I cannot be intimidated – Kamlepo

Rumphi East member of Parliament (MP) Kamlepo Kalua (People’s Party-PP) has said no amount of intimidation or harassment will deter him from carrying out the constitutionally prescribed duties of a legislator.

Kamlepo:   cannot be intimidated!; in the service of this country, I can't!; it is too late!

Kamlepo: cannot be intimidated!; in the service of this country, I can’t!; it is too late!

Kamlepo told the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government in parliament not to intimidate him when he gives checks and balances in the National Assembly.

He was reacting to what Leader of the House Francis Kasaila remarks that the United Democratic Front (UDF) administration used to reward Kalua, but the DPP government would not do that.

“You have got to be very careful because I was among the people who brought multiparty democracy. I cannot be intimidated by anybody,” said Kalua.

“ I know why I fought for multiparty democracy and nobody can intimidate me. And I say nobody!”

He continued: “And when I start, it will be sad for the DPP government, and you know about it, they know about it. Let’s be fair and reasonable when it comes to national development. National unity should be a priority.”

Kalua in his contribution to the State Opening of Parliament Address made by President Peter Mutharika on Friday, accused the government of turning a blind eye to its own extravagance through the purchase of vehicles he claimed were worth K4 billion ($7,142,857).

He claimed that the Executive had spent K650 million to buy top-of-the-range Toyota Prado VX models for the presidential convoy and four Toyota Landcruiser V8 models for the Vice-President.

Kalua also alleged that the Executive bought 10 Toyota Prados for senior officials and 30 vehicles of a similar make for principal secretaries in government.

“ If they want evidence, I have it including chassis numbers,” Kalua said.

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66 thoughts on “I cannot be intimidated – Kamlepo”

  1. george says:

    5. distribution of 5oo treddle pumps to irrigation farmers from Chihanga to Jalawe
    6Rehabilitation of a primary school at Bunga in Jalawe
    7. Solar power at Jalawe health Center
    8. Rehabilitation of Nchenga primary school
    9. Meintainance works at Chiweta primary school
    10. Maintanance of water system at Chitimba hospital
    11. solar project at Chitimba hospita


  2. george says:

    kamleepoooooooooo tchweeeee mnwana tchweeeeeee

  3. Kenkkk says:

    They keep telling us there is no money, yet they spend billions on cars. They are lying, we have money in Malawi to fulfill all Public services.

    They are lying that we don’t have money so that they steal more for their greedy self-enrichment because they know that people have already been brainwashed into believing that we don’t have money. They are therefore taking advantage by stashing their pockets with our money.

    Thieves and thugs forever these dpp mutants.

  4. Kavuluvulu says:

    Tiyenawo mwana wakwithu,Kamulepo.

  5. Yamwe ake Chibisa says:

    More PAYE from the poor benefit the top Government management wosauka ndiwosakabee. There is god in heaven akuwona you will answer one day

  6. New generation says:

    Kalua is correct coz it is our taxes most Malawian civil servants are heavily taxed no wonder we are poorer than a church mouse. DDP should not take us for granted however avoid tribalism.

  7. Katundu Katundu says:

    Mlauzi, u seem to be educated. But 1 of the things ihate in my lyf is nt to subscribe to ur cultural values. Yes u Lhomwe thank you, but if r a half cast n u grew up in the other half, dnt disturb others. Is it wrong to have Mthetho wa angoni, Kulambira for Chewas? Whats wrong with Mlhakho? Noh plz go n subscribe. Anation without culture is lyk atree without roots my dear..

  8. johnM says:

    my bazooka! hit them hard. these are thieves. one big thief once bragged that he is a millioner ! my foot! millioniers do not hand over green cards to usa govt in order to qualify for presendential elections. only poor educated thieves do that after a careful cost_benefit analysis.

  9. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Tribalism is for uneducated ans sometimes even educated savages. Ka dziko kake katiko koti kugawikana mitundu. Umphawi uli tho!!!

