Graft busting in Malawi is ‘terrible fight’- ACB boss

Malawi will continue finding it difficult to fight corruption if the battle is left to the graft-busting body alone, the Anti- Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General Lucas Kondowe has told lawmaker.

Kondowe:  ACB needs joint forces to fight corruption

Kondowe: ACB needs joint forces to fight corruption

Kondowe who led his ACB team which appeared before the cluster of Public Appointments, Legal Affairs and Statutory Authorities committees of parliament, said graft-busting in Malawi is “a terrible fight.”

He said:“ It is a difficult fight that does not need spectators. Unfortunately, the feeling out there is that fighting corruption is something that has to be done by the Anti-Corruption Bureau alone.”

Kondowe said the National Anti- Corruption Strategy identifies eight key stakeholders who are part of the process of fighting corruption such as the Executive, the Judiciary, the Legislature, faith-based organisations, the media and the private sector.

Malawi’s graft busting body is facing a number of challenges, including transport and resources.

Kondowe also encouraged whistle blowers to come forward to the bureau with information and if necessary objective material evidence.

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15 thoughts on “Graft busting in Malawi is ‘terrible fight’- ACB boss”

  1. nyavizwazwa says:

    So do you mean there is no corruption in RSA? As far as evil is there corruption will never end.

    The ACB should also convict the one giving money because a corrupted person receives from the one who corrupts. They should both be convicted. If I am being corrupted, I have to have technics to tell the Police or ACB about that.

    Politicians are the most corrupt people. the ACB is having fear to convict the politicians. That is why in CG scandle only mice are caught but big fish are left swimming.

  2. kabotolokamo says:

    What a bunch of crazy answer , the simple answer for him will be what are we paying him for , sit around and drink tea ! stupid answer !

  3. Wadinkhula Wa Yiwona says:

    Walephera iwe basi.

  4. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    In countries where corruption fighting drive is done by an independent body there is no question of somebody hiding behind the curtain as is the case in Malawi. In South Africa,the ‘Scorpion’ is such a body that fights corruption without looking at somebody’s status in society. We need to borrow a leaf from that set up otherwise we shall be clocking 100 years of Indepence with worsening and shamefull records of corruption in our country.

    1. It seems like you don’t follow SA politics properly,the Scorpions were dissolved somewhere around 2008 and replaced by the “HAWKS”

  5. Akulisinga says:

    whistle blowers mr khondowe? the whistles has been blowing of late what are you doing msb sale is an example. even a lay man coud notice corruption in the executive arm of Government. the fact is you can not fight corruption when your boss is corrupt himself.

  6. ujeni says:

    Iwe Toiletseat

    One house in Nyambadwe was bought at K6m, can you buy a house even in Nkolokosa at that amount?

  7. John says:

    ACB must work with MRA. Amwenye ambiri anasiya kupanga issue receipt munthu akagula katunda because they don’t want to pay VAT. Ask Steve Kapoloma he knows these things. And yet you can play these guys and send someone to net these Indians and pin them.

    Pitani mu Limbe umu. Go to any shop owned by mmwenye and buy something and demand a receice, you will c.

  8. John says:

    Give us your email address now. We want to whistle-blow about one scandal

  9. Mercy Bauleni says:

    Ine ndikuona kuti a Kondowe angokanika kunena kuti ntchito yothetsa katangale ndi ziphuphu ikuwavuta kuyendetsa chifukwa cha anthu a ndale omwe ena mwayiwo akukhudzidwa ndi nkhanizi. “Khoswe wakhala pa mkate” kapena kuti “Mbalame yakhala pa uta”

  10. Political Manifesto says:

    The Bureau will always be a toothless snake if it continues to fail to provide protection to anonymous whistleblowers. Instead it shields criminals even whenever there is incriminating evidence from anonymous whistleblowers!

  11. Chidongo j says:

    Corruption ili mmabaorder ya pwe ndakuuzani tumani makapirikoni eni eni kuti akafufuze. bus yonse imadutsa ndi anthu opanda ma passport ku pita ku Jonh pa boarder amangopereka. K3000 Kwacha aliyense. kuona ma antbiotic kuchokera muzipatala za boma ndi bwe ndi azimayi amalanda kuno pamene sungapeze or ndi mankhwala amtundu wina uli onse ochokera muzipatala zao. Tumani munthu kuti kagule mankhwala ku Joni kuti mupeze kumene kukuchokera mankhwalawo amene akutulutsa muzipatala. Ku immigration mukulephera kuwagwira anthu kumeneko ndiye worse ndi anthu aku Mzimba . Ngati mukufuna kugwira wakuba gwiritsani wa kuba nzake. Mulibenso ndi ma open line kuti anthu azilipotapo kuti kuno wa trafiki amane alipanuyu akulandira chiphuphu. Ife tikamaona zimatinyasa tikulira Malawi wakale. ACB ndinu anthu amatha ndipo zikusonyezeratu kuti inu nomwe ndi amene muli corrupted ndikufuna kuti ndimve kuti mwachitapo kathu pazimene nda reportazi chifukwa mwanena nokha kuti tilipote.

  12. carseat says:

    comment number 1, how much were the houses valued and how much did they pay? Kapena ananenelela? Think twice before you show ur anger.

  13. puludzu says:

    You are spot on. But the main problem is precedence. Those who are supposed to set a good example are the ones at the forefront in corrupt dealings. From the highest offices, the police, judiciary, etc. Civic education is also important. Let it also form the curriculum at grassroots level. From elementary schooling to higher levels.

  14. ujeni says:

    Start with Patricia Kaliati, Peter Mutharika will be prosecuted in 2019, he bought MHC houses corruptly, let others learn. Kaliati and others should be arrested it is well documented what they did. Politics is shielding them.

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