When ignorance and hate conquer a writer: Reply to Idriss Ali Nassah article

When ignorance and hate conquers a writer, these vices embarrass him through his own writing. The same can be said about Idriss Ali Nassa and his recent article on President Arthur Peter Mutharika and his leadership.

President Mutharika with Idriss Ali Nassah

President Mutharika with Idriss Ali Nassah

In his article, Nassa desperately tries to convince his readers that President Peter Mutharika is a hopeless leader and that he has no vision for Malawi whatsoever: Unfortunately for Nasssa as we will appreciate in this article his sentiments cannot be supported by facts.

And where he has attempted to back up his claims, he has displayed embarrassing ignorance by citing false information or churning outright lies.

Malawi has for many decades struggled to resolve its chronic economic challenges since Independence. This situation has led to the suffering of many Malawians, President Peter Mutharika has more than once said he finds this totally unacceptable.

While Prof. Peter Mutharika’s leadership seeks to deliver on long-term goals that will deal with Malawi’s chronic problems and change Malawi forever, he is paying the price of being criticized because some people are too impatient to see what the President is doing.

Given the hardships most Malawians have gone through for many years, the impatience is understandable. Of course, we Malawians are very funny people. When Mutharika takes the backstage to listen and trust the institutions of his Government, we condemn him for doing nothing.

The moment he takes action or breathes a word on the matter, we denounce him even more loudly. When the Nsanje defiler bragged of sleeping with more than one hundred young girls while concealing his HIV positive status and using no protection whatsoever, we were very quick to denounce the President for doing nothing about it. The moment the President acted by ensuring Police arrests and investigates the man, we were even quicker and louder in condemning the President for taking action.

My impression of President Mutharika is that he is a democrat and a listening leader who takes criticism kindly. However, there is no reason why we should be piling up lies, misinformation and exaggerations simply in order to make others believe that Mutharika is a failure. We are decent Malawians of integrity who must always analyse our leadership with sober objectivity.

It is petty to blind ourselves from reality simply because some of us do not like Mutharika. Let us for example take Idriss Ali Nassah’s article on “Case of Malawi President Peter Mutharika: In his brother’s shadow”. Although his name suggests otherwise, I presume that the writer is a Malawian and that am not wasting my precious time with a writer from some city in the Arabic Maghreb who understands very little about facts Malawian as his article otherwise suggests.

The choice of words and gross misinformation in Nassa’s article appear to deliberately be calculated to demean the President Mutharika and make the world believe that Peter Mutharika has no capacity of his own except walking in “his brother’s shadow”. As a result, this article ignores the new programs which Peter Mutharika has introduced as a departure from his late brother Bingu wa Mutharika.

Peter Mutharika’s vision from what I have followed from his actions, decisions and utterances has introduced Foreign Direct Investment as means for creating wealth, jobs, industries and turning Malawi from a consuming to a producing nation.

Mutharika has also introduced community colleges to drive skills development. So far, there is impressing progress on this program. If we can can all support him, this program will make Malawi a skilled nation; create new industries, new businesses, new jobs and also to support the investment program.

While some critics like Nassa say Mutharika is out of touch with reality, it is a reality that most vulnerable Malawians cannot afford decent housing. Mutharika is conscious of this reality and that is why he introduced the affordable Malata and Cement program. This program is making unprecedented progress – to the annoyance of those who don’t wish Mutharika well. Idriss Nassah is completely wrong in trying to impress his readers that Mutharika’s development agenda constitutes “fancy projects” only.

Of course, it’s interesting and also worrying that this critic fails to think and decipher that projects like airports are economy game changers but considers them fancy. F.D.I’s, technical Colleges, the Malata Subsidy program are just examples of new programs in Peter Mutharika’s innovative development plans. This does not presume to exhaust everything Mutharika is doing. But an honest, objective and educated person like Idriss Nassah purports to be should be able to think and see that Peter Mutharika is not only continuing from where Bingu left. But that he certainly also has a development mind of his own and he cannot be undermined as an extension of his brother.

In fact, the two leaders also have different styles of diplomacy. Mutharika’s international diplomacy has always been excellent. Idriss Nassah’s article tries to alienate Mutharika from his international friends. The writer claims that while he was Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mutharika did nothing when Malawi exercised its right of sovereignty and asked a British convoy to leave because Malawi cannot be taken for granted just because we were a British colony. Let us put history correct for the sake of our children.

