Hiwa ‘guilty’ over K217mil wrongful self-enrichment at Malawi Roads Authority

Roads Authority (RA)  Chief Executive Officer Trevor Hiwa has been faulted by a team of investigators  that he  awarded a K217 million World Bank funded project to his own company called Infracon Limited  and that he should face disciplinary action, according to published report.

Hiwa: Accused of wrongful self-enrichment

Hiwa: Accused of wrongful self-enrichment

The Board of the Roads Authority (RA)  Board Chairperson Jackson Gomani confirmed that an investigations report dated September 29, 2016 was submitted to the board  recommended disciplinary action.

The findinds of the investigations were also submitted to Secretary to Trreasury, Ronald Mangani.

“[Hiwa] may therefore be liable to disciplinary action un ine with RA’s Conditions of service and his employment contract,” the investigations report recommends, according to Daily Times.

The contract No RA/ CON/2015-16/09, which World Bank funded to the tune of US$303 823, was for the design and construction, and supervision services of various roads in Central Region and Southern regions following the floods that devastated the country in 2015 under the Malawi Flood Emergency Recovery Project (MFERP

The investigators included  Chief Director responsible for good governance in the office of president and cabinet Wezi Kayira (chairman),  chief state advocate in the ministry of justice and constitutional affairs Richard Santhe, Director of Human resources management and development Hilario Chimota and deputy director in the office of director of public procurement Edward Jeke.

They were investigating Hiwa after Malawi News revealed that he awarded the multi-million kwacha contract to a company which he owns.

The investigators have also recommended that “a comprehensive procurement audit” should be conducted.

The matter has attracted the attention of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) which said ot  already received a complaint on the matter s.

“The Anti-Corruption Bureau had already received the complaint before the time it appeared in the paper. It is processing and will review the complaint to see if there is merit to warrant its action,” said ACB’s Senior Public Relations Officer Egrita Ndala.

Hiwa wrote Minister of Transport and Public Works Malison Ndau on June 6 2016 informing him of the change of directorship at Infracon Limited, the company where he is a shareholder.

Hiwa, who  was appointed Chief Executive of the Roads Authority on July 1 2014, hired law firm Likongwe and Company to take up the legal matter with Times Group for their story.

The lawyers wrote the paper arguing that “there was no corruption” in awarding the contract to Infracon  which was formerly called Romana Infrastructure Consultants and it changed to Infracon on February 1 2014, saying “all legal procedures were followed and approvals obtained.”

Likongwe  and Company accuse Times Media of impugning on Hiwa’s integrity.

But Times Editor-In-Chief George Kasakula defiantly  said Hiwa should say sorry  to the nation for abusing his position for wrongful self-enrichment and  “abusing tax payers money for giving a contract to his own company.”

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13 thoughts on “Hiwa ‘guilty’ over K217mil wrongful self-enrichment at Malawi Roads Authority”

  1. china says:

    Zamanyazi izi mkazi wa Hiwa ndi judge oipa mtima zedi I hope this man will be fired

  2. Mika Kumbire says:

    Wakwiya your message is good. But next time write in English.

  3. nyapapi says:

    just discipline??? malawians we are not loving our country for sure.

  4. Engineer wamkulu says:

    Board Members corrupted. Mrs Chrisie Flao, a close board member to Hiwa kukonda ndalama. Eti in the last board meeting where this report was tabled she manipulated other members and agreed to the stupid legal counsel from Pempho Likongwe to merely WARN Hiwa for abuse of office and his corruption. Mrs Chrisie Flao ndiye mayi othamanga ndi kalata yopanga warn Hiwa. Malawi where are we heading to! Does he deserve a warning? Munthu wa Mulungu I expect to see you repenting at our area 18 Pentecostal Church this Sunday. You have bribed board members and even the Board Chairman is failing to give the media the boards position. Tikuyalusani!

  5. Ngongoliwa says:

    Nothing will be done to Trevor because he doing this with a well connected person. This is Malawi.

