‘i want to die,’ says Malawi man aged 113

A defaced black Rhodesian metal identity card states his date of birth as June 6, 1902, meaning he has officially lived for a century and stolen a further 13 years from another century.

I have lived my life

Mthombeni: I have lived my life

Gifted with longer life, he remembers only visiting the hospital once in his entire life — two years ago at the age of 111 — after falling blind.

But now, Thampson Mthombeni says he has had enough of life and wants to die.

Mthombeni is of Malawian descent but lives in Njobo village, Mberengwa in Zimbabwe

“Life is boring to me now. I can’t see, I need help every time I want go to the toilet or even going to bed. I no longer travel as I used to and I feel like I’ve seen it all on earth and I should just go to another stage in life,” says Mthombeni, who insists he is older than what his official identity particulars show.

He went on: “If it wasn’t a sin to take my own life, I’d have done it to speed up my entry into another life, a second life.

“I thank God for taking me this far. I think I’ve seen it all. I witnessed World War I, the Russian war and the Chimurenga war. Maybe it’s time I leave earth for a second life in heaven.”

Mthombeni’s booming voice can easily be mistaken for that of a 40-year-old.

Clad in a faded blue hat, a scotched jacket, worn-out greyish trousers and polish-starved leather boots, the frail, skinny and weary Mthombeni sluggishly seeks balancing support from his small wooden stool, as he leans on the walls of his bedroom.

He was born in Mzimba in Northern Malawi.

“I came to Rhodesia where I later obtained a Rhodesian identity card, which was popularly known at that time in the native language as chitikinyani,” he recalls.

Now walking with the aid of a stick and blind, Mthombeni claims he is some 15 years or more older than what is officially registered on his identity particulars. He says he had to lie about his age for him to obtain the identity card.

“What was important for me was to get a form of identity and for officials to accept issuing me with a chitikinyani, so I had to settle for fewer years than my actual age and I chose 1902, which was reasonable even though I was 10 or 15 years older than that,” says Mthombeni.

He does not remember the exact year of his birth.

“I had relatives here in Zimbabwe, so I came to Rhodesia for the first time between 1890 and 1900 and later formalised my stay with the help of relatives who had already settled here,” he adds.

The centenarian claims to have eight children with five women, but says he has lost contact with all his children and is not sure whether they are still surviving or not.

He added: “I stayed in South Africa between 1917 and 1926 where I worked as a miner and got married. Out of that marriage, I had one child.

“I went back to Malawi and got married to another woman and we had two children before I came to Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe I first got married to a woman from Zvishavane where I was one of the first people to work at Shabanie Mine and witnessed its opening. There I sired two children.

“I then went to Shurugwi where I stayed for about 17 years and witnessed the opening of Peak Mine. I also fathered two children but I’ve lost contact with all of them. What I only remember is that I had eight children, six girls and two boys.”

Mthombeni now lives with a distant relative, Samson Ngwenyama, 89, whose roots are also traced to Malawi.—Source: Chronice, Zimbabwe

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47 thoughts on “‘i want to die,’ says Malawi man aged 113”

  1. Peter says:

    Asafe koma ayambe kulalika ndipo akhalanso mdalitso

  2. Botha says:

    Woo! That’s good news i wish also to live like you my grand father.

  3. Joe Nkhata says:

    RRemember in those days
    Kumbukirani masiku a Abraham,anthu amafika zaka 900,1000,iwowo asadandaule.Amen

  4. Hey nyasa times guys,why cant u help him in search of his sons,come on what a discovery but not enough.fumbani.

  5. Maswande says:

    Oh awa atithela zaka enafe zitipelewelatu

  6. Winston msowoya says:

    I can accept Thomson Mtombeni’s account more than Banda’ s garbage.Mtombeni is a genuine Malawian whose story has credentials beyond doubts.If Malawians ,continue to dig deep about Banda’s genesis,they will find out the truth.We are now hearing that his parents came from Nkata Bay,this is the beginning towards the final truth.WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

  7. Raphael Layimon says:

    Thank God you have such History!To live longer life that means you were good at what you were doing it’s not easy I know you being through a lot.Staying away from troubles nowadays it’s some thing expensive most young people dies with haertattack!So you grandpa you have enjoyed and lived you life indeed!See you in another life.

  8. Chikopa says:

    Awa adadya mtima wa gondwa (ng’azi) ndiye saferapo mpaka kuponda pamtima kapena kugaza ndi hamala. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeish

  9. ZENIZENI says:

    Come back home prodigal granny





  10. Life is a gift from God only God decides how one can live. Congratulations Madala for having such a blessed life.

  11. george says:

    thanks lord 4 lyf giving!!!

  12. gudgado says:

    ….oh…. How I wish to reach that age…..kkkkk

  13. gudgado says:

    ….oh. how I wish to reach DAT age..kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  14. wanangwa says:

    aaaaaaaa strange!!!!!

  15. Chris luka says:

    Tell us your secret what makes u to live like that

  16. Kusilira ine says:

    Nyasatimes do you remember the old lady Bingu built a house for in Ntcheu. She is still alive and now over 120 years old.

