Grace Chinga’s son speaks out on ‘Ndzaulula’: Dismiss rumour on Prophet Bushiri

Steve Special, son of the decease  gospel music sensation, Grace Chinga, has taken to Facebook to clear rumours surrounding the death of his mother, putting it forward that Malawi’s South African based prophet Shepherd Bushiri never had a hand in her death.

Grace Chinga's children Steve and Miracle sing at the funeral ceremony of their mother -Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Grace Chinga’s children Steve and Miracle sing at the funeral ceremony of their mother -Photo Jeromy Kadewere

This follows fabricated reports that were cooked and reported by some Malawi online news website and social media groups.

“A lot of people have been asking and willing to hear from me (and my family) in regards to the rumours that went viral on social media,” Steve’s post read in part.

He dismissed claims that suggest that the song ” Ndzaulula ” by  Grace Chinga was talking about Prophet Bushiri.

“It has been a hard moment for us. We have lost our pillar and a figure that kept us strong. Tears are still oozing out and it is so unfortunate to see people using my mother’s death as a way of damaging Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s reputation,” he wrote on his Facebook timeline.

“I do not have a direct contact with Prophet Bushiri and am confident to say that my mother, late Grace Chinga was never in direct contact with Prophet Bushiri.”

Steve also made reference to the song Ndzaulula saying it had nothing to do with the elegant preacher.

“The song in mention, I personally produced it and the message talks about men (first verse) and women (second verse) who are deep in worldly things that they think are hidden from the eyes of God.

“Saying Ndzaulura (I will reveal), my mother depicted the voice of God to such men and women sinning from behind the scenes and pretend to be holy in public. It could be a message for you and in for the things we do in the dark and not necessarily talking about the great man of God, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri,” wrote the bereaved son.

He also took time to apologize to Bushiri on the rumours that engulfed social media.

“On behalf of my siblings, I take this opportunity to personally apologize to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for what he has gone through when I lost my mother.

“Death awaits everyone. To people who have mocked my mother’s death and used it to their gains, we pray for you and remind you that no one will leave forever. There will come a time when everyone will breath their last.

“We seriously disassociate our family from the rumours. Our mother brought us up to respect men of God and it is upon our Christian values to hold with high esteem all the men and women of God in this country.

“May the soul of our mother, late Grace Chinga continue to rest in peace. She was our hope. We loved her, but God loved her more and we believe the same God will award her for the Christian works she did in her life time.”

Steve also took time to address the issue of piracy for his mothers album and unveiled plans to launch the album.

“And I just want to take this time to answer the recent question that we have received. A lot of people are asking when the new album will be released. Right now Miracle (Chinga’s surviving daughter)  is expected to write MSCE exams this year so right now she is preparing to sit for her MSCE exams but as soon as she is done, we will proceed to launch the #Esther album by our late mother #GraceChinga,” posted the young Chinga.

Commenting on the news, Bushiri expressed his gratitude to Chinga’s family for coming out in the open and expose the truth.

“Am not easily  shaken with matters such as this. We all know who came up with the rumours and why they did it. Malawians are now clever and able to read between the lines. We thank God that the truth is now out and the devil has been put to shame.

“Grace Chinga was a legend, we honour her death and legacy. Its unfortunate that others wanted to use it for their own gains,” said Bushiri.

Meanwhile, press reports say some unscrupulous traders in Lilongwe have pounced on Chinga’s unreleased music albums, making copies of it and flooding the market with pirated version of the album.

Before her death, Chinga started work on her new project by recording two gospel albums at Alimoso Studios, which is run by Aligiza and another at Groove Magic Studios run by Joseph Tembo.

Chinga’s new song called Tikachita Bwino has also gone viral on social media as many view it as the one she prophesied her death.

One of the verses in the song goes: Pena udzafa utachita ngozi/Udzakomoka nkupitilira/Mwina kungogwa kufa osadwala/Pena kufera kutulo osadziwa/Kanthawi katsala konza mtima wako/Usazengeleze mwina mawa sufika/Wina aliyense adzaweluzidwa malingana ndizintchito zake.

