I’ll improve living conditions of ‘squeezed’ Malawians by end of my first term 2019 – Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has again said that his DPP government inherited empty government coffers due to the ‘cashgate’ financial scandal that led international donor partners to withhold financial support to Malawi but is very determined to improve living conditions of Malawians at end of his first term in 2019.

Mutharika:  I inherited empty coffers but by end of my first term I will improve the living conditions of Malawians

Mutharika: I inherited empty coffers but by end of my first term I will improve the living conditions of Malawians

Mutharika said from Washington DC in United States in an interview with Voice of America that that due to cashgate, cooperating partners withdrew their budgetary support to the country and his administration is running on zero-aid financial plan.

Donors account for nearly 40 percent of Malawi’s budget.

“It was a challenge when I took over the government, the import cover was only three weeks; it’s now almost six months,” said Mutharika on VOA, adding “there was almost no reserve to speak off,” he added.

Mutharika, who will clock one year in office next month, said he has focused on improving people’s lives by hitting the reset button of governance to improve the economic situation, saying the economy is stabilising.

“Now we have almost close to a billion U.S. dollars: about 600 and something in the reserve bank and about 3 million in the private banks and the bureaus.

“Total is about a billion [dollars]. It has never happened – the highest accumulation in the history of Malawi and I hope that we can double that. So I am excited about that now the Kwacha has now stabilized,” Mutharika said.

He said DPP government is “very determined” to turn Malawi’s economy round and allow steady growth outlining austerity measures.

Mutharika outlined his battlelines:”For the last 11 months, we have been operating on our own with no donor support; we used our own resources – proper collection of taxes, cutting back on spending, travels and all these kinds of things. For example, I reduced the size if cabinet, eliminating seven ministries, we want 18 ministries, a cabinet of 20 including the president and the vice president. That saves us K20 billion [$50 million] for over five years.

“I have also cut back on travel, proper management, ministers everybody including myself and that is saving us K70 billion [$175 million] in five years. For us, that’s a lot of money and that alone makes a difference,” he added.

Mutharika said Malawi still needs assistance from its international donors to help with infrastructure development to boost the economy.

The Head of State expressed the hope during the VOA interview that the new financial measures his administration has implemented would wean the country from dependence on foreign donors in the next five years.

Mutharika said before his first term expires in 2019, he wants to improve the living conditions of Malawians and to ensure that citizens are better off than when he was elected into office.

“At the end of the five years, I would hope that people would see that Malawi got better, their lives got better in terms of their personal lives and their incomes and other social instruments that make life comfortable, and they will see more infrastructural development in the country,” he said.

Mutharika already declared that he will contest in 2019 elections.

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67 thoughts on “I’ll improve living conditions of ‘squeezed’ Malawians by end of my first term 2019 – Mutharika”

  1. Mwama Du says:


  2. Msumba J. ku Bolero says:

    ungasinthachi mbuzi iwe!!!!!

  3. jimbo says:

    This is a President who speaks through his …….. (you know what), At his age, who is to say he will still by around in 2019? The man is a fantasist. He has just four year left to turn the economy around and pigs might fly! Fifty-one years of independence have produced the poorest country in the world and APM plans to turn things round in four year!!! Does he know something his people don’t?

  4. kate says:

    Ibu president

  5. yuona says:

    Bola inu munapeza import cover. JB anapeza kulibiretu….

  6. Kanyama Chima says:

    Bwana, we are with you. Bravo.

  7. daneck Masoka says:

    If u don’t construct Neno Road with tarsurface. Note tha u have done nothing in ur government cause ur gone brother stole mone fo the contract

  8. Winston msowoya says:

    Malawians,if you are taking Peter Muthalika’s rhetorics on improving your way of living,you are yourself living in a cacoon of self deception.As corruption is in his agenda,like his late brother Bingu,he does not care what you eat or whether you are imployed or not,he and his late brother,are just political excursionists.If they really do not care about this country apart from emptying what little had been left.For him,he still has enormous amount of cash which he stole in league with his heinous brother.Malawi today is 51 years old since independence and yet,the lives of our people are despicable.People wonder how Peter would transform their lives in 5 years? Malawians,wake up and wash the face of political lepers of Africa and laughing stock of the world.You will always be cheated by cone men like Hastings Banda,Bingu Wa Muthalika and finally Peter Muthalika. Shame on you.

