I admire Prophet Bushiri, says Lucius but Malawi iconic musician remains Catholic -Report

Malawi top musician-cum-legislature Lucius Banda has said he admires multimillionaire South African based Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and said those on smear campaign against him are unfair to the “Major 1.”

Lucius Banda: Prophet Bushiri is successful man and that invites haters

Lucius Banda: Prophet Bushiri is successful man and that invites haters

Bushiri and South African's Home Affairs minister

Bushiri and South African’s Home Affairs minister

Churchgoers at Bushiri church in Pretoria

Churchgoers at Bushiri church in Pretoria

Members congregating during Diplomatic Service including Chri Daza (first from right) at Bushiri's church

Members congregating during Diplomatic Service including Chri Daza (first from right) at Bushiri’s church

Banda, Malawi’s top musician, who is also Balaka North legislator for the United Democratic Front (UDF), said on a private visit to South Africa, said he stopped by to fellowship with Prophet Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) in Pretoria on Monday night and was impressed with the respect accorded to the Malawian prophet, according a report in The Nation newspaper.

“We live in our world as Malawians and that has not helped us. After fellowship, I realised we have been somehow unfair to Bushiri by viewing him with a negative eye instead of being rational,” the paper quoted the iconic secular musician as saying.

He added: “It is worth noting that thousands of people are converging at one place because of a son Malawi. I admire him for that.”

Banda, who is a devout Catholic,  said he has not joined Bushiri’s ECG as he remains a Catholic member but appreciate the prophet’s Christian way of leadership.

“Just like the Bible says that ‘out of the eater comes something sweet’ I was touched by the gesture of giving out food to the poor during that hunger in January and February. Through the criticism he has been going through, I took interest in seeing his side of the story,” Banda is quoted as saying.

The legendary musician said Prophet Bushiri is “successful,  in terms of congregation and as a businessman.”

He added that “success brings about haters” hence Bushiri courting many attacks against him.

“ As someone who has been criticised, at times unfairly, and faced the wrath of people over rumours, I tend to be sympathetic towards people who are treated harshly, especially when it’s based on unfounded rumours.”

Bushiri’s  church is one of the fastest rising in Southern Africa.

Banda said he was impressed with the Monday fellowship at Bushiri’s church.

“They call it a diplomatic service. I like the teachings and the ideas shared to the gathering.The beauty about it is that it happens on a day that I, as a Catholic normally don’t go to church. Otherwise I can’t say more than that. Issues of faith are supposed to be private.

“Actually, I came here for personal reasons. And I just thought of going there to fellowship. I have attended two Monday services where about 10 000 people gather for prayers. It was during that first time that I took a picture with BJ [veteran politician Brown Mpinganjira] and Ralph Kasambara. But I must say that when I went to ECG, I felt proud as a Malawian to note that it was a son of our soil who makes thousands of people around the world come together and pray,” he said.

During Sunday services, people line up just to enter the church, he said

“The queues are long, with 45 000 plus people attending services, according to the information I have gathered. How I wish it was happening in my country,” he explained.

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Mr banda is OK to admire the prophet, because the prophet has got higher anointing. It is good that he has realised Major 1 is a true prophet, so he is blessed. Major 1, you are a blessing to many people, through prophetic channel, a lot of people have been served and I believe a lot have been served there in South Africa, because it is 1 to 1 with you.You are a blessing .May our good Lord give you more days on this earth, so that many should come to understand how close you are to our Lord Jesus… Read more »
Alfred Minjo

Surely Lucius do not take my respect, trust and admiration on you for this nonsense. What has gone wrong with you? I agree with someone already that there is a lot to be desired for than this…..


Trust God Indeed My Brother Lucius, Thats Good!


Hey dont trast peopel,jast kno who you’r and wat ur das all,

Billy collings

Vuto ndiloti,kukacha mumasakasaka zochita anzanu moti muzipanga zanu.bandas choice is not your choice.make your own choie,good luck band!


Mwadya za ma kadi tu bwana. Akufakani chi slice cha cheese, inu kulawa mwati eehe, kodi izi zimachokela nso ku mkata?


Everyday you are saying Bushiri is bad&yet your relatives are eating his maize,hypocrites.

Well,thats the degree of your faith Honourable Banda and I agree with you that spiritual matters are very private,with me i also love the prophet though `am a member of Zambezi evangelical churh.Major1 is my spiritual father and my spirit is always connected to his anointing,that is why my life changed from wolrdly things to spiritual life.We as Malawi nation,has rejected what God gave,that is why we are in this bad state because of our disobedient.Whether we like it or not prophets were there,we have them and they will be there.In our human life we are led by presidents,kings ,chiefs… Read more »
BJ Daza

Kodi a Chris Daza ndi Brown Mpinganjira, kodi mulipo abale inu? Moni kwa inu awiri.


Lucius! don’t take away my respect for you please, there is a lot to be desired and admired but not this.

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