I beg to differ with JB’s statement on cashgate, rigging

There have been mixed feelings on what former president Joyce Banda has said through her statement which she issued some days ago in defence against accusations by Cashgate convicts and suspects that she was the master-mind of the plunder that cost government K13 billion.

Political foes: Joyce Banda and Peter Mutharika

Political foes: Joyce Banda and Peter Mutharika

Her statement is as long and winding just as it is half-baked, emotional and speculative. Rare, and very rare, has a person that once served in the country’s Presidency been so obsessed with issuing statements the way Madame Banda does.

Not that she has no liberty to do so but the frequency and repetition of what she believes are her facts is lame and not in accordance with how the majority of Malawians look at her two-year leadership which was curtailed by a decisive vote of no confidence from Malawians on May 20, 2014.

The former leader seems to mix personal issues with national discourse in one basket while labouring to convince Malawians that her mistakes in office can be compensated by what she has faced as a human. It leaves many in total wonder when Madame JB thinks that what she experienced as Vice President between 2009 and 2012 is a recurring event that erases her subsequent sins to Malawians.

Much as she might had problems with her former boss, late Professor Bingu, it does not automatically mean that she should transfer her anger to the current President simply because of heredity.

Cashgate, without dragging in sympathetic maneuvers, is already a huge dent on a woman who the international community followed and adored as a messiah. As such, Madame Banda needs to tread with caution when she tries to take herself out of the equation.

Which is wiser for her between denying her involvement using legally non-sanctioned Public Relations statements or coming back home to be a witness in the court of law as has been demanded by at least five Cashgate suspects and convicts? She must not think that Malawians are
daft on where their taxes went under her regime.

Daily Times newspaper reported months ago that the Peoples Party regime coincided with K350 billion of the K577 billion query which covers the period between 2009 and 2014. Based on such query details, is it hard for Joyce Banda to see that -besides the K13 billion that her party officials and sympathizers helped steal- she shoulders more of the burden when it comes to the plunder of public resources?

So, the more she issues statements when Cashgate convicts mention her involvement the more she makes us all wonder what she is really hiding.

Going by her recent statement which is targeted at Mrs Treza Namathanga Senzani, it shows that Joyce Banda is one being who lives under the paranoia that government is busy holding meetings with Cashgate convicts and suspects to drag her into mud.

Take note that the main undoing for Joyce Banda is how she uses her tongue. The same
way she backed key suspect Paul Mphwiyo as an angel soon after he was shot is the same way she is trying to dismiss Senzani’s assertions before finding the truth about the discussions that are said to have taken place between party and government officials.

What if, in the course of time, it is found that really Senzani spoke to the people she mentions and they told her what she says they said? Would JB be bold enough under those circumstances to correct her facts?

Any sane and wise person waits to gather all the details of what happened before denying things that might have happened behind her back. It is this kind of behaviour that vindicates her past
actions like when she expressed knowledge of who shot Mphwiyo and why.

Another hole in JB’s statement is about what happened during the 2014 Tripartite elections.

Eighteen months after the elections it is only JB among all the Presidential candidates who seems to have not accepted that power changed hands. No wonder she -time and again- finds reasons to tell
Malawians that President Peter Mutharika rigged his way to State House. She might want to be reminded that when credible pollsters such as Afrobarometer forecast the return of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to power, her team were cooking surveys showing that she was going to win by some 44 percent of the popular vote.

Despite some administrative challenges of the electoral process, the outcome was what all credible analysts hinted. By now Joyce Banda should know that even a recount would have proved that the DPP were winners of the election. It then smacks of prolonged mental shock for Madame JB to parade social media hearsay by one Ligomeka who claims the election was rigged simply because he was hired to help man the DPP tally centre.

Who in this country does not know that all the political parties had their own tally centres sanctioned by Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to verify the vote count across the country? Whether the DPP mounted 50 or 100 computers at Professor Mutharika’s residence or not is not enough to prove anything about a rigged vote.

Still on elections should we really labour to educate Madame Joyce Banda that Malawi has never conducted electronic voting before?

