I can’t die for Kasambara, only Jesus died for our sins – Manondo

Second accused person in the ongoing shooting case of former budget director Paul Mphwiyo, Pika Manondo has told the court that he did not tell cashgate prisoner Oswald Lutepo that he was prepared  to die for third accused person former justice minister Ralph Kasambara.

Manondo coming out of court -Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times

Manondo coming out of court -Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times

Manondo, who was responding to a question from Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mary Kachale, rejected claims by Lutepo that he denied to implicate Kasambara because he said he was ready to die to save him as a good friend.

He rebutted the statement as a fabrication by Lutepo, stating no person is worth dying for save Jesus Christ who died for us all to pay for human sins.

“I put it to you that you refuse to implicate the third accused [Kasambara because you were ready to die for as you reportedly told Mr Lutepo,” Kachale quizzed Manondo.

In response, Manondo said: “My lord that’s t a lie, I can’t die for Mr Kasambara, infact no one died for his friend save Jesus Christ who died for us all.”

Manondo also told the court that no one knows Lutepo much better than him, hinting that he is not credible and indeed a hostile witness.

He said it is sad that the State trust  Lutepo and is their  witness in some cases when he is not someone they can rely on as keep changing statements based on circumstances at that time.

Manondo, who most of time could be seen laughing during cross examination, also told the state never to trust Mphwiyo as he is also unreliable witness.

“I’m surprised that up to date you still trust Paul (Mphwiyo). Let me warn you here that if you still trust him, one day you shall wake up with crosses on your faces,” he told the court

When he was asked to repeat the statement and explain what he meant by that, Manondo repeated and told the court that he knows the gun-shot survivor very well and that as he was forced to make his statement in affidavits deposited to court and if he is asked to do the same in court, they will be shocked as he will refuse some of the facts he said.

Tempers also flared when Kachale asked Manondo if he was afraid to implicate Kasambara as he was afraid of him being the Attorney General and Minister of Justice at that time.

Before Manondo responded, Kasambara stood up and raised an objection, saying the DPP was wrong as o the time she was referring to he was not Attorney General of the country but only the minister and Anthony Kamanga was the Attorney General.

He also schooled Kachale to stop pointing fingers at him when speaking or referring a question relating to him  as that is not allowed in court and every learned lawyer was taught that in school, saying if she has forgotten then he was prepared  to borrow her the book for her refresher.

But Kachale though she refused to have directly meant pointed at him, apologised and acknowledged to the court that indeed she learned that and told the court that that the senior counsel (Kasambara) was also his university lecturer in law.

The case continues for defence with the state set to finish its cross examination on events surrounding 13th September, 2013 shooting  before Manondo witnesses start to testify in court.

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32 thoughts on “I can’t die for Kasambara, only Jesus died for our sins – Manondo”

  1. kamps says:

    ladies are failuries so Mary Kchale & Joice Banda kkkkkkk

  2. mbembe says:

    tight them all ,pamenepo palibe wachilungamo ,utsi siwusunkha popanda moto.

  3. Alungwana says:

    This is very interesting. Kachale in a great temptation!

  4. VYOTO says:


  5. misuku hills says:

    arrest all of them. kasambara, manondo, mphwiyo plus all those who ate all hard earned money. we don t need them in the society

  6. Kkkkkkkkkk i can’t die for mr kasambala only jesus die for our sins ana oipa awa masawakhulupirire!

  7. But when will these cashgate cases come to the end? I can for see only pipo omwe anatenga zochepa akumangidwa while ring leaders still akutionongelabe money indirect bcz macase akalowa court I don’t see light future. Gov tithandizeni, PLIZ!!!!!

  8. Mbereka says:

    If this was soccer, Kasambala would be leading by several goals to nil

  9. Prof. Adeyebeye Kumno says:

    The DPP shows ignorance of what she is supposed to do. The state is likely to lose this case because the state counsel is not conversant with Malawian laws and practice. I pity poor Malawians that they will deep heavily in their empty pockets because of engaging poor schooled legal counsel. My thirty years experience in teaching and practising law in UK and other countries has taught me that if the prosecuting team is ill-prepared, the government is likely pay heavily through compensation and paying undeserving lawyers like madam Kachale. I pity you Malawians

  10. kkilembe says:

    Only in Malawi where thieves smile instead of beiung contrite. Malawi is a failed state.

