If I were Peter Mutharika: Tenthani’s Muckracking…

I am sometimes a fox and sometimes a lion; The whole secret of government lies in knowing when to be the one or the other” -Napoleon Bonaparte

If I were President Peter Mutharika I would not have allowed myself to be reduced to a cartoon to commemorate a misadventure that should never have happened.

Mutharika being protected from a swarm of bees during voting day last May: There will be first annivesary celebration on this innit

Mutharika being protected from a swarm of bees during voting day last May: There will be first annivesary celebration on this innit

Indeed if I were Peter I would have realised that no matter how often I describe my treason case as ‘stupid’ I would never erase the fact that I presided over machinations to usurp constitutional order during those “three mad days in April”.

In fact I would thank my stars that I live in a not-so serious country that would allow somebody with an un-discharged serious case to stand for an election, any election.

As a veteran constitutional law professor and a jurist of international repute, I should be the last to use an irreverent term ‘stupid’ on charges proffered by a legally-constituted office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. I would know that the best way to profess innocence would be to allow due process of the law to take its course.

I should be ashamed, if I were Peter, that my treason charge was dropped before my innocence was tested in a legally-constituted court just because I won an election.

If truth be told the Democratic Progressive Party’s so-called ‘Liberation Day’ jamboree in Lilongwe last week was as ill-advised as it was misguided. Who or what was liberated that March 11 day? If anything was liberated on that day it was infamy, infamy to break the law and get away with it.

Millions of tax-payer’s kwacha were spent on an event that was akin to the Polytechnic ‘fun day’.

What were we celebrating, by the way? That a band of treasonous people beat the rap just because they live in a country so petty that they were allowed not only to participate in – but also to win – an election?

Look, how could a whole president reduce himself into defacing a wall with graffiti of ‘Prof. Peter Mutharika was here”? That belongs to yobs high on cheap sachetted liquor!

Malawi is currently saddled by myriad problems for its CEO to waste time on teenage antics.

And how could Peter celebrate mob justice when he repeated his fantastical fairy-tale that somebody sent fake doctors to inject him with poison? He said when the ‘doctors’ failed to produce IDs his so-called ‘morale youths’ beat them up to a pulp.

He even went one further to say one of them, an intelligence chief – according to him, spent a month in hospital. This means the identities of his would-be assassins are known. Why is he not taking them to court?

The nation has a right to know a band of assassins that is out to eliminate people. If Peter was privileged to have a band of thugs that beat up his would-be assassins to a pulp, the next target would not be as privileged. As a good citizen Peter should stop these assassins’ murderous antics by exposing and jailing them.

Or, perhaps – to borrow from the President’s own irreverent unpresidential parlance, this is another ‘stupid’ allegation that has no foundation?

Peter and the Gang, for that is what they qualify to be called, should thank Malawi’s lethargic legal system for delaying their treason case.

I do not have to be a lawyer to know that something was afoot between April 5 and 7, 2012. The procrastination with the announcement of President Bingu wa Mutharika’s death was a calculated move. A report by a commission headed by a reputed Supreme Court judge cannot be dismissed as ‘stupid’.

In fact, if Peter and the Gang could not be fingered for treason, certainly they were culpable of concealing death – a felony in itself. Air-lifting Bingu’s cadaver to South Africa was clearly concealing death.

If I could I would, therefore, advise my good president against ever again being fooled into commemorating the March 11 madness. I would also realise that putting graffiti on walls, be they of prisons or schools, is for misguided yobs high on something not exactly legal.

If I were President Peter Mutharika I would also realise that if I catch someone breaking the law I must hand them over to lawful authorities for due legal process of the law to take place. I would realise that laughing that ‘anawatibula kwambiri’ (they were beaten senseless) is savagely un-presidential.

What happened last week was a new low for Malawi. President Mutharika has the serious business of running the affairs of state. He should not be swayed into kow-towing to every prank low-lifers in his party want to engage in.

