffin arriving at HHI Cemetery…Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Miracle Chinga on the stage singi ... song...Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Miracle Chinga on the stage singi … song…Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Ethel Kamwendo Banda and Prince Chitsulo singing goodbye to Grace Chinga-Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Ethel Kamwendo Banda and Prince Chitsulo singing goodbye to Grace Chinga-Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Devasted gospel star Rudo Mkukupa Chakwera-Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Devasted gospel star Rudo Mkukupa Chakwera-Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Sombre mood at the funeral..Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Sombre mood at the funeral..Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

The coffin on the centre of Robins Park...Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

The coffin on the centre of Robins Park…Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Saddened singer Skeffa Chimoto at the cemetery...Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Saddened singer Skeffa Chimoto at the cemetery…Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

There was no space inside the hall of Robins Park.-Photo Jeromy Kadewere

There was no space inside the hall of Robins Park.-Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Some mourners in a tree -Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Some mourners in a tree -Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Some of the musicians who paid their last respects-.Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Some of the musicians who paid their last respects-.Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Grace's daughter in tears on the stage...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Grace’s daughter in tears on the stage…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Chinga one of the country biggest gospel musician  was pronounced dead upon arrival at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyreafter complaining of headache last Thursday.

The thousands of people braved the heat weather inside Robins Park   to pay their last respects. While in excess of 20 000 people packed Robins Park, several thousand more lined the streets of Blantyre along the route to his final resting place in HHI cemetery.

From early in the morning mourners began converging at Robins Park in a colorful assortment of clothes and the usual black regalia.

Several had driven from all the corners of Blantyre townships   to attend the service including minister of sports Grace Chiumia and First Deputy Speaker Mcheka Chelenje.

There were also thousands of mourners outside the Robins Park, who carried Grace’s posters.

Grace’s casket arrived at Robins Park in a black hearse.

The heat inside Robins Park failed to dampen the crowd’s resolve to pay their respects. An announcement over the loudspeaker system said that over 25 000 people had parked the magnificent hall.

Tears rolled when Grace’s daughter Miracle took the stage to sing two songs for her mother.

There were emotions, as the daughter sung the two songs deep down from her heart and the same like what her mother used to.

Then it was time for speeches.

After speeches, only family members and other senior delegates were allowed to view the body, as it was difficult to accommodate thousands that came to do the same because of time.

After Robins park, thousands of mourners stand on a ramp and watch a long convoy leave the hall. Some walked from Robins to HHI while chanting Grace’s name, “Akalowe ku Paradiso akalowe.”

As the convoy made its way out of the city along the Makata Road people could be seen with their cell phones taking pictures or bowing their heads in respect of the late Grace.

As the coffin descended at the cemetery, mourners chanted her famous Thandizo Langa song.

Grace daughter Miracle comforted by Mcheka Chilenje wept,    and appeared to be speaking to her mother’s coffin   as she threw a flower into the grave.

As relatives approached the grave, they too began to weep. Gospel musicians, led by Ethel Kamwendo Banda, placed flowers in the grave. Thoko Katimba stood at the grave with a bowed head.

However, Chaos erupted at the cemetery as marshals, ultimately lost their battle against a human tide of about 25 000 trying to force its way through the barricades in front of the coffin.

The master of ceremonies called for fans at the back to stop pushing those in front of them. As marshals helped children and the elderly over the barricades, the master of ceremony shouted: “You are going to create chaos. You are going to kill little children here. No pushing.”

But his calls for calm were drowned by the screams of women as the crowd broke through and when an elderly woman lay down injured near Grace’s  grave, somebody  yelled: “We want medics urgently, medics, medics!”

It was even difficult for photo journalists to take pictures, as the grave yard was surrounded by thousands of people with others using their phones trying to take pictures

Proudly labeled as Malawi’s Rebecca Malope, Chinga shot in the limelight in 1998 with the first album, Uleke, of the defunct All Angels Choir.

Her first album which earned her awards  had the popular song, Thandizo Langa.