  9. makwasa says:

    oh now the goal post has shifted. mumayesa zibwana kuyendetsa boma. You mean we will be living like this until 2019???

  10. Olobodoka says:

    Comment Loading…………. Mmmmmmm network faild nxt tym

  11. dumakude says:

    Mr president I like the I dea and I believe in your dission there’s power. What I like about you is that you take criticism very seriously. You don’t arrest ppl for criticize your mistake Sir, accoding to what had happen here in south africa you have done something that I have ever heard here in african before. You evacuate all your citizen back home after xenophobia, Sir you shall us malawian who living here in south africa dignity as human being that we have a father who cares about his children I salute you Sir. Now everyone here take us malawian as a really human bein and I’ve been following the news Sir it seem malawi has done well to his citizen than other countrys. Indeed your my president Sir you may live longer. Thanks to mr kongwani and his team to help those were desperate needing your help, may God bless to all malawians for the suport you have done you’ve really a shamed the south african goverment.

  12. Charombanthu says:

    Four years to go. How time flies!!!

  13. B CHIGWENEMBE says:

    I think we can make a success if we can stop playing blame games. Lets look forward not wasting time with unfruitful ideas. God bless you.

  14. mgawadere says:

    Akulu a Pitala chitukuko ngati chikukanika mnyumba mayi Getrude ndikale lija bwenzi pano mimba yokha tikuiona koma kuli ziii tayani zishango muthireni nkhondo mayiyu mavoti akysogolo kapena tibwerese fisi…… zamathanyula ziime kaye pulizi

  15. Makanja congress party(MCP) says:

    maloto abwino we just remain to see if it will come to pass

  16. Mu umodzi muli mphamvu pamodzi tingathe kumanga malawi not kumangisambulana we must think about the future of our nation yes we can

  17. Chief Cadet says:

    Bravo APM I hated you in the first place ,I didn’t vote for you but I love you now more than my neighbour you talk facts not names,it’s not too late to call you second Kamuzu.

  18. mbani says:

    I beg ur pardon is it Livingstonia Synod or living conditions


  20. xRSA Xenophobic Republic of South Africa says:

    You may have the desire to turn Malawi around your excellency, but the speed at which you are going is too slow to achieve the results within your 5 year tenure.

    For example effecting civil service reforms need not take the whole year. This is an area that simply calls for policy change, and instilling discipline. Top civil servants should be banned from running their own personal businesses so that they dedicate their time to government work.

    Capital hill staff should have clock in cards so that civil servants time in and out is computer recorded which could improve productivity. Why should civil servants report to work at 9 when start time is 7.30? Ndipo tima bawo tili Ku capital hill tsiku lina ndidzabwera ineyo ndidzakatiphwanya. Tikubweretsa ulesi.

    Please be like Bingu in his first term. Or Amayi in her first year! Not like another watsed 10years of silly Bakili!

  21. Mondokwa says:

    Your government can not even supply water or electricity for a week in town without interruptions and you talk this nocense?

  22. daud says:

    God bless u

  23. John M says:

    I never seen a Stupid government like the current one!Where is K92 billion Bingu stole from poor Malawians? He left Malawi with nothing!!! There was no forex,no fuel,no sugar to say the least. But JB did her best, I salute her!An now Peter,is saying he’s doing better while ppl are crying out there about his leadership! But he is busy preaching Lies!!! Very soon Gods anger will be on you!!!!!

