Gwengwe, Zulu return to MCP causing infighting

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is facing a mist of rumours that a reshuffle is looming in the National Executive Committee (NEC)where former Peoples Party (PP) vice president Sosten Gwengwe and George Zulu are set to be incorporated into the system.

Gwengwe: Rejoins MCP

Gwengwe: Rejoins MCP

Factions are said to have emerged in the largest opposition party.

Nyasa Times understands that Gwengwe and Zulu are replacing Felix Jumbe and Joseph Njobvuyalema as Director and Deputy Director of Campaign respectively.

The factions are divided on the decision by NEC to endorse the current president and leader of opposition Dr. Lazarus Chakwera as their candidate in 2019 general elections.

“Those who are close to the president feel that Jumbe and Njobvuyalema are campaigning for the party presidency and the party leadership is geared to silence them by removing the two from the NEC,” said a NEC member who opted for anonymity.

It is understood that during the party’s management meeting on Wednesday, Nyobvuyalema was asked to confirm if he is going to challenge Chakwera, a notion he denied.

Njobvuyalema could neither confirm nor deny the rumours of his intended removal from the NEC.

“I have not heard anything on the leadership’s intention to replace me in the NEC but there have been reports that am campaigning against our president Dr Chakwera which is not true,” he said.

Put to him if the return of Gwengwe and Zulu has brought confusions within the party, Njobvuyalema said:“That’s true because there are MCP Members of Parliament from the areas which the two come from.”

MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwira refuted the rumours of infighting insisting that the Wednesday meeting was about strategizing for the by-elections.

“Let me tell you that the meeting was not for public consumption bu tbe assured that there was nothing like having someone to replace such a person in the NEC. We discussed elections strategies during the by-elections and that’s all,” she said.

Gwengwe and Zulu have been away from the MCP for a long time and they just came back to re-join the main opposition party two weeks ago during a function which took place at Kamwendo Primary School ground in Mchinji.

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60 thoughts on “Gwengwe, Zulu return to MCP causing infighting”

  1. mj boy says:

    in politics alot happens. Some good developments which occur, to others it z a threat. If one wants to contest against the president he or she z also regarded as a confusionist. Malawian Politics. Ndale zofuna kuthana, not bringing unity. These nomadic politicians should be left outside nec. It z a big mistake to incorporate them. Do u trust them. Shame on Gwengwe on hw he decampaigned Chakwera. I was not not happy with him.

  2. Nathan says:

    Why are you fighting? During Elections, it is the number of votes which counts. So you must rejoice because Mr Gwengwe and Mr Zulu equals two more votes for MCP!

  3. William makwama says:

    I like mcp

  4. William makwama says:

    MCP is good do not allow those who are fond of leaving the party anyhow as if we failure pliz let those guys be ordinary members viva MCP viva chakwera

  5. kazeze says:


  6. patrick says:

    Old age with old party. Inu mukhalila yomweyo mpaka 2024

  7. Mabwi says:

    People, learn to be united.


    When rumor gets higher about the infighting in the mighty MCP, mind you even we the supporters start to get confused more.
    If PP had won the General elections of 2014, these prostitutes could have been swallowed by the party. It lost, now MCP has become good.
    Am not a politician and never do l aspire to be one.
    Treat these guys as ordinary members.
    MCP NEC is well set.

  9. Koma Kumeneko says:

    Njobvu & Jumbe are representing DPP in MCP NEC i like Njovu he is strong man expreinced politician but he is using his strength wrongly as he is applying that against his brother, fellow LL son, neighbour Dr Chakwera which is mud and he will be finished politically take my words. Chakwera has got support he can win any fair political elections even if the election can be tomorrow APM cant win if Mbendera and Judiciary cant be there. Jumbe of MCP has shown he is not a politician nor is he a presidential material but he is technical crat he is supposed to be PS in ministry of Agriculture or Minister of Agriculture but not president. Tamva kale kuti these pple are team up to remove Chakwera and give presidency to Munlo someone who can not even produce an MP in his district let alone the whole region. Ukundiye kupusa kwa Jumbe, Njobvu, Alex Major mbuzi za anthu kumakatenga ndalama ku state house to work against Chakwera – Koma mukwanitsa?

