Chakuamba hospitalised in South Africa

Malawi’s veteran politician, Gwanda Chakuamba, is reported to have been airlifted to Johannesburg South Africa where he is receiving treatment for heart problem at Milpark Clinic in South Africa.

Chakuamba was airlifted to South Africa following the heart problem which he has been experiencing but he is said to be in good spirits.

He is placed in the highly dependence ward (HDU) after being discharged from the Intensive Care Unit.

Gwanda: Register

Gwanda: Get well soon

Nyasa Times  sources said the problem reached at a very critical situation two weeks ago and this is when the family after “grave concerns” decided to evacuate him to South Africa for medical attention.

Born on 4 April, 1934, Chakuamba has been regarded in Malawi politics as giants of the Lower Shire Valley in the Southern Region of Malawi.

From 1964 to 1980 Chakuamba was a key figure in the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and fearless opponent of former MCP President John Tembo.

Chakuamba was released from jail in 1993 soon after the multiparty politics and immediately joined UDF and quickly dumped it for MCP where he became its Secretary General.

Former President Bingu wa Mutharika at one time appointed Chakuamba   as Minister of Agriculture and  was president of New Republican Party (NRP).

Chakuamba is one of founding members of  DPP  but broke ranks with Mutharika.

He was later convicted by a court for inciting acts of violence against the Lhomwe tribe in the country.

He was found guilty for proposing hatred towards tribal groups, the Mulhako Wa Alhomwe in particular.

First Grade Magistrate Fred Chilowetsa spared the sectegenarian from conviction due to his old age.

Chakuamba uttered words at a political rally inciting people to beat up Lhomwe people because they were pompous and arrogant.

He has lately been backing former president Joyce Banda’s Peoples Party but retired from front line politics.

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66 thoughts on “Chakuamba hospitalised in South Africa”

  1. Zose ndi Choncho says:

    get well soon. The north is behind you

  2. Taperenayo says:

    Baba,Mulengi ambabdziwa dzose.Get well soon.

  3. Angoni_Saka says:

    Foolish Malawian politicians.
    1) Kamuzu went to South Africa, and the Zulu’s finished him.
    2) Chihana followed suit, he was dispatches in weeks
    3)Then followed Bingu, job done right at the air port
    4) The lesser mortals tried their luck, Kate Kainja, Moses Charambo, kuti
    5) Now Chakuamba?

    I would go to Mwai wanthu if sick, Zuma and his boys are no good. Mark my word

  4. Ingwina Sya Karonga. says:

    46 he was also part of the Triumvirate when Kamuzu was sick which included John Tembo and Robson Chirwa. GTWS Gwanda Chakuamba Phiri.

  5. godobaman says:


  6. Redeemed says:

    I just can’t help but to wonder over high profile people tendency’ of opting for foreign medical care, what does it say about the condition of local medical facilities? and where does it leave an ordinary citizen whose hope solely depend on these poor facilities?, just a question, perhaps its high time the government taste its own poison.

  7. YAKASHATA says:

    people particularly the PP were happy with Bingu’s illness and death. We should not be happy with someone’s illness or death. Mbuya Gwanda get well soon but I will never forget what PP did to Bingu wa Mtharika.

  8. Tatyata says:

    Mr Chakwamba used to mock Bingu,now it’s your turn-moto umapita komwe kwasala tchire

    1. Theo says:

      Chakwamba did not mock Bingu but he requested him to tell the nation that he was sick. the nation needed to know that their President was not okay. How would you feel if your father hides from you that he is sick.

  9. cynk says:

    get well soon as ur responding to treatment

  10. Brian Bande,BBA(Accounting) UEAB says:


  11. I am always shocked to see people get excited when colleagues are in trouble. Number 23 and 30, u are sick…

  12. WAMANDASI says:

    Gwandanguluwe, if you get well fine. However you and Malawi government must know that i hate expensive death and funerals.

    Serious business people must fill the gap and bring any machine and expertise that tries to save life here in Malawi.

    Donors and investors must invest in health and education.

    I hate all crooks who donate $million for HIV seminars hiv testing so that they calculate ARV profit margins. The west is over depending on disaster, chaos, instability and anarchy. The west is also manipulating unionist, civil rights and separatist groups to boost their economy.

    We received countless aid which was designed to erode back to the west and leaving Malawians poor than before.

    Bring the aid that will allow Malawi to own state of the art medical facility. that speed up internet, to establish world class road network.

    Die at home politicians. A politician dying in foreign land openly says. ‘I never fought for quality medical facility’. Get well soon Mbuya

  13. NSANJE AND THYOLO ##############

    A SENA AND A LHOMWE ###########

    @ SORRY RELATIONSHIP *********

  14. Simbarashe says:

    Get well soon mbuya

  15. Kulinda Mtere says:

    The profile is incomplete. Should have made mention that the old man was one of the three architects of the notorious Malawi Young Pioneers. And was the longest serving commander-in-chief of its armed wing. Iiiiiihh a Nyasa Times, wakudandaulanitu Chakuamba kuti mwamuchepetsa.

