Hotshot Sipe says ‘half Malawian, half Zambian’

Malawi’s finalist at the just ended Big Brother Africa (BBA) Hotshots, Sipe, has been caught in a topsy-turvy trace of citizenship, having confirmed that she is not fully Malawian.

Sipe: Half, half

Sipe: Half, half

There were strong rumours making rounds on social media while Sipe was in the BBA house that Malawi was being represented by one Malawian Masuzgo Msiska aka Mr. 265 and a Zambian Sipe, born Sipherile Chitambo.

Upon arrival in Lilongwe on Wednesday, the 24-year-old hairdresser and singer, confirmed she was born and bred in the neighbouring Zambia, saying she was “half-half”.

It has been learnt that Sipe, whose mother, who paid her a visit while she was in the house, was born from a Zambian father and a Malawian mother.

It has been further discovered that she grew up in Zambia and came to Malawi six years ago and started living with her two brothers at Kawale in the capital Lilongwe.

“I was born and raised in Zambia but I am Malawian as well. I am half-half,” she said while responding to a question during a press conference as she returned home from the BBA show which ended on Sunday and was won by Tanzania’s Idris.

According to Malawian categories of citizenship, Sipe is Zambian by birth and Malawian by origin but was prior to lose her Malawian citizenship when she turned 22 years. She gained a Malawian passport that was surely used to represent Malawi at the BBA Hotshots on her dual citizen mode.

Her mother, who is from Malawi’s central region, is from the matrilineal tribe which believes children belong to the mother’s family, which in her case makes Sipe a Malawian. However, it is not clear if Sipe’s parents’ marriage was based on matrilineal customs and beliefs.

For people who have been following the Malawian rep in the BBA house, they would have an idea now on maybe why Sipe was close to Zambia’s Macky2 and called each other’s “G”.–  (Reporting by Prince Chikweba)

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53 thoughts on “Hotshot Sipe says ‘half Malawian, half Zambian’”

  1. Kabotolo says:

    Ma Africansndiye atsamunda anakuonongani. Izi ndiye zitinso. Zambia ndi Malawi nchimodzi modzi. Akuti tipeze ma Id. kuti tione difference ndiye anamwadi blue pill ya mu Matrix. This woman is black. who cares if her passport says Zambia. Namalenga akuwutseni from the deep slumber of colonial ideas brainwash and self hate. Mhm. Komanso naye uyu akuti I am half this half that. Which half. Nonsense.

  2. Blunt says:

    Who gives a shit where she is from, are you suggesting that BBA should be as stringent on contestants as a FIFA tournament or something. Please this is just a stupid show. I know many Malawians who can win BBA , the only thing is that the street SMART people are to busy trying to improve their lives and being sucessful to sign up for this crap. … I enjoy watching it as if im watching a bunch of ‘monkeys’ make fools of themselves.

  3. ALEX YOLAMU says:

    I am a guy of adventure i mean i like BBA but some other things that happens there are of the devil so no wounder here some guys are posting very funken comments which is not good at all,let us learn to love each other you guys.

  4. kwelele says:

    musiyeni mwanayu! there was absolutely nothing wrong in her representing malawi. after all, there are so many people of malawian descent in almost every SADC country who call themselves citizens of that country, and that is just fine. so why not this sister? some arguments here only shows the level of narrow-minded thinking some people have. sad and sorry to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. aurora says:

    if only she won,,you couldnt have dug her roots….

  6. koko says:

    No wonder,she performed/acted much sharper than an average Malawian lady born and bred in Malawi.Ndimadabwa ine chifukwa azichemwali athu ndiogonelako/opupulumilako pang’ono.One can tell!!

  7. Mulopwana says:

    Malawians need IDs to identify a real malawian. Not half this n half that.

