Hamra Oil boss Farook working illegally in Malawi from Dubai

Country director of a shell company that was given the mandate to explore oil in Malawi, Hamra Oil Holdings Limited, Dr Muhammed Joseph Farook is working in Malawi illegally as he has no work permit.permit

Farook came into Malawi on December 5, 2014 as a tourist. He, however, picked up employment as country manager for three companies, Hamra Oil Holding Limited, Pacific Oil—both shell companies and Rak Gas.

Immigration Department sources told Nyasa Times that they were coy to pounce on  Farook because  two od President Peter Mutharika’s aides, assisted Farook to start working in Malawi with only a tourist visa and that he has joined the league of “untouchables” with the connection to the power-that-be.

“Malawi Immigration laws stipulate expatriate must apply for work permits in their country of resident. However Dr Farook is already working in Malawi without any work permit.

“This is because Mutharika’s aides were involved,” said the source at the Immigration.

Presidential aide Bright Malopa met Hamra Chief Executive Officer, a United Arab of Emirate Minister of Energy ,  Kamala Tayya  at Capital Hotel in Lilongwe where he brokered the deal of  bringing in of Farook illegally.

The source said the two Mutharika aides were seen jostling each other at Capital hotel trying to meet Kamala, despite then Malopa being in plaster of paris after an injury.

“These boys are selling the country. This is the evidence how can they allow a foreigner to take charge of country’s affairs,” said the source.

The UAE has changed managers more than three times from February 2014 when they took over management of the oil exploration.

“Local politicians literary kneel before this man. Mutharika was invited to go UAE and he accepted the offer despite obvious evidence that the company does not respect the country’s laws,” said the source.

“It is yet to be seen what government will do to Dr Farook who is working in the country illegally. There is money changing hands,” he said.

The company is exploring oil on Lake Malawi, specifically in Karonga, Nkhata Bay, Rumphi and Nkhotakota districts.

Hamra Oil Holdings Company during their presentation to people in Karonga end of September indicated that government has given them blocks on Lake Malawi through ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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kanyika dickson

malopa tiyenazo

XpireMphwache, you do not immigration act very well as you claim to be. No one is allowed to consult on visa. Visa is just entry permit. As you indicated that it is a tourist visa. Does a tourist allowed to work even on allowance? I am afraid not. He needs to apply for temporary residence permit or an authority to work. Do not claim to know issues that are beyond your competence. The truth is APM is sorrounded with crooks that have never worked in government or managed any successful business. Take all advisers take vuwa, callista, beni phiri, malopa… Read more »
George Lihoma

Bright Malopa is always in the news.Man,watch out people are watching in.

busy signal

I’m in RSA illegally and I’m stable doin my job to develop South Africa whts wrong with u to question for the paper without questionin the future of Malawi pple are suffering like a hell. Thtswhy Malawi is more corrupted country ever whr is kayerekera money u don’t even as about it fuck u muthalika and your corruption government I’m commin to take out the country from u I’m a new messiah ordinally Malawian got no food coz of u monkey

Malawi citizen

The rich can violate the law at will. Their money defends them in court. Let us not sell our nation to foreigners please. Can a Malawian national do the same in UAE?

Mwana wa nzeru

what do the immigration authorities say about this? They need to take action using the existing immigration laws. Nobody is above the law. Presidential aides need to know this. such Two presidential al advisors behind this.

I normally am very sceptical on Gov Agents moves, but in this case the Reporter needs to go back and read the statutes on Worp permits, etc. Malawi law allows for any short term consultant work to be carried out on a tourist visa AS LONG AS the consultant gets a permanent resident visa (normally for ene month) but extendable up to six months on a mothly basis. So as long as the Consultant Manager comes to Malawi and spends not more than six months, he can lawfully be engaged in consulting work. In this case, I believe he is… Read more »

Spoiling the country. If this is how we continue thinking then we shall always remain the scum of the earth. These explorers will spoil our environment and our government has no teeth to do anything about it


Malawi is on sale indeed. The involvement of people like Malopa, Ben Phiri, Pastor Khoviwa, Vuwa Kaunda will cost Mutharika dearly. These people are now brokers of any foreign investor coming into the country. The have been stealing huge sums of money from many business people that will be mentioned later on when the time is ripe.


There is nothing apart from pollution that ordinary Malawians will benefit if oil is discovered. It is these crooks in form of politicians and oil companies who will benefit.

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