‘Hyena is a hyena’, Chakwera just another dictator

The veteran journalist Dickson Kashoti has made an observation which many Malawians agreed with in a matter of hours. He said Malawi Congress Party will never change.

Chakwera: MCP wants 50 plus 1 electoral law

Chakwera: MCP wants 50 plus 1 electoral law

It reminded some of us what Kamlepo Kalua used to say from the bunkers of his South African exile when we were changing from Malawi Congress Party dictatorship to democracy in the early 1990s. Kamlepo used to say ” Fisi ndi fish  ngakhale achoke tchile ili apite tchile ilo. Ngakhale asinthe manga, fisi ndi fisi basi.” A hyena is a hyena, period!

We must also take Kashoti very seriously because he has seen more politics from dictatorship than most of who populate social media and follow things blindly.

For most of Facebook and WhatsApp generation who have not seen the chilling atrocities MCP committed in this country for 30 years, what Kamlepo meant is that MCP would remain cruel people and dictators even if we go into democracy. Kamlepo is now a Political Prophet.

The recent wave of arson masterminded by Malawi Congress Party speaks volumes of hyenas who never changed.

They first torched Jessie Kabwila’s car for her political sins of opposing Chakwera’s leadership.

Kabwila’s first reaction was to shout “Anyamata a Chakwera simungandithe” while rushing to her burning car. Then she confided in three journalists off record while she was entertaining Zodiak studios that she knew it was fellow MCP people who had burnt car.

But Kabwila had to invent “DPP thugs” as she has always done since her university days.

Then MCP, working together with opposition partners PP behind the scenes, have been sponsoring instability in the University of Malawi to make President Peter Mutharika look like a failure who cannot manage the University.

Because they think of nothing but anarchy, they coached the Ayubas of Chancellor College to firebomb their own hostels and start telling Malawians that it was because of teargas.

Malawians refused the lie. It backfired. Now we hear some students are planning to sue Ayuba the Chancellor College students leader for leading illegal demonstrations that led hostels burning and destruction of their property.

The political motive of the masters behind the students was to make it look like Police had done the dirty job.

Now MCP zealots for Chakwera have burnt Chanthika Chidzanja’s house after she stood in public to denounce Chakwera’s poor leadership, greed and immoral record.

Even if Chatinkha had burnt her own house to smear Chakwera, it still reveals a certain kind of thinking and style of politics characteristic of MCP. Zoganiza za upandu basi. (They still of bloodshed, anarchy and cruel politics). Kamlepo Kalua was never wrong in his prediction that dictators will always be dictators even if you take them into democracy.

Chakwera was a dicator in the church

The Assemblies of God church is now contemplating excommunicating Chakwera for his numerous cases. Obviously, the man has fallen out with his own church. No wonder Chakwera was literally booed when he walked into the church Convention.

The Assemblies of God church thinks of Chakwera’s trying to rule the church through the backdoor. It is a common secret in the Church that Chakwera tried field three candidates to compete for the presidency of the Church. They all fell miserably because anthu anayiwerenga patali.

The election of Rev Dr. Edward Chitsonga for the president and Rev Matilda Matabwa for the General Secretary in the church is being celebrated as the end of Chakwera’s backdoor influence in the church.

As we speak, there is serious pondering on excommunicating Chakwera from the church, or make him answerable to serious charges of cruelty. Some members within his own MCP are agitating to impeach Chakwera at an extraordinary MCP Convention. As if that is not enough, some Members of Parliament are planning to remove Chakwera as Leader of Opposition in Parliament. The last one is the politics of Richard Msowoya, Speaker of Parliament, who is not in good books with Chakwera either.

If Chakwera can do what he has done as a Church President and leader of the Opposition, what should Malawi expect if he was in command of the instruments of State power? What kind of State President would Chakwera make?

Dictatorship was born because MCP wanted to maintain power by force and cruelty. What MCP really thinks today is to grab power creating chaos for Mutharika. Within the party, Chakwera is preoccupied with nothing but how to maintain his power by sending his panga-knife thugs to torch property and intimidate others.

A hyena is a hyena!