  24. thinktankmalawi says:

    There is ignorance in Malawi,we dont know what import cover means, zero aid budget means…..those enlightened Malawians irrespective of political affliation know that this government is on the right track…..haters should remove political lenses and see…dont be stupid,pretending not to see progress being made

  25. Fredriech says:

    if words were enough to build acountry,then the Munthalika’s were good enough to be crowned best leaders ever in malawi.Bingu had his songs of changing this country from apredominantry importing country to apredominantry producing and exporting country,but what tangible results came on the ground?..northing.Firstly,Malawi needs amiraculous healing mainly starting with the civil service.Any national development is facilitated by the civil service but the quality of the outcomes are determined by willingnes and dedication combined with honesty and accountability. Our civil servants are still at the honeymoon.And their interest in work was washed away by the Naporo all that remains in them is waiting for salaries.Our lives cannot change if the carriers who are civil servants dont see achange.mr president,Malawi needs atotal change,business as usual wont help.we have tried but we havent done enough.

  26. Jelbin mk says:

    Mr presidential advisor you are a man of integrity with moral values well equipped with facts pure in mind. How can a country really have empty coffers while people are still paying taxes unintermitently? These statements should be done away with with immediate effect as was the case with the phrase”ndalama zikapezeka” this answer was abolished in parliament where UDF ministers were answering questions from MPs on developments their constituents had sent them to address the August house. They were answering such answers to only opposition MPs and yet MPs had come to parliament to approve a budget(money) so it was really confusing to hear a cabinet minister saying we will initiate that project if funds are available which made no sense at all, then they banned such kind of answers by cabinet ministers Now lets do the same with this phrase “we found empty coffers” because it perpetuates corruption and theft coz as soon as a new government comes in steals all the money and start pointing fingers at the previous government which is nonsensical too

  27. John Yosefe says:

    Malawi will not change without having big industries ranging from USD 30m to 100m USD. I don’t see this in 10 years happening in Mw. We need to export real goods not baskets of nuts. Presidents will come with dreams but nothing will come. Convert cotton into garments and cooking oil, sugar canes into fuel and sugar, rice and other food prducts into real finished ones not half baked ones. I don’t see any one leader now doing this now. They are all thinking small and slow not big and fast

  28. smadav says:

    Its APMs time. Let him do his part. Make noise on him lator.

  29. pwiyapwiya says:

    Kkkkkk.so no one sees good things about mutharika…Ok..mr president can ur information minister publish ur achievements in chichewa.ot mainly in nyawu or tumbuka. Zoti forex cover etc sakumvetsa ur dealing with savages so muzingotimvetsa.Ifetu koma kunamizidwa we feel good komanso timamva masavage amnzathu akamatilamulira…kkkkkkk.ofcourse ivoted for Atupele and UDF bt am impressed with ur leadership..

    1. otila says:

      Tumbuka ndi anyawu ndi amene amva English mu Malawi muno. munene kuti alembe mu zilankhulo zomva ma telala ndi athandizi olimila atumbuka

      1. mbani says:

        Anthu onya mu tea makani


    Lying Fool just go and stay in america. We want the money your late brother its our tax money

  31. Those of you who want Chakwera to be president better be advised that Malawi under APM’s DPP is now developing at a faster pace than ever before. Bingu started it in 2004 and the trend continues with APM. Now let me tell you that if God is not for APM, nobody will not be for DPP. JB, PP spoiled the country with the infamous cashgate. In 2019, APM is again extending his term as his leadership through the Mighty God has proven. I advise Chakwera to go back to the pulpit as soon as possible.

  32. kadokera says:

    Za ziii, give us our March salary

  33. Your brother is the one who started cashgate and used part of it to buy ndata,built Casablanca and of course dug his own grave ..hahahahaha….hohohoho…..And u Peter Mutharika inherited some.Timatama tonseto ndi ndalama zakuba.Mulibe manyazi bamboo!

  34. Squeezed… What a terminology! Who does the squeezing?

  35. Tsetsefly says:

    The president keeps changing goal posts. I tend to doubt given the performance that we have evidenced so far. I tend to agree with those propagating that DPP should not be given another term given what we saw during Bingu second tenure of office.

