I‘ll quit if there is any Malawi minister who send their kids to public school -MP Menyani

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) lawmaker Alekeni Menyani has bemoaned declining education standards in the country, saying the executive need to live and breathe the services that they expect the public to use.

Menyani:  Makes his point of order

Menyani: Makes his point of order

Menyani said it outrageous for DPP ministers to understand the need to improve the education standards as their kids don’t use the public education institutions that they expect the general public to use.

“At the time I went to primary school, we used to go to government schools besides the job your father, mother or guardian had. Sons and daughters of cabinet ministers were in public schools.

“Sons and daughters of Members of Parliament were in government schools. Sons of whoever in society, were in government schools together with everyone else. But today, if there is a Minister amongst you who has a child in a public school, I am ready to quit being Member of Parliament because that is not possible,” Menyani said in Parliament.

“This is why we do not care about where children of other people are going. We are the leaders and we ought to care,” he added.

“The future for our children is bleak. Even if your children go to the best of schools such as Saint Andrews International Schools, they will live right here in Malawi.

“What about these others that we have left for fate to deal with. They are the armed robbers that we see every day in town,” said Menyani, also a youth advocate.

However, Leader of the House Francis Kasaila accused Menyani of being out of order “because in his insinuation it seems he is looking at Ministers as the only people that are sending their children to high schools.”

Kasaila said: “I would like him to ask a similar question even to the Leader of Opposition [Lazarus Chakwera] as to whether he has sent his children to a government primary school.”

In his response, Menyani who is MCP Member of Parliament for Dedza North west said: “Actually, I went to school with Nick Chakwera. I went to a public school and Nick was in a public school. We were together. “


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90 thoughts on “I‘ll quit if there is any Malawi minister who send their kids to public school -MP Menyani”

  1. maxwell makumu says:

    Mmmmmmmmm ! A burden to my life this thing called politics tomorrow they will be together…. Fools

  2. Na Wonder says:

    Its very sad where this country is going. As Malawians we are being taken for granted, because the quality of education is poor starting from primary to secondary schools. This time around, we hear that we need to pay for University for our children, for goodness sake, how many people can afford school fees of K 275,000 for a child at the university? Think of those people in the villages and even other people in the city. We are just keeping quite, we are speechless. Recently, we are queuing at the road traffic paying a lot of money for our vehicles. The queuing itself is another way of saying these Malawians are stupid they will do it whether or not they like it. We leave our offices to stand on a queue for the whole week just for entity card, you go there again for another week just for COF, what is that? The press who normally make noise are nowhere to be found, Zodiak who poses to say “Zikachitika mumvela kwa ife”, this time is just quite. In the borders, there are these people we call MRA, they just charge anyhow just to frustrate pple because the government wants to steal money from a local Malawian. Where do we breath from???????? We know we are operating from a Zero budget but this is too much for us. Think twice or else!

  3. Boy says:

    Menyani is just as bad as Kabwila, these are some of the noisy lots in MCP who are like robots, they are just programmed to talk shit. They dont even have time to edit what they utter in public or Parliament, its really a shame. All those who think Menyani has talked sense are fools. Nobody can deal with this situation even if you Menyani are in government, you cant. What matters is not because one is a Minister or MP, what matters is cash in your pocket. In those days, there was Central High School, it was for those who had money, period. Though you are mentioning Ministers, who makes the laws, its you bastard, Manyani. In addition, may be you dont even know, public secondary schools have the best qualified teachers as compared to private schools you are talking about. If you talk about shortage of teachers, even during Kamuzu, or MCP rule, there was a time when we didnt have teachers for certain subjects in government schools. The good thing about this time is, there is a wide choice of schools even universities. Awo angathe are even sending their children outside, e.g. Ireland where you are seeing those whores appearing for sex business. You Menyani, you can never fight this battle because its a matter of choice, not because one is a Minister or MP. In fact, MP have their children more in private schools than Ministers. Take note that, ministers are also MPs. In summary, mind your own business, choose where you, Menyani want your children to go to attend school and university, period.