  10. Mlauzi says:

    Malawi belongs to all of us irrespective of our tribes. Kodi za mitunduzi ndi zichani ndipo zimathandiza chani? Zingothandiza ovoteredwayotu basi. Whether he/ she is a performer or not zikukhala ngati sizikutikhuza bola akhale wa mtundu wathu. No wonder we are now the poorest country in the world.

    I am a Lomwe but do not subscribe to this Mhlako nonsense!!!!!! Let`s have a collective sense of nationalism – u Malawi, as opposed to u Chewa, u Sena , u Tumbuka, u Tonga, u Yao, u Lomwe etc

  11. Mlauzi says:

    Kamlepo freedom fighter Kalua, yes you cannot be ntimidated. I vividly recall those days when you together with Shyley Kondowe stood up to Dr Banda. Give us the details of the vehicles.

  12. Captain Mediocrity says:

    Mtumbuka1, you are in fact just another person who shows your tribalistic nature. By your name I assume you identify yourself as a Mtumbuka before you call yourself a Malawian. Shameful that you feel you are the one who should even say anything related to tribalism.

  13. Mngoni weniweni says:

    Big up Omex 70. it just shows that ndiwe munthu wozindikira . in this age what do you achieve practising tribalism.Some people just have hatred for notherners. Malawi is one and let’s unite for our betterment. Kamlepo was talking about the betterment of all Malawians and not northeners

  14. weezy baby says:

    kamulepo is saying the truth cuz zikumatiwawa mukumatidula misonkho yambirimbiri nde mzitionongera ndalama sibho koma shame on u

  15. Omex70 says:

    I am from the south, but i feel pity for you Kadabwali #15 or whatever you call yourself. You need to use your brain properly before you utter rubbish here. Malawi is one. People like you who speak ill of other tribes are not wanted in Malawi. How I wish you were not born in Malawi. Please don’t show your stupidity here man.

  16. Kamlepo wakhwana man auze anyani awa. says:

    Kamlepo waphalira wambwengo awa.

  17. Mngoni weniweni says:

    you so called Mzee. you are so stupid. why you blame northerners on everything. northeners are pple who think and not just clap hands for stupid politicians. This is why they did not vote for Aford when Chihana disappointed them. secondly you need to know that Malawi is for everyone. may be u dont know, mtundu uliwonse muno kaya ndi alomwe, ayawo etc tinachita akubwera. this land was for akafula. nde ukamati northeners zipitani kwanu, ukutanthauza chani. Galu, mbuli yachabe chabe. olo mutani simudzamuponderrza mtumbuka coz mtumbuka works hard

  18. Jacobs says:

    You are a BIG and Great man u know what is the best for this country.u fought hard for the multiparty and some of these dpp,s were not even there.

  19. Asant'e says:

    If we could have people like Mr Kamiulepo the North would develop so quickly. Not dyela like Goodall Gondwe. Mbuzi yamunthu!!!!!!!

  20. Mzee says:

    Freedom fighter i hope you dont stay in either LL or BT otherwise you would be stupid. Here is free advice for northerners. Move to the north and ensure that none of you dhall ever syep his/her foot outside the north. I have always wondered why people who are the most educated in the world are failing to develop their region. I believe strongly if all educated northerners confined themselves Mzuzu would by now rival either Dubai or Songapore. Chonde fzipitani asakunyozeni agalu awa.

  21. Freedom Fighter says:

    I want to make it clear that an independent North will overtake Malawi comprising of the South and Centre and still the reigning poorest on earth. Having lowered the bar so low, southerners and their colleagues are not surprisingly content with the status quo taking Blantyre and Lilongwe as developed cities. Shame! We will show you primitive people with inferior cultures what development is all about when we break away from your stupid Poorest Country in the World!!

  22. Clement says:

    Kamlepo, do you remember what the late mutharika told you? DPP govt can’t waste time with fortune seekers like you and you can’t even intimidate anyone in DPP camp if you don’t trust me try to talk nonsense. Fuck you

  23. chawanangwa says:

    Phodo or whoever u are. Why do you refuse for north malawi to secede? It’s because u know they will develop within a year and u will be a laughing stock with your south. Foolish person with nothing in the head! Kamlepo has the right to criticize govt

  24. Zenko says:

    That’s the Kamlepo I have known all these years since the dawn of multipartism. Amasule matchona ochomola nyama anzawo atapha kale.