  36. Alick says:

    HE keep it up. Thus the way forward.

  37. ujeni says:

    Kenkkk, oh yes Malawi was the poorest under Kamuzu, it was way poorer than poor it is now. I bet you walked barefoot in good old days and it felt normal no awkwardness. Can you do that now? Nobody knew what was outside our borders so everything we had we thought was the greatest. But this D

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Go in the villages you will see many barefooted people. Even some in towns or cities, go at the city markets you will see them.

  38. Stupid professor with no brains. You, mulakho clansmen and your brother are the ones who who drained the cofffers. Don’t take us for fools.

  39. ujeni says:

    You don’t do that by just mere talk. We have heard this talk million times over. You promised to turn Mzuzu and Zomba into modern metropolitan cities, yet nothing is happening, my be you have forgotten. Malawi has no electricity and water taps are dry deal with these basic needs first before you continue yapping nonsense

  40. Ntangatanga says:

    With God all things are possible .Lets wait and see but there is since in his speech.God does not make any mistakes in putting someone to leadership.

  41. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    Anyone who stayed in his/her mother’s womb for 9 solid months knows for sure that what gay guy is saying is a nightmare and zakanundu/chamba basi. Ngati napeza empty bag zimene atenga kukakhala ku most expensive hotel ku USA ndi lomwe family including Ben phiri family anazitenga kuti? Nanga zimene amapangisira ukwati wake zinale zamapwala ake. Shiti!! Osabwebweta zopanda pake ndi pakamwa popanda dzino apo

  42. wanyau says:

    Bravo,bravo my beloved president.God bless n guide u!

  43. Yesaya Dziko says:

    Apa tinabesa voti

  44. OCN says:

    Mmmm!anthu pano anazndkratu amwene kaya mlidziwa kaya

  45. Namiasi says:

    Wakhuta chibuku eti?KUCHIKAMWA KWAKO WAMVA!

  46. James Phiri says:

    Can someone tell us when the people of this nation stopped paying taxes to government that some moron would be telling us that empty confers were inherited? This is why we need electoral reforms in this country. We would like to have proper handle over of government records whenever there is change of leadership to escape such kind of mediocre presentation of state issues. Its time Malawians stopped voting for zombies who will continuously feeding us with such kind of crap as they try to tap our minds! Mxiew!

  47. Zanga Phee! says:

    What? those days are gone, we don’t need repeating same mistakes we would rather die poor in changing government,preferably Chakwera would rather take over, perhaps we will see something Different though he will start Enriching himself for the first two years then reconsider the development activities,the other weakness in him is that his administration will be comprised with Central region only.See my name.

  48. honey comb Chidyauzu says:

    Its DPP Government during the 2nd term of Bingu that nearly ruined this country. It is therefore not fair to say he in herited empty coffers. It was Joyce Banda who inherited empty coffers from Bingu. Please learn to say the truth. HYCRIPT.

  49. Khwethemu says:

    Za ziti. Palibepo cha nzeru.

  50. nachos ale says:

    Cash gate was in the 2013/14 financial year so it should not be a tool for giving excuses from the current problems the country is in. Appropriation Act lapsed on 30 th June 2014. Lets find ways of improving the economy. Remember the k92 billion.

  51. Kenkkk says:

    Magede si wandale, Seeing is believing. Please don’t compare any malawi president after 1994 with kamuzu whose social and economic development record is second to none. Everything in malawi since kamuzu left has gone downhill. You can fault kamuzu era on human rights but not on development. We were never the poorest in the world during kamuzu.

    Peter is making the right noise but we want see the drums and the drummers. Hopefully he will succeed if he is really focussed on development and stamping out corruption and thieving endemic (institutionalised as he says) in his dpp party and govt.

  52. sayin it like it is says:

    by the end of my first term?so you think u will get another term?this is the same language bingu started talking jus before he kicked the bucket rememeber he was planning years ahead before the elections had even taken place…mr president we are the ones to judge who leads us…it might be u again but so far its not looking promising

  53. paulos banda says:

    A Pitala. Tatsekani pakamwa popanda manu po.

