Ha ha ha – Good cops exist too!

The damage by one Paul Kanyama, ‘self-relief’ Inspector General of the beloved Malawi Police Service (MPS) does not mean all the service and supportive sidekick, Police Mobile Force (PMF) are as bad as everyone may want to believe our law enforcers are.Masinga HA  HA HA

For starters, there are ‘bad’ rumors that Kanyama may have been a very big secretive supporter of some armed thugs, here and there, during his low-time rankings in the service/force, but that is just some rumor. We, however, would like to believe that the man has been hard-working and apart from the reasons Parliament disapproved his position, he was well-educated at his own level. (Happy now?)

Hardworking has its good and bad sides. The man Kanyama put his boots where they should have belonged throughout his career. He has had his ‘hero’ stints and has risen up the rank and file of the MPS, straight and hook, we don’t care.

We wish Paul Kanyama, that handsome man, all the best to enjoy his early leave from the force. He promised a lot. We enjoyed part of it. He made his mark.

Whatever the case, the man put out an impressive act that it failed to elude APM’s eyes and recognized him for the top job. Congrats, albeit a very shot stint in the history of the force.

Yes, the man said himself he is not up in health. We respect that. And he wanted out himself, we respect that too. When he realized his health cannot keep pace with his top job is his personal matter. So we zip up over there.

And he was one good cop, except that he put the wrong things in front of his goody-dos. For instance, instead of just keeping his talk on how tough he had turned his cops against crime and criminals, the man decided to become political and attacked opposition parties and individuals.

Instead of talking tough and living to the letter with his enchanting police work, the man under his very tongue saw the killing of a soldier, the arrest of the Deputy Malawi Defence Force Commander, and hey, the arrest of fellow cops in the mid of criminal acts.

You can bet that makes his shot stint a success? Yes, only in one side.

Where his many cops decide to stick to honour and glory and arrest wayward cops caught in the middle of criminal events.

When that bank was robbed some few months ago, there was a cop in the midst of those gun-totting low-lifers, and one innocent cop, if not two, died of bullet wounds. You call these cops aiding criminals good cops?

And yes, somewhere else another cop was arrested, and in many other instances cops have been arrested by fellow law abiding cops in the midst of ugly ‘un-coply’ acts. And you still want Malawians not to ask for the laundering of the service/force?

Some of the comments angry about asking the authorities to take a closer look at the service, for the honor and glory of the men and women in uniform and keeping their oaths, and of course, for mother Malawi.

For all those who shamelessly stand tall and support all the negativity a few bad cops stench the service/force with, here are afew notes for you:-

1. You are either a beneficiary of the rot those few criminal cops engage in or you are a damn criminal

2. You are either a foreigner who wants Malawi to lag behind in development by painting a lawlessness country or you are a bad citizen who wants to show the governing elite does not know its job. Are you trying to De-campaign APM and his home affairs minister? This is not about APM or DPP or indeed any political party or individual. It is about protecting our lives, property, and foreign investment attractions!

3. You are either a dumb Malawian who is within the country and because you care less for mother Malawi and safety of its people and their property, prefer to see strength in cops that are far from honoUr and glory their job demands

4. You are either a bad cop yourself and know that calls to cleanse the service/force will culminate in your arrest, and that’s no good news for you!

5. You are either a dead brain or your are someone under some negative influence, from what and who, only you can tell.

So yes, there are thousands of good cops in this country and they are doing their job pretty well. Only that a few bad cops, educated or not, are stealing the limelight and painting the service/force black, instead of its beautiful blue we all associate it with the wonderful hard-working men and women in the internal affairs security service.

Talk of something else, bad mannered people!


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Have got NOTHING from this writeup. The writer is either not well educated or wrote it emotionally.
He sounds dpp, useless. It only shows what type of supporters dpp has VINDERE VAKUFIKAPO


There is nothing that I got out of this crap. I just wasted my time going through the dotted lines but in essence, I got nothing out of this.




wonderful/ thought provocking


But we expect journalists to be impartial!!!! I think this man is not a professional journalists KAPENA AKANAPHUNZILABE PA MIJ. akutuma ndani?




Ngati ili composition mwadya 2percent. Illogical and illegible writing


Kodi mukuphinzira kulemba chimangilizo or what


Enjoy the stories and the attempt to discuss serious matters humorously. Author has a chance to balance her attempts where she had been perceived to have gone too personal. The pen always hurts someone, it is the degree of injury measured against public interests and privacy of subjects of a story that journals must try to balance their stories.

I dont know what is wrong with this guy. He keeps on messing himself with the police and seem to pass judgement on Kanyama. If few cops stole and caught during his time, is that Kanyama stealing? There will always be bad apples even with good leadership. Just stop writing and thar something else. We’re sick with your negativity. To some of us as long as he started cleaning this nation from thugs and make Malawi a better country thar you live, that’s enough for me. Those with degrees and bibles but without positive results are just as useless as… Read more »

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