Gwanda funeral to have military honours:Mutharika says Chakuamba is  ‘Malawi national legend’

President Peter Mutharika has directed that the funeral of veteran and longest serving politician Gwandangulube Chakuamba commonly known as Gwanda Chakuamba should  be conducted with full military honours.

Mutharika (right) pays tribute to Mbuya Chakuamba (left): RIP

Mutharika (right) pays tribute to Mbuya Chakuamba (left): RIP

A military funeral is an honour accorded by state to deserved citizens but different from the state funeral.

According to the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) through Malawi’s Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa, the body of late Chakuamba will lay in state on Wednesday 26th October 2016 at the Comesa Hall in the Commercial City of Blantyre for viewing and to allow Malawians pay their last respect to the fallen hero.

Chakuamba, who died after a long battle with kidney died on Monday at Blantyre Adventist Hospital.

On Thursday, the body will be taken to Chinyanje in the area of Traditional Authority Mlolo in Nsanje for burial on Friday.

Meanwhile, Mutharika has joined the rest of Malawians in mourning and and paying tribute to Chakuamba  who was among few notable remaining politicians to have fought for the country’s independence.

In his condolence message, President Mutharika said together with the First Lady Getrude Mutharika just like any other Malawian are saddened
with Chakuamba’s death.

According to the Malawi leader, the departed political champion will be remembered by many generations for his struggle for Malawi’s

“He is to be remembered by many generations as a nationalist who played a great role during struggle of an independent Malawi in the late 50’s and early 60’s,” said Mutharika.

“As a nation, we must choose to celebrate his life for the many fruits brave character bore. He will remain as Malawi national legend. May
his soul rest in peace,” mourned Mutharika.

Chakuamba was born on 4th April 1934 and served different ministerial and top government positions in his political career.

He is survived by a wife Raima and children who include, Gwa Chakuamba Jnr,  Kwafwani and Zuwere Chakuamba, three grand children and four great grand children.


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18 thoughts on “Gwanda funeral to have military honours:Mutharika says Chakuamba is  ‘Malawi national legend’”

  1. Mwananyanian says:

    Chakwamba is NO hero, exclamation marks!!!
    Sure, we should not speak badly of the dead: but here we go, because the truths need to be told.

    As head of MYP, especially, he liquidated many a people. On spurious grounds. And, extra-judiciary, directly and indirectly I must add.
    The man was uncouth and brutal at his political zenith. He might have been humbled when his “own” regime put him away for years at Mikuyu. Courtesy of the regime’s Traditional Court of Appeal. Some observers were of the stern opinion that it was good riddance: The system really let him have it. Big.
    APM has every reason to shun Chakwamba, but for crass politics. The man is wrongfully still seen as the giant of Lower Shire politics.
    Chakwamba’s MYP were instrumental in the vicious beating of APM’s father, at Chisoka. The beating that ultimately led to death, at Malamulo. APM could take all this personal, but he is showing a side of humanity that is rare in Malawi politics.
    The “born free” generation of Malawians should read their history with a critical and unbiased eyes.
    Better informed, and these people would be better for it. No question.

  2. Felix Tembo says:

    May your soul rest in eternal peace Mbuya, the Shire Valley giant has fallen.

  3. Who said these words?

    ”Mukamuwona Mulomwe mumumenye”

    Siwayufi wanu yemweyi mukumuti hero-yu? Kodi mwabadwa dzulo eti!

    Mufunseni Bakili akuuzani yemwe anapha Solobala pomukhoma misomali mmutu.

    To me, hero is APM for respecting this mphenzi despite ordering for a civil strife against Lomwes.

    1. Felix Tembo says:

      Bakili was HE and could say anything. Why couldn’t he report and testify in court on dearth of somebody when he witnessed all the killing scenario? Cheap politics! We are saddened by the death of our Mbuya, may his soul rest in eternal peace. Bravo APM.

  4. Gogodasi says:

    Incomplete strory. maesa Chakuamba adayambitsa chipani chake Republican Party and swept the whole Lower Shire with votes of his MPs and later renamed it the New Republican Party. You cannot research and bring this information to light?

  5. HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja? says:

    Hypocrisy at its best. why mourning Gwanda with presidential honor while he was suffering in poverty. we call heros those who are dead and not respecting the living. That is why after 52 years of independence we are in poverty, because we think the living dont deserve good life.

    1. Abit Ntila says:

      Kulemekeza Maliro….a lesson learned…Gwanda lived at the top level that many of us will never reach, but to die like he lived in the streets. Policy need to change to look after our leaders when they leave office. He once stood in for Kamuzu when he went to SA for treatment. Very Sad..

      1. Mphenembe says:

        Why should policy be changed to look after crooked old leaders who never looked after our interests when they were in power? Am sure it Dosi who has written this comment!

        Chakuamba when Bingu rescued from his stupidity that made him poor was busy buying top of the range BMW despite a ban by Bingu ndiye misonkho yathu idzipita kwa mbuzi ngati zimenezi?

        Chakuamba! Anamenya mafumu 22, including a senior chief a Chikumbu! Kuwatibula! Ndi ndani sakudziwa zimenezi?

        People who were against MCP being fed to crocodiles that Chakuamba was keeping at his farm ku Milare!

        Chakuamba! When he was kicked out of cabinet by Bingu said at a rally that mukamuona mulomwe mumumenye! Hero wa mtundu wanji?

        Aaaaaaah! Iyayi izi zomangochemelera maliro achitsiru zithe plz!

      2. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

        which policy must be changed? the same people who steal and squander our money when in power and we must also give them more when retire? you must be high on a toilet smell my guy

  6. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

    munthu wamwalira ndiye jijilijijili ndi achina military honour chanichani, koma ali moyo adafika pomatuwa mbu kuchita kusowa ndi pokhala pomwe, anthu oipa inu olemekeza maliro ndi matenda okha, mulndire yesu wa ku Nazarete!


    May his soul rest in peace. He was the Malawian legend indeed we will miss him

  8. Mdzukulu wa chief Chikumbu says:

    Anali munthu woipa uyu! His body should be thrown to the crocodiles!

    1. Bikoko says:

      Mdzukulu, if he was like you said, then Kamuzu would have not recomend him to succed him for a period in which kamuzu was ill beside Jonh Tembo.
      Your a fool and a man short of dignity.

      1. Mdzukulu wa chief Chikumbu says:

        Kamuzu ndiye anali woipayo! Anapha Gadama, Matenje, Sangala and Chiwanga! Thats why he chose his fellow evil man Gwanda Chakuamba to succeed him!

        Not who is a fool and without dignity? Apparently you Bikoko!

        1. mudzalila says:

          Gwanda was evil! He did a lot of bad things to people.I am glad he lived a life of a pauper towards the end of his life.Military honours wont do him aNY GOOD!

        2. Mario pei says:

          @mdzukulu wa chikumbu,, koma anachiswabe pama chigogo chako, kupusa too much, kumachangamuka… Pano mafumu munayamba utsiru…inenso ndimafuna nditaswa mbama uyu gongoliwo

      2. Mulakho says:

        Ukunama, ndiwe mwana. Ukawafunse oMwase okuKasungu ndi mafmu anzawo, ChinGwanda chinawakuntha makofi. Wabwadwa liti IWEEEEEE!!!!

    2. mzeze says:

      kodi iwe unabadwa liti? ndiwe osazindikira and zikuoneka kuti sukudziwa chilichonse or tangofotokoza kuyipa kwake osamangozinenera mchigulugulu wamva

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