Queen of gospel music on the local scene, Ethel Kamwendo  has since called on Copyright Society of Malawi (Cosoma) to stop the piracy of Chinga’s music.

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51 thoughts on “Grace Chinga’s son speaks out on ‘Ndzaulula’: Dismiss rumour on Prophet Bushiri”

  1. wakum'mawa mario says:

    wamugula mwanayu kuti atembenuze nkhani anene zabwino zako iwe bushili ndi ndalama zako zamwazizo. kuteroko ukuopa kuyaluka komabe choona cha iwe kuti ndiwe devil anthu akudziwa.

  2. stainer says:

    oooh praise lord

  3. bashi says:

    that’s why Malawian their very poor cos their using boold money we will we jajmet day

  4. Ipyana Phronel says:

    Now I have come to know the real truth, my mind have been struggling to no more of this.
    “Everything you do has got rewards, they will be rewarded for this”

  5. Apopo says:

    Aaa sh the same bible talked of false prophets in the last days God’s message never invite people to become rich but to share their weathy to the poor and follow him. The issue of bushiri leave him alone if he is fake or false prothet he is calling woe on his body and if he is genuine let God add more blessing note that the truth shall come by the time jesus will come.;>

  6. kholowa mkabudula says:

    iiiii Mmalawi nde kayanso basi. kaduka ekha ekha ali phwiiii mkumakana a yakumbuyo aja kuti malawi is a God fearing nation, Which God abale ngati tikumukhalila Yehova pampando mkumaweluza anthu? Can God bless such kind of pipo? Remember God loves everyone and simungamupangile chochita ayi, that is why our nation is still in poverty because we are just good at judging instead of kneeling down to bless pipo! Manyazi atigwile tonse amene timafalitsa za bodza,limeneli ndi tchimo tilape! Kholowa mkabudula (mukathyola) amamela? Samalilani abale Jelasi siumuna,mukamampangila kaduka uyu muonanso ma jet akwana mpaka 25 kuposa magalimoto 20 asalanje!

  7. Bauten F Chimwaza says:

    Its only God who knows about the death of Grace. The soul of her rest in peace

  8. Innocent says:

    I cant judge bushiri but god will, let us left this rumours in god hands may her soul rest in peace

  9. ester chilombo says:

    may Graces soul continue resting in peace .about bushiri let us nt judge him for he will be judged although his a man of GOD

  10. Jamal white says:

    Only God knows the truth about the death of our Grace chinga,may her soul continue rest in peace!

  11. MALAWIAN says:


  12. JJ says:

    Now that it has been revealed beyond any doubt that Bushiri’s PRO, Kelvin Sulungwe or whatever name they call him, is the one who wrote and posted that message on Steve’s page, what should be the title of this article? Hahahahaha koma tiyaluka zaka zake ndi zino…..blood money.

  13. mguluwe says:

    Me thinks the boy protests too much!

  14. Ben White says:

    Malawi God Almighty gave you a Prophet by the name Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.Stop this nonses and accept it. Read 2 Chronicle20;20. Africa we are poor because we dont follow the above verse i just mentioned.I am not a Malawian but i am following this nonses by our African brothers and sisters.God can use a man to change peoples lives.He did it to Moses,David,Elijah and he is doing it to Prophet Shepherd Bushuri.To this Chinga”s family you did a great move.The bible says “Touch not my Anointed ones and do my Prophets no harm”This is God speaking.Prophet Bushiri we love you hope you will come to Australia soon.

  15. NKHOMA J says:

    WHY Anthufe timakonda kunena zambiri mzathu akatiya?

  16. nachisale says:

    Any child can be called their mother or father`s name. Its not a MUST that a child or children be called their father’s name. We need to move away from the patriarchal mentality which holds men as higher human beings when in the practical and real world they are not – ambiri ndi madeya.

  17. Steve m kwatha says:

    We all waiting 4 dat album now my advice to Miracle,Miracle it has come and it has gone now concentrate on your studies I just wish u all the best

  18. Sailota says:

    Mukuona ngati nkuchenjela kumangonyoza anthu a Mulungu? Tiyeni nazoni……..