  10. Kachipapa says:

    Mcp will never rule Malawi… chifukwa nachi. Ndi chipani chopanda direction and the leadership is confused and disorganised

  11. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Really, if Mr. Chakwera has any political smarts, he should seriously consider replacing Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula. She’s already past her “best before date”. Or reassigning her to a less prominent position. This is an opportune juncture, baba.
    Do not be deceived by the fact that she has been quite quiet of late.

  12. Chinde says:

    MCP needs a leader that will canvass votes in non-Nyau areas in the South. That man is Joseph Njobvuyalema who understands perfectly that the MCP must penetrate the South to have any meaningful chance of winning 2019 elections. Otherwise, uyu Chakwera pamodzi ndi Ben 10 will only take MCP to where it belongs – the grave. Njobvuyalema Motoooooooo! Njobvuyalema 2019 Bomaaaaaaaa!

  13. Nthuni bondo says:

    Felixstowe Jumbe is the author of this article. That’s his style. Njovu is equally masterminding the dis – info

  14. Mbwerera za Nzeru says:

    Gwengwe’s self-made equation, (MCP membership in its stronghold area) X (His fame) = 2019 in parliament. I think that’s his greedy plans for rejoining MCP. But a party which claims to be free from any biased judgement, then let Jumbe, Njobvuyolemayo and anyone to contest on whatsoever position pama primaries. Prove it that you are a Different Party.

  15. puludzu says:

    Njobvu and Jumbe ndi amene akuononga mcp. They enjoy more to stay outside gvt by selling party secrete meetings to DPP. The twobare snakes to mcp NEC after all they are just seating on the chairs given to them by chakwera.

  16. magawagawa says:

    a Gwengwe ndi zoona mwawathawa amai? palibe kanthu kuti ndale zimatelo koma a Gwengwe munalakwa, panopa a mai ndi a Khumbo Kachali ndichidani chifukwa chainu, ukavuwevuwetu umenewu. a Zulu kufika potukwana a Chakwera kuti mau a Mulungu amunyela pa msonkhano wa JB ku Ntchinji. chenjelani a MCP.

  17. Mhesha says:

    SORRY MCP and LC. MCP ruled Mw for 31 yrs. It was only possible because of the single party’s autocratic rule. Pipo were forced to believe that Kamuzu and his single party MCP were everlasting. The sad aspect about Mw is the deep rooted regionalism that has been there for years. However with the coming of democracy, this deep rooted regionalism will only make one region to provide the president for the nation. Which region? North wants to be the one but they are too greedy and too few for the ballot. Centre with the MCP still aspires to produce one but they are so disorganised and rigid. Still they cannot make adequate numbers. The party MCP still cannot persuade a large following beyond the the centre due to its dark past. The South, still wants to be providing the president for the nation as it started since democracy. They seem to have very viable political strategies. They are not noisy for something they feel will not help them. They are logical and seem to foster on winning ways only. They are not rigid. They are civilised. Their biggest advantage is to democratic politics is that they have the numbers and surely it will be very difficult with the prevailing laws to oust a Southerner via the ballot save for JB.
    ….This is the reality about our political landscape. ..I know some will give me all sorts of names but that’s. They may see sense when I say that during the 1992 referendum almost all the districts in the centre save for Ntcheu voted for the continuation of the one party system. The North supported the multiparty. With its few numbers the North could have easily been outclassed by the Centre. The huge number of the much needed votes came from the South leading to the adoption of the Multiparty politics. Since then the South has been providing the leader and this will continue if we as a country choose Regionalism to be our guiding principle.