  16. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Get well soon Mr Chakwamba

  17. Get well soon us you receive the treatment chakuamba.

  18. Another politial asset. Get well soon.

  19. chistopher says:

    mulungu awathandize apeze bwino!

  20. samuel Alick says:

    Get well soon.May God be wit you.

  21. Jowel says:


  22. Zachisoni says:

    Get well soon, MBUYA

  23. Ndafakale says:

    Get well soon mbuya

  24. Dreadful. Mwikhoma says:

    Get well soon Nana

  25. Danny says:

    Gwanda get well soon

  26. Mtumbo Lende says:

    Pa Alhomwepo sananame. Wasala anawona nkhondo. Just look at naked tribalism, regionalism and nepotism being orchestrated by Lhomwes? Better ATUMBUKASO

  27. Bristol says:

    Get well soon Mbuya. We love you.

  28. chingolopiyo says:

    Death has nothing to do with age gogo pitala number 30 stop deceiving yourself. Check your family or ask your elders they will educate you. Gwanda Mphezi , wishing you a quick recovery. Only God knows your future.

  29. ROCKFORD says:

    Get well soon Sir. By the way where is Christopher Theophilus Daza and is he still active in politics?

  30. BOBOLONGWE says:

    Get well soon my GOD be with u Nana. Iwe gogo pitala mapazi yako. kuzolowera moyo opha wanthu, mwana wa JZU Tembo. osafunira dziko lake zabwino.

  31. Gogo Pitala says:

    Old age has no cure. Very soon it will be Peter Muthalika and Goodall Gondwe. Death is imminent on these two

  32. Nyirenda Christopher says:

    We wish you quick recovery in your health.Get well,Hon Chakuamba

  33. Kantchowa says:

    Get well soon Mbuya.

  34. Peter Benga says:

    Good news that you are out ICU

  35. mbuje says:

    Mwana wa NG’ONA mpaka kuchipatala? Komabe get well soon MBUYA, koma musalumeko anthu

  36. Alex Phiri says:

    get well soon mbuya

  37. Alexander says:

    get well soon nana

  38. Mwenecho says:

    afe ameneyu these r the pple who ve be ruining our countrys politics

  39. Malawianmom says:


    1. Nyapapi says:

      What players?

  40. michael says:

    Get well soon

  41. Hassan says:

    Mbuya get well soon.

  42. Unango says:

    Get well soon Mbuya

  43. Hassan says:

    Mbuya mwakula zavutazavuta mukhala ndi zipani zingati pa moyo wan kodi?

    1. Yobe boo says:

      A Hassan umbuli umakupwetekani zedi. Nkhani yili apa siyazipani, koma matenda. Muzimvetsa nkhani abale, umbuli ngati wolozedwa nawo. CHITSIRU IWE.!!!!!!!!!

  44. Mbiyang'ambe says:

    Get well soon mbuya

  45. Tikufunilani kuchila mwachangu mbuya

  46. matekwe says:

    Gwanda samanama amanena zoona

  47. Issa Kabudula says:

    Mbuya Chakwamba, one of Malawi political giant and with all the opportunities of bringing development to Malawi, the man failed as people of Loweshire and Malawi at large. Chakwamba the giant since Kamuzus era up date, few poeple have benefited from him, for Lowershire its worth, many times he has been in parliament the man failed to bring any block of class room. The man voice can be heared even in Britain due to his past work and zeal fearless, to an extent that the Queen know Chakwamba, but failed to channel any funding to Malawi or the Lowershire. May his get bettet soon and work for Malawi before he departs us – Ameen.

  48. Akuliainga says:

    get well soon mbuya

  49. SALOME says:

    Get well soon giant of lowers, if just have faith in CHRIST you will be healed.

  50. Wolemekezeka says:

    Get well soon Ntate

  51. MADAM says:

    Get Well Soon PAPA !! May God Heal You !!

  52. Nyapapi says:

    I hope its not my tax money paying for this idiot’s medical bill!

  53. Mtumbuka says:

    Getwell soon old soldier. We still need you.

  54. Ngodya says:

    Ndi anthu ngati Gwanda omwe amatha kuona patali pomwe Ena sangathe kuona.Gwanda aliona tsankho ndi kudzikundikila mwa alomwe Ena ndipo sanakhale chete koma kuyankhula.Amalawi ambiri sanamunvetsetse koma padutsa nthawi ndipo tikulina tsankho,takuona kudzikundikila,mwano,kusanva zonena za Ena,kuba ndalama za anthu osauka,ndi zambiri tikungowafunila kuchila nsanga a Gwanda.

    1. Bob Phiri says:

      Inde, kuona patali kulowa PP chipani chomwe chatha ngati makatani

  55. wapano says:

    mwana wa ng’ona, get well soon.

  56. de' Morgans says:

    dont die Mbuya, we love you.

  57. christopher says:

    get well soon old man.ur still our star u will always shine on mw

  58. PP says:

    Get wel soon papa

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