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116 thoughts on “If I were Peter Mutharika: Tenthani’s Muckracking…”

  1. World Politics student- UK says:

    Chingolopiyo or whatever munthu opanda nzeru iwe how can you support such a bullshit of a head of state? all Tenthani is saying is by no ignorance or intelligence right you can’t have a president whose people have been displaced with floods and are suffering in camps as if they ran away fron a war torn country. You must join him in his stupidity Cerebrating the day he was unlawfully freed. Do you have an idea how many people are in jail today for crimes as low as placking a maize cob from someone’s garden and several others who were falsely accused? Iweyo nyapaphi, mzakoyo nyapaphinso ngati ukuyesa kuti akutengera ku state house wakanda posayabwa. Anthu amati atumbuka saganiza koma ayi ndithu mtundu wanuwunso ndiye ndowe zenizeni. Basi pita katsuke mkamwa.

  2. chingolopiyo says:

    Tenthani, thank God that he made you who you are. I don’t think if you were him you were going to be a professor and a president of the country. I don’t think people would have been attracted to vote for you. Thank God of who you are not what you wish you should have been. Thank God you are Raphael the muckracking , that is what God created you to be. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, so not all what Mutharika will do will be your cup of wine. What is important to you may be not important to others. Yes Mutharika is head of state but he has things he can value in life. By the way have you been in police cell or prison cell? You don’t have to be in prison for 27 years like Mandela for you to visit it or to make it historical. Sometimes its wise to humble yourself, not always having a pick on the head of state. Freedom of speech has also its limit and it has to respect peoples right too. Think of great men who knew to handle a pencil, late Jika Nkolokosa, the current Chitsulo,may His Soul Rest in Peace, and many more worthy to remember, never spent their time always attacking the head of state.

  3. Elliam says:


  4. Ndimakonda peter n.Dpp koma apanandinyasa osati Pang’ono.I watched zinachitika on tv via satellite and ndinakhumudwa for whAT reason to celebrate.please apulenzident musathetse chikondi changa pa Dpp.be serious kuyendetsa dziko .

  5. The matter of the fact is that Mr Tenthani you will never be Peter Mutharika simply because you’re not that educated kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  6. Tunthumbwana tambewa says:

    Ooh! Y wondering? What do you think, if you were a hedless chicken wha you would have done on the shit day?

  7. osman usu justin says:

    Tikukuonani tu ohoo! Wina apeterso wamoyo.

  8. chamz says:

    The problem is our courts and we Malawians due to our ignorance. if APM was barred by the courts to stand in the elections all fingers would have pointed at JB. we would have said she had barred him. And the way things were, DPP supporters would have caused trouble. Mavuto ku Malawi, very few people reason logically

  9. mr what what says:

    since he has beenin thid position, he did nothing, even his party members doesn’t know where there leader is heading to. No wionder ‘headless chicken’

  10. Balamanthu says:

    I dont understand why sane people with five senses dont see this as an important issue.We elected into state house somebody who has a treasonable case which is still prosecutable.He hasnt as yet been exonerated by law by a competent court of law that he is not guilty.Instead of just staying put, he wants to rant on the same issue which could see him either impeached or prosecuted if it were not our sloppy legal system.

    The guy has no clue of what it takes to run a country.This is not a popularity contest.The guy will continue to remain in campaign mode for the next forty months and deliver nothing.He is diverting attention to wrong things here.

  11. Bololo says:

    A Malindima (96) inutu mulibe nzeru.

  12. Jimbo says:

    Mr Tentani you have written with clarity and truth. APM should never have been allowed to stand for election when he was facing the charge of treason. It is absolutely incredible that this was allowed to take place. Surely it is basic to any country’s legal system that a person charged with treason is barred from standing for election. Why was there such a long delay in bringing APM and his co-conspirators to justice? The case was clear cut. Any President worth his/her salt would have had them tried within weeks of taking office. Malawi has only itself to blame for finding itself with a President who is clueless, childish and a charlatan. The sooner the law is clarified and the man removed from office, the sooner the country will be able to get back on its feet by electing someone with the brains and experience to take it forward. APM should not stay in office a moment longer than it takes to apply the law and get him out and back into that prison where he belongs, so that he can get on with writing his life story on those prison walls.