  4. Thoko Evance says:

    true…they should think of people outside who put them on those seats not only their children…..well-done Mr. Menyani…

  5. Lutundu Wa Lutundu says:

    MCP don’t cheat us. Nthawi yanu mumatumiza ana anu to good boarding schools thru backdoor mainly pa second selection. Kabwila, Lunguzi shut up otherwise tiulula ma points anu pa form four

  6. Mugonapamuhanya says:

    What people don’t understand is that during the MCP bygone era, very few people could afford primary and secondary school, let alone university. Education was already a privilege of the lucky few. In those days, sons and daughters of the MCP elite were actually invited to public schools without being selected there. And they were dull too. Things have changed today. Can Menyani tell us the public school where his children go to? Today private schools are everywhere because people can afford them.

  7. On this one I’m with Menyani he is 100% correct. During Dr Banda’s time it was about performance, you could see indeed the kids of ruling elite in public schools, the same primary schools, same secondary schools. You could see the Kadzamiras of this world mixing with an ordinary person like me at Zomba Catholic Secondary School popularly know as Box 2 or pa Boko. But these days a child of a No Name can not interact with the children of the politically connected people. Low standard of education at it’s worst. Do something ask the likes of John Tembo how they did it you will lose nothing.

  8. Boye says:

    So what matters to the leader of the house cum minister is whether Chakwera’s children attended public school or not, he is not at all concerned about the subject matter. wonder why Malawi is where it is? hehehe nduna za china a waste of time!

  9. jimmy juga says:


  10. Mafuta says:

    One day was listening to Radio 702 in Jhb, the same question arose “why do African presidents and their ministers send sick people here when they can fix their ailing health systems”? This is a valid question to be asked don’t silence the man. Begin to care

  11. Please allow hon Chimangeni to comment on this issue….I like her English

  12. This Is Malawi. says:

    Menyani my man!

  13. nyavizwazwa says:

    Bakutumbikika ba Nduna Kasaila, I think you are out of order, Yes Chakwera is Leader of opposition. Previously he was Pastor Chakwera odya tithe yopereka a khristu. koma chimene a Menya akunena nchakuti, Ndunsa ya Education has no passion with good schools infrastructure

    It is true, instead of education going up it is going down. I am residing at Area 18. Previously Chimutu Primary was the best school now it fails even to produce a pupil to a national secondary school.

    When we were coming to Lilongwe the Chimutu was looking desent but now even the surrounding itself non to be desired. By now Chimutu would be in the break fence as it is close to the M1 road. BUt aras it is depleting tremendously.

    If the law makers will take education as a key to good economic growth they will put more effort to it.

  14. Boyd Kilembey says:

    The iussue of whether individuals such as Msowoya or Chakwera send their kids to public schools is childish and irrelevant. The main issue is that policy makers no longer care about public education because they can send their silver spooned kids to other schools. This is the same issue with hospitals. Those in policy positions do not care for our public hospiutals because they can go to better hospitals and get treated in South Africa for malaria. They should just wait when cardiac decide to arrest them thats when they will realize the importance of having medine at Kamuzu Central Hospital. We never seem to learn prefering to argue on useless political points.

  15. chingolopiyo says:

    The honourable member is right, no ministers sent their children to private secondary schools, but they had special secondary schools where they sent their sons and daughters even though their performance was bad. Check properly, children of ministers and influential politicians and people sent their sons to better secondary schools , mostly run by the missionaries through back door. Some were repeating as if they were in primary schools, 2-3 times in form 4. Ask John Tembo, where did he sent his children to? Furthermore, if ministers were to sent their children to St Andrews, Central High, Jonhstone, the so called Ngwazi would quiz them where did they got the money from. No wonder during Kamuzu ,not so many ministers had a better house or property except those from central region more especially Kasungu and Dedza.

  16. Rodgers Banda says:

    In South and Central minsters are sending their relatives up North knowing that education is killed by DPP. Plans for better quality education are not ringing yet our leader is in disguise looking for advice from people meaning his advisers are failures.