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10 thoughts on “‘Hyena is a hyena’, Chakwera just another dictator”

  1. Hyena says:

    Chakwera never dictated anything in MCP. Why do you (Kashoti) want MCP to call for a convention and not DPP, and not UDF and not PP and note AFORD? The same question goes to Jumbe as to why he wants MCP to call for another convention. What offense has Chakwera committed to make him call for a convention. MCP guys be careful!!! DPP deserves to call for an early convention because of its clueless leadership. Good example is pressure from PAC telling the DPP clueless. Even the Powerful Catholic Bishops Pastoral letter trashed DPP leadership heavily. Today someone should be talking about MCP, Is MCP in Government now? Guys, lets not mislead Malawians if someone is failing to run state affairs.

  2. Fact Pains says:

    It is not true that Kamlepo Kalua lived in exile in South Africa.He went to South Africa to look for a job as it was difficult for him to get a job in Malawi as he has no proper education.He has never been in the corridors of a Secondary School and the job he was doing in South Africa was in a hotel as a waiter.Then it was not easy for a Malawian to live in South Africa as an exile for a simple reason that,the apartheid regime supported the Banda regime during that time.Let Kamlepo tell Malawians the truth and the truth alone,will save him.

  3. Mzala says:

    The writer of this article was actually sent by DPP to write this trash

  4. kanchenga says:

    Tim you are right about Kamlepo’s declaration. Fisi ndi fisi. But your example is wrong. The best example would be Dausi. See he was Dr Banda assassin. When Malawi congress party as tchire couldn’t hide him, he moved to another tchire DPP. But as a hyena the continued his hyena work. Chasowa, Njaunju, MEC warehouse all the work of fisi who left MCP thengo to DPP thengo but never changing his fisi behaviour. Another example would be Muluzi who left MCP thengo to UDF thengo and continued stealing just like in MCP where he stole MCP Leyland tracks and got fired by Dr Banda after Mr Somanje alerted Banda. I am only surprised Tim if your father is still alive. He should be ashamed of you. I would if mine wrote this kind of trash. Surely there must be a relation somewhere who should advise you to be professional. When Chakwera was asking Peter to resign some of us were saying ohoo no Chakwera is wrong. The law gives the president five years. Unless he committed a crime. As it is Peter is failing but he has not committed a crime. The best Chakwera should do is explain to the Nation how he thinks would be the right way to handle matters. Peter can take the advise or not. The same applies to Jumbe Chatinkha and others. Not asking Chakwera to resign. If indeed they think they are better, let them contest during the coming scheduled election not breaking the Party mid air. As for a burnt house that speaks of Dausi too. After all no MCP member would be daft enough to go burning people’s property knowing very well how suddenly the police would become efficient in order to embarrass MCP by arresting it’s member. Look tim next time get clever and write sensibly.

  5. Winston Msowoya says:

    Please Malawians get matured.Iam not a supporter of the corrupt DPP and never shall I be.But I strongly believe that the present pandemonium in the former killer MCP,is the start of its demise.Mind you,this is the Party that introduced heinous tribalism in Malawi firstly by the imposition of divisive QUOTA SYSTEM,the repatriation of Northerners from the South and Central Malawi,ruthless nepotism,the list goes on. Generally,the unending political and economic instability in the country,emanated from the dreaded MCP which was stringently controlled by despotic Banda and his brother in-law Tembo for 32 years.So it is not fair to blame DPP for its internal quagmire and confusions,it is high time MCP must go down as the most treacherous and barbaric Party of our time.May God curse it as he did to sodom and Gomorrah.

  6. Nkhangazaona says:

    Dickson Kashoti and the writer of this article are non-entities in Maawi and ashamedly earn their bread through this childish propaganda.

  7. mwahenga says:

    There is no news here. I do not understand why Nyasa Times publishes some of these articles. They border on personal vendetta .

  8. mwahenga says:

    The reporter is lying. He is putting words into Kabwila’s mouth. Kabwila said it was DPP who torched her vehicle. not MCP. Read newspapers. It is clear this guy is DPP supporter. He does not facts.

  9. PETER MSALIKA says:


  10. alfred abraham says:


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