  11. Ambele says:

    Hahahahaha by accepting that Kachale was a Student of Kasambara does not mean she can’t win the case. No matter how crooked Kasambara is but has been cornered. We all know that Manondo, Kumwembe and Kasambara are one group therefore they can not give independent evidence. Wakhaulabe Kasambara wa lawa ndende! Boma ndi boma likufinyabe basi. Manondo you are not clever neither there is cashgate issue coming and money laundering. You will run but you will never hide!

  12. yakumbuyo says:


  13. Merchant Lawyer says:

    This just proves how weak and useless our prosecution team is. Do our dumb supplementary-ridden lawyers even watch these series called Suits or Eli Stone? I mean do they take time to watch CSI or even these Fact finding Documentaries?
    What this mbwenumbwenu Mary Kachale is doing is mocking Malawians… Looks like she’s afraid of Hiv positive Kasambara… Or maybe there was something between them, we all know how Ralph / Laugh / Rough used to throw it at will during his teaching days.
    Anyway, this case will not end sooner and there is a great chance the State is going to lose this case thanks to dunderhead Mary.
    In conclusion, the moment we feel sorry for Mphwiyo for being ‘shot’ that’s where we are missing this whole case. What if it’s really true that Mphwiyo indeed shot himself?
    Ralph should have been persecuted for his role in money laundering and not in shooting Mphwiyo. Mr Learned Judge do anything possible to keep Ralph in prison. He doesn’t belong to the society, he’s a menace.

  14. DOBO says:

    People don’t know what is happening. Mary Kachale is well qualified DPP only that she is dealing with ANTHU OGWIMA Kwambiri. Dont forget KUNO ndi Malawi. However, there is that Mtambo, mwana pa Chitipa ameneyo. Pamene enawo akulowera ku Mozambique Koma Chitipa sinama wina alowatu.

  15. Kanthumkhonde says:

    ohooo! mwatero!

  16. Tt says:

    Yeah! You can’t die for kasambara, coz you only have one life! Jesus died but knew he would bounce back to life, the dying bit was like playing a video game ( you can have many lives), so jesus never sacrificed his life, lastly he shot up into the heavens like a north Korean missile

  17. mogasa chairman says:

    koma guys, this is comedy at it’s best. simunapange hire uja anapanga case ya oscar pistorius bwanji? you could have saved millions on allowances, adjournments, hotels as well as the ceartain counter-lawsuit that is definitely coming.

    i’m no lawyer but i seriously don’t see a case here. no cctv (although we hear there are cameras at the gate), no ballistics/forensics (kodi palibe ma shell casings, fingerprints on the vehicle, footprints, clothing fibres, hair samples?) there isn’t even any circumstantial evidence. it’s all innuendo, hearsay and guesswork to the point that even manondo is brave enough to defend himself without legal counsel.

    this case reminds me of the time boss jzu was tried on the mwanza case. the defence team made fools of the prosecution because the entire thing was based on hearsay. “anandituma” “anandiuza” “ananena” “anati” “ankati” “anatero” “ndinapemphedwa”….za ziiii.

    i’ve said it before kuti law amaphunzitsa ku chanco is good for mikangano ya ufumu, kulandana minda or kubelana mbuzi. muzionelelako csi, law and order ndi zina zotero please, it helps. these are my taxes being played with here.

  18. kunyeziwa mussa says:

    kkkkk bravo SC teach her since she z ur student & w knw mlandu udawina kale kwatsala akupakulire misonkho yathu.mayo ine!!!!! ma million aja!!!!!?

  19. BOKHO says:

    Very dull DPP. Who appointed this woman, useless govt. I think Jannet Banda can do well than this so called Kachale.

