High murder rate worry Catholic church in Malawi

The Catholic church in Karonga has expressed worry over the high rate of murder cases and witchcraft in Karonga.

Bishop Mtumbuka: Concerned with rising murder case in Karonga

Bishop Mtumbuka: Concerned with rising murder case in Karonga

Martin Mtumbuka, bishop of Karonga diocese of the Catholic church said in just six months, the district has recorded nine murder cases.

He said some of the murder cases as a result of witchcraft accusations that resulted in violence and clashes.

In some cases, he said, the violence is due to land wrangles and chieftaincy problems, saying there was need to deal with the problems.

“These are matters of great concern,” said the Bishop.

Chief Kyungu accused corrupt police officers of fuelling the situations and some officials from the district commissioner whom he said worsen the situation too by their partisan activities.

The police and officials from the district commissioner’s office could not be reached for comment.

In one instance, a six month old baby and her mother were killed in violence that erupted after some people accused a family of keeping a crocodile which was used to kill other people through withcraft.

8ishop Mtumuka said the church is concerned because some of the people caught up in such violence are members of the catholic church.

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Josey Salizi

Chief Kyungu should stop corruption because corruption brings these evils people murdering one another.The church should take part teaching the word of God so they love one another

Sir JohnRodz

Instead of spending days worrying and expressing sympathy to the media, did you never thought of options which could lead to solution..?? Moreover, you are religious leaders, who should be right in the fore front to commit KARONGA in God’s hand, through prayer but then you worry till the media acknowledges???

Can religious leader, irrespective to beliefs, in the concerned meet and have action Items in place, align with village leaders, the community and the so called ‘corrupt officers’. The Piece missing in the puzzle can be found.

NDIZOTHEKA reducing to zero murders!

Prince Edward rsa

Since the pastral letters are athing of the past you better remain quite.


A professor Jobe (comment no 2), you wouldn’t have struggled to grip comment no one’s ‘point of view’ if really you were as proficient in English as you claim to be. Anyani kusekana dzikundu.!!!


I am failing to understand Choka Phiri, comment 1. What are you trying to say. Why can you not write in your vernacular language? What type of English is this. Sentences, spellings, grammar, plurals etc are all misplaced. Sukulu yomwe mu nankako ndiyiti baba. Mwadziluma kwambiri pa chigerezichitu. Mwana wa sukuu ya mkaka athanso kulankhula za nzeru kuposa izi. Munali ku DEC, bolanso wa ku MCDE

choka phiri

The most praying People are the most evil pepple. They hide in prayers using church and God. To days Malawi there full of those evils. Too many false churches have been created. By those Who can use The weakers.

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