Homesick Kinnah would love to coach Malawi again

Malawi football team and Big Bullets legend Kinnah Phiri is homesick and yearns for a return to coach the national team.

Kinnah: Wants another opportunity to coach Malawi

Kinnah: Wants another opportunity to coach Malawi

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) fired Kinnah as Malawi head coach in January 2013 and government redeployed him as regional football officer alongside Young Chimodzi and Jack Chamangwana who were hired again later in 2013.

Kinnha has been in South Africa where last season he rescued Free State Stars from Premier Soccer League’s (PSL) jaws of relegation.

However, the coach has said he would like to have another chance as Malawi tactician where a vacancy has been created after Chimodzi’s dismissal on June 14 2015 following a 2-1 losing start to Zimbabwe in the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying race in Group L

“If given an opportunity, I would love to coach the Flames again,” Kinnah is quoted by the local press as saying.

“Staying away from home for a long time is not good for me. I am homesick. With the situation now in the team, it needs people with more experience,” insisted Kinnah.

FAM installed another Malawi legend who had his playing career in South Africa, Ernest Mtawali as an interim gaffer until a substantive coach is appointed.

Some 31 coaches from Africa and abroad have since applied in advance for the Malawi coach job.

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93 thoughts on “Homesick Kinnah would love to coach Malawi again”

  1. igwee says:

    Kinnah is the one if we want malawi to ahead

  2. Coac wa kale olemekezeka bambo KINNAH ali ndi vuto loti amasankha ma player aku north okha okha pomwe in football c zifunika zimenezo.koma kunena zowona Kinnah amatha ndi deal

  3. chulu says:

    Simply the BEST COACH Malawi has ever had!!!! I am from the SOUTH but on merit KINNAH is the man. FAM give the job back to KINNAH immediately. Put Mtawali as his assistant.

  4. fan says:

    kinnah, is the only coach who can the flames to greater heights, no doubt about that. Come back Kinnah, come back Kinnah, Come back!!!!

  5. Pa dziko lapansi coach is not only kinna phiri. You qualified for Angola 2010 because Ivory Coast fought for your team. In fact Flames did not deserve to qualify for Angola 2010. Let others try their luck.

  6. zexy says:

    apaseko mpata ena awonesenso ukadaulo wawo

  7. diks says:

    Ngati munabwereza DPP with mutalika lead the country why not kinna if he is competent . Tell us who can take the position coach if know

  8. simia says:

    A Suzgo Nyirenda ndi amene mukumupanga encourage Kinnah Kuti apangenso apply?. Alibe manyazi mtumbuka ameneyu eti.? It’s time to try others nyimbo imodzi sachezelera gule. Zipatseni ulemu atumbuka inu.

  9. leanard enrique chambowo says:

    for those who u r saying no kinnah u should put facts forward in a constructive way rather than basing on regionalism…

  10. Ayi Kinnah let others try you did your part it’s not a one man show. Indeed you’re a good coach no dout about it but no just concentrate with your job at Free State Stars

  11. Malume tiese anzanu kaye….mwina nao zakanike #Kinnah tym over!!!!!

  12. Bristol says:

    I love the Flames. Malawi qualified for AFCON in 2010 to Angola and failed to qualify for the consecutive time after drawing with Chad in the dying minutes of the game. To me I support those who want Kinnah back.

  13. mpimpa says:

    no way! Musaneneso zimenezo ndingasaze ine. I say NO WAY!

  14. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk ikanai pitala popeza munamuchosa kinaa chifukwa ndimutumbuka waku mpupoto shame on u mupoto osaseweresana nayo iyaye

  15. Kenny maytaya says:


  16. Kenny maytaya says:

    ngt ntchito yavuta ku RSA pezani zina xochita madala munatikwana kale ife

  17. Aferazao says:

    No more recycled coaches.

  18. Sangomaa says:

    mwayi mumali nawo malumeee

  19. Adam christon Masamba says:

    Mufune or musafune maplayers ochita bwino ndi wochokera kumpoto nde kuti chani? Tadziphunzira iwe kukhala ndi nkhalidwe polankhula. All of us, we are malawian.