  17. Balamanthu says:

    Another point Mr Menyani should have made is that government is busy transferring money for medicines to SADM, which belongs to one white MP.Instead of supplying medication, they go behind and collect the money from the owner.One thing they dont know is that the owner keeps a register who comes to collect the funds meant for medicines.This is why our hospitals dont have mankhwala.Check this and ask this MP who has been doing it since the time of Muluzi and through all governments we have had in the democratic Malawi.Which people does this Mzungu represent when he openly steals with such corrupt DPP gurus?

  18. Rodgers Banda says:

    Surely teachers are no more in public schools. Conditions of primary techers are worse. Quality of teachers are worst. Ministers know this hence no one can send his/her child to play not to learn. All public schools are precisely dead.

  19. Lutundu Wa Lutundu says:

    Inu a MCP, kale school zanu zinali Mzuzu govt sec school, Mary Mt, Dedza, Lilongwe girls, Box two, Zomba, HHI etc

  20. Nganali Kombweke says:

    Kupanga resign iweyo ndiye udya chani? ndiye ukutathauza kuti ma public school ndi a anthu ovutika ife?

  21. Malawian says:

    You cant compare one page with another page for the sake of equality

  22. Amutchona says:

    In the 70s Public Schools were so good that all brilliant students opted to go for public schools whilst Private schools were meant for dropouts. It appears the opposite is now true. This is the point that Mr. Menyani is raising. He is not against one sending his/her kid to a private school per say (if he can afford), but rather that the quality of public education has gone down. Those who have facts to the contrary let them say so.

    Having said that it should also be mentioned that during the MCP era, school enrollment was not so high as compared to the situation now since public schooling is now somewhat “free”. Surely to expect the quality to remain high presently is being too overly ambitious unless the increased enrollment is matched with increase in education budget, which seems not to be the case.

    Hon. Menyani could have done better had he proposed how education should be funded by perhaps pointing out which ministry/department should get less funds in favour of more allocation to education.

    His facts are spot on except that the alternatives are lacking which perhaps he might have provided had he not been interjected.

  23. xxxxxxx says:

    That is what MCP does when it is in government.Ask us to tell you how many people bought minibuses for business, built big mansions, sent their chlldren to private schools etc etc. So if you went to public schools in those days, dont think that today many children are learning in private schools because of the poor standards of education in public ones, no its just time. Its a tendency that sending children to private schools. Come and see parents who are sending their children to private skools, locals. These moderns. How many private schools were there during Kamuzu Banda. Muziganiza musanalankhule.

  24. kateleka says:

    A good butof MPs not going to public schools. Thus the reason you were hired. Improve conditions of the public schools. I will give you one example of Lilongwe Demonstrations at Lilongwe TTC. the school has equality teachers and everyone likes it. But go to Kabwabwa in the same locality, you will appreciate you don’t have a point. Where ate your children attending school yourself??? Don’t speak as if you are talking to people who are in the village.

    For your own information, your DPP has failed; water is a problem, electricity unreliably, security has gone bad again, food is unavailable, you have introduced charges everywhere to collect money from us poor people.shame

  25. kateleka says:

    A good point Menyani but learn but you don’t know logic. Why are children of MPs not going to public schools. Thus the reason you were hired. Improve conditions of the public schools. I will give you one example of Lilongwe Demonstrations at Lilongwe TTC. the school has equality teachers and everyone likes it. But go to Kabwabwa in the same locality, you will appreciate you don’t have a point. Where ate your children attending school yourself??? Don’t speak as if you are talking to people who are in the village.

    For your own information, your DPP has failed; water is a problem, electricity unreliably, security has gone bad again, food is unavailable, you have introduced charges everywhere to collect money from us poor people.shame on you and DPP.

  26. mleme says:

    JohnM you are total rubbish and less brainy. Menyani went to a public school with Nick Chakwera in the 80s. The question that he was asked is whether Chakwera is sending his kids now. Why is this hard to understand. I bet am arguing with a below average moron. Chakwera ‘ s kids attend private schools and so are Menyani’s kids. Stop being hypocrites!

  27. Nicholas says:

    He is real. I mean my friend Menyani.