Chinga was hit by divorce  -with husband top photographer Rodger Moffart – which turned to be
among the most publicized marriage dissolution cases in Malawi.

But Grace two years later in 2010, released probably her best ever album, Udzayimba Nyimbo.

Born on June 25, 1978, Chinga, is survived by three children; two boys and a girl.

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103 thoughts on “Grace Chinga laid to rest: Daughter sings goodbye to her ‘angel’ in tears”

  1. May her soul rest in eternal peace.I’ll realy miss her talents.

  2. jana mussa says:

    tikulilabe ife kuno timamukonda komaso

  3. Memory Marie Hara says:

    Mama,,,,till we meet in God’s glory! But i tend to wonder coz comfirmation from the doctor sindinaimve, tamvadi kuti anadwala mutu kma adoctor anati chan? poyamba tinkamva kut ma resuts sanabwere kma mpaka maliro kuikidwa osamva ma resuts from the doctor, those who hv got imformation from the doctor plz share wth me. Grace wapita ngat bodza ndidzaiwala bwanji?????????

  4. Prince kerie jnr says:

    REST IN PEACE MAMA..mulungu yekha,anve pempero ndikulira kulira kwa malawi kulikonse ali..AMBUYE DALITSANI MIRACLE ndikugaila luso lamai ake..AMEN

  5. kate says:

    zomvetsa chisoni zedi. Kalandile korona wko Grace. May those that had a hand in your death be exposed. we hear so many stories. May your soul rest in peace.

  6. ashley says:

    zinandkhuza ndimva iz

  7. Imani maida says:

    May your soul Grace Chinga rest in peace.

  8. sinta says:

    its heart breaking abale but Good God knows may he let his living waters to flow over grace’s family, I know its more than they can take

  9. Captain diehard says:

    Rip grace

  10. Tiwonge Zimba says:

    Lest in peace grace

  11. praise gonani says:

    shame to those who thing they can kill the great gift in her life,,,,,,,may God bless miracle so that one day, she can become as great as her mother,, may her gentle soul rest in eternal peace

  12. yankho banda says:

    ngati tili kumaloto

  13. Bande Brian says:

    Pepa Miracle pepa.Mzimu wa mai ako utse mu mtendere.

  14. gushu says:

    MmmmmmmH , abale! Death is Death, there is no heaven. She is dead , like every living thing, it dies and then rots. That’s the end, no souls there. please its better to tell the truth than a lie, even its comforting!!!

  15. Bande Brian says:

    Grace rest in peace.

  16. Faless Moyo says:

    God of Nazarette have mercy on all of us as Grace Chinga shall live for ever in our hearts. Touch the beleaved family of Grace and all the funs! Ambuye inu mukudziwa zonse why she left so early. May her soul rest in peace!

  17. tina says:

    will miss you for ever RIP

  18. R says:

    Grace, may your soul rest in peace.ur talent of singing gospel songs was really great, more especially the song of : mundisungire kolona .

  19. gift sibakwe says:

    Mzimu wanu wuze mumtendere grace chinga

  20. Limbikani Eneya says:

    The Lord of comfort, confort the Chinga’s family, relatives and Friends , may the soul of Grace Rest in Peace in Jesus name!

  21. Its not the end of her life but the new life in paradise, RIP chinga.

  22. G says:

    its only GOD WHO KNOWS

  23. Charles Maselle says:

    RIP Grace. God will comfort your mother, children and the Church.

    Will meet when our Lord Jesus comes.