Why then would votes be stolen when they have already been counted and all political parties, official broadcasters and other stakeholders have already verified the figures and submitted them to the national tally centre? JB should be told -may be for the final time – that the technical fault with MEC transmission technology only helped delay her embarrassment.

Even had the results trickled in within hours she still was going to lose that election as miserably as was the case. The statements from her office will continue to trickle in every time her name is mentioned in relation to Cashgate but surely her coming home is what will put all this to rest.

  • The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Nyasa Times
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62 thoughts on “I beg to differ with JB’s statement on cashgate, rigging”

  1. Mlomwe says:

    He is a lomwe writer

  2. DOBO says:

    Nothing sensible l can get from this writer.What real this guy trying to say? What message is he trying to pass and to whom?

  3. To Patriotic Malawians, What Has Been Said By The Author Is Really Echoing What Have Been Said By Suspects And Jb Herself On Cashgate And Mphwiyo Shooting, Jet Sell,rotten Maize,suspension Of Same Sex Criminalisation In Our Constitution, 49%devaluation Of The Kwacha, Albashir Outburst,hero Worshiping On Lutepo’s Fleet Of Vehicles Donation In Kasungu 2012 These And Many Other Citations. The Harlot Jebezebel Should Learn To Tame Her Tonque,avoid Hysterical And Immotional Decisions And Outbursts Otherwise Expect More Amusing And Mesmerising Singles And Albums In 2016. Am Out- Argument!

  4. titus says:

    ubatamatama ndithu, even writing here is a waste of time, this government needs people who can go on the streets and sit down for weeks for them to resign and form a unity government . without that we wont stop crying …pple

  5. nenazako says:

    Koma Ndiye JB is a threat to the current adm. We don’t want to hear about JB but what Government is gonna do about the ailing economy

  6. Wapamtima says:

    mlembi I think ndiwe mlendo. next time plz usadzalembeso nkhani yopusa ngati iyi. MAY GOD FORGIVE YOU.

  7. Mwa wa Ma says:

    DPP zealot uyu. Kuonetseratu kuti ndi zealot wa Dpp.

  8. davie moyo says:

    We can not understand JB any more,why, she told malawian dat she knowz who shoot mphwiyo,but latter she denied. Masten, come and defend urself here

  9. Winford Saka says:

    Tell Her The Truth.

  10. keyboard says:

    Mfana Hancy, are you saying people must continue to sin because there is NOBODY who have never sinned before? This is warped thinking that will not take the country anywhere.
    Arrest the fat thief!!!!!
    I dont think Jesus meant that prostitution should continue because all those who wanted to throw stones at the sinful woman had sinned or fornicated before. He just meant we should forgive from a spiritual point of view. But thieving state resources in neither religious nor biblical. hence the state must punish such thieves using state instruments(not biblical quotations) When we find a thief, surely we can cast stones on him or her.

  11. To be honest Joyce Banda is not clean just like all our former presidents. But why is Joyce Banda dragged to court when Muluzi’s corrupt case being dropped. This why I hate our country we are not objective in the way we manage issues. No wonder we will remain the poorest of the poor with this kind of approach to governance. Both Joyce, Muluzi and late Bingu must be investigated so records are put straight.

  12. Mwenecho says:

    Kkkkkkkk, this is schoolboy presentation kkkkkkk

  13. Balamanthu says:

    Akulu-you have been paid by DPP.This so called your party is a party of SERIOUSCASHGATE,GROSS NEPOTISM, THUGGERY AND REIGNS WITH TERROR.This is what Bingu instituted and unleashing senseless ,incoherent arguments you make in your note just exposes the party you belong to and how shallow it is.STOP the CRAP!

  14. Blunt Truth says:

    Peter Mutharika is failing. The economy is in shambles and this man has no clue how to deal with the economy. During the campaign he lied to Malawians that he is going to bring prosperity. What he has achieved is to bring misery to Malawians. He should resign.

  15. mapwiya says:

    “Akulu lindani madzi apite ndiye muziti ndadala”…Lets wait for K577 billion forensic audit results and you will know who is fooling who…Its an open secret that sometimes state machinery like the Police and ACB are used to victimize political opponents yet they (govt) is actively involved in the vice.