  20. Zanga Phee! says:

    His work will determine weather he should come back or not. see my name.

  21. Long John says:

    Kinna has already forgotten the way he was treated back then, amalawi kuyiwala msanga inu.

  22. CHIMPHEPE says:

    mufune olo musafune ma player abho mu team ya malawi ndiaku mpoto

  23. kadamanja says:

    Then ikani Pitala wa Chilomwe uyo! asaaaa!

  24. nyavizwazwa says:

    Akapaula, Kamwendo amakanilira ku galaundi uja ndi mtumbuka?

    My opinion is that Kinnah should not come again. Let the fam coach the team for themselves. To me I see no reason to fire a coach becoz the problem is with the players themselves.

    If they will be committed. if the will put effort in their playing spirit, all will be well. Even if there is no professional coach.

  25. NYEZELERA says:

    Cant you give chance to other up coming local football coach for the good of our football development.

  26. Ha ha ha says:

    To employ someone just because of being home sick woild not only be laughable but the greatest mistake of all time. we have not forgiven the sins of kinnah and to give him the post with only less than1 third population support it would be a disaster. Others would argue that his being home sick will reflect on his team selection as mostly he will pick his home boys. Anything he would do will b up for criticism and thats not good for him and above all the natoon team and us the people.

  27. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Akulu akulu adati Nthengo mudalaka njoka. Mumathamangira kukafuna ntchito kunja bwanji?

  28. clement says:

    Lets give chance to this young guy Ernest surely he will deliver coz he knows soccer and understand it. Even in South Africa do respect. I believe in him coz of the guy who was coaching cape Verde so its up to you to take it or leave it. All the best Ernest Mtawali

  29. Chimani. Game says:


  30. Black Market says:

    Give Kinna another chance please, he was being frustrated by Young n Jack who have failed us miserably. Since they are no longer around Kinna will deliver more. The problem Kinna had was dropping Fisher, n other upcoming players who are fans’ favourites. Please try Kinna again.

    . Azungu ndi akuba, they don’t care whether u lose or win its not their country. Imagine it will be 12million every month, that’s stealing n don’t forget we are a poor nation. Please bring back our Coach Kinna.

  31. Namisako. says:

    please do not bring tribalism into the game of football.I do not come from the north but I do admit that the best soccer stars and netballers have come from the north,soccer history has shown so.I am in my late fifties and have followed football in Malawi ever since.It is good to calll a spade by its real name.Any body who excels in the game miust be picked and play regardless of where they come from.Tisayambitse maudani chifukwa chakusiyana mitundu a Malawi.

  32. Bibo says:

    Kinnah took Malawi to Angola by fluke and his team’s general performance was very inconsistent;today win, tomorrow loss, and another loss.Late Matthews Mwenda was the best Malawian coach because his team had strength and a good style,and was consistent.This explains why during his time Malawi proved tough to Congo Brazzaville, Cameroon,and other West African teams.The team ranked in the sixties on FIFA rankings.Henry Moyo came second due to his team’s convincing performance at AFCON 1982 in Ivory Coast,but he inherited Dan Mclennan’s team.Reuben Malola,in my opinion, is the third best Malawian coach because his team came third at ALL African games in Kenya in 1987.No present local coach can turn the fortunes of the team,even Ernest Mtawali had a bad record of Malawi under 20 team’s home games and faltered at Zambia in the end.

    Kinnah’s team wasn’t bad but had a tendency to concede goals in almost every game,which explains lack of good defending tactics and a winning strategy. To those advocating for Kinnah’s return we say “Hell NO”,maybe to coach Bullets but not the Flames.The man had his time and we don’t need to recycle him.Malawi needs a very qualified expatriate coach who knows how to improve a player’s work-rate and expose players to European suitors.