  13. Aferazao says:

    Ben Phiri has taught Peter to smoke weed and that is why he cannot think properly. On this day he was given an overdose of ganja so anali atasweka beyond recognition and that was why he found so much pleasure to write on a prison cell war Bolingo Zeze, Afana Jah was here. I am failing to come to terms with what this man did. what I see is some stupid minded dunderhead dirtying a wall Could someone tell Ben Phiri to stop giving chothetheka to the old man so that he can start thinking like a straight minded person

  14. Insight says:

    Amalawi mukhululukireni munthyu, he spent four decades writing on the board in class, whatelse could he have done on a day he remembered that he used to be teacher or is it a lecturer. They say once a monkey always a monkey and a hyna once in a different mountain can not be a hare in another mountain. Awa amangofunika kukhala lecturer ku university of Malawi basi

  15. Kankosya says:

    A Malindima can’t c that the president’s behavior leaves alot to be desired coz he is a village idiot.

  16. Fred Amamu says:

    Mr. Tenthani is is the last bastion of hope in Malawian journalism…I pray to God that He gives him more days in his life and more insight. You are fearless as you are articulate and candid. Only fools who have no analytical brains can criticize you! Carry on Ralph!

  17. Malindima says:

    Nyenyenye! Nyenyenye! Nlinlinli! Nlinlinli! Pyepyepye! Pyepyepye!
    That’s the noise of columnists running of ideas of what to write. Just repeating what has already been written three times already!

  18. mwanawamkulu says:

    A DPP akuziwisa anthu kuti mmawa patha Zaka 4 pamene a presdenti a cipanici omwenso ndi a presdent a dziko la malawi anagonana koyamba ndi mkazi wawo wapa mtima mayi getrude muntharika. Zocitika pamwambowu
    1.Tikapainter rum yomwe a puluzidenti anausumanira
    2.Mwado omwe anavala a getrude ukagulisidwa pa auction
    3.pomaliza a presdent akacitisa msokhano kutiuza momwe anausumanira

  19. Nyepeliwa says:

    Bravo Tenthani!

  20. Mwama Du says:

    APM is indeed a miscalculated person. Doesn’t have anything in his brain to offer to Malawians.

  21. JB kawalala says:

    Tenthani akufunika special prayer ndithu wakalamba kwambiri

  22. JB kawalala says:

    If I were Tenthani ndikanadziwaa kuti kukalamba mozerezekaku ndimisala because the nkhalamba. Ngati iyi imalimbana ndi President ataisiya ku state house kkkk koma ma article time ya amai amakomera amai vuto si Tenthani Vuto ndi kukalamba mozerezekaku

  23. del horno says:

    maiko a serious anthu ozengedwa milandu imeneyi samaloledwaso kuima pa chisankho…poor flames

  24. tsoka says:

    More fire achimwene_I luv this

  25. tsoka says:

    Mo fire…

  26. Masanje says:

    Is there anyone with good sense in this administration????. Where is the voice of reason in Mathanyula’s administration???. I thought Saulos was the answer but I now have my doubts.

  27. macd says:

    koma ben phiri ndi cartoony

  28. Mr Tethani, Are you a qualified lawyer or a judge No , but you can convict The President on your opinion, which everyone knows is biased against the President.
    Please try to write news articles which are objective.
    One thing is very clear YOU will never be in the Presidents Shoes, although you clearly think you should be.
    Why do you never write about your beloved unelected President JB who has caused so much suffering to poor Malawians through the missing Cashgate Billions. No DONOR COUNTRY TRUSTS Malawi now because of her greed.
    This is the reality of Malawi now, many people suffering, how sad .