  24. Namulangeni says:

    Rest in eternal peace Grace will miss Ur touching songs mama n Ur live performance on stage.Ambuye akulandileni mama illl really miss ur song” ndiululireni”!!!! RIP

  25. WAYIWAYI@ 21 GMAIL.COM says:

    God is the greatest and he does no mistake may GRACE CHINGA R I P

  26. arnold says:

    What a sad story. Nzimu wake uuse mu mu mtendele

  27. Rest in eternal peace Grace Chinga will miss u more dia

  28. Augustine ngaunje says:

    Ccta may your soul rest in peace tizaonana. Mulungu ayerese njira yanu. Amen

  29. Thomas ngwenya says:

    R I P sister Grace

  30. dr punex says:


  31. Charles says:

    Mzovetsachisoni Kuti Grace Wachokapakatipathumokhumudwitsakwambiri, Grace! Ambuye Mulunguakulandilekumwambako.Sindidzaiwalanyimbozako, Makamakayoti: Anandigulandimwaziwa Yesu. R I P

  32. Nelson Nkhoma says:

    Only God knows Mama RIP.

  33. Madalitso Peter Machira says:

    Rip Grace

  34. sam says:

    You will forever live in my heart grace,thank you for your life RIP

  35. mirriam says:

    RIP my livery Gospel singer

  36. me says:

    God knows why….. We have alot of questions with no answers… RIP SISY

  37. jj says:

    May her soul rest in piece

  38. Gone too grace

  39. Gone too soon…may her soul rest in peace !!!

  40. B.Mafeni says:

    Grace Rest In Peace

  41. Chitsiru chiri ndi mwini says:

    I am one of those who really loved your songs Grace, ngati ndi munthu wachita izi Mulungu amuone koma ngati ndi chifuniro chanu Ambuye ndingoti ”Chauta anapatsa Chauta walanda lilemekezeke dzina lake”

    RIP Sister G.

  42. Yoram Andrea says:

    May your soul rest in eternal peace. We will miss ur talent

  43. macloud says:

    tonthozani Malawi

  44. mcloud says:

    ambuye iwo amene asala

  45. issah says:

    rip g chinga cz u was best to shere a message through out the songs dont warry allah was watch every thing wht u was done in this world sallam alykhm

  46. Graciela says:

    RIP Grace

  47. Hoitty Totty says:

    Very sad moment for gospel song lovers like me. Rest well Grace. I hope your daughter will continue your legacy.

  48. Roy sichinga says:

    My sister R.I.P

  49. Chatty Man says:

    May your soul rest in peace Grace Chinga till we meet again.

  50. mmm says:

    zandikhuza kwambiri RIP

  51. glory says:

    may your soul rest in peace we shall miss your voice dear

  52. Harry J. Thomson says:

    Mama GRACE CHINGA, mzimu wanu uwutse mu mtendere. Amen.

  53. Kenn says:

    Zandiwawa kwambiri Grace rest in peace. Yahweh do what is right always, and he is the one who knows what has caused your death.

  54. We will always remember you may the good Lord recieve your precious soul Grace we will miss you. May your precious rest in peace.

  55. Suzgo Kalulu says:


  56. GVH KHOMBE says:

    Am weeping

  57. your fans says:

    rest in peace sister it will take time for us all to forget nice projects in gospel music industry.

  58. Mitima yathu ndi yosweka ndi chisoni ndithu RIP

  59. jj says:

    Rest in peace. U are ireplaceable Grace.

  60. Mercy says:

    RIP Grace

  61. Rachel Jeremiah says:

    Rest in peace mum, nothing to say wth heartbroken.

  62. Robert Daudi says:

    Ndakhumudwa kwambiri…..This is devastating but GOD knows better than we do.Rest in peace Grace.

  63. Ambuye landilani mzimu wa grace uwuse mu mtendele.

  64. Young Shidzy says:

    Rest in peace grace

  65. ASibande says:

    Funso; kodi family ya Chinga kulibe? Dzikutheka bwanji a Deputy Speaker and A minister kukhala anthu ogwira Mai ndi mwana wa Malemu respectively. Dzawakhudzira pati? Nchibale? Olo pakhomo pa Grace anabwerapo nkumwapo tea? These are moments you wants those close to you to comfort you. Osati opportunists. Zinazi tidziganiza!