  33. Kapasula Mayi Chiponda says:

    Ife tikufuna alembe Coach wa National team , osati wa atumbuka ayi, basi kukhalira kulowesa atumbuka okhaokha mu ground ngati amatha mpira ndi iwowo. Kinna ayi sitimufuna , zongolowesa ambwenumbwenu mu ground zimatinyasa. Inu a Fam musayelekeze , mukafuna pali a. Malawi ambiri ma Coachi , achina Yasin Osman , ngakhale inenso

  34. Magengena says:

    Kinnah is better than others and deserves a come back for a coaching job

  35. Frederick Madumu Mwakalenga says:

    Kinnah Phiri apatsidwe mwai ku timu yathu ya Flames.Kuno South Africa wapulumutsa timu ya Free State Stars ku relegation atapatsidwa mwai pakanthawi kochepa.FAM mpatseni Kinna.

  36. Magengena says:

    Steve Liwewe do you remember malawi’s expatriate coaches in the likes of Spliezbal and Steve,what change did Malawi experience from their efforts.For your information nothing better did the nation achieve.Stop the nonse in the mid week sports.I say Kinnah is the right choice.Stop from being tribalistic

  37. kingly says:

    kinah is da right person to coach da frames.during hiz tym,we enjoyed gud futbal with coordination…if not kinah den bring renard Harvey or any coach from abroad Bt hi can undstand our players

  38. Harry Njala says:

    We gave you time and you displayed your capabilities and weaknesses. It’s now your time to watch what others can do.

  39. Matechanga says:


  40. BATMAN says:

    flames sizatheka ma guys or mutatani lets support mauleeeeeeeee basi team yolimbikira

  41. Kurt says:

    Tioneko zanyuwani please munapanga mbali yanu

  42. Zangazatha says:

    Bringing Kinna now is the best for Malawi. He managed to perform wonders when he was not getting the support from FAM and the current financial support was not there but he managed to take us to AFCON. Mbuzi zinazi they never even did that. basi malawi ikaluza uwamva atumbuka this atumbuka that. when kinna and team wins, uwamva ziii. anthu opanda nzeru enieni. my advise to kinna, leave malawi to mbuli and mbava, iwe focus on RSA thats your home coz they appreciate you.

  43. Winawake says:

    he failed us…no more kinna phiri

  44. Kodi amalawi mvuto lanthu ndichani adzimadalawo tinayesa kale analempela ndiye mukufuna kupanga chiyani mau akulu akulu amati manyi akale sanukha plz plz enerst nthawi yanu mulimbikile man game ikubwelayi tisaluze nanu mapuleya tiyeni tigwilane manja kt game tiwine plc

  45. Andy Tung'ande says:

    We need Kinnah back, his downfall was works of Young and Jack. But without them Kinnah will take the flames to higher levels.

  46. dobadoba says:

    Kinah did not fail. FAM failed him…he never had the resources Jack and Young just had.

  47. Adam christon Masamba says:

    Chimene ndingakuuzeni kwa anthu ngati inu, amene mukunena zoipa za Kinnah , mukanakhala ngati ena simukadalankhula zoipa zambiri za Mr Kinnah. Give another chance Kinnah. Open ur eyes to mr Kinnah, don’t talk too much.

  48. Mpini Walezala says:

    Tidzingolirabe mpakana kalekale. Malawi sizawinanso chirichonse. Mpira unapita kalekale!

  49. nyambiton says:

    Musiyeni ernest naye ayese mwai wake madala.kodi mukuona ngat munda wanu malawiyi?

  50. nyasa boy says:

    We need new blood bwana kinha phiri tamangokhalani konko Ku free state musathawe kudzidzira summer ilinjira

  51. Ng'oxy Wa Jane says:

    Leave No Space For Kinnah. New Blood Basi.

  52. abro says:

    Chonde simbweni usatiyese kagwere uko unadya za ulele kwa thawi yokwana get out zachamba

  53. Joseph Banda says:

    HE DOES NOT NEED TO BEG ANYONE TO COME BACK HOME. BUUUUUUUT not to coach Malawi Team. He is EYEING the easy tax payers money. KODI INU MUKUMUNAMIDZA ETI? That’s why some boys did deliberately to frustrate Chimodzi. It was very difficulty to dismiss this useless coach. BUT young it was just a day, GONE, GONE, GONE.