    1. EYE WITNESSES says:

      You shud be stupid. Was itt right to write on the prison walls? I was once there should I take my paint

  29. Bongololo says:

    I love Tenthani! This guy keeps it real. More fire achimwene!

  30. mwanawamkulu says:

    Y wud u sink so low!?

  31. Galu WA galu says:


  32. Tozer Tsono says:

    If to be elected as President or appointed as minister, absolves the somewhat lucky individual of perceived criminal acts or violation of the law, then one would conclude that the individuals were actually guilty. Otherwise, there is no reason to seek immunity for a crime or violation of the law that one denies ever happened. Why rely on the tenet of law that does not apply?
    The suggestion in the way the law regarding immunity is applied is that to be elected as President or appointed as minister or vice president is tantamount to being above the law.
    Yet that was never the design nor the spirit of the law. The President is not above the citizens that he leads, therefore not immune to answer charges especially because he denies them.
    If he had admitted guilt, it makes sense that immunity would be implied but not automatic.
    Malawi risks not being taken seriously among peers due to lack of completeness and thoroughness in the design and spirit of the law.
    Regardless of the interpretation of the law, Muntharika and his cohorts by using tax payers money to invoke any part of the case for whatever reason, which he denied, and received immunity for, whose prosecution had already commenced in court; seems to have re-opened the case. Immunity means no one in Malawi including the President has to bring up any part of the case. Certainly citizens cannot bring the case back, where immunity was the last word. Yet in this case, citizens granted him immunity, while he himself turns around and finds use for the case, by spending money on something that should silent.
    He has re-opened the case by using the event as a campaign activity as well as a national celebration. Take him to task!

  33. Wamakala says:

    In order to get Malawi Presidency on track, am directing APM through this forum to submit to Malawi citizens monthly reports on how he is moving the Malawi Nation forward, towards much awaited development. Am also directing that the Malawi President accounts for each working day and tasks fulfilled. This can help get our President back on track.

  34. dreamteam says:

    I am sure by the time he is out of State House all the toilet doors will be marked “APM was here”. If he can do this in suit, imagine what he does when he sit on those toilet seats and has an urge to write. Stupid president.

  35. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Malawians: get real! And columnists: get real too; rather than just blow hot air,
    This saga or kerfuffle by APM and co. is NOT a morality issue. Nor is it a “material” issue, or a civil rights issue to warrant legal or any sanction! Yet columnists are expending so much energy on this? Inexcusable!
    Is there a personal agenda hidden somewhere?
    And so many gullible internet readers and commenters? Inn the realm of politics, this issue has no consequences, whatsoever. The average voter is not concerned at all. He/she is busy dealing with existential issues.
    Some market vendors said: “ife izi sizitikhuza” (we have more important issues to deal with). Get that!

  36. Ganjaweed Mutharika says:

    Zina kambu zina leku, koma Mutharika walimba sanafebe!

    Zambian President Edgar Lungu has been discharged from hospital in South Africa after undergoing surgery to correct a narrowing of the oesophagus.

    Doctors describe the results as “good” following Friday’s procedure.

    On Sunday he collapsed at an International Women’s Day event in the Zambian capital, Lusaka.

    In January Mr Lungu, 58, won a narrow election victory, replacing the former president, Michael Sata, who died in October.

    Doctors have asked the president to return to the hospital in a few weeks for a medical review. (BBC Africa)

  37. Chatty Man says:

    Signs of dementia!

  38. Nowa says:

    Ithink he is trying to still the attention of ppo.

  39. alukosyo says:

    Chindere chakufikapo

  40. Che Nkope says:

    President uyu tinanena kale ndiwamisala.zotsatira zake ndizimenezi kumalemba pakhoma ngati mwana wa secondary heheeeee,! Professor???? Really???

  41. BigMan says:

    DPP WON the elections, get over it.