    Corruption started way back even during colonial era down to all governments we have had, that is why 51years down the line Malawi still remains one of the poorest countries in the world. For the past 51years we have had donor support and even Malawians had and are still paying taxes heavily. In fact Malawi is one countries that its citizen are heavily taxed.

    As a country do we scrutinize and audit the national budget? Are we sure that all the money allocated to the budget is used for intended purpose? In Malawi corruption is in every sector of our society, from grass roots, districts, regional and up to national level.

  16. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Please JB account for JET FUNDS, CRUDE OIL FUNDS. You kept on making contradicting statements with your Ministers indicating that there was no truth about it.

  17. Anthu akuda says:

    UDF invented corruption, DPP 1 perfected corruption, PP sustained corruption and DPP is reorganizing corruption.

  18. more $ says:

    Cheap propaganda. Useless article indeed.

  19. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    Typical of Authors who write with a preconcieved mind and are disconnected from unbiased analytical frame of mind. No individual( including the Author of this article) can stay quite while his/ her personal respect and integrity is being attacked or dented. JB as a human being cannot stay quite while her detractors are using the media and not courts to damage her personal respect and integrity. The best Malawians can hope for is to make the Government fast track investigations into the Mk577 billion and other issues so that we see who is fooling who. Political propaganda and blackmail over these issues won’t help Malawians.

  20. Phiri says:

    Akulu article inayamba bwino iyo koma kenako mwaphwisiramo zonunkha za DPP, kubibanso mpedzepedze pompo. Galu bwanu ndithu.

  21. James kotoki says:

    There is no sense in this article.firstly you know that peter did not win the election and every Malawian knows that including peter himself so if you are talking about vote of no confidence that’s total bullshit.Peter is as useless as he looks and you can’t compare him with JB.you know how things were in Malawi when she took over and within months things were back to normal,look at your mathanyula

  22. nyayo says:

    Kkk,no one is clean here.

  23. Bwande says:

    Good points but lacking in objectivity. JB is a thief, but sugar coating DDP is another sin. Mbendera knows the wrongs about the 2014 elections

  24. kasim says:

    whether mapenzi is a female or male. your article clearly shows how inebriated you are in your mind. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had not walked in the university corridors. You have exuded all traits of a dull mind supported by quota system. Fuck

  25. Luwunga selewa says:

    This writer is stupid & insane. How on earth can he say DPP won the election that even Mbendera himself admits that he helped to rigge. Ntchewe yawaka ntchene iyi. Ofcourse JB didn’t win, just as it is also true that DPP also lost.

  26. Matako says:

    Absolutely nonsense! The writer lack objectivity demanded by the nature of accusations put forward by Joyce Banda. Whether by design or fault Joyce Banda is innocent until this clueless government lays charges on her. The writer who appears to be a sympathizer of the current government tries to convince us that Muthalika is not a party to the rigging and the looting that took place during his brother’s reign.

  27. Nambewe says:

    very well written Mr Banda! This woman was the most destructive president Malawi has ever had! she has ambition to do well but she has not capacity to do so!instead of getting realstic she blames everuy body else around her! Vernomous! she is like a cancer! she can’t go away because she wants the downfall of Peter Mutharika!

    Joyce Banda if you are reading this please let go! it’s not the Mutharikas that suffer because of your incompetence! its not the Mutharikas that suffer because of your vindictiveness! its not the Mutharikas that suffer because of your ignorance! Its Malawians that suffer! Give us a chance!no matter how hard you try you will a;lways go down as the worst president Malawi has ever had!I never thought anybody could beat Muluzi at that!

    you annoy me Joyce Banda!you are exceptionally destructive!

  28. Ngosi says:

    Joyce Banda must have her brains in her knees. Her feet speak before her mouth. That head is empty. Mamina okha okha

  29. Tonny says:

    Such an idiot you are! Where do you live? Under a rock? What do you mean when you say only JB believes that the votes were stolen? You are such a shallow head twit. MCP/Kabwila always talks about the DPP robbing/rigging of votes every single day. Infact, no sane Malawian believes that DPP really won the votes, even by that meager margin they got. So shut the F&@$ up! Find other ways to boost your career other than selling your soul!