  25. DPP MBUZI says:

    Keep it up Kamlepo, i know you can do it, auze obelawa komanso zikuwakanika mbuzi za DPP IZI.

  26. One Malawi One Nation says:

    We Malawians are funny people. We like dividing ourselves at the same time we claim to be a Christian country , which, as such Christianity is wholly embedded on unity, love, no ethnic boundaries or regional boundaries. When God sees us, he looks at us as one, one family, one malawi, not based on the all sorts of the hatched ………….isms associated with dividing the entire nation into a ununified entity.

    Fellow Malawians if we claim to be Christians and carry our bibles going to the churches on appointed days pretending to be Christians yet deep down in our hearts watering the seeds of hatred towards our fellow tribes men then we should know that it doesn’t please God. Our nation can not surely prosper in this way. Malawi is just a small country which if divided into tribal and regional lines, it will not see prosperity.

    We first need to deal away with all these lines and we will see our country prospering. Neither do we need to celebrate on the expense of others nor spit venom on our kinsmen. Look at Tanzania, a big country but unshakenely United under one umbrella of umoja wa utaifa. These guys are ahead of us because they are not concentrating on petty issues but on big things. They know that no any tribe is superior to another.
    Let’s strive to create a one Malawi one nation whether based on federation or unitary state. Tribalism will not add any value to our endeavour s. Let’s comment where it deserves to comment objectively.

  27. mtumbuka1 says:

    People like gadabwali commenting shit here uses their assholes to think. By the way, how old are you? You seem to know nothing about the history of your own country and you don’t know the tumbukas you are attacking are the ones who brought you that freedom and now you have the audacity to talk shit about them. I pity your mother she could have aborted you or she could have sit her ass on you since you are a useless creature just like your stupid president. No wonder when you live in Blantyre to you, you are living in new York how pathetic! The south you are bitching about is the poorest region, the highly populated due to poor child spacing, the region with the most illiterate people, the region with the most stupid people. If I would decide to live in Malawi again I can not live in your so called south. Kamlepo had a point but just because you( just like the rest of the lomwe people)are stupid, you decided to attack all the tumbukas. In future don’t just write staff that will expose your stupidity.

  28. Chimbwindyanga says:

    Anthu akumpoto atani,olo iwe wayankhula kuti mumatilemba ntchito bwera uzaone zomwe alomwe anzako akupanga kuno.Ife tikangosiya kulima fodya iwe ndi abale ako muzipanga chani.If we’re there but u wont see us kumamulimira munthu,refrain from abusing anthu akumpoto becoz even if govt cant develop it,we’re developing ourself come and see karonga for example.Leave Kamlepo coz he has right to do so as an individual,a member of paliament to question the govt like anyother member and as a malawian citizeni.Ife ndi anthu apakati ndife ogwilizana musatidanise

  29. ndata says:

    When are naming this clueless idoit “Ngwazi”? Is he not fit to be one?

  30. Ntchona says:


  31. kadamanja says:

    Really you fought for Democracy, where was this Mtchona Pitala ? tell them and crash their balls, tell them to be careful i am with on that. I am an ex soldier, i will be with you. The government should share the cake equally. K amulepo tell them tiswane basi. I am liking you buddy.

  32. robert says:

    Iwe Gadabwali, sudziwakuti ife atumbuka ndife amene tilimuzintchito zabwino? ,tilindima plot anyumba zabwino, tikumakulembani ntchito, ndife amene tikunjoya pa town pano . Koma inu a lhomwe tazipyani ndi dzuwa ukumukugulitsa mbatata zootcha, nthochi ,thobwa ndi chisembwele mtauni. Akapolo inu.