  17. ndadabwa says:

    how i wish e was my granny. i would have loved to stay with him and take care of him

  18. Kalunga says:

    Ndifuna ndiuze mtundu wa a Malawi omwe mumakonda kukwatira kwatira. Taonani abambawo madalitso omwe ali nawo kuchuruka zaka zokhala pa dziko koma chifukwa chadyera ndi kusakhutisidwa amangokwatira komwe apita ndekuti kuli zomakoma koma lero akuvutika ngati sanabereke. Mwamuna modzi mkazi modzi madalitso kapena mphatso wana amene Mulungo patsogolo pake amaikiza dzanja lawo kusamalira anakubala. Chonde chonde ine zandikhudza. A bambo Chiuta akudalitseni pamodzi ndiomwe akusamalirani koma vutoli ndi lanu kutero ndi chilango.

  19. Chimalilo says:

    yes akuzuzika koma mulungu anthu awa amawasiya ndicholinga kuli anawo amve kuti pamene kholo lizuzika iwo sangapeze mtendere komanso boma lithandizepo asamakhumbe kufa ngati momwe zilili

  20. zuze says:

    If he was one aging millionaire. sakanasowa ozikumba kuti ndi abale…mg..life

  21. nganga says:

    Oh god is good

  22. Wadya Kake alibe mbiri says:

    Anali osakwatira? Nanga paliponse ana? Paja nthawi imeneyo kunalibe edzi eti?

  23. ZENIZENI says:


  24. Ooooooooooo its nice story to hear

  25. Kulibe kantu says:

    You see, Malawians started travelling a long time ago.

  26. Still life goes don’t worry you
    live in this world in god’s wish.

  27. Akulisinga says:

    those bearing Mthombezi name trace your roots before the old man goes! he might have something important to tell you before he goes.

  28. ujeni says:

    People started running away from Malawi a long time ago, Kamuzu becoming dictator worsened things, Bakili had no time for development then Bingu came and stole billions of kwacha of tax payers money. We are still waiting for a development conscience leader and a defender of human rights.

  29. Roots says:

    Long Live dad

  30. charles says:

    Long live sir Mthombeni!

  31. Oneil says:

    so is this defaced? watch yo mouth mr scribe, he is only blind. and you portray whatever about him badly you would rather dwell much on his achievements and not that insolance!

  32. Bololo Wachitumbuka says:

    Ndimayesa ngat ndi Mmalawi! Kungolemba zilizonse go 2 China u will find a man with 122 he stil l

  33. Nangantani? says:

    We have a woman here in Nkhotakota, Malawi, aged 106 years. She can walk with little support. And her history recalls are very vivid. She says she has never been in the hospital as a patient but rather to cheer others. This generation ate well mainly fruits and vegetables as their diet, believed in herbs…these are pple whose dealth is celebrated not moarned. Celebrating that they have seen, done, and conqured.

  34. Yaulanda says:

    Mwadyaidya uko mwayamba kuloza kwanu mphavu mwathera kwina uziona.Iwe mpaka kusalumikizana nfi ana ako.

  35. mboni says:

    umhuuuu, at first i felt sorry for him, but he has been so irresponsible

  36. Zim was zim in those days when whites were active and controlling the economy but now the gifted bob and his useless thugs have f…cd up a once great country thanks to zanu pf Shona supporters who are Mugabe diehards who keeps voting for him even if they go to bed on an empty stomach day in day out. This old man must be taken back home and they are many like him who are stranded there. Let’s try and get him back and join dpp and he can stop the sale of msb…we need his wisdom..

  37. Rob says:

    Mdala, pempho lako lamveka, tikunyamula pompano

  38. Kadakwiza says:


  39. nyopsy says:

    mulungu alinanu cholinga

  40. Moyenda says:

    Nyasatimes, make your calculations again. If you just copied the story, wud still be better to check before publishing. 2015-1902=113 years

  41. Moyenda says:

    Nyasa, make your calculations again. If you just copied the story, wud still be better to check before publishing. 2015-1903=113

  42. Abk says:

    Fruits of the contractors, wherever the duty calls they often get married to the available locals in that region, and the marriage eventually ends there when the work finishes in that particular site. They keep on marrying when they get to other sites. The best examples include road contractors, hospitals, school blocks, market facilities, borehole drillers, and miners. The children often grow without fatherly care, this is the reason why his living without presence of any of his children. Today, these contractors are considered to be the worst HIV/AIDS carriers as well.

  43. Changaputwa says:

    Mukuziwa kt muli ndi ana okwana asanu ndi anayi, mwa ana onsewo akuziwa kumene inu muli ???? Nanga zizukulu ambuyawo amuna akuwaziwa ????

  44. Changaputwa says:

    Amdala zoonadi mwakula koma imfa sacita yopempha. Ikazafika nthawi yanu muzafa, osati amene akumwalirawa kufunayi nawoso amalakalaka atankhala zaka migolo migolo ngt inu amene. Boma la Malawi litati likutengeni kubwelera kwanu ku Mzimba mungalondole kumuzi kwanu ????

  45. Curious Cat says:

    Sad that he has lost intouch with all his kids.At his age he was better surrounded with his kids,grand children,and grand grand kids.He must be probably around 120 something.Travelling on foot from Mzimba to rodhesia like kamuzu who lied to us that he walked on foot at 9 with his uncle Hannock Msokela must have been a lie of century.That man must have lied to us that he was one of us knowing how gullible Malawians are.Malawian historians should digger deeper of kamuzu than just believing everything.A person with no surviving playmate during his tender age?Tonse tili azathu aku ubwana despite whatever status we might be having today.

  46. Eddie Kumwenda says:

    May the Almighty God keep on blessing this grandad. Thanks.

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