Grafitti and overgrown childishness

Not long ago sane Malawians both laughed and wondered whether our government is serious with its governing business.Masinga HA  HA HA

It was to do, first, with civil society demanding answers on procedures in grant offering at the National Aids Commission (NAC).

Some ugly heads within the governing clique supported by some overzealous business people tried to salvage the situation by calling the angry CSO activists as ‘maggots’ chewing at anything just to paint ruling blue into shadowy black and on the other hand orchestrating a band of so called business interests that brought their solution in equivalent hard cash value.

Both were protecting the wining and dining Getrude Mutharika’s Beautify Malawi (Beam) trust and APM’s Mulhakho wa Alhomwe cultural ‘bag’ had engaged in at their own behests.

Malawi almost lost its funding to the HIV interventions kitty at this carelessness. Two ministers think whistle blowing is to blame, not politicising of the NAC.

With that clueless handling of national matters, we are also again presented by the ridiculous attempt to break even more the peoples interests.

That old man Goodall Gondwe may be good at mathematics, but with his blue eyed boy Ian Bonongwe, they may just as well stuck with Mathews Chikaonda’s chicken mathematics of Charles Simango’s era.

Yes. Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) is making big inbalances to its intended transactions. Yes, its a pain down government’s ass and a burden on our tax support.

But the real questions must be, what bad debts are we talking about? It was Mulli and late Bingu and others that gave each other mamoth loans. The poor people were, if given any loans, offered sums that would never translate their personal economic growth nor transform their daily miserable lives.

Just ask those bosses to pay back those debts first before the sale is rushed through.

And damn, only one bidder. Nonsense indeed.

The big stinking ass of all here is the circus that was Malawi’s leadership taking a stupid try at graffitti.

Hey. We all know someone acted like mfiti. We all know someone who knows the much much better ordered the fracturing of his own elder brother’s ribs at the Central Hospital.

Malawians know someone tried to ‘usurp’ power by hiding death of a president. By registering a dead ‘Ben Phiri’ on a medivac to South Africa, draining Malawi’s resources even more.

We all know that that arrest was rightful and legal and that someone had a case to answer.

And when someone has the nerve to make a mockery of such a delicate issue by writing on a p1ison cell wall his madness, we indeed are assured that this leadership ia about crowns and not the annointed ones.

Imagine how difficult it will now be to stop kids from writing all over their house, classroom, toilet, etc walls.

Just how can such a person sink so low and carry a marker all the way from Plot No. One to go jotting on prison walls. Do we hav brains to trust here?

If we cannot fire Dausi and the whole team of jokers that are busy making the president do foolish things day in and out, then surely we must fire the president himself.

Cell Graffitti…?

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4give &4get amalawi zinalakwika,chonde!


I wonder why the government is in the rush to sell MSB. for sure something is wrong here. we all know that it was Bingu and Muli who has contributed to the mess the bank is in as they withdrew large sums of money. I remember as a student then I even failed to get my stationary allowance at one time as the bank didn’t have money to give us. Multi and Bineth trust must pay for sure, osakankhira chipsinjo ife a Malawi. osalora zopeperazi.

Chatty Man

Shameful president DPP.


Something is not adding up here. I wish the President would go back to this cell and nicely paint it. Grafitti will not do us any good. How do we beautify Malawi if this is the way to commemorate worthless events. Shame on our leadership.


Just check in the toilet at Lumbadzi Police. He must have left some grafitti again with faeces splashed on the walls ‘Afana APM was here’. He did not have a marker at that time!

Mwini chipani

Even his handwriting is just too bad not for teacher or you call him university professor


Well articulated and researched piece. Hop Peter n Co. wl set aside some time to read this b4 ts too late.

Saopa boys

Ndikadzakhala president ndidzauza a chipani changa tikumbukile tsiku lomwe amai anandikwapula atadziwa kuti ndimafuna kuba…… Koma ameneyu waganiza bwanji! Next time adzalingalila mofatsa ndithu.

matako m'mwamba

Zikuonekera chaka chino.


Koma abale, kutsogolera dziko kudaphwekatu. Ndi awaomwe, umh! Koma mbewa zikatha!

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