  30. Sia says:

    It’s unfortunate such a writer up, lacking substance and analysis, comes on Nyasa Times. It’s because it’s against a particular party or individual, but because it does not take the readers anywhere dipper than what JB says.
    It is simply part of the beer hall discussion.

    I like Zikagwa’s comment which is quite critical and would have qualified for a column.
    Let’s work to build our nation. Let’s teach politicians that Malawi is for more than 15 million people not just those who are in they orange, blue, green or whatever colors. These are the people who are supposed to be accountable to the 15 million Malawians. If you start defending them for the sake of it, it is not them who will suffer, it is the 15 million Malawians, including you and me who will suffer.
    We have one Malawi, let everyone entrusted with public office work with all diligence, commitment, and honesty as if it were there on company and not as if Malawi is borrowed.
    ‘Anthu awa ndi amodzi, yina PP, yina deputy PP (DPP).

  31. Mapuya says:

    Amazingly I find this article missing the point. The author speaks like is doing such on behalf of his pay master somewhere. Malawian puzzle continues to worry most malawians

  32. Maliko says:

    Let’s support This Government as they fight against corruption

  33. Nkhonjera says:

    Awa a Joyce musatitopetse come back home

  34. Chiima says:

    Bwana APM tiyeni tigwire ntchito uyu atichedwetsa

  35. Soko says:

    Let’s us support Peter Muthalika Awa a Joyce analuza avomereze

  36. Zikagwa says:

    I do agree with some points highlighted in this article. But I strongly disagree on the author’s position regarding the conduct and outcome of the elections. You can’t deny there are many questions than answers in view of the 2014 vote. The conduct and unexplained fires on the MEC warehouse, the irregularities, etc all add doubts to APM’s ascendancy to power. Let’s leave that for another day and it only puts your objectivity to question. DPP is not clean even in issues of looting public funds!!!

    On Abiti JB’s rhetoric, well, much as there is some sense in what she tries to point at, it’s clear that JB is a troubled woman. Someone running away from some truth to do with fishy dealings that she knows well of. First she run out claiming to undertake to some engagements to do with her foundation. Then she says she cannot come back for fear of her security. Later she says there is no house for her. Then she declines an offer of a house saying it’s of low standard. Now she says someone is being pressurised to implicate her and lushes out in defense. Signs of a fugitive in panic just like her nephew Chanthunya who is also in exile for killing Linda Gasa.

    Abiti if she knew that Senzani built a mansion not in line with her income, why did she maintain her as a PS? Why did she not institute an investigation right away when she had all the powers? If she knew DPP messed up during Bingu, why didn’t she embark on an investigation there and then when she assumed presidency? Mind you, she was a vice president during Bingu and an influential cabinet member during Bakili. Her stressing on K577bn is surely as a result of her experience in looting.

    JB accepted a donation of 200 cars from Lutepo we heard. She labeled them as WELL WISHERS. She publicly defended and praised Paul Mphwiyo soon after his shooting. Blinding us to think Mphwiyo is a saint. Yet, Mhwiyo is a fucken pinnacle of the K20bn looting during her shot stint in office. We all heard that. Surely it is a lack of seriousness for someone to wholly believe in her firefighting antics.

    The problem with politicians is that they try to give themselves immunity from prosecution. Any mention or questioning of their criminal involvement is quickly labeled as political persecution. It pains to say it is this kind of thinking that we are still so retarded as a country. ZIMANDIWAWATU!!! FOTSEKI!!!

  37. Thindwa Lapken says:

    JB had no strategies that’s why she lost miserably

  38. levelheaded says:

    Bravo Thom Chiumia for accepting this article to be featured on nyasatimes. Sometimes is good to balance these articles just to feel appreciated by overall society.

    Sometimes I dought the credibility of this former woman President. How can somebody who was once the head of state be ushering these unnecessary press releases on sensitive issues like that? Or she is aware that she will not win once brought before the court of law thus preempting everything to buy sympathy?

    Her days are really numbered.

