I don’t regret joining politics – Rev Chakwera, Malawi opposition leader

Leader of opposition in parliament and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Reverend Dr Lazarus Chakwera says he does nto regret joining front-line politics after resigning as president of the Malawi Assemblies of God.

Rev Dr Lazarus Chakwera: MCP president

Rev Dr Lazarus Chakwera: MCP president

He argues that religion does not exist in a vacuum and that as political leader he serves the people.

“I never regret following what I believe to be my Master’s leading in my life. I bear God’s light and I am determined to let it shine even in the darkest moments the world of mainstream politics may come up with at any given point in time,” says Chakwera.

His comments were attributed in an interview published by Nation newspaper.

“I am a servant of God and a servant of God’s people. I believe in servant leadership and a better Malawi for all is possible and also believe in nothing for us without us,” said Chakwera.

Asked about his views on leading a party which has some infighting, Chakwera responded by saying: “We are human beings with various political and personal ambitions. In a truly democratic environment, we can all thrive based on our competencies, charisma and, most importantly, character.

“ Before I can lead I must be a good follower. I sought God’s leadership then and I still seek His leadership as I face the future. I can trust God through Jesus Christ who has been to the future, to lead me and give me wisdom which I cannot get anywhere else.”

Chakwera is among  many men of God who have taken part in politics, people such as Bishop Desmond Tutu in South Africa, Reverend Jesse Jackson in America and on the local scene we have Reverend John Chilembwe, Reverend Peter  Kaleso, Reverend Dr Dumbo Lemani, Reverend Pat Banda and Reverend Professor David Mphande  a former lecturer of Old Testament studies and anthropology at Mzuzu University who also joined politics to become Member of Parliament (MP) for Nkhata Bay South East.

Charles Gwengwe, in a published letter, defended Chakwera’s decision to join active politics by drawing parallel to the biblical Daniel who, he said, influenced change in the Kingdom of Babylon where Israelites were being held after their exile.

He said God might be raising modern-day Daniels to transform communities.

Garnet Kibombwe, a student at the African Bible University of Uganda, also backed Chakwera and all Christians vying for political positions.

“First of all, politics was instituted by God. Apostle Paul in Romans 13:1-7 highlights the need to submit to the governing authority on the basis that every authority has been established by God. Can God establish something dirty as some people put it?

“The move by Chakwera to join politics is a very welcome idea. I urge Malawians to support him. I also encourage Christians who are called by God in politics to join the band wagon of Chakwera so that they can change the rotten political world.

“Those who are not called in politics should support those who are showing interest in politics. The support must be in terms of encouragement, prayer, constructive advice and voting for them,” said Kibombwe.

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38 thoughts on “I don’t regret joining politics – Rev Chakwera, Malawi opposition leader”

  1. it is so eduating so far.ngati adream come untrue.

  2. Die Hard says:

    Reference ya Chakwera; Dumbo, Kaleso etc sanathe bwino, Infact its COMPLETELY wrong to stop serving GOD for politics. Nobody has ever succedded

  3. Gerard mapanga phiri says:

    I can see MEC has a case to answer but again Salimu has alot of work and he wins this case, it will automatically lift him to another level. He shows he can think out of the box he has just to prove it. At least one new breed come up with real national interest. It wasn’t a worst of our tax payers money to educate you. Keep it up

  4. NAVITCHA says:


    2019 MOTO BUUUU !!

  5. Namikalo Charles says:

    ochakwera sangazawine chisankho chikubwerachi.

  6. Respect supporters says:

    PREDIDENT 2019 !!!


  7. Byron says:

    I agree with Chambe of No. 23 100%. I have been a long time advocate of urbanization in all corners of Malawi.

    It is true to say Kamuzu didn’t plan well for the country: agriculture was supposed to be advanced, with commercialization in all parts of Malawi not just a few estates in some parts; Malawi should have had industries for value addition involving different crops; districts should have been like states with counties and each district center should have been a city not boma-at least Chakwera acknowledged the need to have border towns like Karonga,Mchinji,and Mwanza become cities because they offer the first impression to visitors when they enter Malawi.Chakwera said this during last elections campaign time,he must have recognized his MCP’s father and founder’s short-falls on development.

