I will never refuse substitution, says Malawi skipper Kamwendo

Malawi national team Captain Joseph Kamwendo has come out into open to respond to the accusations that he refused to be substituted during a 2017 African Cup of Nations Qualifying match against Zimbabwe on Saturday in which Malawi lost 2-1.

Kamwendo says he was ready to be replaced

Kamwendo says he was ready to be replaced

It was reported that the TP Mazembe midfielder defied Flames Coach Young Chimodzi’s decison to to replace him with Gerald Phiri Jnr as the Flames were trailing to Zimbabwe.

The gifted left footed midfielder has since said the issue is coming from people who don’t wish him well.

While confessing that his performance wasn’t impressive against Zimbabwe, Kamwendo said he was ready to go out as he took off the captains armband handing it over to veteran striker Esau Kanyenda who plays for Polokwane City in South Africa knowing he was about to leave the pitch.

“I don’t know the origins of this talk, but if you followed the events, you might have realized that I took off the armband and gave it to Essau [Kanyenda] which was proof that I was ready to go out. Maybe the coaches had a change of mind as I said it was not my day, but I will never refuse to be substituted” Kamwendo is quoted in the local press as saying.

“That will never happen. As a professional, there is no way I can do that” added Kamwendo.

He went on to apologize to the Malawi nation for the loss and promised to bounce back with his usual top form in the next coming games.

“I had a very bad day, my performance was poor but I will bounce back”.

“I know there are some fans who don’t want me, but you cannot be a bad player just because of one game. It was one of those days when we couldn’t come to the party but I will bounce back. I just want to apologize to the fans for the agony they went through following the loss. We are very sorry, that was unacceptable,” explained Kamwendo.

Meanwhile, the former Orlando Pirates star says chances are still there for the Flames to earn Afcon qualification claiming there is still a long way to go.

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42 thoughts on “I will never refuse substitution, says Malawi skipper Kamwendo”

  1. vaanwyk says:

    JK NDI EK ndinu nkhalamba zogwa nkumina. lngolekani mpira. u are fired too! unakana sub iwe usaname apa!

  2. NOEL BAULENI says:

    talented jose kamwendo wil never fall down #TEAM-SHAKIRA

  3. Nsena says:

    Should retire. Nthawi yanu yapita a joze. Mwakula paja dzaka timabela ku nyasaland.

  4. mbani says:

    Iwe Kamwendo mwana wakwithu ku Mchinji zitaye they ve replace u with Gelard Phiri jnr kapheni mbewa

  5. Greorge says:

    All days are not sundays

  6. JK pack and go you are more than nothing. How many 4ward passes had you made in that game. You Dont Hav a Position In Flames. Over Is Over, Go Now.

  7. Don,t worry jose pipo r there to talk and criticise just work hard ur still young zija zidapita tione patsogolo

  8. opportunist says:

    U disappointed me. These were not adding up for what u knew was passing back and doing some useless dribbling .Just retire and guys like Gerald ,Fodya and the rest can make us smile.

  9. Beloved says:

    Time up no point my dear. U have had ur days. Give room to upcoming fresh legs otherwise we salute u 4 represanting malawi nation. Wishing u all the best.

  10. MR SOCCER says:


  11. mphatso says:

    Kamwendo master of Back passes

  12. lawrence says:

    Guys, its true Kamwendo refused to be substituted. I did not go to the stadium, but followed the proceeding of the game keenly on TV. I was surprised to see Gerlad Phiri Jr on the touchline ready to get into the pitch for close to 12 minutes or more. Those, who were watching on TV will agree with me. Kamwendo showed that he is not fit to be captain or else fit to done national team colours. If he did not snub substitution, why is the FA investigating the issue.

  13. Manyasa says:

    We need to start using new young players like, sulumba, gerald phiri, mhone, john banda, fodya, chi golo kipa chongogwa ngati thumba ayi, go for Bullets goal keeper,

  14. Jabulani Kuveya Mudede says:

    Boy, you are 100% correct, Tatenda Mukuruva (Zim goalie) is a form five student at Prince Edward school in Harare, I taught him last year but one and the team has many school boys…. invest in the youth, that’s the way to go.

  15. kanyimbi says:

    These players lack seriousness. Instead of playing forward they play backwards. Yakumbuyo man.

  16. ineyo says:

    it’s you, i mean you the “nyasa times” poor journalists those who brought in the fake news you composed that joseph kamwendo refused to be substuted.

  17. Ndayizivei Chiremba says:

    Kamwendo was ready to got out but ma coach athu adawonera mwina. Zonyozanazo ayi. Iye wavomereza kuti silinali tsiku lake.

  18. kamwendo,dont worry with these bad people who just cook stories without getting the bottom of it.They just want to spoil and they are like Satan

  19. Frazer says:

    akunama uyu, bwanji kale lonseli anthu omwe akunena kuti unakana kutulutsidwawo samkanena izi, tinene kuti iweyo chiyambireni kusewera flames game yako yoyamba kutulutsidwa inali uyiyi?

    kungovomereza kuti pano form yanu ikutsika simulinso ngati jk wakale yemwe ana hold centre bwino uja. Tulukani m’bwalo ena bawo alowemo basi. Phada wake amene uja dnt expect mtawali to take u.