  42. Mbanangwa says:

    Read beyond the story, Ralph is only laying facts bare, is there any attack on Mutharika here? Subjective reading will understand it that way, objectivity will bail you out for you will look at facts only

  43. mbina says:

    dnt be suprised after 5years mukapeza nsete mmakoma ku state house.

  44. Othyola Tea ku Thyolo says:

    Zafikapo. Zawoneka mawanga

  45. Concerned citizen says:

    zonvetsa chisoni

  46. ignatious says:

    My boss would have said an oxygen thief who is over-rating himself.

  47. chisoti says:

    Amalawi kupusa wina ankusangalalirani 100days ndikukuberaninso kwacha kuglitsa ndenge ndikukunamizani kuti ndikubwera lero ali kuti. Muchenjere lero? Wina ankuberani ma bilioni lero mukuti kudwaladwala not fit for any trial just good for death. Kupusa kwenikweni muoneke ochenjera lero? Poti ndi president tamuuzeni Lutepo, kasambara, Mphwiyo, Joyce kuti tibwezere ndalama zathu. Tulo basi.

  48. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Does he get paid for this? Is he being productive?

    If was my employee, he would be dismissed for playing during working hours.

  49. Che Nungu says:

    I am a DPP and Lomwe but I am now tired with my presidents foolish actions coz am not as sill as he is. I thing out’beloved’ leader doesn’t know what to do.Tenthani is very right. I dont know what propels his mind. I dont know if he has advisers. Ndikanadziwa ndikanangovotela JB yemweuja. Ashhhhhhh, mabiiiii a president.

  50. Kaidi says:

    Peter Mutharika is an Arse****

  51. michael Bamusi says:

    Malawi has the most useless president and I would rate him the most useless president on the planet.Leaving state house mimba kusukusu kukalemba mu cell si kupusa kumeneku,tikamati kupanda nzeru ndiye kumeneku, law yake yokopera sukulu za online

  52. losco says:

    Please it’s enough about this issue, down with it.Aaaaaaaaa

  53. atate says:

    Ine nkhawa inandipeza on 5th April coz chilungamo chinkasowa. Tinamvela Ku south Africa kuti president wathu anapita atafa kale chinali chani chimenecho. U president mumaufuna ndi umenewo mukulemba nawo ma wall mu ndende

  54. Monosire says:

    I can see kuti PP ndi a opposition ena ali mmadzi kulira ndikunyoza ati chifukwa sasamba Tenthani wawatukwanira mdani wawo. Komabe simunati kulira ena akumwa mkwakwa ena a chi na Nsonda akutuwa amao atathawa. Mukanena za ife mutopa ife chathu ndichitukuko basi. Ukamathamangitsidwa kenako nkumva okuthamangitsayo akutukwna udziwe kuti wakulephera basi. APM ndi DPP mtima mmalo. Mmene tinachitira muja mu 2014 mu 2019 zidzaposa pamene paja. Enawanso akudziwa. Musadandaule anthu opanda nzeru akamatukwana. Inu more fore ntchito za manja anu ndizomwe zidzakuchitireni umboni osati kubwezera ena akamatukwana.

  55. mphwanye says:

    The only good thing with all the critics is that you did not vote for Peter. so if you dint have anything about him just SHUT UP!

  56. Chikopa says:

    When you demonise muthalika mr Tenthani and your crew , God is lift him up because he is in his side we pray at civo stadiam don’t forget

  57. mbuyun says:

    Was this another freedom day for malawi or is the aftermath of mtonjani which was organised at the cashgate city few wks ago

  58. OPC Lilongwe says:

    Apulofesa kulamulira dziko mumakufuna kobasi koma nzeru zoti nkuyendetsera dziko mulibe. If we had Chimunthu there I don’t think bwenzi DPP ikupepera chonchi ayi.

