Groups demand ACB probe Chakwera over Lilongwe mansion, MCP funds

Some civil society organizations reported ly State funded  under the banners of Civil Society Forum for Democracy and Development (CFDD) and Civil Society Platform for Constructive Dialogue (CS-PCD) have called on the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to probe Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera over his under-construction multi million mansion in Lilongwe.

Nakoma addressing a news conference demanding probe for Chakwera

Chakwera mansion under construction

The groups have also demanded ACB to investigate Chakwera on a fleet of vehicles as well K80 million he allegedly diverted from the party’s account into his personal account.

The call comes barely  a day after Chakwera issued a stern warning that he will be forced to lead a mass protest against worsening corruption in government, and accused President Peter Mutharika of giving corrupt big wigs amnesty from corruption crackdown.

Speaking during a news conference on Sunday at Alendo Hotel in Blantyre the groupings argued that Chakwera who is Leader of Opposition in Parliament demonstrated double-standards as well as high level of hypocrisy for not disclosing the source of his money and wealth.

“While the Leader of Opposition is expected to lead his block in providing checks and balances as well as oversight on government operations, we have sadly noted that Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has himself not demonstrated integrity and accountability in a number of areas on which we hereby call for immediate probe and investigation,” said Oliver Nakoma who is chairperson for CS-PCD.

Nakoma, who was franked by Harry Mikuwa chairperson for CFDD , and other members said there was a need for Chakwera to be investigated by ACB on the sources of money he is using to construct  a multi million million 15 bedroom house in Area 6 in Lilongwe, arguing the anti-graft body did the same on Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Kondwani Nankhumwa who was recently summoned by the Bureau over the donation he made in his constituency in Mulanje district in January this year.

He argued that based on information in their hands, Chakwera was abusing his party’s finances and private donations for personal projects.

“As a civil society, we demand accountability on the part of Chakwera to explain the source of the funds for such a mansion which is still under construction and we expect the final value of the mansion to be over K800 million upon completion.

“The mansion has also been constructed in a space of one year and this raises eyebrows considering other allegations that Dr. Chakwera diverted close to K80 million meant for his party to his personal account.”

Quizzed if they have evidence on the allegations against Chakwera, the CSOs argued that they have information in their possession to be shared with investigating authorities.

Asked about the timing of their demands, Nakoma argued that their call for Chakwera probe was not a hit-back at his recent attack on government, saying they were just fulfilling their role as civil society in calling for public leaders to be accountable.

The organizations also claimed Chakwera was abusing his role by personalizing party vehicles and called on Malawi revenue Authority (MRA) to investigate one of the vehicles currently being used by Chakwera’s daughter.

Meanwhile, the organizations have threatened to take it to the streets if ACB fails to probe Chakwera on the highlighted allegations.

Chakwera has threatened to call supporters onto the streets if President Mutharika will not meet the eight demands he has set as plan of action and that he immediately comes to Parliament in person to give a full report of the progress.

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Denis Kondani



Go ahead CFDD. You have all the support from the masses. We need accountability at all levels of the society !!

All the skeletons fro Reverend Chakwera’s cupboard must be uncovered !!

The diaspora are also crying for their money, which Chakwera has robed.

This clear indication of desperation of fools who can not differentiate issues of public interests where public finds are involved .By the way,the right people to question the Chakwera’s mansion are MCP members and Assembly of God Church if anything sensible to go by..By nature a creation has an ego vengance including human being. One day such egos come haunting you..The simple advice to you is to report Chekwera on behalf of MCP or the church to ACB or Police rather than making senseless noise which seems to be senseless propaganda achieving nothing at the end of day and on… Read more »
Mutha Limodzi
Vimabungwe mvitsiru….instead of demanding all these mulpractices by the givernment..ali busy kulimbana ndichakwera…for sure ACB must investigate the CSOs too..akupatsani ndalama a DPP to confuse us…mukapanda kutengapo gawo inuyo amabungwe pankhani yachimanga nafe as citizens tikutenga chiletso from you CSOs from stopping operating as you are a disgrace to the citizens and your actions crearly show that you are too political in discharging your duties that being a solution to the cry of Malawians! I have takem note of these CSOs and will get injunction that you get investigated and start discharging your duties until your proved clean….ndala zikubedwa m’bomazi… Read more »
Namualamba -Phalombe

I believe as a country we need to be serious if we want to move forward. Party level issues are for the party members. It is up to MCP members to take Chakwera if there are any financial mismanagement and NOT these useless so-called CSOs. This level of stupidity demonstrated here will just make Chakwera more popular. They are really showing that he has cornered and strangled them. They are running short of breath!


Chakwera is a civil servant ,as he receives the Tax payers money ,so why are you afraid ? let him prove his innocence in the court of Law on how he build a mansion within a period of 2 years ,yet he is coming from a background of eating chopeleka chawanthu.


Hahahahahaaa this country is full of bozos hahahaha. If you see them talking on TV you will know they are pathetic tenant looking Lhomwes who can’t say anything sensible. Wakutumani ndani akupwetekesani alomwe inu. mwatutana kwa nyezerera mwati tidye zakuba za DPP? Amangidwanso nankhumwa wanuyo chifukwa ndi mbava. Dziko lonse la pansi anthu osazindikila ndii awa. What a shame. Mupitenso mukajambule ndata farm ndi mansion ya Goodall Gondwe mutiuze n[kuti ndi ma million angati ndipo afufuzidwe. Leave Chakwera alone. Ku MCP kukasowe ndalama muyesa kabwira mumantuma uja akanakhala chete ndi kukamwa kwake kuja?


kkkkkkkk these guys are a disgrace sure. who pays for your show on this poorest TV in africa? so you are trying to divert peoples attention? kkkkkkkk u are a disgrace to the nation of Malawi you can go this far disgracing yourself kkkkkkkkkkk. what we know is that Chakwera is not entrusted with any public resources kkkkkkkk anthu openga inu mwaganiza bwanji? mzanu ali busy to oppose in parliament. at change of government tidzaona ngati timabungwe tanuto tidzapitilire ma cadet inu

self centred
For the first time kunva za cso alerted wa apawa watuma m ndani, kapena sakudziwa kuti chakwera is not a minister like others,and have they started speaking on behalf of MCP very pathetic the problem is when you forced to say something u end up landing onto a landmine mbava zikugwida, zomwe zikupangitsa amalawi kunva moto and you are talking of chakwera is chakwera involved in any dealings concerning government, he is there to check and collect not implementing ,go back and ask the one who sent you that mwatilakwisa misana yanu ndi ma bung we obera anthuwo
ruth malikebu

Let us not politicize the whole issue,i think this is for accountability sake,|Chakwera needs to pass this test if he wants to run for president,he is Leader of opposition and gets his salary from the tax that I am paying so we need to level the playing field .At the very same time MCP as leading opposition party also gets funding from govt just like DPP for their sustainability and operations ,so all these funds are subjected to audit as it is to do with tax ,

Inu a malikebu takhalani chete ngati simuzitsatira. How can Chakwera steal government’s money? if its funding from the government, the MCP has a treasurer. Mwamva kuti a treasurer a MCP adandaulako zoti ndalama zinabedwa. Cant you see that this is propaganda?? Tikudziwa ndinu mlakho koma chonde gwiritsani ntchito umunthu wanu apa. These CSOs have been paid by the government to divert peoples attaention and to tarnish the image of potential political leaders. Where were these CSOs when real CSOs were fighting against the corrupt chaponda? Dont think we Malawians are stupid anymore. Zinthu zinasintha. Ndipo this chaponda need to be… Read more »

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