  33. Happening Boy says:

    Gadabwali, tumbukas are employed in office and factories unfortunately tumbukas come to Thyolo, Mulanje and Machinga to Rumphi and Mzimba where you are turned to tractors, alimi dzina labwino amati mate anti. Go to Rumphi or part of Mzimba and visit your relations in estates and see how many if your relatives Harry Mkandawire is feeding after running away from hunger from your lomwe, you should feel sorry for yourself. You are one of the worst and disgracing tribe Malawi has, I appreciate senas only that they are badly hit by floods but they are better chifukwa uchitsiru omathawa kwawo kumakalima kwa eni sikwenikweni. Just get into a bus and ho collect your relatives akuvutika heavy mdidzuwa uli.

  34. MaKopa says:

    Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the best of the best in democracy fire burn them. Kalua

  35. ben phiri says:

    More fire kamlepo

  36. Myao says:


  37. Chibanja tv says:

    Is it a fight of words or a real one? if not then Machende ako wamva! Nanga osakana bwanji kuti a UDF amakupasa kangachepe bwanji?

  38. vilimmwera says:

    a 15 a Gadabwali mwaonjeza, why so tribalistiic, alomwe amatengedwa ever year mma truck kukalima kumafarmu akumpoto timawanena? nanga munaonapo galimoto yochoka kumwera kukatenga malebala kumpoto? chonde alomwe lamulirani myundu onse wa malawi pomwe mtumbuka akuzunza ana anu kumpoto mumaesteti afodya. muzakhala malebala a atumbuka mukugaula mafarm awo moyo wanu onse ngati inu asogoleri simuwachitira kenakake abale anuwa. u cant c that yur relatives akuvutika mmaesteti afodya bcoz inu mukusamba pabwino.

  39. Sapitwa says:

    That’s true though it pains him. Muluzi used to give him money because of his threats.He never saw any tambala from DPP inspite of applying the same tactics he did with Muluzi.Lero watuwa that’s why he is barking!
    No man is larger than a nation and these are toothless threats befitting brutes and not legislatures. Zoti muzikamba za nzeru ndi ma allowance mukuthawo mukukamba za chitosi. Only fools can entertain this!

  40. MWASUWA says:

    Ana achepa amenewo!!! come on the legend tili pambuyo pako. chwe mwana-chwe 2019 wooo!!!!

  41. Mtunda says:

    Mmmmmmmh! there,s nothing u can emmulate from kamlepo. those who mixed/interacted may agree. he impresses when he utters issues convincingly. but with time u may tell the type of he is! eloquent yes, but without much truth. accountability is his major challenge. no wonder, he deregitered his for good reason i suppose.

  42. Mazambani says:

    Can govt counter or challenge what Kalua has said? He has evidence. The fact that he has evidence means government has no case against him. Yakhani tuuuu! why are you quiet?

  43. International Observer says:

    Kamlepo finished his mine scholarship together with Shyly some years back and came back to Malawi thinking that people will be amused with their THEBA stint. After failing to get any recognition he resorted into being a thug in Blantyre until aChair sympathised with him and gave him a few Kwachas to kickstart a business but he instead expended the money on cannabis. Can’t he ask himself why he wasn’t playing a major role in politics after coming back from South Africa with nothing? People in his area where he comes from knew the sort of person he is made of hence nothing tangible came his way. Just last year he was propelled into the MP’s seat by Joyce Banda and today he wants to show the world that he is intelligent than the rest of Malawians, never Kamlepo. Democracy in Malawi was brought about by Malawians who went and voted massively to oust TAmbala Wakuda’s self imposed eternity leadership. Kamlepo single handedly contributed nothing except shouting nonsense whenever he held gatherings together with his friend. At least if he was a person of substance he should have been an MP during the first multi-party election when all MPs in the northern region belonged to AFORD but people weighed him and realised that he was no much against those who were there then. Today he is in parliament because those who mattered that time have since died that is why people have decided to go with Mphwepa zomwezo. Paja amati mbewa zikatha amanona ndi aswiswiri. Ndiye ndi izi tikuona ndi kumva lerozi. Mark my work, this is the first and last time he has ever tasted life in the Honourable House, next elections people will chose a person who will represent then pragmatically.

