Hooliganism raises its ugly head in basketball: Cezobal metes out stiff punishments

Cezobal has meted out harsh punishment to several players of Lilongwe based Mimbulu Basketball team and the team itself following acts of hooliganism which were perpetrated during a match between ABC Lions and Mimbulu where several ABC fans were assaulted.

Flying through the air to aim at scoring

Malawi basketball: Flying through the air to aim at scoring

Cezobal Disciplinary Committee chaired by Khama Mphepo, held a hearing following a complaint filed by ABC Lions which declared that several players had total lack of discipline and disregard of authority.

The committee has given penalties to Mimbulu players Bernard Banda, Dan Zimba, Edgar Ng’ong’ola, Tendai Banda and the team itself.

Bernard Banda has been suspended from Cezobal for a period of 1 year commencing from the start of the 2015 second round plus a fine of K100,000.

Bernard was accused of walking to the stands and assaulting a fan who he alleges that he harassed and verbally assaulted during the game.

“Walking to the stands and assaulting a fan is a gross breach of code of conduct. If Bernard was verbally assaulted by a fan the rules allow for him to lodge a formal complaint via proper channels which did happen. Players are not allowed to take matters in their hands,” the committee.

While Dan Zimba was accused of head-butting ABC head coach Mwansoni Phiri and also pushing a student in the stands.

“Dan is a repeat offender of the breach of code of conduct. In 2013 he was suspended for abusing refs.In 2014 he was given a strong warning for malicious foul against a Trojan’s player. On this basis Dan is suspended from Cezobal for a period of 2 years commencing from start of the 2015 second round plus a fine of K100,000,” ruled the committee.

Another Mimbulu player Edgar Ng’ong’ola was ejected from the game after receiving two technical fouls and also verbally abusing the referee.

“As Captain of Mimbulu, plus General Secretary of Cezobal, Edgar was expected to be more examplary. It is in this regard, and in accordance with Section 3.20.6,that Edgar is suspended from  Cezobal for three games commencing from the start of 2015 and a fine of K10,000,” the committee ruled.

Mimbulu as a team has not been spared as it is responsible for the action of its players.

The committee has therefore suspended Mimbulu basketball team from Cezobal for the remainder of the 2015 first round and they only be allowed to participate in the second round.

Another culprit is Mimbulu’s Tendai Banda who was accused of instigating the fight and chasing an ABC Lions fan attempting to fight him.

“This is a breach of the code of conduct and such action is not warranted in Cezobal. On this basis Tendai is suspended from Cezobal for 5 games with immediate effect and a fine of K10,000,” the committee ruled.

Cezobal’s disciplinary committee said: “All in all, the committee finds the actions of the individuals above to be a total lack of discipline and disregard of authority. The committee believe it has been lenient in the past. Such actions are no longer to be tolerated and will be highly condemned.”

The committee also not that actions by Mimbulu would deter the fan base from growing and scare away potential sponsors.

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Iwe ukuti ndiwe ladies kaya ndani zomwe tikunena apazi ndizowona zokhazokha ndi wa ndewu ndi ku za ndale zomwe. mufufuze bwinobwino. Ma business ukunenawo amatakata ndi Lutepo. Sikuti ndi nsanje ayi. Nsanje ibwerera pati ngati ali ndi kanthu iyeyu


Mhehehe thats what happens when we have so many brainless bouncers in one team… China nchina Adrian Kaliu zamuphonya pati? Iye ndewu samatha?




Iwe chindere n teacher kambani za mzeru apa. These guys r stars n they hav achieved alot as players successful outside basketball too. Ine I follow Cezobal kwambiri n many chindere u thot Tendai akukwatira now unagwa nawo ,coz ndiwe mkazi wa grandpas in town. Let him enjoy bball with happy marriage life. Good luck Tendai, I don’t know much about this verdict so I can’t comment.
A teacher heheh mpaka JB zomwezi? Y do u savages connect anything to politics? Eh tamakulani inu.
Cezobal committee I jus hop ur verdict is fair.


Tendai Banda amchita bwino as he uses basketball kupanga zibwenzi. Tatopa naye yet he is married . concentrate on your marriage


Yes its a mimbulu free league. Ah anawina kokwana Pano amatilemera. Many people in Cezobal don’t want mimbulu n we support you Mr chairman. Congrats.


Dan Zimba ndi mnyamata wake wa Lutepo. He used to be a morale boy wa a Mayi. Ndizosadabwitsa izi. Kunyoza a mayi pali iyeyo ndiye kuti uvulala. No wonder ku Sozobol amangokhalirako ndewu. Good riddance for Sezobol

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