  28. Aron says:

    I support u menyani the education system are very poor

  29. Amalawi sitimavetsa, nkhani iri apa is ya chuma kapena ayi. Koma ma standards (zinthu zoyenerera) kuyambira maphunziro, nyumba zophunziliramo, zimbudzi ndi zoti mwana wa anduna akhonza kusangalala nazo? Chikhala kuti zonse nzabwino palibe chifukwa chomwe munthu angakalipire fees zambirimbiri ku private pamene zinthu zomwezo ndi mmene ziliri ku sukulu za boma.

  30. Sweet Boy says:

    If we start pointing fingers then many will be on MCP. It is obvious HKB did what he did because he had enormous support from the colonial masters, there was no opposition which could rise-up with scathing remarks as seen to day. HKB unilaterally built an opulent grammar school in his village, a school whose cost could have produced 10 to 15 standard schools. After that he even came up and pronounced that he didn’t need a black person teaching in his village at the school but white people from Britain. He rejected graduates from a college he instituted, graduands he presided over. Now Mr. Menai don’t you think poor standards of education dates back from the era your party commenced ruling soon after independence? Why can’t you as a patriotic Malawi wishing good things for his offsprings, suggest ways and means of upgrading the existing status quo? Fault finding is easy and it can be done by every Jim and Jack but finding lasting solutions to a problem requires intelligent, upright thinking individuals. Speeches with no bearing is mere noise where nobody will comprehend anything other than a loud laugh for wasting people’s time and resources (the allowances you getting for talking fuck’all).

  31. zingati zanu says:

    Inuyo a MCP mutatenga boma ndiye mutani? Maphunziro anapita pansi Angwazi Kamuzu ‘wamuyaya’ uja atathamangitsa atumbuka onse kuti abwelere kwao. Tinataya aphunzitsi anzeru ma school ndi ma university amdziko muno. Blame Kamuzu for tribalistic ideology of education in Malawi.went went dead on education and the impact is still visible today. Tumbikas are the most united and can help each other with education opportunities elsewhere than achewa, ayao ndi alomwe. Zanu ndi zingati a Menyani.

  32. Happiness Banda says:

    MENYANI is right. I remember some of us learning together with Children of Senior POLICE Ofiicers including those of the IG at LILONGWE DEMONSTRATION Primary School and also Sons of Senior Cabinet Ministers and Ambassadors at Dedza Government Secondary School. It was a nice moment. We can do better as a Country.

  33. puludzu says:

    It’s sad the whole leader of the house fails to read between the lines. I question his credibility. Menyani just mention Ministers as an example to drive the point. He did not mean it’s only ministers sending kids to private schools. The point was that public education system has lost touch instead people with cash cannot trust a public school but rather send their kids to private. There is a need to improve the public education system for the betterment of poor parents who cannot afford private schools for the good of their children and the future of our society. As straight forward as that

  34. Pete Nyandoro says:

    Menyani has a valid point, but at the same time he has shot himself in the foot. Poor services are not only in education, but also in the health. Where does Menyani go when they falls sick – in Malawian hospital or South Africa hospital. If Menyani flies to South Africa for medical attention it is as good as Ministers sending their children to private schools either locally or abroad (because they have no trust in their own education system) then let Menyani also challenge Parliament that with immediate effect he will boycott South African hospitals to force government to improve health service delivery system in Malawi. No hypocrisy here for the sake of gaining a political mileage. Its good Menyani has started the ball rolling and we want it to roll further. No minister nor MP talks about improving the health system in the country because they are not the beneficiaries of the system – they use our money to fly out of the country and come back in a coffin still.

  35. Nyodola says:

    Menyani ukumenya bho! Enafe timaphunzira ndi ana a Katopola, Deleza etc.