  8. dadaboma says:

    BBA show should be banned as it brings no developmental lessons or benefit to Malawi. It’s in the same line as pornography, homosexuality and other socially repugnant and abhorrent issues. When kids watch people kissing or curdling each other or even sexing each other what benefit is that to a nation? What are we teaching that will help those who ardently watch the show? Why can’t we increase our efforts to agricultural shows? or science and technology shows? You sit on a chair busy watching BBA for what? This country is in the hands of dogs. We must have good manners and we must spend our time and money profitably. This show is crap and must be abolished. Why then do you criminalize homosexuals who do their things in their bedroom without raising anyone’s eyebrows? This is double standards. On one hand you want to appear god-fearing and good-mannered; on the other hand you’re showing your beastiality. Bloodfucken! Allow homosexuality also if you want to be fair.

    1. This that says:

      well I tell u what ? u r ignorant fascist… This is not Kamuzu era everyone watches what they want and theres is parental guidance if you dont like it then fucking ban it in ur own makwalalas dont bring ur stupid homespun philosophies to the national fore front !!!

    2. Reasonable Man says:

      mwangofuna mathanyulayo inu. muli ndi nyere yoika katundu wanu kuntumbo kwa mwamuna nzanu.

      1. dadaboma says:

        Could 4.1 and 4.2 read the comments on a related article “Sipe too late—” of 16 Dec? If you’re children of harlots born in brothels you’ll never understand how devilish BBA show is.

  9. kapambwe says:

    Even the 1st bankgate that took place in Limbe National Bank Churchill rd branch when Kamuzu was holding a meeting somewhere in Lunzu or Chileka was done by Zambians luckily the money was caught at Balaka in a fridge. Thats how foolish the Zambians are. They are always found out at the end of the day. Its only sad that this may bring mistrust amongst us and we will not be voting in such events. Next time the organisers must double who they taking. Otherwise you shall even take Bayo.

  10. Prophet says:

    Zambian of Malawian origin?Exporting identities but why only in Malawi?hahaha result of man made poverty.

  11. Prophet says:

    Zambian of Malawian origin?Exporting identities but why only in Malawi?hahaha result of poverty.

  12. Humphrey Murrey says:

    Zuchitsilu izi osadzatumizanso munthu palibe phunziro lililonse by the end of a game.

  13. harrinya says:

    chanco staff on strike..

  14. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Malawians and Zambians are by nature one people. This case is not a headache to me. But, while there is nothing wrong being half Malawian-half Zambian, the issue being known now just shows how weak and relaxed our government scrutiny system is at present. This is how Burundis, Somalis, Nigerians, Indians, etc become Malawians over night, and nobody cares. The countery is sold to foreigners. Things are not as easy in our neighboring countries. What is wrong with immigration department, police and other authorities? Nobody cares, in this country, nobody is patriotic any more.

  15. Mwiakoshi says:

    Malawi should Never and again send anyone to represent us because this is SHIT and after all its a total waste of time and mislead our Children by this NONSENSICAL FIRM MULTICHOICE MALAWI which must stop forth with.

  16. Nganali kombweke says:

    Koma nkhani zimenezi zitibweletsera mgaiwa pa tebulo. Tamalembani nkhani zopindulira a malawi ife

  17. this is not a topic to waste time on

  18. Ukali Patali says:

    So u mean tinatumiza munthu wa ku Zambia kukaimilira dziko lino? Oooh we r not serious with issues of migration.



  20. sagna says:

    Paja ife ndi atulo totheratu; sizikundidabwisa kumva nkhani imeneyi.

  21. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Koma manoma (neba) ayiphula bwanji! Kodi neba unakasamba pati nane ndikasambeko?

  22. hfty says:

    Let’s stop this backward thinking of different Zambia and different Malawi. Zambia and Malawi are one this thinking of different Zambia and different Malawi was started by colonialists. And thanks to mnet for making the pan African dream true when our politicians are failing to do the same

  23. hfty says:

    Zambia and Malawi are one. Let’s stop this backward thinking of different Zambia and different Malawi which was started by colonialists.

  24. Ndife amodzi says:

    Ndichifukwa chake anakhalako nthawi yaitali amavoteredwa ndi maiko awiri Zambia ndi Malawi.