  66. Cool says:

    R I P To Chinga

  67. shemstone zimba says:

    grace rest in peace yu hv done ur part on earth

  68. Jalasi says:

    Mawa ndiwe bushiri Grace rest in peace

  69. Mumatenga anthu ofunikila mulungu landilani mzimu wa grace

  70. Shav says:


  71. opportunist says:

    Rest in peace Grace.May Almighty God take care of your kids.

  72. Malawian says:

    watisiya amasiye Grace… ntchito yotumikila ambuye mwayigwira, kwasala ife osala. mukalowe mu paradiso mama.

  73. mercy says:

    words can’t express my sorrow
    only God knows

  74. Francis Matope says:

    One bright morning when this life is over, I will fly away. There I shall meet you Grace in the glory of the Lord. I miss you!

  75. Steven Maseya says:

    May her soul rest in peace. She was consistent in gospel music. I will miss you Grace. Goodbye dear.

  76. Kamwela says:

    Learn to report properly, how to use describe situation.

  77. ida says:

    Grace Rest in Eternal Peace. Mwaukangamila mtanda as per u song. Kwa ife poti tinapulumuka mwachisomo tayalura mphasa zathu ndipo tidzayimba nyimbo mama ndipo Yehova mwayenera ulemu chifukwa choti munatipatsa Grace ngakhale kwakanthawi kochepa.

  78. RIP grace chinga……up to this date i can’t believe ngati bodza ndin2…..

  79. U.S.A INDIANA says:


  80. RIP grace chinga……untll this date i can’t believe ngati bodza ndin2…..

  81. Wokonderedwa says:

    Rest well God’s child. You have finished the race. You showed up and did what God sent you to. I will miss you. Ndilibe mantha ndi Namondwe, Nangula wanga ndi Yesuyo. AMEN

  82. Oswald says:

    death is cruel rest in peace

  83. kristyn says:

    Fare thee well!
    Grace Chinga

  84. May almighty Lord, Opened its door for you, You spent most of your time praising his holy name while on earth and now its the time to get paid for that, Hamba Kahle Sisi!

  85. Edwin Chulu says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  86. tonny says:

    Rest in peace Grace

  87. Chifundo Thawiha says:

    Choti nkunena chikuchita kusowa, amayi muwutse mumtendere, kuchoka kwanu pano padziko lapansi kwatibweletsela mantha kti nanga osalafe tikuyenela kuchita chani, ummmmm abale moyowu ndiwobwelekadi ndithu ndalila ine…..!

  88. Neve says:

    Wusani muntendera mama, ife a Malawi kuno ku SA takulirani kwambiri koma tili ndichilimbikitso podziwa kuti mupitiliza kuyimba ndi angelo. Hosana kumwambako!!

  89. mtumiki Watson Msowoya says:

    God know but we can’t see any thing May Her Sour Rest In Peace Chinga

  90. Joe says:

    Grace, may your soul rest in peace. You shall still live among us through your songs. Amen.

  91. Kingsley Thangata says:

    Grace Chingas passing on is an ephemeral recumbent libernation an empyrean paradisiac rendezvous lies a head.Heavens is the terminus. The ecclesiastic and all Malawians at large have lost a solitaire any veritable verification of the verity of Graces demise. Iam in state of metagrabolised melancholia. May her soul rest in holy peace

  92. fundo says:

    abwino sakhalisa mama ndisowa nyimbo ZANU kapumeni mu paradizo.mukalandile well.zandiwawa

  93. kelvin kachande says:

    ndakhumudwa kwambr

  94. zelifa kanyenze says:

    chonena ndilibe ambuye landirani mzimu wa grace

  95. JADA MAMBO says:

    Grace,may your soul rest in eternal peace.Tidzasowa mapekedwe ako a nyimbo because they were very unique.Mumakamba zenizeni zochitika pa moyo osati zinazi mama……ndalira kwambiri mama…

  96. odomondo says:

    Rest Well Grace

  97. fumu yatonga says:

    Very sad to lose people like grace really her songs touched my heart. Rest in peace chinga

  98. chris majawa says:

    Ambuye mulandile mzimuwake

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