  18. Analisti wamkulu says:

    Don’t entertain these prodigal sons to confuse you.Ka Solsten Gwengwe kamatumbwa kwabasi kakunyoza Chakwera kali ndi amayi achilundu aja akubisala kunja aja.These rolling stones should not confuse the mighty Mcp.If they are no any positions in Mcp they can still go back to pp and wait for their big momma to come back from abroad.They cant just dump their loyal friend Ken Msonda like that,thinking they will get positions on silver platter like that.Gwengwe ayenelanso kukabweza chisoti cha Wilson hat anavuta nacho mutimisinkhano ta Pp kuti onse ndi JB anali ana okulira kumipanda Ku police komanso onse ali ndi ma sukulu.Ingakhale nkhani yomuvotera munthu kukhala presidenti imeneyi?

  19. mat. says:

    Politics and it’s greedy people.

  20. not myname says:

    kubwera kwana takulandilani angakhale munachotsela mavoti omwe a Chakwera akanawinila komabe ndi ngongo 2019mudzabweza

  21. Mphongozidana Ndau says:

    MCP, please do not let the two prodigal sons bring confusion in the party. The two are not patriotic to the principles of the party. If they were, they would have stood with the party when carrots were dangled before them by the PP. If Peter were to offer them some hot stuff, they would again desert the party. So Dr. Chakwera don’t be fooled by these boys. Let those who have been loyal to the party take the positions.

  22. GRM says:

    Ndani samadziwa there will be infighting? This regional party cannot dare conduct a single meeting in other regions. Pokhapokha muzapezepo mavoti kumwera kapena kumpoto simuzawina chisankho. Ba kanganani ku centre kumweko. This emphasize one one region baffles me. Why campaign in a region where it is 100% sure that even if you put a monkey as your candidate for parliament it will win?

  23. chingolopiyo says:

    A blessing to the party turns SOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  24. Bololo says:

    The prostitutes are in the house, and everyone is behaving likes dogs on heat.

  25. nanaliwa says:

    apusi awiri abwera kumenewa afuna ife tisatenge boma 2019

  26. Patrick Phiri says:

    Otsutsa nonse muphatikizane ndipo DPP idzakunyenyerani limodzi.

  27. Denguzman says:

    A Njobvu, u are a bigman and i do respect u. Chipanichi munachokera nacho kutali and kumene chikupita panopa aliyense Mmalawi wokonda dziko lino akudziwa kuti MCP 2019 ndiyokonzeka kudzaombola mtundu wa Malawi mmavuto amene timakumana nawo panopa. Pempho langa ndiloti a MCP,musapange mistake yosintha maudindo muchipani coz of the two prodigal sons(Gwengwe and Zulu) moreover anthuwo sakufuna maudindo komanso musamawatenge ngati abwera muchipani ndimaganizo oti akudzalanda anthu maudindo. Kwaine i salute them so much coz pamenepo awonjedzela mphamvu zambiri muchipani cha MCP. Kwa Chakwera, inuyo ndinu President wa MCP koma tikati ndale sikukokana maudindo ndiponso musamaziwonetserei kuti udindowo mmaugomera kwambiri koma kunjaku anthu akudziwa kuti tsogolo la dziko lino liri mmanja mwanu. Ine sindine wa MCP koma ndale zamudziko muno ndi mazrtsata koma plz, plz, plz, plz a MCP PEWANI MIKANGANO MUCHIPANI MWANU.

  28. BOOT LICKER NYO says:

    Zachibwana. The two (gwengwe and zulu) have proved to be rolling stones. they go where some people have already cleared the way. Let them first swallow their pride and be like any other MCP members.

  29. MCP BEWARE says:


  30. Shaaa kuthatu Chipani apa chisanayambe nkomwe
    I rally behind those putting their money behind Njobvu yalema,Tembo imposed Chakwera on you guys systematically
    they tricked you guys so that you may think MCP is not a Family party
    Njovu Woyeeeeee!

    1. mphwiyo says:

      kutha ngati chipani chanu cha UDF a Imran

  31. cholopi says:

    Ine kusangalala ndi chosokonezo mu MCP…..
    Gwengwe ulibo Zulu uli boh….
    Zikanganani DPP moto moto……
    Kodi chakwera anangoyikidwapo eti mudzakhapo atatu pa ballot Jumbe, njobvuyalema + Chakwera tizakupopoleleleni limodzi….

  32. Smadav says:

    Nkholokolo zalowa!

