I don’t regret joining politics – Rev Chakwera, Malawi opposition leader

Leader of opposition in parliament and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Reverend Dr Lazarus Chakwera says he does nto regret joining front-line politics after resigning as president of the Malawi Assemblies of God.

Rev Dr Lazarus Chakwera: MCP president

Rev Dr Lazarus Chakwera: MCP president

He argues that religion does not exist in a vacuum and that as political leader he serves the people.

“I never regret following what I believe to be my Master’s leading in my life. I bear God’s light and I am determined to let it shine even in the darkest moments the world of mainstream politics may come up with at any given point in time,” says Chakwera.

His comments were attributed in an interview published by Nation newspaper.

“I am a servant of God and a servant of God’s people. I believe in servant leadership and a better Malawi for all is possible and also believe in nothing for us without us,” said Chakwera.

Asked about his views on leading a party which has some infighting, Chakwera responded by saying: “We are human beings with various political and personal ambitions. In a truly democratic environment, we can all thrive based on our competencies, charisma and, most importantly, character.

“ Before I can lead I must be a good follower. I sought God’s leadership then and I still seek His leadership as I face the future. I can trust God through Jesus Christ who has been to the future, to lead me and give me wisdom which I cannot get anywhere else.”

Chakwera is among  many men of God who have taken part in politics, people such as Bishop Desmond Tutu in South Africa, Reverend Jesse Jackson in America and on the local scene we have Reverend John Chilembwe, Reverend Peter  Kaleso, Reverend Dr Dumbo Lemani, Reverend Pat Banda and Reverend Professor David Mphande  a former lecturer of Old Testament studies and anthropology at Mzuzu University who also joined politics to become Member of Parliament (MP) for Nkhata Bay South East.

Charles Gwengwe, in a published letter, defended Chakwera’s decision to join active politics by drawing parallel to the biblical Daniel who, he said, influenced change in the Kingdom of Babylon where Israelites were being held after their exile.

He said God might be raising modern-day Daniels to transform communities.

Garnet Kibombwe, a student at the African Bible University of Uganda, also backed Chakwera and all Christians vying for political positions.

“First of all, politics was instituted by God. Apostle Paul in Romans 13:1-7 highlights the need to submit to the governing authority on the basis that every authority has been established by God. Can God establish something dirty as some people put it?

“The move by Chakwera to join politics is a very welcome idea. I urge Malawians to support him. I also encourage Christians who are called by God in politics to join the band wagon of Chakwera so that they can change the rotten political world.

“Those who are not called in politics should support those who are showing interest in politics. The support must be in terms of encouragement, prayer, constructive advice and voting for them,” said Kibombwe.

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bright chamveka

it is so eduating so far.ngati adream come untrue.

Die Hard

Reference ya Chakwera; Dumbo, Kaleso etc sanathe bwino, Infact its COMPLETELY wrong to stop serving GOD for politics. Nobody has ever succedded

Gerard mapanga phiri

I can see MEC has a case to answer but again Salimu has alot of work and he wins this case, it will automatically lift him to another level. He shows he can think out of the box he has just to prove it. At least one new breed come up with real national interest. It wasn’t a worst of our tax payers money to educate you. Keep it up



2019 MOTO BUUUU !!

Namikalo Charles

ochakwera sangazawine chisankho chikubwerachi.



Respect supporters

PREDIDENT 2019 !!!


I agree with Chambe of No. 23 100%. I have been a long time advocate of urbanization in all corners of Malawi. It is true to say Kamuzu didn’t plan well for the country: agriculture was supposed to be advanced, with commercialization in all parts of Malawi not just a few estates in some parts; Malawi should have had industries for value addition involving different crops; districts should have been like states with counties and each district center should have been a city not boma-at least Chakwera acknowledged the need to have border towns like Karonga,Mchinji,and Mwanza become cities because… Read more »
mlomwe wa ku tcholo

mmmmmmmm achakwera anakhoza athu osaopa mulungutu mukalowa njara mdziko iwo amati alibe problem pamene owopa mulungu amaganizira anthu ake chifukwa amadziwa kuti motsokho ya athu akutumbwa noyoyo musiyeni chakwera mwayi susokera aroma 8:31

Nyani wa ku Mwananyani
Nyani wa ku Mwananyani
Perhaps o’Chakwera should have worked as an MP for a number of years, before getting in the big chair of leader of MCP. Experience is the best teacher too. Look at the mess the Party is: disgruntlement galore, disorganized everywhere including in the South (shameful turnouts at meetings announced a week ahead!); distrust of the leader and shenanigans of some MPs maneuvering to take power through the back door! Greed and naivety at the maxi. You name it. His lack of experience shows manifestly in the appointment of Ms Kabwila-Kapasula, the maverick, to an important position of spokesperson in spite… Read more »

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