    WHY a Malawi?

  54. kamtembo says:

    It is a shame for African football, that failure of a team to perform well is blame on the coach. The national team to perform better depends of the effort of both, the coach and the players. Even if the Flames can bring Sir Alex to coach the team, or Jose Mourinoh, the Flames will never do approve.
    If you look back at the nature of players; the likes of Frank Sinaro, Jack Chamangwana, Kinnah himself. You would notice, they were disciplined players and hardworking guys.
    Secondly, Sending the coach parking will never improve football in Malawi and in Africa as a whole. Invest in football, train players to be disciplined, let the players eat and drink well not kachasu and let them do proper exercises to make them physically fit.
    Remember, the teacher does just facilitate the learning and its the student who does the exam. The coach, gives the players skills and tactics, its the players duty to remember and pass the exam.
    FAM, bring back Kinnah, we will never make it with foreign coaches. That is my take!

  55. Pho. says:

    Kinnah should not come at all. Yes under his command, we beat Algeria 3-1 in the first game at AFCON. But what happened later. It was a bigger dramma played in the world where even best Nigerian actors, the likes of Aki na Popo have never acted. The flames drammatically lost all the remaining games. So Kinnah lacks machine that pumps CONSISTENCY in players.Leave him out and rot in the foreign land until he comes to coach afwiti team which is sponsored by fisi.

  56. martin gonda says:

    Bring on new blood no more recycling ,say no to kinnah PHIRI

  57. sir bentby says:

    I just wish kinna should be given on other chance, he is a good coach, last time in office his work capabilities were being intercepted by those two, chimodzi and chamangwana, I truelly feel he himself can lead Malawi into glories…

  58. Lutundu Wa Lutundu says:

    Kinnah is the right man

  59. omar khaliffa says:

    Plz Kinnah another chance
    We would like to c flames again in front plz

  60. limzy says:

    No more chance for kinnah

  61. Nyirenda says:

    We can’t go back to Kinna. We tried him and he failed. What else can he do that he did not go that time? Ameneyo ndiye fodya. Ndiye kulibwino tikhale ndi Earnest yemweyo. Za Kinna zo ndiye ayi.

  62. Tengupenya says:

    31 new pair of hands also want the job. Pepani a Phiri pamenepa apa you have no chance.

  63. ndekha says:

    welcome home kinah i for one wants you big time.

  64. ChizaLi says:

    Kinnah the only coach that I have seen taking Malawi to Africa cup of Nations in my life time.

  65. opportunist says:

    Give him another chance

  66. Aubrey Thulama says:

    Kinnah Phiri,do not bother yourself to please these stupid tribalistic Malawians.We know the good work you had done at BB and the Flames.At the Flames, with little support from government and corporate world you transformed the team into a soccer powerhouse.The feat Chimodzi and Chimangwana failed with massive financial supportfrom FA,Carlsberg and the government but they fired you nonetheless,just because you were a northerner.If I were you I wouldjust stay put in RSA or alternatively submit my application to Tanzania to record another trailblazing glory with the Taifa Stars to prove to my critics wrong that Iam not just another coach.My fear,as your well wisher would like to warn you that you won’t register any mark with the socalled Flames. Your enemies,as you have read some of the comments will stop at nothing to sabotage you.Do not say I never warned you.

  67. kanyimbi says:

    The players love Kinnah only that FAM was not supporting Kinnah. He can come but also the players should be serious on the ground. FAM should also support players who get injured while on national duty otherwise the player are afraid to give their best.

  68. Gibo says:

    Osadzatenganso coach wakunja zidzitikanika tokha

  69. Zuna says:

    Not Kinna again! He didn’t perform well as a coach and needed 10 years to build a team. We have no time for that as the same players cannot be in a squad for 10 years. He has failed to win trophies at club level so why give him a bigger task of coaching a national team?