  39. Kachipande says:

    Inu APM anawina osanamizana

  40. Mukwapu says:

    APM won please accept and come yo answer Cashgate issues

  41. Mzomera says:

    Iwe Joyce just come back and answer charges and accept that Prof APM won with landslide

  42. Why have you guys decided to give Mapanzi Banda a page to mess??

  43. I don’t even see your argument or either where you differ with JB on this long and boring status of yours Mapenzi Banda.

    Pardon me please. But status is empty no any applicable point.
    I thought kuti mwina upanga point out some of JBs points in her statement and discredit it.

  44. Chipeta says:

    Uyu anaba ndalama nanga uli Ali kuchimbira

  45. Longwe M says:

    Joyce Banda must come home and answer charges

  46. Mwana Mai says:

    DPP cohorts and all well-wishers; pluck a leaf from the wise men of the olden days. The famous leader and politician, Winston Churchill once said and I quote “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every DOG that barks” – end of quote. I therefore urge the current ruling party to concentrate on real issues and leave the barking dogs continue barking until Kingdom come because they have nothing to do other than waking up each morning n’kumakanda!!!

  47. Peter Muthalika says:

    zomwe akunena JB zonsezo ndizowona kungoti wakamba nthawi yolakwika

  48. The Analyst says:

    . . . JB is just a miserable, lonely lady who is now enslaved by a prolonged mental shock, as already stated; coz she misses home. That’s all.
    . . .As such, she will do anything and everything just to pick up on some people so that she is responded to, hence feel connected.
    . . . Sadly since there is nothing she is doing, her days are long and she has plenty of time to waste. Sadly on our part, we have not the time to waste.
    I wish someone could tell this Joyce Banda that if she has plenty of time to waste talking a lot of nothing; ife we don’t have. And it will do her more good to keep her misery and loneliness to herself; and we refuse to be party to it.
    After all,
    . . . Who made her leave Malawi, but herself?
    . . . Who chased her home but the fear of her own shadow of actions?

  49. Hancy says:

    Amene sanachimwepo ayambe kugenda!

  50. bomdia says:

    beg to differ but thats the genesis

  51. Munyalika says:

    JB ndi power Peter will not rule Malawi forever izakwana nthawi zizawoneka

  52. Wadyera says:

    Bwera kuno Joyisi uzatiuze amene anaombera bamboo Mphwiyo. Komanso uzatiuze amene anaba ndikukukugayilani ndalama poti inu simunabe koma anangokugaiyirani! Malamulo atiuza kuti ogayilidwa alibe mulandu koma amene anabawo! kikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  53. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Leave this stoopid woman be. She is being punished right here on earth!

  54. Suzen says:

    Musamavutike nkuchiyankha chi joisichi

  55. chikhadzula says:

    Zoooona mastern tangobwelani tsopano it has been a long tym madam, Atcheya akakhala khala ankabwelatu y nt u. Jst come home mama.

  56. kenkkk says:

    That is why I say all of them are thieves,udf,bingu dpp,pp and Peter dpp.

    It is wrong for the writer to seem to protect dpp and solely blame jb for the plunder of govt money.

    You say 350bn was stolen during jb reign of 2012-2014, but you don’t tell us who stole the remaining 227bn? Is that not dpp’s thieving portion and probably the reason they don’t want to carry out the forensic audit as quickly as possible, dragging their feet on the 577bn?

  57. Hehehede says:

    Mai JB learn to be quite you talk too much madame. Bwelani kuno seweri tidzakuoneni . Chipani chanu chikutha ngati ma curtains aku kitchen. Come home and talk to the media while you are here. Ukuopa chani?

  58. Amon says:

    Please madam come and talk to us live

  59. Truck says:


  60. Nthandalanda says:

    @Mapenzi Banda, Iweyo uzingodya ndalamazo but time will come when all this will come to halt and the haunters will be haunted. Mulungu si ankolo ako kapena anga ayi. Ask your uncle why he is not releasing the MK 577 billion cashgate report? Why the Chasowa report is not out? Why the Njauju report is not out? You can not see some truth but we malawians know it. Just enjoy your blue cakes and dont make noise here. Ngati zako zili bwino, thank your God and enjoy!

  61. chindaxi says:

    Madame Banda…. Come home and talk to us osati on the media news zakozo. Ukuopa chain…… Bwelani and defend yourself…

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