  25. gann says:

    thats nonsense atolakhani what can we benefit from this?? if immigration gave her Malawian Passport it answers all questions apa..nanu a Malawi mmalo momavota munali busy ndi kufalitsa mbiri whether she is Malawian or Zambian thats low!!! ma Jealous basi awaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

  26. william mzunga says:

    Zambia ndi Malawi we are not one but we are neighbors who shares the boundaries so I cant cross Malawi bounder to Zambia without a passport whoever select should have a lesson

  27. Peter Milanzi says:

    Palibe nkhani apa, Ife tinalamulapo zambia ndiye big brother ndi chani? We’re one by default.

  28. Donnex Muva says:

    Manchester United will win the league

  29. faines says:

    Ndimayesa ndi Mtumbukatu

  30. Naphurwe Mmainje says:

    For sure she is a Malawian. We r 100% sure that her mother is a Malawian. For the father, only God can testify.

  31. Thomas Taimu says:

    Zambia was for almost 30 years ruled a Malawian, Kenneth Kaunda, whose parents all malawians went to Zambia for evangelical work what more with somebody whose mother is of our own. Are we not the ones who say its the mother that know the father to her baby? If Sipe’s mother was zambians i would have had all the reasons to get worried but as it is Sipe is not even half malawian and half zambian. She is 100% malawian. Q.E.D.

  32. phoenix says:

    Bar man another round pliz! and leav these arguing on where’s who belong alone,non of my bizz!

  33. Makolo awo anakumana ku Nkayika,Kulamba Ceremony.

  34. Thomas says:

    Kodi a Chimwemwe Nyerenda kulephela kulemba chiwongo chanu are u real Nyirenda or feck Nyirenda

  35. wafika says:

    Akana khala mtumbuka bwezi zaipa kale. komabe uyu ndi mu nyasa basa chifukwa panalibe chuma. well done dear sister. you have made us proud

  36. Common sense says:

    As long as civil servants get their well deserved pay rise, mvula ikubwera and mankhala akupezeka mzipatala, kaya ndimmalawi olo Mzembo, ndiwokongolabe basi.

  37. The little girl renounced her Zambian citizen long time ago,and opted to be a Malawian. Imwe bantu what is your problem? Sipe has her mother’s village within Malawi. What about those Indians in Lilongwe or Blantyre who claim to be Malawians,do they villages and chiefdoms in Malawi? Musiyeni cabe uyo mwana!

  38. bright mapwala says:

    za ziiii. pali nkhani apa? just give her to me ndimuchinde apa

  39. itchokeitchoke says:

    half,half oky

  40. sniper says:

    sha! Malawi na zambia!

  41. son says:

    To me I dont mind she is malawian,you remember kk he was a reader of zam for many yrs but the give him support,so we are one nation.

  42. Remember that Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe we were on federation therefore these scenarios will be there. So no surprises.

  43. Fokofu! Akuwulula pano?

  44. Sakwata says:

    Chimwemwe Nyerenda kodi anthu amenewa amangowatola Malo momwela muwa asakuwaziwa?

    Koma ma nyasa nyasa sazatheka kkkkkk.

    1. The Swartkop Guru says:

      Hahahahahahahahahahahah Malawi bambo everything we do zofoila basi

  45. kakaa says:

    As long as it doesn’t affect the premiere league log table,its non of my business she can go to Zambia.

  46. Hope Jere says:

    Sipe is loved in Zambia..We are all One..Zambians and Malawians Ndife Amodzi..Lets unite..its always nt shocking to see Zambians And Malawians geting along in the BBA game simply because we are all One…#Zalawi…Natasha,Mr 265 and Fatima The list is endless,all these are loved in Zambia..

  47. zamu says:

    Malawians are allergic to success, SIPE made Malawi proud, the last girl standing in the house, a finalist.
    Though she has Zambian blood, she’s Malawian, She has Malawian passeport from long time, she travels with it when she goes to Europe, South Africa and Zambia.
    This was her 4th year trying to enter the house, lets her be a motivator for our your African girls, especially our Malawian girls
    Be happy for your brothers and sisters, together lets move forward Africans.
    For the Love of God, lets change that mentality of bashing everything good, beautiful or successful.

  48. mpopoma says:

    Malawi and Zambia n’s are one people. So palindrome vuto

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