  44. Think Tank says:

    Ignore Kamlepo at your own peril. It is only who are ander 25 years who can belittle him. Those who were there during his Channel Africa days will remember the 7pm news. God gave each of us a role. Kamlepo’s is that of exposing secrets and he does it very well

  45. Hamu says:

    Kamlepo I say nobody indeed nobody indeed!!!!! these people were outside this country enjoy while you and other were challenging Kamuzu here. Viva kamlepo

  46. Kalua says:

    Yes, I want to agree with Mlowe that this guy is doing literally nothing in his constituency. I come from Zowo which is close to Mlowe where this guy called Kamlepo comes from. It is sad that his performance on the ground is zero. He likes making noise in Parliament apparently to get attention from his colleagues in the August house but go to Mlowe, Zowo, Zunga, Tcharo, Misuku, Old Salawe, Jalawe, Chiweta, Chitimba, Thekelo, Luwuchi, Chihanga, Mchenga and other places in his constituency, you will hear and see nothing that he is doing for the people who voted for him. VERY SAD!!

  47. malawi wane says:

    Bwana Kamlepo, do ur job. That is what you were created for, to speak for the voiceless. If u rise up it means Malawi has risen up. Ambiri a dpp sakuziwa mbiri ya malawi ndi ana ang’ono adakali ndi mamina. Sanakwime pa ndale. Bwana Chakwera work with Bwana Kamlepo to free malawi from dpp punishments. You the 2 plus some good minded malawians can bring change to malawi. dpp means devils poluted party. They have no mercy for humans. Mama Joice Banda come home and see how dpp(devils poluted party) has plundered the worth u hardly earned in just 2years.We miss u mama. Upon ur arrival on the airport just condole all malawians for the suffering they are going through under dpp. Remind malawians that when u were taking over government from dpp in the year 2012 the stuation was worse than this but things changed in just only 3months. Tell malawians that you together with malawians of good will still have solutions to change the economy of malawi.Malawi is behind U Mama! Malawi is behind Chakwera, Kamlepo!

  48. chibwana says:

    Inu achewa(alomwe)Nzeru mulibe munabetsa voti mukuzunzitsa mtundu was Malawi agalu inu.Ungonyoza basi atumbuka alakwa chani.Agalu inu osaphunzira mano anatha mkamwa.Chakwera ndi boma kaya ufune or usafune Osati enawa amangobwezeretsa chuma cha mudziko m’mbuyo.Anthu anzeru amapezeka Ku mpoto Galu iwe( Ntchewe)

  49. The real ujeni says:

    Kamlepo ndi DHILU!! All these politicians who have sprung out today from nowhere are cowards, without people like Kamlepo risking their lives to fight for multiparty democracy, most of these noise makers in government would not be where they are, some would still be hiding in America

  50. pixy says:

    OLE!!!!!! Crush his BALLS.I know you can do it Kamlepo.You have tackled big GUNS before and not these small time NEW Generation Gamblers who call themselves leaders .HORSESHIT!!!!!!

  51. GADABWALI says:

    A toothless snake. Kamlepo my foot. Unayambira ndale muja mpaka imvi choncho mtumbuka iwe sungazisiye? Palibe cholozeka wapangapo ntchito kubwebwetuka bakha iwe. Uwolane ndi atumbuka anzako azaza kumwera kuno ndi Ku centre mukakhale kwanu Ku mpoto muzikapanga zanu konko. Munayambira mfwee mfwee mfwee, mwapindula cha? Inutu si a Malawi ngati simudziwa. Inu ndi a Kapolo a ife a Lhomwe that’s why mumangobwera nokha Ku mwera kuno ife kumakulembani ntchito. Agalu Inu!!!

  52. Kenkkk says:

    Achimidzimidzi, you are a fool. What more evidence do you want? Are Peter, his cabinet, senior civil servants walking on foot? If not what is the cost of the cars the govt bought for them?