    Zoona inu mungasankhe mbofyo mbofyo Ben Phiri, Dausi, Vuwa as chief advisors. Ndizo izotu akukusocheretsani.

  59. Zanimuwone says:

    Tilibilethu President. Vuto ndiloti president amene alibe nzeru anakwatira mkazi wopanda nzeru ndipo akulangizidwa ndi alangizi opanda nzeru. Akuti boma lilibe ndalama koma zomwe akuwonongera ndalama zochepa zomwe timapeza zopanda pake. Mulungu, pulizi tichotseni munyansi za m’boma la anthu opanda nzeru monga munachira nthawi ija.

  60. Cocoon says:

    All the prisoners should be released because there is no Justice in Malawi, Peter was not in prison, he de refused and stayed in the office and ate food from the hotels. Why Malawi? Anthu ukuba okha okha,

  61. Cadaver says:

    Wow! Peter and the Gang aka Midnight 6?

  62. Am tired. Give me a place to rest.

  63. chechamba says:

    APM smokes and injects illegal substance. This man is a savage and brute with no political knowledge. Leave this senile old man he has a few days to live. Watha kale his kidneys are gone, his heart is gone, he is HIV positive got it from his America gay friends. I hear kutindo akamachinda First Lady wakeyo akumukwera ku Anus. Ngati ndibodza First Lady akane poyera tiwone.

  64. Gays in Malawi says:

    Nelson Mandela spent 26 YEARS in jail. Was released from captivity, become a president, retired from politics. He did all this with class and dignity. He never defaced the walls of his prison cell, never wrote graffiti he instead preached reconciliation………what a great leader. I know Mr Mandela was a special human being and it would not be fair to ask Mathanyula to be like him….. But I’m sure he can learn a thing or two from Mr Mandela’s legacy and one think is class…..thanks!

  65. Lazalo says:

    No wonder my son wrote today on my cars dashboard” chipi was here”. With a permant marker.

  66. mangochi kabwafu says:

    We and the WHOLE World (a few that know Malawi) know that the country is headed by a BUNCH OF THICK CREATURES. No doubt about that. Would someone proudly stand on top of the hill and proclaim that peter muthalika is my president? My foot. How do you rate someone who appoints a drug addict bitch to be Malawi goodwill ambassodor? Nde muziti munthuyo mutu wukukoka? Malawi is a disgrace and a joke. No wonder its worlds richest nation, Oops rather the opposite.

  67. John Muchizi says:

    Is Peter Muthalika a lawyer of international repute? I personally doubt this accolade. There is nothing Peter does that confirms that repute. He behaves just like Bakili, Joyce, the mundane type with a rare privilege of running Malawi as a president. This Peter guy will cause people to stop respecting and admiring professors. He operates at the same level as a regional governor.

  68. Clueless Mathanyula says:

    Total madness! His emaciated ” wife” is preaching beautify Malawi while this gay dude is writing graffiti on the walls. ……. Go figure!!!!! Whatever happened to the milliard of advisors??? They thought this was cool???? Really.??.

  69. None says:

    This country has gone to the dogs. What was that???

  70. MWAYI says:


  71. Ine says:

    And the climax of his madness was his wife accompanying him clad in an octopus hat that made the whole state house turning into a big joke. Malawi sasatheka ndithu ndi alomwewa.

  72. matiki says:

    Kodi kupanga zengezi pa maliro ndi chifukwa iwe sasamba panga zako zako wamwalira chitsuro watsala iwe

  73. Bob says:

    Kkkkkkkk, hahahahahaha. What a country.

  74. Ezekiel says:

    Koma ndale zakuno ku Malawi zimathetsa nzeru anthu amapepala awo kkkkkkkkk.

  75. Ezekiel says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk ziliko ku Malawi tisaliononge dziko lathu ndipo ngati mukufuna ulemu zisungileni ulemu nokha osati kuyaluka ngati uku. Kodi mukamapanga izi anzanu akunjawo am akuonani bwanji chonde tengelaniponi phunziro next time don’t shame this country again.

