I  wanted to receive Bushiri money, says Malawi sport minister

Minister of Sports and Culture Grace Chiumia has vehemently rejected calls to resign following her decision to order the Football Association of Malawi (FAM)  to reject a K44 million donation from billionaire prophet, Shepherd Bushiri.

:Sports Minister Grace Chiumia

Sports Minister Grace Chiumia

“What I wanted is to ensure that government procedures are followed. Bushiri cannot just call today and say he wanted to donate the money. There are procedures we follow. I wanted to be there with my ministry officials to receive the money,” said Chiumia.

She said the government has nothing personal with the prophet.

“God should forgive those who are saying things out of ignorance,” she said.

Chiumia said demanding procedures when making a donation does not warrant resignation.

FAM president Walter Nyamilandu refused to obey Chiumia’s order, arguing it was the association that contacted the prophet after the government said it had no money for the Malawi vs Guinea Afcon qualifiers in Guinea last week.

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36 thoughts on “I  wanted to receive Bushiri money, says Malawi sport minister”

  1. Geoffrey says:

    would you have done the same if it were Obama donating? dont think so…

  2. Nosibuko says:

    I need bushiri money, i dont have a money for rent, please deposit into this account capitec 1205176053 god bless you

  3. ZOBA says:


  4. MALAWIAN says:

    Haha ha!!! adunawatu mwina amafuna a prophet akawagayileko nawonso?

  5. Maxmos Chaima says:

    The source of cash donated here is not important, the fact is Prophet Shephered Bushiri has proved to the nation that he is patriotic

  6. Mpunga Woviika..... says:

    So FAM is more than Gvt ….thank u,u hav qualified and use your K44 million for the rest of the Games.but let warn you everything needs procedure.any way we don’t know the source of the money Nyamilandu uuuuuuuuuh.

  7. Fools Day says:

    She wanted to be there with her ministry officials to generate their own subsistence allowances for travelling to Blantyre and not necessarily to receive the money from Bushiri. Sick minds!

  8. makani anu amayi says:

    za zii aduna

  9. mg says:

    their is nothing gud u can say minister

  10. Yusuf says:

    That’s the strategy, no need to blame the minister she knows the polieces.

  11. Eduardo Happy says:

    Youthful but intelligent Minister. I like her.

  12. Wezzie says:

    Those of you attacking her problematic skin know that your IQ is very low. No woman would like to show around her problematic skin. It’s not her choice. I am a beautician and I know how much money she has spent just to have the perfect skin that those of you attacking her would love to see. Sometimes the skin cant just respond. Imagine if it was your daughter, sister, mother , wife , girlfriend!!!

  13. O Jere says:

    Why not just thanking those who have offered a hand to your problem.You wanted to start campaigning with this money. Timakudziwani inu a DPP muyambe kuika pa MBC TV kuti mupata thandizo ngati mmene mukutikwana ndi za Prophatzi Samalana we are watching you .Bola musatengeso ma fumu pa khani imeneyi

  14. Ze Roberto says:

    Adult literacy lessons are in order for this so called minister. I mean she is agitating for nonsensical bureaucracy, for what? Just think of it, do you think such calibre of ministers can form an effective cabinet? No wonder we are what we are as a country.

  15. Umziya says:

    Stupid Sports minister. I thought you said Government had no money. So you wanted to receive money which you did not source. Galu bwako. mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Kunyansaku munangonyansa ndi mtima omwe eti

  16. Minica says:

    Leave the minister alone. She did the right procedure

  17. ellias mponda says:

    Mayi wa ziphuphuyu wandikwana fotseki. Kukonda cash gate basi. Nsanje nde yachuluka pa malawi.