    At the end of the day, any govt expenditure whether by the opposition or parliament is the responsibility of the govt of the day. So the dpp govt is responsible for all the over expenditure and wasting of govt money in the entire govt with its all arms. The govt approved all exprnditures to all arms of govt and it is the dpp thugs govt which is to blame for excessive abuse of govt funds while the majority of Malawians are suffering.

    By attacking the opposition and parliament, you stupidly didn’t know that you were opening cans of worms. Is it not suicidal now you dpp thugs? Really brainless.

  53. tiwonge says:

    Tiye nazo Kamlepo.Auze amvetsetse,timathanso kupanga march kupita ku Sanjika amfunse Bakili Muluzi.Chwee mwana chweee.

  54. Milward Malidadi says:

    My goodness, not again!! Spare us from these theatrics. For once, can somebody attempt to communicate without making himself a subject of the matter? What is our problem? Do we really see ourselves as THE MEN? Are we really THE MEN? Come on, grow up!! Why can’t we zip our mouths to give people the benefit of doubt that we are wise? Do we really need to expose ourselves that we are naive? Surely, i will not allow you to waste my taxes pretending that you are one BIG person in the National Assembly. Show me one BIG person whoever vied for an elected office and i will show you one Lucifer who is holy!! BIG persons don’t vie for elected posts, they place people there and instruct them what to do. My goodness!!

  55. Mlowe says:

    This man is doing nothing in his constituency. Ask people from Rumphi East constituency, they will agree.

  56. phodo says:

    Nobody will intimidate you and no body will buy you two coasters. For what ? No body will start bigger Chinese projects in your region. Nobody you give you federalism. No seccession at all. Finally you cant intimidate anybody except your fellow mbwenumbwenu.Agaru inu. All those who are making noise on sidelining north do not stay in north, they are in center but more are in south eating saucage here. Really Tumbukas are jealousy of south and its developments. I mean national ID is enough for you mbwenumbwenus. After all we thinking of removing everybody from north to center or south. North will just become a big farm for COMMERCIAL FARMING. That will mark the end of Tumbukas crying for Chinese projects in south. Imagine Chileka Airport reconstruction, Neno Coal Power Plant.
    Okey all projects from UK like Mary meals and national IDs will be coming to north for Kamulepo.All mega Chinese projects will be for south and partly for center. Hahahahahaha I am enjoying here.

  57. Long Dick says:

    Chwe! Mwana chwe! Very good at declassifying classified information! Be careful, he is holding somebody’s balls (BIG KAHUNA) and will crash them if you talk nonsense to him!

  58. Chipi says:

    Never,more especiall by DPP gurus after all ufumu wa DPP ukutha.

  59. Bandawe says:

    Kamlepo do your oversight role without fear, that’s why the people of Rumphi east elected you

  60. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Let Mr Kamlepo Kalua bring the evidence in parliament . we do not want speculations and petty accusations based on ego.

    These days we need stringent measures to our treasury, and no should provoke the public based personal ambitions like what Jappie Mhango does.

    Let the chassis numbers and all other details be made available to prove his point.

    Otherwise a Kasaira ndinu juvenile, if we compare with Kamlepo.

  61. dalitso says:

    Ameneyo yekha ndie simuthana naye afunseni a china dausi ali ma secret service a ngwazi anamulephera ali pa joni pompa apa. Ndi chwe mwana chwe ameneyo,, munthu wankulu komwe amapeza info inu simungakudziwe pamenepo ndie muvomereze kuti simuli limodzi m’bomamo ena ali momwemo koma ndiakazitape. Muyaluka.

  62. Miccateez says:

    Tata Kamurep0, mwara bamb0,,,,,, Pitara mumariza 0r mwaamba ckuti simucimariza,,,,,,,, mufika 2020,,,,,,, aaaaaa, rets wait,,

  63. SONG says:

    Amdala bambo, chwe mwana chwe!!!!

  64. Kkkkkk eeee koma zinazixo kuziona zopasa phwete!!. Peter aziwonera,

  65. John Snow says:

    I am liking you Kamlepo though you were cut from the same PP cloth which we rarely trust. The idea of accountability u have demonstrated here is awsome

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