  70. gracium sitima says:


  71. Shock says:

    It’s true that he managed to bail Free Stare Stars from relegation. But mind you, the Flames is not a club. It’s a national team. Coaching a national team is very different from coaching the national team. Look at some of the local coaches we have tried for our national team. Most of them perform very well when doing club coaching but when the same are hired to coach the national team, you know the results they register. How many national teams that are performing wonders are being coached by their football legends? We tried Kinnah and we know what he achieved. With due respect, even our qualification for AFCON that year was by a fluke. We must think of hiring someone who will take flames to a level higher than where Kinnah once took it. My vote for the Malawi national soccer team is for none other than an expatriate.

    On another note Nyamirandu too must go. We need him no more at the helm of FAM.

  72. zuku tv says:

    ambwenu bwenu okha okha akhwasulane, ki ki ki ki

  73. clement says:

    Hire an African expatriate coach from great footballing nations like Senegal, Cameron, Nigeria, Egypt, Zambia, etc. He might also be cheaper than a mzungu

  74. WEZZIE CHIYAKA says:

    Give him another chance

  75. analyst says:

    KINNA PHIRI failed the Nation big time. He was given all the support. He was treated like an expatriate in his own country. Still, he let us down. I sympathise with the likes of Young Chimodzi who received no single support from government and FAM, yet we still expected them to deliver.

  76. sunderstar says:

    Kinna failed the Nation when he was coaching the National team, the team that went to AFCON in 2010 was first coached by an expatriate and he found a good crop of players and he failed to continue with the strategy to make Flames a poweful team, he run out Ideas. We are saying NO to Kinna

  77. Totolitotoli says:

    Kinnah come back and vie for the FAM presidency,we need experienced people like you in that hot seat,grow up for how long will you be a coach?,Come so that nanunso mudzizachotsa ma coach. Definately you can win this FA presidency with ease, ena onse akuufuna udindowu zampirazi sikwenikweni. Think twice.

  78. harry says:

    Give Kinnah another chance

  79. Nadya Vati says:

    Let us try a new one not recycled ones as if people perished. Home sickness how? J’burg and Malawi are just too close. Come home during holidays and heal your nostalgia. Malawians let us try the new Mshriwali (Mtawali) and see if he can do wonders. Bull shit Kinnah! we don’t need you anymore.

  80. Richbway says:

    Giv him another chance. He is a good coach

  81. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    Kinnah was given a chance to coach the national team and his services were terminated. What new ideas is he going to bring? Being homesick does not mean he should be buying sympathy among Malawians. He can as well retire and invest his monies earned abroad into other ventures back home. This can also help to cure his homesickness. Coaching is not his only life activity! We need a coach with new and better coaching skills to move the team forward otherwise we will still be moving in circles. He can also aspire to be FAM President.

  82. sain it like it is says:

    ayiiii ntumbuka ameneyu ndiyemwe anapangitsa kuti flames yonse izaze ndi atumbuka okha okha….kinnah had his chance now lets move on…no more tumbukas heading flames

  83. DEMOCRACY says:

    Let us try a different person with new ideas

  84. iyawm says:

    Wangomva za salary ya 13 Mita ija basi wati abwele….to hell, we have tried him and analephela. AMalawi tiyeni tiphunzile kupita kutsogolo, osati zobwelela m’buyo ayi….mxxiie

  85. Gramps says:

    Kinnha is a good coach,apatsidwe mwai basi.

  86. on says:

    Kinna is the only missing link in this Malwi team. Look at what he has done at Free state stars. They love him there. He took us to AFCON and beat Algeria 3-1 our first game. He knows the boys mentality.

  87. mulomwe says:

    Give Kinnah another chance. He is the son of Malawi. We font need to get someone from outside

  88. George says:

    Flames coaching job very hot but who can turn the team to be hot as flames and improve performance of the team

  89. Chipalamandule says:

    Give him another chance.

  90. Austin says:

    Kinnah must go back again

  91. Give Kinna the last chance pliz

  92. mikongoni says:

    Za Kinnah iwalani zimenezo demeti!!

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