  36. mjiba says:

    Menyani shut your mouth every individual has a choice as to where they can send their kids for education and includes stupid ministers the

  37. Kambani Zithe says:

    Apa nkhani uli apa ndiyoti we need a better Malawi for everybody.Ana athu they all need good schools.We need good hospitals.Good life should not be for people who are in politics only.So we should all join politics in Malawi to have preferential treatment everywhere?Standards have gone down in everything.Kamuzu never wasted time kumumanga munthu ngati walakwa despite being friends.Ask the six pounds thief Muluzi and his friend Gwandangulube Chakwamba who was plotting to take his life.He never wasted his time to throw them in jails.How much would 92 billion help in boosting education sector in Malawi if it was not put into pockets of some few people?.You know you have thieves who took part in stealing the 92 billion and their asses are saved because they are in Pitala’s armpit.So lowlife,halfwit Kasaila should stop venting his bile on Mr Alekeni Menyani.We need constructive argument that will help Malawi instead of useless ones just for the sake of keeping your cheaps jobs in a failed Dpp party.

  38. Baba wa boy says:

    People that agree with Menyani are idiots!!

    This man, before he made his I will quit statement already knew there were no children in public schools whose parent was a minister, if there was he would not have made the statement, because he is no different from the ministers he is demonising. Sending ones child to a good school is not only the prerogative of ministers, we all do it.

    Even during the time he is talking about, there were people who were not ministers but sent their children to paying schools.

    If he was in Government would he have done anything about it NO!

    Education standards have not started declining this parliament, has he ever and I mean ever campaigned not in a political sense (organised a demonstration in favour of good education standards)? and he has the audacity to use parliament for his cheap political point scoring.

    Find something constructive to talk about, Education standards can not change because Menyani has threatened to quit. Quit what, I do not even know what he does, that tells you how important his threat is.

    1. Mpoto says:

      I totally agree with Menyani but that does not mean am an idiot. But you Baba wa boy are an idiot because your eye is dim and you can’t see whats happening around you.

      If the standards of education were good, the prerogative you mentioned would not have come out of your mouth.

      I want to go and study at a good school-government or private. I can’t go to private school because of lack of money. I can’t go to a government secondary school in my region because during selection they get all these lomwes to fill positions in our schools here in the north. I went to night school studying two hours a day and got 13 points yet am not selected to and sponsored by the government to go University. I study by correspondence get a bachelors degree but am told I can not get a job in government because they don’t recruit people of my kind. I register my NGO but the minister says I have to register again or else it will be struck of from the register.

      What should I do now?

      1. Baba wa boy says:

        My brother or sister Mpoto, you are mixing too many things here, you are not agreeing with Menyani, you have your own issues.

        For a start, standards of education in Malawi do not stop you from being selected to secondary school, that is regionalism, and with 13 points you get left out because of of quota, nothing to do with standards.

        My argument is if Menyani was so concerned about standards, which started deteriorating in the early 1990’s what has he been doing all this time? What have we all been doing all this time, all we do is organize demonstrations when it comes things that are directly related to political issues, why not organize demonstrations about the standard of education?. Some children went on the streets not protesting about standard of education, but because of pay.

        Wamnyane para mukuzomerezgana na Menyani, muzelezekenge nadi.

        Even if the standards of education were good, it still would be my prerogative to send my children to a private school, because private schools would still be there. People do not necessarily send their children to private school because public schools are bad.

        Do you remember Central High, was a terrible secondary school in the 1070’s compared to say Chichiri, but people still paid to send their children there, who never got good grades.

        Idiocy is agreeing with things you do not believe in.

  39. Masoanyenga says:

    iwe imran sadick you are very stupid you don’t know the importance of Menyani contribution to parliamentary deliberation. Tseka pakamwa pako panunkha

  40. zinjanthropus says:

    I went to mphungu with enock katola chihana, esmie muluzi etc that time schools were clean and beautiful but not now eish

  41. Pete Nyandoro says:

    Menyani has a valid point, but at the same time he has shot himself in the foot. Poor services are not only in education, but in the health sector. Where does Menyani and his family members go when they fall sick – in Malawian hospital or they fly to South Africa. If Menyani flies to South Africa let him also challenge Parliament that with immediate effect he will boycott South African hospitals to force government to improve health service delivery in Malawi.

  42. Bob says:

    Menyani is right. Govt doesn’t care in investing in public schools.