  19. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    Firstly inu a Steve tapezani dzina lina lodyera osati Steve Special. To me its not unique and it doest mean anything. Mai anu anakupangirani kale dzina just use Steve Chinga.See how Bob Marley family are cashing in on the Marley name. Secondly Steve be serious with loyalties and copyrights of your mother’s work. How come your mothers unreleased works are find their way on the streets. It may not be you but you have the duty to talk tough with the producers of those songs. You should know that a posthumus album of any celebrated artist sales like hot cakes and this will be the case with your mother’s forthcoming album. Ndinu ana atidyenao akubalatitsani. If I were you I would have sold the marketing distribution to a reputable firm at say K10 million, K5 million and K1 million for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year respectively. Otherwise kuti mupange nokha uzalira.

  20. Curiosity says:

    We are known by our fathers’ names.

    But late Grace Chinga’s children are mostly known by their mother’s surname- i.e. Chinga:

    Who is their father? Do they belong from same biological father?

    Jus curious!

  21. Joe says:

    Son, you have spoken your side of the story. Very brave. Let those who want to dwell on gossips stay with it . Let her spirit rest in peace and we move forward. I just pray for you children of late Grace Chinga to unite and move on together. Forgive those who have disappointed you through the demise of your loved mother, Grace.

  22. Jofwido wa miracle says:

    koma miracle ndimakufuna wamva? mwana iwe ndipanga za iwe basi

  23. EDOH MAN says:

    Am very proud because trueth is out now don’t point Man of God Bushili because is millionaire? of course you thinking noses for him Malawi let think be for talking God is still peaking to day

  24. jimmy chauzi says:

    bola ngati simunalandile dolo coz mulungu akusakani…………………..

  25. Kabo G says:

    I wish Malawi as a nation had the spirit as our neighbour Zambia. One Zambia One Nation. This has taken Zambian’s hearts as one people to the point that they have tribal cousins. The Bemba and Tumbuka treats each other as cousins. Imagine the Yao being cousins to the Tumbuka people. We can’t have boundaries in our country as we do now. Malawians we don’t love each other it’s obvious we need to change our spirit as a Nation. It’s true we are the Warm Heart of Africa that smiles for foreigners not our own brothers and sisters. Why can’t we start loving each other as Malawians first and spread the Love world wide.

  26. Mutharika and his cabinet are now on shame why you was busy trying to put Bushiri in the pit??see now,everybody have realise tht wht ever you was saying during the death of Chinga wa lies shame on you pple konzani zikoli lekani kulimbana ndi anthu oti Mulungu anawadalisa kalekale

  27. TIKUKUONANI says:

    I salute the son of Grace Chinga for coming out with the truth,people really attacked prophet Bushiri for their own reasons and am not afraid to say they fear him,they tried to block his maize donation,to block his support to FAM and wanted to use the death of our beloved singer Grace to turnish the image of the man of God.Let me remind those in fear of the unknown that its a demotion for Bushiri to become malawi president.tikukuonani once again the legs that move zigzag are seen by the eyes that see zigzag and no one runs or moves faster than his own shadow.

  28. ngongoliwa says:

    Much that money has its evil side, BUT TO BE POOR IS NOT TOBE HOLY. Most of us malawians, wen someone prospers, ee brand them SATANIC, shame.
    That’s wy even the apm govt can’t tek us anywhere, coz apm SLOWLY is biliving in this kkkkkk.

  29. Za ndikhuza kwambiri says:

    Malawians we don’t love each other as a whole if someone want to do good, we bring insult, it seems many people feels good if others lives painful life. anything good comes faces opposition, where are we heading to: shame. warning don’t insult men of God’ for you invite calamities in your life, remember what you do to others will come back to you. God therefore must forgive any one who condemns or talk bad about men of God.

  30. Hoitty Totty says:

    The song also talks about a married woman who has children with other men but pretends they are her husbands– Is that Bushiri too?? It also talks about someone who takes chuma cha masiye-naye ndi Bushiri? Stupid Malawians who believe anything on the internet. On a different note-young man stop pouting on your facebook pictures. Men don’t pout. Unless you are gay.