Fergus Cochrane-Dyet was a British envoy who was among those who did not like Bingu wa Mutharika because the latter was a fierce critic of the West. Besides, the British felt offended because Bingu supported Zimbabwe at the time the British were punishing Mugabe for his anti-imperialist stand. I can forgive Nassa for not understanding this: it could be beyond his grasp of international political affairs. As sober analysis of events around that time suggests that the British wanted all Africans if not everybody to hate Mugabe because he was their enemy. As a result the British High Commissioner started interfering with local politics to influence Bingu’s ousting.

At the height of that proxy welfare when Cochrane-Dyet was asked to leave Malawi, the British reiterated by influencing  international fuel suppliers and the forex market to bring the economy down on its knees. Just as exactly as it happened in Zimbabwe after Robert Mugabe quarreled with the British, forex went missing, fuel went missing and the economy started suffering. I don’t expect Nassa to understand this either.

While Idriss Nassah wants to impress his readers that Malawi committed a cardinal sin in which he wants to drag in Peter Mutharika, it is important for the writer to know the history of Malawi. In fact, Prof Peter Mutharika was not even the Minister of Foreign Affairs when President Mutharika sent Cochrane-Dyet packing as Nassah claims. Professor Etta Banda was the Minister of Foreign Affairs at that time. Apparently Idriss Nassa is ignorant of this fact. That said, the fact remains that the Malawi-British relations went sour.

However, it is on record that Peter Mutharika proactively sought to have the Malawi-British relations normalized in Bingu’s time. Mutharika led a team of three ministers who went to Britain, German and Brussels to negotiate for normal relations. But just before the fruits of these negotiations, Bingu died and other political opportunists took over. However,  before Bingu died the British had decided to appoint a new High Commissioner to Malawi thereby normalizing the Malawi-British relations.

Then next comes Nassah’s strange claim that Mutharika has a fixation with Joyce Banda. No one in the sanity would deny that although Joyce Banda ruled only for two years, she destroyed Malawi far more beyond than anyone can imagine. She took us back more years than she ruled. During the BBC programme Nassah cites, the anchor asked President Mutharika about the impact of aid freeze to Malawi in 2013 due to ‘‘Cashgate’’. Both the aid freeze and the ‘‘Cash-gate’’ scandal happened during Joyce Banda’s two year rule. And everyone knows that ‘‘Cash-gate’’ was a systematic plunder of the national treasury which involved a conspiracy among senior officials in Joyce Banda’s party the People Party (PP), her appointed government officials and the private sector

. Is Nassa in his thinking suggesting that President Peter Mutharika should have explained the ‘‘Cash-gate’’ and the resultant aid free without making reference to Joyce Banda, her party and government? How? It is false to argue that Peter Mutharika always blames everything on the fugitive Joyce Banda whom Nassah for some reason tries to exonerate in his article. The President only mentions Joyce Banda only where facts of the narrative demands so. And somehow Nassa is not happy with this. Nassah talks about the President building a banquet hall. Does the writer know that State House already has a modest banquet hall? Its clear Nassa is ignorant of this fact too. Most people who have been to State House will agree that there are already halls for various functions. If anything, large scale functions have always taken place in a marque, which was blown away by a storm in 2015. All that State House has done is to replace this marque with another marque. But in Idriss’s hateful imaginations, President Mutharika is building a banquet hall.

In his article, Nassah also tries to create a rift between the President and the Vice President. His line of reasoning is that the Vice President is not being fully utilized in the running of Government because he is not a member of the National Governing Council of the ruling Democratic Party. First, I find this reasoning odd. Secondly, the claim is false. It is a fact that the Vice President sits on the National Governing Council with the title of “Special Presidential Advisor”. Apparently Nassa is ignorant of this fact also. The ‘‘Special Presidential Advisor’’ portfolio is a very important portfolio which Peter Mutharika himself held during the Bingu administration.

Now, like many knowledgeable readers, I am left wondering. Is it out of ignorance or malice that anyone would commit his pen to all these false allegations? Do people realize that writing is such a double edged sword that can destroy your own image if you try to destroy others by either creating lies or writing without proper research? But for most people, criticizing a President feels good, especially if you are driven by hate or bias.