  43. Yosefe Gambatula says:

    Menyani is right.Primary schools in Malawi are horrible.They look like concentration camps with dirty kids seated on a floor with no desk.You also find some are seated under the tree singing on top of their voice.Sometimes you find a frustrated teacher whacking a helpless kid with a big stick on his head because he couldn’t listen in a class of 250 meant to accommodate 50 kids.All these reasons is because the yakumusi business man Muluzi never valued education apart from dishing his silly jokes to illiterate analytical Malawian povos.Malawi is doomed with the kind of politicians like the Kasailas.Its a waste of resource for tax payers bankrolling dim wits like Kasailas.Malawians do not eat cheap politics.We need people with constructive arguments not in support just for the sake of keeping their cheap jobs.The standards of education have gone so low even by southern African standards.Politicians in Malawi are only interested in picking with their filthy hands whatever lay close to them and throw it their pockets.The oldman Kamuzu heavily valued education,no wonder he built the prestigious Kamuzu Academy.

    1. Kanthu Ako!! says:

      Have they started being horrible today?

      Anthu opusa ngati inu ine sindinaonenso!! You agree with anything that criticises, what it criticises you do not even care.

      Very dull people we have in Malawi

  44. Wycombe says:

    Mr Kusaila u r not fit to be a minister coz u have got a shallow mind! what Tide Menyani is trying to say is that the DPP govt is failing to uplift the education standards in the country and that the ministers should appreciate the situation and do something! look at how Menyani is defeating you but simply clarifying that he went to school with Nick Chakwera! Shame!

  45. Wamakezana says:

    Choka iwe Imraan Sadick kaporo wa Muluzi ndi Atupele.I went to Dharap Primary School now called Namiwawa primary School.We were together with Makhumulas kids,Joyce Bandas kids,Saulos Chilima and other people from well to do families by Malawian standards.The standards of education were very high by then unlike the time of your thief friend Muluzi who messed up the whole system because himself being an illiterate businessman he never valued education like Kamuzu even though Kamuzu had his own faults.
    These crooks have destroyed the system deliberately to create the class system.The kids from ordinary govt primary schools are denied qualified teachers,with no proper teaching materials,the structures itself are not conducive for learning and you think they can be at par with a kids from St Andrews or Bishop Mackenzie.This dunderhead Kasailas arguments are baseless.The standards of education in govt primary schools have gone down because the govt is not thinking of boosting the govt schools as longer as politicians can steal and send their kids to expensive schools,they don’t care for the rest of kids who goes to these common substandard schools with unmotivated teachers living in houses like toilets teaching some kids under the tree in 2015 like we are in medieval times.Malawi govt should improve the standards of primary school education because every Malawian cannot afford to send their kids to expensive private schools with salaries people get in Malawi.Menyani is right.We were equal by then sharing a desk with a minister’s kid or some rich people’s kids because of the quality of schooling we had by then.So imraan Sadick stooge of Atupele will you please shut up with your friend Kasaila also a stooge of Pitala earning a living by lying.

  46. MCP is full of disgruntled barking dogs
    one thing Mr Menyani is forgetting is that During Ngwazi Era everyone was living in fear including cabinet Ministers` to the extent that you cannot send your kid to Private School,if you dare you’re risking to be thrown in Prison for money laundering case without trial for very long time
    That’s how the Ngwazi you cherish most treated Malawians

  47. MCP is full of disgruntled barking dogs
    one thing Mr Menyani is forgetting is that During Ngwazi Era everyone was living in fear including cabinet Ministers` to the extent that you cannot send your kids to Private Schools
    That’s how the Ngwazi you cherish most treated Malawians

  48. ARICHO says:

    Mbuya kaSayila bvomerani kuti mwalephera kutukula maphunziro kotero kuti ana omwe akupita ku public schools ndi ana amphawife basi chifukwa tilibe njira yopezera maphunziro apamwamba amene inu mwakanika kupereka ngati boma

  49. half man half biscuit says:

    Mcp ndale mukudzikwanitsa. Ife timaphuzira ndi ana a katopola ku mtendere. Kunali ma standards nthawi imeneyo. Meyani, lunguzi, jessie pitirizani kubebetsa parliament.

