Guilty! Pleads Malawi fake doctor Gogoda, denied bail

A man accused of posing as a medical doctor at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) in Lilongwe has pleaded guilty after being formally charge at Lilongwe Magistrate Court on Thursday.

Rasford Gogoda pleaded “guilty”  when he appeared before Lilongwe Magistrate Court.

He asked to be released on bail by the court refused his bid. It emerged he is not a first offender.

In August 2014, Gogoda was sentenced to 300 hours of common services with similar offence.

According to Lilongwe Police Public Relations Officer, Kingsely Dandaula the court is waiting for the state to bring more witnesses as Gogoda denied some of the medical equipment and drugs that were found in his bag.

“Gogoda pleaded guilty for posing as a medical doctor, but denied some of the medical equipment that are used in the theatre and drugs that were found in his bag which he left in the common room,” said Dandaula.

He said the case will be back in court on February 16, 2015.

Gogoda, 26 who hails from Simon Village, Traditional Authority Simon in Neno district was arrested on Tuesday February 3, 2015 at KCH.

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19 thoughts on “Guilty! Pleads Malawi fake doctor Gogoda, denied bail”

  1. chie says:

    Gogoda sieaku neno ayi akutipatsa manyazi mwina ndiwaku mchenachena

  2. Rajj Ajussa says:

    Hahaha someone from top officials must be behind all these scenes. Who employed him? How can he work @ such a central hospital & Who was paying him?

  3. wena says:

    the peson u talkin abot ndamuona pa boton hospa nde mukuti chani? aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  4. MBACHI says:

    Just hang him, we do not know how many people he has killed by giving wrong treatment.

  5. Malapwalapwa says:

    Inu tamutulusani mmesa anazilemba yekha ntchito chifukwa cha kukonderana kulembana pa chibale

  6. kaukonde says:

    in defence he should state he was moved with passion seeing that medical personnel are overwhelmed. even jesus never had a medical qualification but healed because of passion.

    1. freespch says:

      A very dangerous person



  8. matchonisa says:

    uyu akufunika 28 yrs IHL komanso akazadwala mtsogolomu shud b banned frm accessing health services in Malawi. Foolish fool!!

  9. Msadane says:

    It baffles the mind to imagine that someone unknown to nursing staff on a ward can be allowed to just walk into a ward and start seeing patients. Even students are expected to pay courtesy call to the nurse on duty to announce their presence. How come the incidence of these fake “doctors” seem to be getting common and detected rather poorly by those on the wards? Someone needs to introduce some common sense checks and balances at our health institutions and give the health care worker profession some much needed decency

  10. Thomas Chiphwanya says:

    No mercy 4 them,ndafiti amenewo,they want to kill lives of innocent people.

  11. chete says:

    Ndiye kuti saloma mu consultion room. Nanga amasinthana bwanj maduty rosters. Eeeeee somany questions no answer. But the truth is this gross inhuman. Anthu samapitila kukondwa kumene kuja kuti wina akationgere moyo. And be left out

  12. Alufeyo says:

    At least the guy is bold.

  13. Yankeez says:

    Apapa when we go to Hospital tidzikana kuti atipezanako, tidziwauza anthu kuti ndidakumana ndima fake doctors, kkkkkkkk! Malawi pa sell!!!!:

  14. He discharged my sister last week…he z so stupid….

  15. wanda says:

    Fake doctors, fake doctors and fake doctors! Where is Malawi heading. Somewhere someone is not doing his or her job properly.

  16. Vavlov says:

    this guy needs psychiatric evaluation; how can he fake being a doctor? His brains are infested by worms

  17. Achimidzimidzi says:


  18. Emmatuwa says:

    no bail for fake doctors

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