But it is also good at least to try to be objective. Criticism is meaningful when it is fair and well-meaning. Let me end by how I began to say that when ignorance and hate conquers a writer, these vices embarrass him through his own writing. This is very clear in Nassa article

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16 thoughts on “When ignorance and hate conquer a writer: Reply to Idriss Ali Nassah article”

  1. Observor says:

    Its clear from the comments that Chokani has crashed Nassa’s lies and clearly shown how ignorant Nassa is..no wonder people are just attacking Chokani the person and none of his arguments.. we need more chokani’s. Please write again.

  2. be humane says:

    One thing Nassah misses to impress, the problem in Malawi leadership is lack of building on what one started. So Nassah is not clapping hands that Peter is building on What Bingu started. A Malawi lets leave our political emotions and be objective. Much as Chokani has shown his bue colours and Nassah has shown his black red and green colours, our leaders are supposed to build on the past developments. ook at the Green Belt, Nsanje Port, Mudzi Transformation wina akuti Cement and Malata Subsidy, the FISP, where is MASAF, where is MADEF wina akuti YEDEP? This is our problem. Chokani and NAssah don’t confuse us. Assah chokanipo apa pitani uko

  3. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr. Anderson Chokani, I can not finish reading this long article. Time is important these days. However I have seen that you siding with the president on the arrest of Aniva.

    My question remains how come the president gave instruction to have Aniva arrested but the same president is not giving instruction to have the seven ministers arrest nor investigated?
    When did the ‘Fisi” culture/tradition become criminal act and when stealing public funds become criminal act?

    Another question is what will happen in 2019. If right now, our president instructs tradition leaders (T/A Kabudula), in the presence of opposition leader , ” to stop any opposition political parties to hold meetings in their areas”. Do you think when president gave that instruction he was joking? Can such speech unit country.

    We also want to tell good examples of APM’s immediate achievements like what happened with Magufuli in Tanzania. It was instant

  4. MTHETO says:

    Mr. Chokani you have wasted my time. i thought you would write sensible things. why do you people defend the indefensible? president Peter Mutharika has failed and that a fact. What long term plans has his government put in place that can stand the SWOT analysis. ZERO

  5. santana says:

    Mr Honeycomb,
    Even yourself if using your good senses you can agree that your own wife and your mother in-law let alone your mother and sisters if you have that is, can wholly agree with what the President has done on the hyena issue.

  6. Honeycomb says:

    As much as I admire the choice of words for this writer one can easily see that he is a die hard supporter of Peter Mutharika and the DPP. And Iam positive that he is being paid for that. First and foremost what Ali Nassah said in his article is correct to every well meaning Malawian.

    We would all like to see a secure and prosperous Malawi. This game of putting blame on previuos leaders cannot take us anywhere. Mutharika is the captain of this ship now and he must do everything possible to stir us to clear water otherwise everyone can see that the ship is too big for him.This country seem to be running on auto pilot. When he makes a decision it is always misplaced. Take for example the arrest of the Hyena man in Nsanje. Though it is being applauded in some quaters you can easily see that it is misplaced.

    The solutions he has for this country are not working.

  7. PRAISE SINGER says:


  8. santana says:

    Let Idriss himself reply to Chokani’s article. Those who are negatively answering to this article seem to be shivering coz the writer have devastatively crushed Idriss’ article. Those who enjoyed Idriss’ article the time it was out, and have now read Chokani’s article are all shivering and their mouths agape. This is why instead of helping Idriss counter-argue to support his article they are just insulting Chokani. Point out where Chokani is lying so that we get the facts. You just say the article is stupid without pointing out where the stupidity in the article is. About the ministers I have read many articles on Nyasa people asking each other if the names of these 7 ministers can be disclosed to back their claim but up to now none has done so, what’s the problem? It means these people are burning with hatred of this leadership especially when they can conclusively visualize that the DPP leader has no strong challenger come 2019. Let them burn till they burst. We are observing.

