Hate and vengeance not mine, says Mutharika: Vows crackdown on graft to achieve Malawi economic sovereignty

Patriotism, hard work and honesty are some of the key factors that need to be entrenched within Malawi’s social fabric if the fight against corruption is going to yield desirable results, says President Peter Mutharika.

Mutharika: Hate and vengeance not my style

Mutharika: Hate and vengeance not my style

Speaking on Thursday in Mulanje during the commemoration of International Anti-Corruption Day, the President emphasized on the two virtues as the bedrock of his government’s efforts to completely eradicate the vice which he said has greatly contributed to slow transformation of livelihoods over the past decades.

“Corruption is a deadly enemy we must fight in an all-out war but it takes patriotism to fight for the noble cause of your country. You cannot fight corruption if you are not patriotic. We must all stand on the pillar of patriotism to wage war against corruption.

“ The first thing Malawi needs is to win the war of principles. Let us change our mindset. After all, the best human wars are fought and won in the heart,” said President Mutharika.

Coincidentally with his speech, this year’s theme for the commemoration was “Patriotism is the key to the doors of conquering corruption”.

President Mutharika noted that corruption, in any of its forms, is an enemy of the nation which only denies citizens of basic amenities such as healthcare, education, portable water, food and public infrastructure among others.

The Malawi leader bemoaned the tendency by public officials to execute their duties lazily saying this trend kills the spirit of service and humanity.

“Apart from patriotism, we must be driven by the principle of hard work. Most people walk into traps of corruption or stealing public funds because they want to make money the easy way. But
determination and hard work is the only path to success. Work and earn whatever little you deserve. Poverty or a low salary is not an excuse”

Commenting on probably Malawi’s most shocking corruption scandal, Cashgate, the President reiterated that his government doing all it can to ensure that through the Anti Corruption Bureau those who were involved are brought to book regardless of where they are and the positions they held in the previous government.

Mutharika no one should claim political victimisation in the crackdown to cashgate or any form of corruption.

“Nobody is being victimised, those who break the law will meet the wrath of it. Hate and vengeance are not part of me,” said Mutharika.

“We will continue prosecuting suspects, we are cultivating a culture of patriotism, integrity and hard work,” he stressed.
President Mutharika commended the ACB for remaining vigilant and carrying out proper investigations before taking suspects to court, a factor that has seen the graft-busting body attaining a 100 percent conviction rate on Cashgate suspects so far.

The President said Malawi is moving towards economic sovereignty, but pointed put that “we will not get there with corruption, laziness and under-performance.”

“We need the right discipline and performance to generate more resources, corruption must thus not be part of us,” he added.

Mutharika warned: “I’ll be tough on performance and will shake up the system whenever i want, let this be remembered.

“I will not tolerate laziness in the public service, I love my country, you love your country.”

In his speech Minister of Justice, Samuel Tembenu said the right to development becomes vulnerable where corruption is rampant.

“Corruption threatens democracy as it undermines democratic values. Report corruption, don’t remain silent,” said Tembenu.

On cashgate, Tembenu said the plunder was “-carefully planned, meticulously coordinated and executed. We may take time to get to the root of it.”

ACB director general Lucas Kondowe said corruption remains serious challenge in Malawi, and obstacle to economic development.

“We thank God for what we have done so far. We will continue doing more without fear or favour,” he said.

International Anti-Corruption Day has been observed annually, on December 9, since the passage of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption on 31 October 2003.

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James kotoki

Talking shit every day,we need action

box13 bilila NU

big man dziko likukukanikani leadership yanu ndiyofoyila .speeches paperwork grammar si utsogoleri but show your fruits and improve our economy practically as did kamuzu and bingu wamutharika.stop feeling great.do something not busy stealing.stopp cooking fruitless sweet speaches tatopa lija ndikale munalowa lija aaaa malume


Kamuzu 3

Mr President you are bug on rhetoric. You talk big and never walk the talk. If you are sincere enough why have you been sitting on the MK577 Billion investigation? You refuse to follow through because you know dam well that all fingers are pointing at you and DPP. So please save us the grief and your useless talk. You are not serious about eradicating corruption. If you were you would make sure that you yourself and your people are not part and parcel of this cancerous disease. There has never been a worst time where corruption has been sanctioned… Read more »
FBI geniune.

Pitara u are a big fool and useless.kodi nkhani ya 400million yomwe inapezeka ku account ya Mnyamata wina wa ku acountant general mu chaka cha 2011 ili pati?kodi ndi chifukwa chakuti inachitika mu nthawi ya mbava mkulu wako uja?kapena ukufuna kuteteza mnkhito pakuti ndi mnzako?Apolice omwe anakhuzidwa lerotu akudyerera,ena anapanga retire anamanga manyumba muzina la ana awo ndipo akukhalamo.ku 36,ku mzuzu ku sos ndiponso ku uliwa kuli ma bar ndi ma resthouse.koma tsiku lina kowuluka kadzatera peter mathanyula atatuluka mu boma.


You will only be credible if you order audit of MK92B and MK577B, simple as that.

George Kamanga

APM you are a big fool. why did you stop ACB in investigating the K61 billion plus your late brother stole. the houses you bought through dubious ways in LL. The K577 billion or K92 billion is not talked about. APM ndiwe chitsiru chotheratu ndi onse amene muli mu DPP. you are like feaces which need to be flushed to the septic tank.


Was that DPP councillor who raped an innocent girl in that district a couple of weeks ago present at the do?

Sake Chilling

If I were “an” or “the” Addviser to the President on such matters, I would bring his attention to the comments 1 to 10 on this article.

jason chimwala

But even APM was mentioned as a conduit of Bingus lost billions…remember the. British Serious Fraud Office was running checks on him

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