    A country with almost 17 million people cannot have only 4 cities with a combined population of about 2,100,000.This makes it very rural with few industries. Part of the reason Malawi’s economy is very small with one of the lowest GDP per capita is because the country relies on peasant farmers’ productivity and not industries in cities which are few.There is a correlation between high urbanization and industries especially technology industries which are the main source of a country’s high earning capacity. The more the cities the country has the more it produces competitive products for exports.

    Dr Banda had also deficiencies in planning for the country’s future education system, road and rail networks,and the banking and financial system.No country can grow with limited population of technocrats which also means limited literacy ,limited road and rail networks, and a limited banking system to finance development projects.

    Zambia’s higher urbanization is a result of the mining industry plus a better planning by its first leader.Kamuzu emphasised on agriculture but did not make it a main source of income which would substitute for a lack of a vibrant mining industry which our neighbors enjoyed.As I said,ours would have been robust industries catering for agricultural produce which our neighbors didn’t have.With an advanced Agro- industry,there would have been enough income for research into technology products that would completely modernize Malawi’s economy. A country with an economy based on technology and services is far better than that with minerals because many African countries export raw minerals instead of adding value to them, so in short,Malawi would have been better than Zambia or Tanzania or Mozambique.

  8. mlomwe wa ku tcholo says:

    mmmmmmmm achakwera anakhoza athu osaopa mulungutu mukalowa njara mdziko iwo amati alibe problem pamene owopa mulungu amaganizira anthu ake chifukwa amadziwa kuti motsokho ya athu akutumbwa noyoyo musiyeni chakwera mwayi susokera aroma 8:31

  9. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Perhaps o’Chakwera should have worked as an MP for a number of years, before getting in the big chair of leader of MCP. Experience is the best teacher too.
    Look at the mess the Party is: disgruntlement galore, disorganized everywhere including in the South (shameful turnouts at meetings announced a week ahead!); distrust of the leader and shenanigans of some MPs maneuvering to take power through the back door! Greed and naivety at the maxi. You name it.
    His lack of experience shows manifestly in the appointment of Ms Kabwila-Kapasula, the maverick, to an important position of spokesperson in spite of the fact she is also a rookie in politics! MCP should look at other parties, and maybe even copy and paste their tactics, if the party is going to improve its standing among bao players.
    If o’Chakwera is not regretting by now, let’s ask him again, when mpando wonona (the Presidency) eludes him for as long as his Party does not apologize to Malawians for it’s past – bad in all things -, and does not change. Change in meaningful ways: as Malawians seem to have an elephant’s memory.

  10. Winston Msowoya says:

    Any Jim and jack can rule Malawians,this is a thumb of authenticity in Malawi.So what do you think Chakwera joined politics for? Come on guile,time is money.Really,almost 5 decades of sham independence Malawians are still asleep? Chakwera joined politics with clear minds of becoming another multi-billionaire Banda.Banda himself was a Church Elder,did you see those killings of innocent people who put him into power finally? Did you see the misuse of the public funds building the Sanjakas while the overwhelming majority of our people ended up in shanties? Can you believe that Banda then was amongst the richest thieves in the world,but ruling poor people? Do you see that Chakwera has started dancing to the tune of the American songs? Why are Malawians venerable to pseudo leadership having been ruled for 50 years by them? Certainly,Chakwera is novice,he is not tried and tested already he is playing in the hands of the most treacherous human beings on earth,the Americans.We have been defeated by the Muthalika brothers,people voted for them blindly,the ramifications,we find ourselves in chaotic and barbaric political situation.Muthalika does not care the dame about Malawians,he has stollen millions of dollars to take him to the last day on earth.WAKEUP!!!

