Gwanda, Ngongoliwa in India for medical treatment

Vetaran politician Gwanda Chakuamba has been sent to India for media treatment, the government has confirmed.

Chakuamba: Hospitalised in India

Chakuamba: Hospitalised in India

Ngongoliwa: Receiving treatment

Ngongoliwa: Receiving treatment in India

Foreign Affairs minister Francis Katsaira confirmed on Friday that Chakuamba is in India on government sponsorship on unspecified sickness.

It is alleged Chakuamba has cancer.

The government decision to send him to India comes at a time when it cancelled references for ordinary Malawians for foreign treatment because of cash flow problems at Capital Hill which has led to most government departments downsizing its operations.

The veteran controversial politician was unveiled at the ruling DPP rally in Ntchalo, Chikhwawa recently as the new catch for the rulng party propaganda elite and thanked the government for sending him to South Africa for medical attention.

Chakuamba, in his late 80s, is the only remaining politician in Kamuzu Banda’s 1966 historic cabinet and remains a political force to reckon with in the Lower Shire.

It is not known how much the tax payer will foot for his medical bill in India.

He has of late being living a begging life and last year President Peter Mutharika gave him an envelope full of money although it was not made public how much he was given.

Meanwhile, at the same Indian hospital  government is also paying for Senior Chief Ngongoliwa of the Lhomwe ethnic grouping who is receiving treatment.

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25 thoughts on “Gwanda, Ngongoliwa in India for medical treatment”

  1. MEGAMA says:

    There is no logic in comparing Gwanda and R. Chiwambo. Gwanda is a true son of Malawi who fought for this country while at home. Chiwambo to me was a fortune seeker who run away from her own country only to come back when situation was better. However both deserved equal treatment just for the sake of GOD ALMIGHTY.

  2. Mpaka India?Pa Malosa bwanji?

  3. andrew chiwanda says:

    kkkkkk mbuzi imadya pemene ayimamangirira inu nthawi yanudi our tym still on de way

  4. The Partriot says:

    Senior Chief Ngongoliwa tsopano! Ayi ndi nthawi yanu a Mfumu, tikitani mksonkho yathuyo inu ndiye a Mfumu a dziko lonse la Malawi! Mafumu anzanu akukanika kupita ndi Mwai wathu komwe koma mpaka India? Tsiku lina nafe a Mfumu athu azasangalala, azapita ku USA atangodwala chi mfine!!!

  5. Jafrez says:

    There is nothing special or news worth about govt sending Gwanda and Ngongoliwa for treaent abroad other than them being figure heads in our soceity.

    Govt of Malawi sends many patients abroad even though sometimes it takes a patient’s knowing what avenues to take.

  6. Health and Food Organisation says:

    Why was Rose Chibambo never sent abroad for treatment?
    Again this highlights the need to ban government aid on foreign treatment for retired politicians including presidents to ensure they enact policies that will strengthen the health sector whilst they’re still in office.
    no.4 is talking sense, unless we’re saying it’s only those from the ‘Lakeless’ region of Malawi who are prone to sicknesses after drinking lots of faeceted water from up north!

  7. Mathanyu Peter says:

    Where are our oncologists and medical specialist, not good enough to treat Gwanda but good enough to work abroad? Stupid government. Where is mwai wathu? Blantyre adverntist? Where?

  8. Phoka says:

    Number 4. Think before you say.

  9. Atusai Fatson Msiska. says:

    I onily thank the goverment by sending these two people for treatment yes, but asamasankhe anthu owatumiza ku zipatala zakunja chonde, i wish them quick recovery in jesus name. amen.

  10. mzunga says:

    get well soon

  11. felix says:

    We wish them quick recovery and may God touch and heal them. We thank Govt for doing its best in sending the two to India. God bless the hand that help.