  6. wakwiya says:

    Many honest Malawians are feeling very bad to live in Malawi to day than during colonial and Kamuzu time. All they hoped and dreamed is not what became. APM keep saying he is developing a country. Is he idiot or too old to understand development? He has never developed a country only a bad teacher. Meet his student in America. Those thieves who are protected by him to day should know the man is old ànd will not be there for them forever. This is why they are afraid of young Chilima. Malawians could rather have Chilima than Chaponda and Gondwe. Malawi is a laughter with old gurus in the government. The law should change. There must be a limit of age for a leader and MPs. We need fresh blood to developed the nation.

  7. wakwiya says:

    Disciplinary? It’s corruption. He as a person to distribute the money to contractors but he takes it for his own business and u call disciplinary . Stupid lawyer or corrupted lawyer. What does law say in Malawi? It went through because they all corrupted and only think of themselves. There are good private contractors with good education but are filling to be given jobs because ministers and people like him have created contracts for themselves even if they have no education or experience in the work. This practice is only in Africa especially in Malawi. Ministers and MPs are there to work for the people who voted for them. That’s why akufa opande njelapo ndalama zakumba. Bingu is example. Mbendera was bribed he died. Many corrupted thieves will die before they enjoy the money they sto!e. God is watching u all.
    These are the most corrupted department in Malawi.
    ESCOM, Water board, Road Traffic , Police. Lands, City assembly , Immigrations and custom duty at airport. The list is large. Asian shops ask u do u want a receipt or not? What does that mean? .
    I have not gone any of these places without asking bribe. They don’t even hide. No shame. To get electricity and water connected is a fight until one pays under the table. There is nowhere on can report even u do nothing will happen. Because everything n Malawi is LEGAL. I talked to a white man about bribe. He said they try with us but we refuse to pay. I asked again why? He said it’s wrong to pay to someone doing his job and he added I feel it evil. I don’t want to do it because in my country service is free and if I do it here just because it’s Africa NO. Think if all we Malawians could say NO TO BRIBE? We have created a system which is very difficult to take away. Our children have to suffer I. Future.

  8. Mapwiya says:

    There was no bidding. Only his company was considered and awarded the contract “corruptly”. VP Chilima, this one is too close to you. Mutayeni musafele zazing’onozi ayi. VP and Hiwa come from same constituency.

  9. Mmalawi We Niweni says:

    If it was somebody who is not connected to him and from this and that region he could have been fired and replaced by somebody already. Let’s wait and see, otherwise these people are birds of the same feathers. He is there siphone money to sponsor his uncle’s village and all projects they have before 2019. Under his tenure just go and check quality of the road called Lilongwe By-Pass road, Lumbadzi – Dowa road, just to mention a few. Just follow some foreign companies doing consultancy in Malawi, like this other company from Kenya, they don’t even pay taxes and yet the company is stealing billions of Malawians through Roads Authority under his eye, yet we have qualified Malawians. Our consultancy rules are not even followed at all. Malawi is a sorry state honestly speaking and it pains me a lot when I look at poverty levels and most of the meager resources go down the drain. In fact it’s not only at Roads Authority. We Malawians need to wake up from our slumber and fight for a better Malawi. Look at infrastructure and food development in our neighbor countries? Malawi Malawi I cry for you. Yes am outside but I will one day go back home and find Malawi 99 steps backwards

  10. folopensi says:

    Nde kuti kunali bid, not so and he won? Musiyeni ine akusolora posalima nde uyu ngati wakolola koma anapikisana thats fine. Olo ndili ine i can favour mine.

  11. Wachimwa says:

    Kkkkkkkk mbava ndi mbava basi. Cashgate at its best amangwidwe osatinso zonyengelerana ayi

  12. Munthu Wankulu says:

    Mfanayu ndi wakuba kuyambira kalekale. Ask people who have worked for Plan Malawi. they will tell you.

  13. Mantuli says:

    Disciplinary action eti…owwoo..corruption of the highest order ngati imeneyi basi disciplinary action

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