  76. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

    The Walford Astoria in New York is bound to have had graffiti written in the hotel he stayed in

  77. Awful President of Malawi (APM) says:

    What a clown Peter Mutharikha is,. Big shame!!

  78. apao says:

    He was high with hot staff and ukno when ur high

  79. Big brain says:

    No issue here Mr Tenthani

  80. Gongonyeke says:

    Old age at an advancing stage.

  81. eluby says:

    Koma Ralph pena pake mumaonjezatu kumunena our President

  82. take care malawi says:

    Malawians will cry forever.

  83. Mnngulu says:

    This country stinks to the pit latrine. Whether it is tribal;ism, regionalism, love for money, what have you, we are not a serious lot to get rid of poverty if we can allow dented people like Mutharika and the midnight six to rule us. This is what we are getting, being ridiculed by would be convicts. What a shame!

  84. Ngungudya says:

    Kkkkkkkkk (apolofesa), koma kutukwana ndikoyipa amene watukwana apa mulungu akamulanga

  85. sh ebraim isa says:

    Raphael,the president was mad.and,whith virtue of being president pipo did not question him but rather follow as bandwagon.

  86. Zayambika says:

    Apite ku mental ameneyu munthu wa normal sangachite zopusa komanso zauchitsiru.zoterezi

  87. joseph says:

    mutukwana’mpaka’liti ana agalu inu? We are there up to next 20years if not more than that.

  88. Dick says:


  89. Lomwe Gangster and the Notorious Midnight 6 says:

    I will be very surprised if opposition just sits idle without asking the president to go and clear his graffiti in police cells. Because this has brought the high office of a Malawi president into shame.

    Is graffiti illegal?

    The laws on public property are very strict and anyone caught doing graffiti can be arrested and prosecuted under the Criminal Damage Act 1971. Offenders can go to prison for ten years or fined if the damage costs more than £5,000. If the damage caused is less than £5,000, you could face three months imprisonment or a £2,500 fine.

    The Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 introduced new powers for local councils to punish offenders and to help them clear up illegal graffiti. These included:

    On-the-spot fines of £50 to anyone caught doing graffiti on public property. These can be given out by police officers, community support officers or local authority officials;
    Giving local authorities the power to give clean-up notices to owners of street furniture such as phone boxes if they have graffiti on them. If the property is not cleaned in 28 days the authority can remove the graffiti themselves and charge the owner for this service;
    Making it an offence to sell spray paint to under-16s. If a shopkeeper can’t prove they took reasonable steps to determine the age of the person, they can be fined up to £2,500.

  90. edwin says:

    What is we see writtings on walls elsewhere, who shall come to mind? No wonder our schools are written all over. Shall that cell be ever re innovated?

  91. Nam'bwibwi says:

    Akuti APM? Nkuluyu ndiopepela kwambiri kaya a Malawi chinawaona ndi Chani kaya? Chiledzelele.

  92. I wonder as to why we allowed him the power…he will kill us all one day.

  93. Gangster APM and the Notorious Midnight 6 says:

    Graffitti is a serious crime. It is setting a bad example if by a president. This president must be impeached.

  94. Zikomankhani says:

    APM thinks that by focusing on his treason charge, attention will somehow be diverted from how he disrespected his brother’s body and the unnecessary suspense and expense he put the country through in those three mad days. In fact the opposite is true – every time he brings up the ‘stupid’ treason charge, people are reminded by the stupid way in which he acted during Easter 2012.

    Until he apologises to the Malawi nation for the needless expense and tension he put them through in 2012, he will not know peace. He had a chance to open his heart during the inquiry but chose to be quiet.

    Kamuzu apologised for MCP atrocities. APM also needs to apologise for trying to usurp power and for disrespecting his brother’s corpse the way he did. Failure to do so will eat at his conscience forever…

  95. Jimmy juga says:

    The president is only telling malawians not to arrest people on political reasons.but there was no politics behind his arrest.

