I’ll not interfere with Justice delivery, says Malawi President as Chief Justice is sworn-in

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has promised not interfere with the Judiciary, mainly new Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda to ensure that justice delivery systems are efficient, timely and effective.

Nyirenda taking an oath of office as Malawi Chief Justice

Nyirenda taking an oath of office as Malawi Chief Justice

President Mutharika congratulates Chief Justice Nyirenda

President Mutharika congratulates Chief Justice Nyirenda

Speaking during the swearing of Nyirenda, SC, as Chief Justice at Sanjika Palace on Wednesday, Mutharika . a law professor, also claimed that his government will always respect the rule of law as provided for in the country’s Constitution.

He said Nyirenda’s impeccable career brings renewed optimism and a wealth of experience to the Judiciary at this time when Malawians are demanding improvements in the delivery of various public services, including justice.

“I am, therefore, optimistic that under his leadership, the Judiciary will respond to the public concerns with professionalism, timeliness and proficiency.

“I am saying this because an independent and effective judiciary is necessary in ensuring a safe and secure Malawi,” said Mutharika.

Nyirenda was appointed Chief Justice in March this year following the retirement of first female Chief Justice Anastanzia Msosa.

He was confirmed to be the Chief Justice of the High Court and Supreme Court by the National Assembly in May.

“Justice Nyirenda’s appointment under Section 111 of the Republican Constitution does not come as a surprise to me at all. It is basically a recognition of his skills, experience and an enviable career which spans over three decades now.

“The proficiency, vigour, diligence and zeal that the Chief Justice has demonstrated in the discharge of his various responsibilities are of great inspiration,” emphasized Mutharika.

Nyirenda was appointed Justice of Appeal on June 13 2008 and assumed the office of Chief Justice of the Malawi Judiciary May 20 2015.

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20 thoughts on “I’ll not interfere with Justice delivery, says Malawi President as Chief Justice is sworn-in”

  1. That Infamous Nyirenda is Justice Kenyatta Nyirenda and this one is Justice Andrew Nyirenda. They meaning justices and lawyers should explain their involvement on the deceased estate when the amount is more than a million. Mbava zachabe chabe.

  2. Ntakataka says:

    You are just saying that to pacify donors, nobody in their right mind believes a lick of what you say

  3. Patriot says:

    Bla bla bla rubish.
    Who appointed you judge? Mutharika.
    Ukunamiza mwanaaaaaaa chani?
    Your immediate boss is pitala, and you will do as he commands you to do.

  4. Ongeza Kidoko says:

    I am very sure he has tied the leg of the chief of judiciary with a rope, so the president can always pull it to control the Chief Justice. Actually statements of that sort are better never said because the reality in Malawi has always been the opposite. One good example of how the judiciary is already showing that it is being interfered with is the issue of the 11 UDF MPs which was to be sorted by Parliament, but Judiciary pulled one quick trigger to restrain the Speaker from making his ruling.
    Our eyes and ears are many, our action still waiting.

  5. Justice Nyirenda is the couse of all this problems Nyirenda and Potani put Peter on that hot seat asatinamize as if he is a good person.

  6. ndadabwa says:

    wanama Peter you have orede started interfering

  7. Zgambo says:

    Tell us first who killed Issa Tayub Njauju if you really mean it!!!!!!!!!! You are harbouring a killer in your own house

    Everything about this president stinks!!!

  8. ikamuna yamemena says:

    Please seal the loopholes there are deals at the high Court where fake court orders are issued to release criminals from lawful custody and that has sometimes left the blame on police. Check those orders and make some checks and balances on that.

  9. Adada nyirenda this is your time to sort out things. Achikulile sanakusankheni mwangozi because of your proffesionalism and intergrity you are there now. Help malawians and take out malawi from dark edges.

  10. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    Not interfere with the Judiciary, eeeeeeeeeeh!!! Let us wait and see. The impartiality of Nyirenda is ……. if we go by 2014 election result drama in the High Court.

  11. Yankho says:

    Much as I know Justice Nyirenda SC will not tolerate za chamba. I have confidence with him, He can not be bought with nonsese, he is like retired Chief Justice Unyolo SC who could not listen to the nonsese of your late brother and he delivered a land mark ruling in Malawian history on section 65. Justice Nyirenda SC will continue from there.
    Bwana Chief Justice I wish you well, but make sure you fight these corrupt lawyers who steal their clients money in the name that they are learned lawyers. These lawyers are even busy defending cashgate cases and this is evident that they are also casgagters.

    Zabwino zonse Bwana mukadzapuma mudzalowe MCP ngati anzanu opuma retired Chief Justice Lovemore Munlo. At that time we will have two retired Chief Justices one as a State President and the other as a Vice State President

  12. chatonda says:

    This is the Kenyata Nyirenda who refused to recount the votes and declared Muntharika the winner. We are yet to prove him worth. Nazonso nkhope za Anamachero, look at Nyirenda and his wife?? Koma abale…kumpoto kuli nkhope simasewera chaa.
    So we people from the north should stop complaining everything now. Look the judiciary and parliament are headed by both people from the north. Let us stop insinjiro and talk about nepotism everywhere.

    We should also stop kedemwera and being selfish for these two positions because people will laugh at us again.

  13. Zanga Phee! says:

    Muslim Association of Malawi are you sleeping we need to hear from you,your Muslim member is gone what is you stand now PAC has spoken out so please come open tell us your concerns about his death of Mr. Njaunju Please.who is the chairperson for MAM?See my name.

  14. mapwevupwevu says:

    Federalism woyeeeeeeeeeeee atumbuka muli ndi maunso ngati selection on merit to share the national cake iliponso apa?kuyankhula kwambiri zitsiru dyera…..

  15. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Justice without equality is unfair, sir.

    Imagine people in K92b cashgate scandal are being prosecuted while in K577b cashgate scandal are said to have made posting errors. Is this fair delivery of justice?

  16. Honest says:

    Njauju, May your soul rest in peace.

  17. Yankees says:

    Ca u respect justice; iwe0, I d0ugt, mmm; Aaaaa, ma Be”

  18. loscosoko says:

    This is the the president I know

  19. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are watching very closely until 2018.

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