  31. Courtex says:

    Chomwe Mulungu wakonza palibe amene angachiletse…

  32. Njala nthenda ndi nsanje ndiye ku malawi akakhala wa kunja mumati big wanu mwati wachikuba coz u dont trust urself shame

  33. Jaward R.E says:

    Thats true, nowdays Malawians have been Engulfed in the sea of EVIL spirits. But, GOD will hit them.

  34. Money Is The Root Cause Of All Evil

  35. Tadala Pelekamoyo says:

    Kaya izo nzanunso

  36. bk phiri says:

    Some of us doubted Malawi voice side of the story but I do believe what the son has said. To me what the son has written is the truth but to others like the Analyst, the sons’ version is false becoz these are the people who believe more in lies than truths coz the took after their master the devil ,who is the father of lies!!

  37. Truth shall always stand but lies fall and evacate in no time. Shame on you

  38. JOHN THE BAPTIST says:

    She was a prophet of Gospel Music.
    Lets learn from her.
    Each one of us need to prepare his/her own way.W have the chance-if not the last one.
    Jesus is still waiting to forgive sinners of whom I am chief.

  39. uthant chaula. says:

    Now I can smile..Long live Major 1

  40. Peeping lizard says:

    Amalawi bodza aaa mwaona manyazi bwaaa mumadana ndi bushiri ,musiyeni akupanga zake ,inu busy mabodza

  41. John says:

    Much that you are a son to the departed Grace doesn’t not guarantee you authority to disagree what’s in the verses of the song. The truth still remains and it’s only your mother who knows the truth full stop.

  42. MERCEDES says:


  43. Memory says:

    May God Raise Bushiri More

  44. KUKHALA says:


  45. Boma says:

    DPP manyazi bwa? Bodza basi, lero TB Josua mawa Bushiri, eeeeeee shame

  46. musova says:

    Shame on Malawi Voice and its stupid reporters. Bushiri go for this silly online propaganda scandal sheet masqurandering as an online publication. It is peddling lies and tarnishing the image of innocent people.

  47. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    DPP was behind the spread of this false rumours coz they are afraid of this young man. but i wonder why are they bothering themselves and want to die of stress because prophet Bushiri clearly indicated that he doesn’t want a position of president of Malawi as it is a demotion to him!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. chigo says:

    this type of characters of fabricating false stories and fake rumour is how malawian like,this is their behaviour thats why we are not developing.

  49. Junken Dolo says:

    Malawians anatseguka m’maso, they don’t just believe in any gossip story like the ones made on prophets just as they wouldn’t also just believe fake acts of miracles videos made by some preachers. Remember if you live on lies you will also be brought down by the lies. Those who live by the sword will also die by the sword.

  50. ineyo says:

    Let the truth be told. I believe the hand of Lord the living one is playing a role in this.

    May the living God continue consoling the China ‘ family. keep them strong. young Steve and little miracle continue with the good works of your mother. may her soul continue resting in eternal peace of the Lord

  51. The Analyst says:

    It is easy for anyone who has a good command of his/her brain to realise that though Steve Special may be a son to Chinga; he is not an authority to confirm or dismiss the rumours.
    . . . therefore it is foolhardy for anyone to celebrate or believe that truth has been told coz the truth depends on what you want to hear.
    . . . Further, since no medical records are not available or are available but not for public consumption, the death of Chinga remains a mystery and the answer to it, shall always depend on the side of the coin you are on. But as far as I am concerned; a rumour, whether true or false, always has a basis – jelousy or otherwise.
    . . . It is therefore very important for every human being to observe what they do; as it is not a good thing or possible for one to always be asociated with negative rumours, unless they do something mysterious and unexplainable.
    What is known however, is that . . .
    “Three can keep a secret, only if two of them are dead.” – Benjamin Franklin

    Otherwise . . .
    . . .Just as it is not possible that so many people can be so stupid for so long; two people do not run mad at the same time.

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