  54. John says:

    That’s the president Malawi wants:someone who has a vision osati amai aja omangoti “Azungu andiuza kuti…….”

    1. Zikomankhani says:

      I wish I could see the vision. By the time his older brother was about to end his first year in office, those of us who hadn’t voted for him were starting to feel that maybe we should have voted for him after all. With APM however, the feeling is not the same. I doubt if there is anyone who didn’t vote for him who feels that they made a mistake. APM is sleeping his way through the presidency – punctuated every three months or so with useless trips to the USA.

      As old as he is all he can think about is getting a second term…with the help of costly subsidies

  55. fomboni al hilal says:

    Usatinamize mkulu kuti unapezamo import cover ya 3 wks. A malawi akudziwa kuti mmene JB amachoka anasiya import cover ya 3 months. Musatinamize ife akumudzi wawa. Komanso mukati musitha miyoyo ya a malawi, chaka chikutha mukulamulila koma palibe chomwe tikuwona kuti chikusitha. Ndarama sizikupezeka ma bizinezi akutha MBS ndiyimene mukuti muyigulitseyi. Mmene anzanu ankalamulira MBS imkayenda bwinobwino koma inu mwadyamo ndi anzanu a ujeni. Zimenezo muwawuze alomwe akuvomelezani sinanga nthawi ya JB mulankho unatha pano wayambanso.

  56. Olemekezeka a President alidi ndi maso mphenya,kwaife ndikudikila ndikupha mawa sikale.

  57. Greencardless Malawian says:

    No time for campaign.. Just do the required now not after 2019, you are more likely to have died by then anyway so stop those broad day light lies, in any case who said they are going to make the mistake of voting for you again?

  58. peter muthanyula says:

    On the economic side, invest in infrastructure Mr. President: Stable and reliable electricity, stable supply of clean water, reliable and affordable mobile technology, good roads network, Shire-Zambezi waterway, etc.

    On the social side: Education (pay teachers on time, deploy adequate teachers, teaching and learning materials, decent classrooms and desks). Health services (adequate medication, preventive services, health education in communities, etc).

    Agriculture: Abandon FISP, it is a useless cash-cow and it is corrupt. Invest in irrigation farming and organized farmers into cooperatives. Focus on value addition of primary agricultural products. Subsidize large-scale agriculture to lower the costs of food and produce.

    Follow these basic suggestions, and you will easily transform Malawi to where you want it to be. Free advice, Sir!

    1. johnM says:

      I like what you have written except for your mention of Shire Waterway project which in my opinion is a white elephant.

  59. …it is scam when we say a new government has inherited empty coffers – this spirit was coined by the UDF government (the godfather of corruption in Mw) upon ascending to power – and is used to quickly enrich its members as soon as they are in. When we say this, do we mean Malawians stopped paying tax? do we mean MRA stopped collecting tax on goods and services? do we mean business came to a standstill in Malawi? When we say we inherited empty coffers, how do we explain some of us that have amassed million of Kwachas in less than a year? How do we explain an assistant with K800 million in their account within 9 months? Let us stop abusing the system if we are serious about turning this country around, a Malawi azuznzika kokwana akuluakulu.

    1. Think Tank says:

      it is a phrase designed to disguise when they steal what the find. Why do they not wait for handover? JB used to quote a certain figure in dollars as in reserve to cover 3 months. Where did this go? If we have 1 billion dollars,why are our Civil Servants getting a raw deal on 27th of every months. Why do we hear there is no money?

  60. Thís is the most top machining presdents malaw has ever had seconded to bingu then kamuzu forth muluzu and finally you know the worst prezdent malawi has ever had the fifth one.
    I hate this slogan up to the extent that i started blaming my self why am i a malawian {PP YANYAMUKA}

  61. john says:

    The President has done well but he should do more by redeploying people that were removed from their positions but are just at home on a salary.This is reflecting badly on his governance credentials

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