  11. Takwera inuyo achakwera asiyeni ansanje akhalira yomweyo . We r expecting good leadership by good leader like you rev chakwera .

  12. CHETE says:


  13. Ze Roberto says:

    The problem with most of us Malawians is that we have been so much socialized to believe that politics means stealing, corruption, telling lies so on and so forth such that we erroneously think politics is reserved for crooks. That is utterly wrong. Moreover, we mistakenly think that serving God is only by preaching the word of God at the pulpit. Another misconception. For example, I don’t think when Moses or Joshua led the Israellites were preaching. They were political leaders taking people in the right direction. I therefore, find the notion that when a pastor or reverend or indeed any other person with similar titles join main stream politics have abandon God’s call as wanting and jejune. Sadly, people have such misconceptions about politics even when Malawi history is there to teach us how a reverend joined active politics to liberate the country from colonialism.

  14. kasiya trading says:

    Mcp with chakwela is more devided than before .Lilongwe is being instructed by chakwela to beat anyone seem to hold different opion with chakwela,where is God there ? These are the people who killed Hon Kapichila Banda.Hon Gadama and his friends. Lilongwe people are coward .

  15. Chambe says:

    Whilst Chakwera may have no regrets for joining politics, I have regrets for being a member of MCP for 31 years. The party failed to plan for the country in many sectors:
    town planning, Agricultural planning, road infrastructure planning, District/Boma planning and many more shortfalls.
    Our friends in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique have well planned towns. Just compare Chipata and Mchinji, you will see a huge difference. Chipata has a well advanced infrastructure, Protea Hotel, Spar, Shoprite,Tyre Centres and advanced housing compared to Mchinji. This is the same with Mbeya compared to Karonga and so the same with Milanje and Muloza etc.
    Iam not sure if Chakwera recognizes these shortfalls caused by his party and if given a chance to govern, what difference is he to bring to Malawi?
    I suggest he pushes a bill to let the party that wins majority at local government level per region should govern the region. As such, the party should be given the budget and mandate to govern and develop. That could be so so good! We could then see what he is made of.

  16. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Kikikiki! Akulilira mmimba uyu!

    Akulu tikuuzeni chilungamo! Simudzalamulira Malawi, chipani chanu cha eMusipi chili ndi magazi ambiri!

  17. zako says:

    uzakhalanso number two Mu 2019 uone, peter amachitira dala poyamba, wayamba kuzisata pano tayakba kumukonda, oloko mupange alliance ndi pp ndi aford, tizakunyenyani nyenyani, DPP hoye

  18. Tikondane says:

    In fact, tatopa nkulamulidwa ndianthu osaopa Mulungu. Baba munachita bwino kulowa ndale. Kulowa ndale sichimo koma utumiki. The Bible says, “when the weaked are in power people morn but when the righteous are in power people rejoice and praise God”. We want more born again Christians in government. Tikufuna anthu oti angamamve chifundo/chisoni ndi anthu akuzunzika ndi njala/umphawi kunjaku. Enawa anololera kale kuti akapse akapse kujahena!

  19. zedyzology says:

    A better Malawi is possible, food for thought……!!

  20. Kanthiti Mzandu says:

    Nothing for us without u I like that

  21. tsetsefly says:

    I strongly agree with Dr Laz. We can already see the changes in the political landscape where we can separate lairs and propagators of truth. So the insinuation that politics are only for the non believer clearly demonstrates lack of understanding and it is the genesis of under development in our country. The bible encourages the righteous to rule because when they do so things change for the better. So, where are taking this notion that because Chakwera is a Pastor then he can not participate in politics? It is my prayer that one day we will be ruled by someone who upholds the values of righteousness. Someone who understands that God can use his people to change the nation in so many aspects. I am aware this nation is full of bootlicking and handclapping individuals who are prepared to keep mediocre leadership even if they are heavily suffering at their hands. The earlier we realise this the better. I rest my case.