  9. The Analyst says:

    This article is very well written and the arguments, well presented and backed up. You are a good writer.
    . . . However, when you write to respond to or accuse others of something, make sure that you; yourself, dont become a victim of the very thing you accuse others of. Nanga . . .
    . . . Can you swear upon your honour, that APM has introduced Foreign Direct Investments in Malawi? Which Malawi or FDI are you talking about? Are you as foreign as you accuse Nassah of being?
    . . . Cant you see that you are being convicted by your own conscience, when you fail to cite (in your article) even one or half or just a quarter of the FDI projects you claim APM has managed to bring?
    . . . Or you are talking about ma Burundi atsegula ma shop m’tawuni ndi mmidzi mu? Do you even know what FDI is? Isnt this lack of knowledge (ignorance), a very thing you curse Nassah for?
    . . . And is this lie, not an embarrasment to self?, the very thing you accuse Nassah of?
    I can promise you that this lie (FDI), is one bad fish which has jumbled up an otherwise good piece of writing.
    . . . Yes, APM’s laissez-faire attitude may signal the trust he has in the ability of institutions to manage affairs on their own, but what’s the basis for this trust when we all know that the institutions are inefficient, hence the need for him to be active? And what does APM do when such inefficiencies pop up in the institutions , if not nothing? Is this a show of trust or APM’s I-dont-know-what-to-do or I-dont-care attitude? Tell APM to show some signs of life!
    . . . Otherwise, he has all parameters of of a leader who doesn’t know what to do or doesnt care what happens. And this is not helping anybody.

  10. kanchenga says:

    Sometimes I wonder whether this foolishness is genetic in some Malawians. So as far as your are concerned Peter has passed your assessment exam. No wonder we have useless leaders. They describe the kind of voters Malawi has. Look Mr mice and zitchetche eating writer Our beautiful country is dangerously heading towards self destruction. The programme of self financing is a reaction to foreign aid withholding not a well planned policy. The benefits go direct to MRA guys not government. But stupid as you are you wouldn’t know that. Three years down the line small business will be closing down due to overtaxation and government that is major supplier of businesses will have no money to pay for services. Haha Peter my friend is a good man. He wishes this country well but has no idea how to do it. I am sure anytime he has a problem he ask himself HOW WOULD MY BROTHER SORT THIS PROBLEM. We all know that. In fact we don’t even need Nassah to tell us.

  11. Malawi says:

    How about security Mr. DPP Diehard? We Malawians want security you buffoon. For how long are people going to get killed before this President takes a decisive and bold decision to deal with the problem of insecurity in this country?. The level of ineptness in this government baffles me to core. The police has failed to provide security to Malawians and this is common sense. This could be as a result of poor resources or poor leadership, or lack of strategic thinking or lack of professionalism or being overwhelmed by the levels of criminality in the DPP led Malawi. This is fact: take it or leave it . Yes, the Army is by law supposed to protect Malawians from foreign aggression but when the exigencies of situations demand that as have been cases before and as the case in other countries where you have real presidents (with balls) the military has been deployed to back the police and provide patrols in locations and other residential areas. Surely, if this government does not see the need to bring the army to help the police in taking care of internal security in the face of the escalating levels of armed crime in this country then we have a serious problem with us. This government needs to grow balls and get down to addressing our problems and high on the menu is violent crime. How many people do you want to lose lives to criminality before you wake from you slumber and deal with the problem. Its simply a shame and an unacceptable to have such a hopeless government in any country. Its simply immoral. The army was moved in to help forest rangers to protect trees in Dzalanyama Forest BUT THIS GOVERNMENT SEES NO NEED TO USE THE SAME ARMY TO HELP THE POLICE PROTECT THE LIVES OF ITS PEOPLE. SO SAD

  12. amadeus says:

    A very stupid article!

  13. The Economist says:

    Foreign Direct Investment is an example of some of the new programs Peter Muthalika has introduced? Seriously, do you know what FDI is, is it something new and introduced by Peter? Hahahahahaha

  14. ngalamayi says:

    Unbelievable! This sycophant is blinded to reality, as is a ‘leader’ who tells his starving people to eat mice and insects. If we have such a wonderful leader, how come he is shielding the Cashgate ministers? Dealing with them would bring much-needed aid back to Malawi.

    1. Eduardo says:

      Thank you so much Mr. Anderson Chokani for such an enlightening article. Thank you also for schooling Mr. Nassah who is very ignorant about what APM is doing in this country. As you rightly put it, the Nassah guy seems not to be Malawian as he does not see what APM is doing despite all odds against him. I also like your choice of English words in your piece of writing. You are such a teriffic writer. Chonde mudziwaphunzitsako a Nassah wo. He is a shame.

      1. The Professor says:

        Why write your comment as a reply to Eduardo’s? Why not write it as a response to Chokani’s article? Cant you see that your views are different, and therefore misplaced when written as a response to Eduardo’s? Kusokoneza zinthu tu kumeneku!

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