  96. Ahlomwe Ahlomwe says:

    Saulos Chilima you are a big disappointment. Are you telling me that all these things are happening under your watch?? I thought you would be the one to control this “headless chicken” No wonder we are the poorest country on earth.

    1. Tengupenya says:

      Asiyeni a ngoni. Si ntchito yawo kuletsa. Kwa wo ndi kutumikira basi.

  97. Atcheya says:

    Sometimes I tend to wonder why Malawi cities are among the dirtiest in the world. The president has just given me the answer now. Shame on you and your band of educated savages!!!

  98. Patriot says:

    Tsopano commemoration ya njuchi za pa election day zimafuna kumuluma zija mwati izakhalapo liti?

  99. Bwampini says:

    The tendency of not rebuking our leaders is pushing our communities into the drain. Sm1 blindfolds APM. No professor can do wht we experience in Nyasaland. Defacing walls with graffiti by the state president?

  100. william says:

    kaya zanu izo bola dpp ikulamula ife mtima mmalo. munthu ungakumbukire za njuchi kapena zinali za inuyo ndi JB ZA ZIIIIIIIIIII

  101. He is lucky if JB was Like Gwanda Chakwamba that treason case would have put all midnight six or ten you name them in jail. but amai is a fearing God a human she felt sorry for this guy but there he is he is celebrating passionate parlor. it just tells you this man is insane

  102. osaweta jj says:

    I salute u Mr Tenthani.koma musiye kumwa ma rider many bwana…anyway but I like ur critical discourse of events surround our country

  103. Daniel Phiri says:

    Mutharika must be a source of shame to the university that conferred him a Aw degree. We all know that he and his bandwagon were tried and failed to breach constitutional order and held this country to ransom. There is nothing the midnight 6 can do to erase this fact. Writting graffiti on walls will not help this country to graduate from being the world’s poorest country. Can someone remind this sleepy and clueless professor what his job description is! For once we need seriousness and leadership credentials from our President! Good luck!

  104. Hoitty says:

    peter and the gang kkkk

  105. Maliseche says:

    Komabe tinawina chixankho despite kutukwana komwe ukutukwanaku. Zako izo Ralph uxova wakula watha komabe Machende ako! Lol!

    1. phwado la mlakho says:

      iwe Maliseche!Chilingamo chakuotcha pa mkolokolo!pepani inuyo mulibe machende man?

  106. Vin mongu says:

    the only good thing this guy did was to hire saulos as his vice president.

  107. if educationist define education as what remains in you after all that you learnt is lost then our president needs an adult resource room.Has totally lost everything.The effects of quota system are being manifasted,but when aking loses direction he is made to be aservant..next time he will be commemorating another anivasary of him with his artificial young madam

  108. midnight 6 says:

    If Malawi has ever experienced dark days in history then we don’t have to think twice that this is the time. The president is just a headless chicken who can’t even give directions to malawians. You were keen and illegally willing to rule malawi so that malawi is on your mouth, you failing to swallow. If Henry Mussa, Chisale, Nankhumwa, Kaliati, Masangwi, Mulli, Chilima, Chaponda and others can here me saying u r stupid then am happy. Including you Atupele Muluzi

  109. Yankees says:


  110. zingati zanu says:

    Zoona inenso ndinachita tsemwe. The more we want to change, the more we remain the same. Paja zawo ndi zingati kodi asatinyansep apa

  111. zte says:

    country on auto president. lets drink smoke get high on taxpayers money

  112. dreamteam says:

    Raphael, I do not agree with how you attack this president all the time – BUT what happened last week is enough that this president might either be smoking something and or a hopeless drunk. We can’t have a president and Malawi sinking so low – going around writing graffiti on walls. This was really a shame. In other countries, the writing graffiti is against the law as well. Shame on this president and his “low lifes” in the party

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