  22. The only hope for Malawi! Tiri pambuyo panu bwana!

  23. Blessed Banda says:

    Very few people, not even the Reverend, will admit to have made a fatal mistake. Inwardly, Chakwera is regretting. He thought people would vote for him because of his religious background. Wagwa nayo.

  24. The Analyst says:

    MCP may be a good or even better political grouping now, but everything about their leader, Chakwera is wrong, for the simple reason that God can not be mocked.

    . . . You Chakwera, used to preach the message of God to people almost every whatever day it was; and then stopped, nkumati – I can equally serve God even in politics. True?
    . . . Literally abandoning God?
    . . . So in your finite wisdom, you thought that being president of a country would derive you more happiness than being a preacher (Messenger of God)? I will tell you a secret . . .

    “Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you pursue it, the more it flies away from you. But if you turn your attention to something else, it will come softly and sit on your shoulders.” – Henry Thoreau

    What does this imply? Listen even more . . .
    You shall, for some time, come close to winning the presidential race; but never close enough to becoming a president. This is what God does.
    . . . God only wants you to have high hopes nkumati “I was so close” so that you can try again and only end up becoming close again.
    . . . You can’t regret now coz the process of time hasn’t yet taken full effect – ask JZU.

    . . . Also, the pain you feel when you fall down and no one sees you, is less than the pain you feel when you fall and people see you. Thus, although deep inside, you are nursing significant ambers of regrets; you cant let the flame out, for fear of increasing the pain.

    . . . But even if we give you a benefit of a doubt that you Chakwera (in your finite wisdom) don’t regret; I can assure you that God (in his infinite might and wisdom) regrets the decision you made. You literally abandoned Him for want of more power.

  25. Bima Matheza says:

    I totally agree with Chakera. May the Lord be with him, lead him and protect him.

  26. J. Banda says:

    True sir, you joined politics to make quick money. With active politics, quick money, material and earthly wealth is possible. Don’t worry, you will achieve your aims.

  27. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Rev Chakwera may the Lord lead you and keep you in all your ways. May He scatter your enemies and all those who work against you. May bless you so much that those who oppose you but live in the way of the wicked ones or serve themselves above country which they may claim to, may they all fail in ALL their plans. May God give you grace to lead Malawi for a minimum of 10 years and may those years be the beginning of a better and prosperous Malawi! And may Gods name alone be glorified through your leadership now and always.

  28. Man of God says:

    A well informed person must really subscribe to these relevant ideas of the sharp minded children of God. Truly speaking, politics is not dirty, only that many people who indulge in it are dirty. But people of Chakwera’s caribre should be given space because they can really clean politics. So, I subscribe to the views of the likes of the Charles Gwengwes. Let’s support this man of God. He has capacity to turn things around.

  29. mmmm boza lokhalokha mukunena apa chakwera sangayankhe zimenezi chomwe ndikuziwa ndi choti chakwera wadandaula kuti akanaziwa sakanasankha mai jessie kabwira kukhala mneneri wa chipani cha mcp chifukwa choti mai ameneyu ndi mbuzi yosamva!

  30. chithumwa says:

    True, a leader without wisdom ali ngati matimu akusewera mpira popanda referee.

  31. Lottie says:

    Of course the constitution does not bar the clergy from politics. It would only be regrettable if the clergy violate their spiritual principles in favour of corrupt behaviour. In such situations, they would have no moral authority to correct wrong behaviour in politics.

  32. Patrick Phiri says:

    No one regrets in public.

  33. therere says:

    In Africa politics is a dirty game, you need to lie for you to be popular to followers

  34. alhomwe atilaula says:

    In total support of Chakwera!

  35. Blessed Banda says:

    We are coming man of God to join you. A better Malawi is possible. It needs people of integrity to make it happen.

  36. Blessed Banda says:

    We are coming man of God to join you.

  37. Pastor malijala says:

    You forgot to methon, you also a servant of sidik Mia. Mwayamba kale kugongwedwa musanalowe pa mpando.

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