Hands off chieftaincy issues, Lundu tells Nankhumwa: ‘Malawi should have ministry of chiefs’

The controversial Paramount Chief Lundu of Chikwawa openely told the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Kondwani Nankhumwa that government had no part in sorting out chieftaincy wrangles that have rocked some parts of the country.

Chief Lundu :  Leave chief issues to be sorted by royal families

Chief Lundu : Leave chief issues to be sorted by royal families

Lundu made the remarks during a full council meeting which took place at Chikwawa Secondary School.

The Paramount Chief told the gathering in the presence of the minister that leadership was in the blood and not government hence it would smoothly be solved by the relations, adding government took advantage of the wrangles and that it delayed process.

“We as local leaders need to see to it that chieftaincy wrangles were handled by us because it’s a blood thing and government cannot do anything. I am always surprised that these issues are going to the courts where only the rich take advantage and are favoured because of their riches. That is why I say government must leave issues surrounding local leadership in the hands of the local people. At least in such issues get a feedback from the relations who are custodians of the leadership at local level,” pointed out Lundu.

He also asked the minister as to which ministry the chiefs belonged to, saying “which one is our line ministry because we have Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture where we chiefs are within the culture itself and we have the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development which we also are told we belong to.

“At least give us one ministry that we will directly link with. Set up one ministry such as Ministry of Chiefs because we are confused and all we need is a full minister responsible for the chiefs because to my understanding the ministry for local government and rural development is for the members of parliament and councilors.”

He said the confusion that chiefs feel in such scenario negatively affect their operations adding that they were neglected in other issues where they become voiceless but said officials must keep to mind that chiefs were there, have been there and they will always be there.

The controversial local leader further stated that government was supposed to trade carefully in issues of land in the country citing that foreigners were grabbing land from the local people for their personal gains such as farming while pointing out that it was needed if government empowered the local Malawians with skill and expertise to do such on their own.

He also talked of a Shire River Basin Management Program which the chief said it was only in papers and not on the ground.

“The people of the Shire Valley are now tired of the Shire River Basin Management Program thing. It is not baring any fruits and we see nothing on the ground. The thing is in papers and those doing it are busy parting, workshops and the like. If we don’t change poverty will never end up until we change our mindset,” he said.

On his part, Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Kondwani Nankhumwa said government only endorsed as chiefs the names suggested by the loyal families.

“Chieftaincy wrangles are an issue of concern and are common in the country and as a ministry all we would ask you to do is to end these wrangles because you are in a better position for that so that we enjoy the peace and harmony.

“If we keep infighting due to chieftaincy we can’t develop because you are custodians of development,” said Nankhumwa.

While commending the observation by Lundu on controversies surrounding the ministry where chiefs belonged to, the minister said all chiefs belonged to the Ministry of Youth, Sports and ‘Culture’.

He then called on the local leaders to give full support to President Peter Mutharika saying there would always be one leader at a time.

“There is one president at a time so let’s give him maximum support so that what his government has planned to do, can be achieved positively.”

During the same full council meeting, Chief Kasisi of Chikwawa told the gathering that he sold a vast land earmarked for construction of a new district hospital.

The Chief openly told the minister that he sold the land to people to construct their houses because government has for a long time failed to implement the project.

It took the District Commissioner Bester Mandere who came in assuring the minister that the council will handle the matter.

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Chief Lundu! I salute u as a true Chief,Leader and a wise man. I wish all the Chiefs were like Lundu,NOT these all Yes bwana,damn it. So sad that this young Minister also don,t know nothing! God bless Malawi!!!


I support chief Lundu’s observations and comments 100% bar the request for their own ministry. By the way why is nankhumwa interfering in another minister’s jurisdiction and responsibilities?

Chieftainship wrangles are not for the govt to burge in and try to politicise the issues. Let these royal families sort their wrangles themselves and present the final solution to the govt and not vice versa.


Mwatitola Eti? Ndalama Zomwe Mmalandilazo Zakwana. Mpaka Minister Of Chiefs? Kkkkkkkk!Umbuli Uli Tho.

ngana za titi

tell them! osati phwii ngati kyungu kulimbana ndi civil servant. no soni


hear hear, aboma muwayambira dala mafumu kuwaliprira kuti azingoti inde bwana, mwamvatu a chief A lundu. eee auzitseni a gogo anthuwa. ndalama zawo idyaniso amakupatsani okha koma zisakutsekeni pakamwa to comment on issues that affect ufumu.

I wish we had several of such kind chiefs. utisokesera nkulinga utamva! Iam from the north. bravo agogo athu a lundu


I personally do not see the importance of chiefs in our society. l feel the best we can do is to abolish this issue of chieftaincy and divide Malawi into states not regions. We have tribalism because of chiefs and regions.Some chiefs have refused to divide their vast districts for no reason apart from their own personal benefits.
We need NGOS to start championing for this cause.
Chiefs play no productive role in society. Its true in Tanzania there are no chiefs.Lets copy from them.



Walhelha ochavo

mafumuwo kodi amawalipiriranji?anthu amenewa amatilowa kale mmatumba,boma limawalipiranso kodi sipangakhale njila yoti akanganya amenewa asamalandile ndalama?

Junior Chief

I have on some occasions attended meetings where this Paramount Chief was in attendance and he always looks for an opportunity to be controversial and where possible embarrass someone present at the meeting and have often wondered whether he comes to the meetings sober……….


Chiefs are for uncivilized groups even in Tanzania they were abolished way back in time. Move on Malawi

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