  50. Mwayankhula point yabwino bwana

  51. Christian life says:

    Compering data from diffent generation bwana does not yield better results. May be there were no private schools in all regions as is now. May be your point is right of low standads. May be leadership style is totally incomperable. May be all factors are true.

  52. Shams says:

    Nkhani si imeneyo a Kasayila mudzikhala ngati nanu standard 5 ya kale munasuzumilamo, a MP awa chomwe akutanthauza nchoti inu ngati anthu omwe mukutsogolera boma pano tayesetsani mubwenzeletse maphunziro ngati mmene zinalili nthawi ya Kamuzu koma panopa ndi mmene ziliri anthu inuyo mukutitsogolera sukulu za boma mulibe nazo ntchito chifukwa choti ana anu mukutha kuwapititsa sukulu zapa mwamba, kotero ngakhale maphunziro a sukuluzi akupita pansi mulibe nazo ntchito bola ana anu akuphunzira ovutika ndife osaukafe amene tinakuyikani pa mpando omwe mukutizunzilawo nkumatibela

  53. Oponyo Oponyo says:

    Siya, ukuganiza atakunyengerere nda!!!

  54. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Koma kumeneko,amene uja anali Malawi weniweni koma waleroyu nde wa fong-kong,ena olemeletsetsa ena osaukitsitsa,wake up my country tilupita kuti????

  55. Ben phiri Wapanga resign says:

    Kusaila looks at issues with a shallow mind. Understand the gist or the underlying argument that Menyani is trying to put across. What he is trying to say is as government you need to seriously invest if public education system. Simple. And we call you minister. Pathetic

  56. stephen nyirenda says:


  57. VIYAZI TEMBO says:


  58. i love prostitutes says:

    kungoti big man kamuzu amakonda school ndipo anali wa brains heavy so he always wanted the best. atachoka kamuzu kunabwera ujeni and it all went to hell….

  59. Mr Dambwe says:

    Dala Zi MP Za MCP Zozelezeka Zedi

  60. Chakhwawa dums. says:

    A Menyani inunso mukazakhala nduna 2019 simuzalora ana anu kupita ku xool zaboma iyayi. Pali nduna zina ana ao anaphunzira kale asanakhale nduna kuma xool aprivate. Ndiye inu mukulira chani?

  61. kabotolokamo says:

    Point well raised ! if politician do see this then our land is doomed … if they can not see sense in Menyani ! then CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY … We will not get anywhere !

  62. Israel2013 says:

    Its not only about school, hospitals as well

  63. Thitherward Wendo says:

    The Hon. Mr Menyani is surely correct. It is shameful that so many of or legislators show their lack of confidence in the services that they are mandated to provide by using alternative services provided privately.

    As I have said many times, there is an extensive body of research which clearly indicates that the quickest and most effective way to improve educational standards is to pay teachers more. If we want our children to be educated by highly motivated, highly educated professionals, we must attract such people to the teaching profession. They will be committed to their own life-long professional development because they will be rewarded for it. They will spend some of their own time extending and improving their teaching skills, instead of performing a second and even a third job to make ends meet.

    The Hon. Mr Kasaila’s interjection is the contribution which is out of order because it exemplifies a logical fallacy, specifically: the fallacy known as ‘ad hominem tu quoque’. When the Hon. Mr Menyani criticizes members of the governing party for their behavior, it is fallacious for the Hon. Mr Kasaila to respond by saying that opposition members have acted in the same way. This argument is false because it does not disprove the original premise. If the premise is true, the Hon. Mr Menyani may be a hypocrite, but this does not make his statement any less credible from a logical perspective.

    This type of ad hominem fallacy is common in our parliamentary debates because, for many of us, the messenger is the message (as opposed to ‘the medium is the message’). (This, in turn, is partly the result of our perversion of von Clauswitz’s dictum: ‘war is politics conducted by other means’. For us, politics is war conducted by other means, so it is to be expected that we will attack the person rather than the person’s ideas. Such an approach to politics requires a pugnacious personality rather than a clear, logical mind. Unfortunately, clear, logical thinking is what we need from our leaders.