  18. Monica phiri says:

    Malawians we need to understand things ,Fam asked the guidance from the ministry. And the ministry gave them the guide lines . So what’s wrong with that? Koma team ya Wina? We are just used to critise all the time .miniter keep it up that’s the way to go. The team has even shamed the nation official are making money out of poor prayers and yet some of you celebrating. Bravo Obama

  19. macd says:

    all of you shupitu zanu no wonder the team lost next time team ikhale pansi basi money or no money the team is a shame

  20. Akabango says:

    I can’t believe this,the whole govt fight with a single man

  21. Adunawa apepese a fam ndi wani miliyoni yokha basi posatira ndondomekozi.

  22. ineyo says:

    Ama nyachiumia just wanted a kind of mini-cashgate as we all know Pali posho/dollar aliyense amafuna kukhala pa nthazi man!

  23. SIR JOHN CHAULA says:

    If u dont want to be critisized do nthing say nothing, anduna mukakhumbanga kumuyeyelako viphumu munthu wa chita? Shut up ur mouth, nosense, y is it n/bay ministers bevaving like drunken dogs? Some stupip fellow frm the same in the same ministry also angered the nation by without feeling evn a grain of shame to hav new stadium in blantyre, ukagwere!!!!!

  24. tuvitwana says:

    This govt of double standards. U sponsored thugs to sing anti bushiri songs during grace chinga funeral, pano muti chani?
    Wy can’t apm donate some of the stolen money, 92 billion hs late brother left for him?
    Bushiri simumutha agaru inu.

  25. Looker says:

    What procedures hon minister?Are you not the one who instructed Sports Council through George Jana to tell FAM not to receive the money from Bushiri? There have been so many donations to Flames but we have never heard of these so called procedures why now? And to you Sports Council osamangotumikira zili zonse Boma limasintha.Mwaona ayamba kuithawa nkhani ija.

  26. Kenkkk says:

    That is private individual person monetary donation. How it is donated is wholly determined by the private donor, hence govt protocols not required. It is not a uk govt or UN donation to Fam. It was bushiri’s purely private donation going straight to fam account.

    Stupid minister and the whole dpp embecile govt.

  27. Charles chadza says:

    Please God forgive us

  28. pido says:

    A Minister ingokhalani chete. Mukuchititsa manyazi. Isiyeni FAM popeza ili ndi dzaiko loti ikasewrako mpira.

  29. Pimple says:

    Umafuna Bushiri adzaone ziphuphu zili kunkhope kwakoko basi? Iwe opusa eti.

  30. OjambulaCamera says:

    Malawi and her big headed Ministers, does it make any sense for a Cabinet Minister and her Ministry officials to be present a donation presentation ceremony? All from LIlongwe to Blantyre just to receive a donation of money from the man of God? When you did not attend, did those people that received the money fail to get it? What differenence does it make? Fotseki, ndima yopanda nzeru!

  31. Jahan says:

    Dyera a Malawi. Everyone wants to be involved where there is money!

  32. John Black says:

    Hahaha, the minister wants to take the money away from the FAM. We all know how government works and does not work. FAM is not a government organisation, and governments should stay out of it. And specifically not try to eat from the FAMs money.

  33. Amwali says:

    Za nkutu there are real issues to be dealing with and this pathetic woman wants to continue mourning about a missed photo opp.
    Why did she not as a Minister look for sponsorship for her cash strapped ministry???

    Where do you get these people from???

  34. Phusshi says:

    Hahahaha, koma allowance iyi ndayilira. Nkanatha 2 days ndili pa Blantyre kugona pa hotel.

  35. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Ndiye mwawina mpirawo?

  36. Kodi says:

    Since you work in Lilongwe, how much allowance would you receive to go to Blantyre to receive the donation? How much fuel would you use? How much allowance would your driver receive? How much allowance would your officials receive to come to Blantyre with you to receive the donation? How much allowance would their driver (or drivers) receive. What would be the costs of their acommodation? And what would be the cost of your acommodation. Ndakumvetsani mayi,ma allowance anasokonezeka pamenepa, Nyamilandu mwana wopusa wosadziwa kusamala akuluakulu. Iyeyo poti amagwira ku company sakudziwa kuti mu boma timadalira ma allowance. Mwana wachipongwe Nyamilandu. Alangizidwe, akuluakulu akhale naye pansi.

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