  33. Nakwenda says:

    Akulu akulu, Nkhaniyi ndiyabodza. Zulu is not fighting for any position in MCP yet except for retaining his Parliamentary seat. I ve known MCP long enough and its a party of procedures and order. They can’t just pick someone to those top positions. It should have been Sidik Mia instead.

  34. Tili Chenene says:

    MCP rest is peace. Who can vote for you?

  35. Professor Mwanaveka-Cypress University says:



  36. BRIGHTON says:

    If Ngwengwe failed to campaign for Joyce Banda and himself can he do it for MCP? I doubt. The consevativism is what kills MCP. 2019 IS A MUST WIN FOR MCP OTHERWISE TO HELL.

  37. Bamusiyo says:

    Njobvuyalema ndikutsatira kulikonse komwe ungapite up until you are MCP president. You are experienced and you know the party in and out. Chakwera was busy with church politics when you and Tembo were building MCP. Please MCP supporters let us all vote for Njobvuyalema.

  38. chiya says:

    A Njovuyatopa apume chonde. Kodi alibe zochita zina? Old blood almost killed MCP to the extent of having 27 MPs only in 2009, but the new chakwera made pple give the party a massive vote with 52 mps. Mukalimbikira za achina Njovuyatopazo, ambiri tisiyanso chipanichi, mwamva?

  39. Joseph Moyo says:

    a kabwila mumati apm adabera chisankho koma obera weniweni ndi chakwera kungofikira pa upresident?nanga iinuyo ufikira pa party secretary anzanu avutika ndi chipani chimenecho inu kungofikira pamtendere?ok mu chite resign nonse.apm adayambira kutali inu mulikut?zulu ndi njobvu yalema avutikira mcp mwalowanankafumbwe ndpo dpp yalowano ku central mufune musafune tizakhala ndi ma mp a dpp2019.Leave APM alone and mend your party mukapusa chisosoka.kodi adanena ndi ndani kut osusa samapanga chitukuko?mukhalira nsanje dpp ikukutukulira kwa president wathu ndi wa chitukuko ndipo simuzainunkha vuto ya kumwera koma dpp yalowa mu central afumu mwanyoza aja ndi umboni a sign of downfall alipo amanyoza kholo zake nkumayenda?remember chipani chimatha ufumu sumatha paja munkapha mafumu mmbuyo ndye simudasinthetu.kodi nkulakwa kuyamikira zinthu zabwino mfumu yo tchimo lawo nkuyamikira?mukuphunzisa chiyani ana okusatiran.mutimva d!!!!pp woyeeeeeeeee!

  40. Bandawe says:

    Once Chakwera ids replaced MCP will sturglle to fight in the 2019 elections honestly. He is the man who will see MCP winning.
    Igfthere is anything for discussions please discuss and forge ahead. You can only manage to spoil your chances of winning come 2019 if you start or allow DPP sow seeds of discpord amongs you,

    2019 is your years

  41. member says:

    Njobvuyalema is NOT a presidential material. Yes, he is an old member, but he is not as articulate and charismatic as Dr Chakwera. When he Chakwera speaks one can really feel that there is someone talking. Njoibvuyalema is a foot soldier who can mobilise the people.
    There people in society who are born leaders. Others are just good at mobilising people.

  42. angoni apaphata says:

    Opusa mdi chakwera. Iye ubulutu sakuuona. Musandiyankhulitse pambali palatial ndikupaona. Amarillo chidzete Bhatia gwengwe stability nacho? Loma ku kongelesiko kuti opinion ndithu? Ife chathu nd I Ochoa koala a inkosi. Koma mulyzi

  43. MTELEZI says:

    mcp ingaluze a mfumu akabudula speech yowalembera ija. apepesatu ku mtundu wa amalawi kuti anawumilizidwa kulakhula zimenezija. sheguuuuuuuuuu dpp

  44. zingati zanu says:

    Njoka saweta syntax now at MCP. Poti nthawi ilipo ndiye swanani kaye, mubandulame and ife nde Jury. Tidzapereka verdict yathu when time comes. Government don’t owe you anything, musayiwale.