  12. Tsamba says:

    Comment no 4, Winston Msowoya go to Ministry of Health and see the list of tumbikas sent to India and come back on this forum and see what comment you will make, Ngati supanga manyazi tione

    Don’t comment if you have no facts. Gwandanso is a Malawian. In any case Gwanda is a political heavy weight in the lower Shire, weather you like it or not. He has played his role in Malawi politics worth documenting

  13. Kwachaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    Bravo APM. Those who think these are ordinary people are misguided. Even in an animal farm, not all animals are equal.

  14. Emmanuel says:

    We wish them quick recovery and may God be with them always. Thanks the Govt for sending the two to India

  15. chemuyaya says:

    Ngolongoliwa kumwa wa mkaka koma akumvanako ndi ma dotolo kumeneko???

  16. Gwape says:

    So the BMS apllies to poor Malawians only eti? why not take him to a local hospital? why not construct a cancer centre in Malawi? am ashamed to call u my president

  17. Bwande says:

    Once a fearless politician turned into a bootlicker. The case of Gwanda Chakwamba

  18. Mlomwe says:

    Boma lokomera alomwe iyi

  19. Ze Roberto says:

    This is an ultimate measure of whether we have serious leadership or any other dummy leadership running this country

  20. JJ says:

    Gwanda has always caused trouble all his life.Alape asanafe iz God has givn him many chances but misused them.Repent Wakupha iwe.

    A Ngolongoliwa nawonso mpaka ku India eeeeti? Makolo athu muwapititsako liti?

  21. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    So, what ails Ngolongolhiwa, the presumptive paramount Chief of the aLhomwe? And APM’s pet project: the no-value position having been “stolen” from Mkhumba, of Phalombe.

    We should stop this elitist practice of preferential treatment at the public trough. But one would think if we send people for medical care at public expense, like this, the person would sign a confidentiality waiver, so that the tax payers can at least find out more details, including the disease. But NO! This is Malawi, where things work in reverse and upside down. And government is from the top down.
    People should get their own medical insurance, if they want to access advanced treatment.
    What about the average citizens, dying from cancer because there is no treatment in Malawi; what are they think when some “elites” are treated this way? And using the taxes paid by the same ignored patient, to boot?
    The fact that this practice has been around since Kamuzu’s era does not make it right. Here, I thought APM would be brave enough to stop it! But, boy, was I wrong? I feel like slapping myself over this!

  22. Winston Msowoya says:

    By all means,Chakuamba and Ngongiliwa are going to India on tax-payers’ funds which have become the government’s intractable behaviour of Muthalika and his damn adherents.Oh yes,if it involved Mhango,Munthali, Gondwe,Nyirenda and more others,they could just welcome their demise in the country,but these two Malawians who happen to come from haven,they are entitled to government assistance.It has not taken long since Rose Chiwambo ,who was in similar episode,was deliberately left to face death in the country she fought so hard to liberate from evil establishments of foreign elements and local tyrannical and tribalistically oriented regimes.Malawians,this is a naked violations of human rights meted out to a targeted small but strong minority people from the north who have experienced untold segregation by their own governments through out the 52 years of independence.PLEASE GOD SAVE THE MALAWI JEWS OF AFRICA FROM THE EXTERMINATION.

  23. peter c says:

    koma seriously guys ufiti chani politics aside mpaka kudana ndi munthu kuti watumizidwa Ku chipatala aaaaaa may the good lord forgive you all

  24. Kenkkk says:

    As long as we the tax payers continue to fund overseas medical treatment for top govt officials such as president, ministers, MPs, etc our own hospitals will never progress or be developed by these greedy selfish heartless people.

    The govt should stop this because it is not fair and it is a heavy loss of forex resources for the country which is the poorest in the world, struggling economically and with perpetual beggars. These greedy officials should only use their own money if they want treatment abroad. The masses in malawi are facing appalling hospitals.

    The only way that we will start paying attention to our hospitals is to stop this evil practice of sending officials for medical treatments abroad using taxpayers money.

  25. Chikondi says:

    Almighty God guide and give wisdom to our President that he may take the country to the right direction for the benefit of all the Malawians

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