  20. wanguvyongavyonga says:

    true this is another Alton chirwa, back from the grave , please kasambara borrow her a book for her refresher. she was not attentive when you were schooling her, she is like a mad person dancing in the market square without knowing where the drums are biting from . amangofunsa za phwata phwata phwe . this is kasambara I know

  21. Gas Machine Head says:

    The dumbest ever lawyer in Malawi’s history. I cant just fathom this so called Mary Kachale as our DPP. What a load of bull……..!!!!!!

  22. Jambo says:

    Mbewe, you are wrong. The tower gives an indication where you are. What was Manondo doing in that area at night? Kupusa basi! Don’t play with towers. Who are you trying to fool.

    Kachale is spot on.

  23. Ine says:

    Am not a law expert but I can tell kuti Ralpha and company are winning the case. Mphwiyo Sanaomberedwe kkkkkkkkkkk it was a suicide attempt

  24. Khondo says:

    Kachale is a time-waster. Women amuna ake samuuzako over dinner what to do? Just aquit them mwatidyera ma allowance mokwanira on this useless case

  25. levelheaded says:

    I feel sorry for the learned DPP. This case is just very complicated to pile up evidence. All these criminal have known each other long time back and they know better on how to twist everything to their advantage.
    Kasambara is their kingkong.

    They twisted everything from the beginning, well planned and strategised. I envy the brains of Kasambara.

  26. Observer #1 says:

    It is clear that truth telling as an easy job as compared to lieng and this case has proven it all.I’m of the view that either Mphwiyo attempted suicide to run away from prosecution since there was tension in the ministry of finance upon the discovery that mphwiyo had a hand in the bloated figures in expenditure as explained by Godfrey jenya in court or Bophani who used to coach other accused persons including the victim to hang Ralph over this is the culprit or was behind the attempt it self. Alternatively it would make much more sense to attach people who had supply deals to the MDF those that mphwiyo made fools of by paying Paramount and rushing there to get his cut when he had no supply deal with the army.here is acase where a reasonable prosecutor would ask for or apply an honourable discharge but bcz we have some one pushing her own agenda in a fabricated case where all prima facie elements that amounted to case to answer rulling have all been defeated and trash with satisfactory proof.Give it up Mary and repair your tattered reputation as you can see even Dr Mtambo has softened his stance with the new developments. the call logs you are relying on are nothing but trash when it comes to location I wish you attempted what the judge told you in passing to goto Alocation and make five calls to see if they will use the same route and tower.However thanks for proving to us that Man ondo and kumwembe can make good lawyers and even better prosecutors than you!

  27. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    Lies abound in the courtroom; many Malawians will lie through their teeth in a court of law, as if they are telling a friend a story about the size of dry fish they bought for only K10. There are serious consequences for this kind of practice in court. Even Mr Manondo ought to know that.
    In any case, judges are aware of this; and they have to weigh the probabilities of truth and non-truth. Judges do this all the time, including in cases where circumstantial evidence is the main evidence on record.
    And so, none of the accused should start counting the chickens before the eggs hatch, yet.

  28. Kanyimbi says:

    Mphwiyo adadziwombera yekha because of pressures from his office. Amamufufuza za cashgate. A Jenya a ku office kwake adauza court zimenezo. This is reason mfuti, galimoto sizidabwere ku court.

  29. Kachule says:

    This Marry Kachale ndi mbatama ya munthu. Chimene akufunsa akuwonekelatu sakuchidziwa.

  30. tsetsefly says:

    I doubt if Kachale has what it takes to win this high profile case.

  31. Mbewe says:

    Ngati kuli munthu wopanda nzeru ndi Mary Kachale. Angolimbikila za ma tower a airtel. Common sense will tel u kuti even utapezeka pa tower ya 43 sizitathauza kuti unali pa nyumba ya mphwiyo. Towers are not specific to a house.

  32. Shaba says:

    Very stupid and useles examination from Mary Kachale. Dzulo amafunsa za katapila which has nothing to do with case in court. The woman is just dull

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