  45. Charombanthu says:

    Democracy at work. Njoka Saweta….”SKC”

  46. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    The Chewa chiefs are called ATIDWENAO , they don’t carry people’s votes , come the day of vote casting the chiefs are the first to tell their subject not to vote for foreign parties .You go and ask the Late Chakufwa Chihana and JB .

    AMP thinks he has won 2019 votes , you are being fooled by CHEWAS .

  47. jali says:

    MCP if you had chosen Lovemore Munlo, you would be in government. Even as Vice-President. You would still rule this country. Getting Msowoya as VP, you got it wrong because he had no impact because of politics of regions. However, he would still be speaker because thus the highest office he could get. You should not forget MCP abondoned the south in terms of development, your come back could only be influenced by Munlo. Gustav Kaliwo, Kakhome they cannot help you. Make a good strategy for the south, you will win.

  48. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Jst kil thise thugs, dey jst want 2 kil MCP.

  49. Mzozodo says:

    Patrick Phiri you are practicing blind loyalty. There were divisions in DPP when Zikhale returned to the party until Bingu called for an NGC meeting grilling everyone who was against KZN. Its not an unusual phenomenon.

  50. Patriot says:

    Mr. Chakwera?
    You want to reshaffle? Go ahead.
    But if the reshaffle is done bcoz of ndani Ben wadaziyu, it is a waste of time.
    This is another prostitute.
    Anyway, Mulungu akuti the next President will be a simple person without no doctorate, nor professorship.
    So ma pulofesa, ma dotolo nonse , mwagwa nayo kkkkk

  51. Alufeyo says:

    MCP can never win unless Chakwera adopts a tough stand against rigging. As long as Mbendera and Kalonga remain at MEC DPP shall always win elections. Chakwera must be prepared to fight foe clean elections. How do you accept zisankho zakuba simply because you dont want to shed blood.

  52. MCP will never be intimidated by so called thieving parties.

  53. chigo says:

    mu dpp mwakhala infighting why not writing nzaboza izo pipo are coming back ndipo simunati kulembakoka

  54. mahopu says:

    Gwengwe & zulu ndi nkholokolo as our Jzu told us. Remember what these young men spoke about our party, why allowing them back to cause confusion? These are the untamed pest we don’t want. Our party don’t need pple like these unstable creature.

  55. Patrick Phiri says:

    Mungodzibvuta. DPP remains a formidable force difficult to dislodge. DPP haters mumva mmimba.

    1. chiya says:

      Fotseki, DPP kumwera komweko not in eastern central and northern regions ayi! No wonder ur mtchona and kaliati sagona tulo ndi Lazarus Chakwera.Munalephera kumunyoza dzana kuno ku central kuopa kuchoka chothawa. DPP,zitsiru.

  56. Willie Chirwa says:

    Chief the problem with us as malawians is the fact that we do not accept reality and choose to live in a fantasy world. You are telling the reporter to do DPP problems as if MCP is a holy ghost inspired party. Yes there are bound to be frictions with the coming of the recycled blood accept it and solve the issues rather than burying them in the sand

  57. Beast Msonda says:

    Komatu olemekezeka Njubvuyalemawa a MCP mwawawonjeza kwambiri. Why are you doing this to him? We all Malawians know that honorable Tembo imposed honorable Chakwera on us. He threw all his support behind Chakwera and influenced the results of the primary elections. This was not fair. Honorable Njobvuyalema is more experienced in both MCP and national politics than honorable Chakwera. Jumbe too, can make a good leader. Izi mwayambazi you are just pushing 2019 government into DPP hands. We have lost important chiefs to DPP already e.g. T/A Kabudula. And you are busy with infighting? Plotting on how to remove Njobvuyalema and Jumbe?

  58. Chief says:

    Zaziiii zipanda ndi mchere womwe.

    There are divisions and in fighting in dpp, osalemba zimenezo bwanji?

    M’chipani chilichonse mukamalowa anthu atsopano, ena sakondwera poopa klancidwa maudindo.

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