  20. Sibusiso Mugemezulu says:

    Kodi ndi wakuti central,south or north musova

  21. ma banker says:

    nyasa pliz ikan option yot tizipanga reply to some comments not like only….mbuzi zinazi tizithana nazo

  22. The captain says:

    Nthawi zonse kubweza mpira kumbuyo… Zachikale zimenezo man… Mwatha basi inu

  23. That’s it JK. Uku ndiye kubwela uku

  24. Vinman Todzo says:

    Where is the squad that played and came with a plate,coach on a foul.

  25. kumakhululuka says:

    pliz nyasatimes provide option ya reply. some of these silly comments deserve some response

    1. Helo says:

      I have replied to you bwa?

  26. R K says:

    Armband amapereka munthu akamatuluka osati zomwe udachita iwe kupelekelatu armband.

  27. anthony says:

    Please why we mawian rely on these old players – euthini secondary school can play better that what u say so called national team. Why always we must loose coz is 11 against 11 ??? Please develop new young players damp all these gogo players like kondowe

  28. Gibo says:

    You know that youwere notgood why refusing substution?

  29. xxxxxx says:

    So you refused

  30. Jabulani Kuveya Mudede says:

    Munhtu wa mulungu and Alufeyo, please forgive me for the way I responded to your comments on Zimbabwe, as a proud Zimbabwean, I don’t take it lightly when anyone makes fun of my country and my president. Otherwise I have nothing personal against you and your country, ndili mbadwa ya Zimbabwe ndipo ndina chokera, what you said zvaka baya pamoyo pangu. Let sport unite us and chenjezo to you, don’t blow things out of proportion. Love you all aMalawi, I only hate the South Africans and Tswanas, you are our good neighbours and kinsmen

  31. viyazi tembo says:

    WHAT’S HIS NAME AGAIN? COCKROACH WHO? KAMWENDO???????????????????????????

  32. Charles says:

    This system of firing coaches whenever flames lost is demoralising. You see, when a person is takingover the position of a coach he takes it with fear that if the players doesn’t play well, he is going to be fired. So he takes it already confused, decisionless,then just be on the bench waiting for supporters to tell him what to do.

  33. Muhilima says:

    Kunyozana choncho sibwino ayi .Munthuyu wanena kale kuti adali okonzeka kutuluka.Nkhani yomveka apa ndi yokhudza aFAM takhalani serious palibe chomwe mukuchita nanunso mwakhalitsa bwanji tsiku lina inuyo mudzakakoche tidzaone mmene luso lanu liliri chonde kuyozana sibwino.

  34. sir bentby says:

    xuzaionaso game kuno aixe, no more business with you

  35. kamwendo says:

    Jose, could you please explain why you had a bad day? You must know that if you were included in the last COSAFA, we could not have Mbale.

  36. Sizabona Lipenda says:

    Kamwendo, what are u trying to say, that could be taken as a scapegoat, you refused to be substituted we all know that even your colleagues on the pitch witnessed that. stupid!

  37. Boy says:

    Kodi kamwendo ulindizaka zingati? I remember you played football in Zimbabwe in the 1990s you went to beligium, then south africa, moza and now DRs. If my maths is ok you should be over 40years or somewhere there. The problem we have in Malawi is age cheating. You cant have a team with an average age of 35years running battles with say a team with an average age of 24 years. FAM address this age cheating otherwise we will be perrenial failures.

  38. Boy says:

    Guys we need to appreciate that Zimbabwe has better players than us. They have Players plying their trade in Europe and some whose clubs in RSA dominate football down there, namely Sundowns and Kaizer chiefs. These are the top clubs in RSA right now. Two of their scorers play for Sundowns.

    Our players play for clubs that are struggling relegation in South Africa. We need to appreciate that our opponents have better personnel than us. I have silently watched the criticism on our team which ultimately led to the firing of the coaches. The problem is not the coaches but FAM structures which do not support football at grass root level. Lets address that and produce a good crop of players rather than recycling the same old players. If you look at the Zim, they had a lot of youthful players with them and to no surprise the Man of the match was their goalkkeeper whom i told is a student. For how long are we going to fire coaches. Even if Zimbabwe had terrible preparations, it doesen’t make their players inferior. Lets have FAM organising school tournaments which should serve as a pool for identifying young talent. In Zimbabwe they have the coca cola school tournament which is participated by all schools in zimbabwe. The Peter Ndlovus were identified by such a tournament.

    When we next play Swaziland Earnest Mtawali will be fired after 90 minutes. I can bet my money on that at this rate.

  39. akhona griffiths says:

    achitsiru inu fodya muchepetse. and you are very luck that the fired stupid dunderhead daft coaches featured you. who doesn’t know that you are always in civilian when tp mazembe is playing?????????????????????? nde ukabwera kuno udzikhala ngati dolo??????????? lets stop this madness, amene sakumenya ku club asamenyenso ku national team coz of lack of match fitness. foolish idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. That’s reality coz the moment he took off armband armedband handing it to kanyenda it shows that he is leady to be substitute

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