  64. Alekeni Menyani is more than 1,000,000% right. Do we expect the government to care if they don’t send their children to public schools and if the ministers don’t go to public hospitals for medical treatment. We used to sit side by side with ministers sons and daughters in the past. The new leaders don’t care and are there just to make ends meet. The standards have completely gone down and one teacher in a public school teaches up to 250 pupils. We are creating more thugs if we don’t educate our children. The rise in crime can be attributed to a huge number of school drop outs. Lo6k at how many boys are mini bus callers in Limbe and Lilongwe. The rise in prostitution can also be attributed to the same reason of lack of education and jobs. Enock Katola Phiri aka Enock Chihana was at Kasungu Secondary School. Mphungu Primary School was full of ministers’ and PSs children. This country is now in the hands of thugs. Peter Muthalika is a sojourner. He is here just for a decent state funeral. We need political who are to develop Malawi. Bravo Alekeni Menyani.

  65. advocate says:

    Hats off! This is Brave. This is Sincere. Press this point home, harder. Do not relent. We are in it together. I hope that Civil Society Coalition on Education will pick up the line.

  66. Asowa zoyankhula ameneo ngati akufuna udindo anene.kodi inu anthu achuma mukapeza ndalama amawatumiza anaawo kugvt school ndinani mwina nthawi yakamuzu apo ndivomeleza ife akapopa ngolo timanthela kumasukulu aboma

  67. zakusimba says:

    As I said before a lot of government officials send their kinds to expensive schools as benefits. Tax payers pay the bill. Yet they are paid a lot of money. If Malawi is serous with poverty cut all these benefits. Government officials should not drive expensive vehicles like Benz. How stupit.

  68. Aliyawo says:

    Menyani,are your children in public schools? You did go to a public just like most of the ministers,but are your children there? This is typical of you politicians. Its not only the ministers,but you all there. Apart from the public schools,who amongst you in parliament go to public hospitals? Don’t paint a picture that its only cabinet ministers. Its you all!!!!

  69. MZERU ZANGA says:

    Ma Mp mwachulusa ndale ndiye Malawi sangapite patsogolo, ma 4 million mukulandilawo pa medzi iwiri popanda chochitika muziwe kuti ndi ndalama zaife ovutika koma muuzane kuti zikutiwawa ndipo tizaonana

  70. A M says:

    Kumene amaphunziro muchitepo kanthu zoona ana mma college aziphika wokha malo ogona mnatseka and yet mkuti axilipira ???

    Wana akungoti zunguli zunguli mma town apita liti kuma college ???

    Anzanu mmbuyomu anayetsesa ndithu pa nkhani za maphunziro

  71. mavuto athu says:

    mp menyani you are right
    if you go rural areas where there cdss you find students learn may be two subjects a day
    teachers have lost their values and worse still with no teachers houses , no electricity and no piped water
    there is no motivation of teachers who are teaching in rural areas.

    with such environment do you expect student at that school to compete with other students from good schools.

    nanji cdss ikawandikira ndi town teachers do commute to school from town.
    teachers are not supervised

  72. Ha ha ha says:

    Mr Mebyani are your kids in public school now?

  73. sandra says:

    Very true Menyani. Nyamata wa nzeru

  74. Lumbadzi boys says:

    Menyani amenye amenewo. Idiots ! These are the ones who spoiled education in Malawi ,during our time teachers were inspected and motived with alot of loans such as motor cycles, pushing bikes but all they started missing through field York scam by Eleson/ mpasu, k1.7 billion ,unfinished school blocks by chilumpha and his spouses , k92 billion by mpumulo wabata, cashgate by abiti and now is pitala and his team . Verly ,verly GOD will not spare u.u were once dealt with cardiac arrest u can’t learn ?

  75. Professor Seyani says:

    Kasaila nde tudzi tamunthu. Mr President before it is too sack this Kasaila boy. Atiwonongera chipani. He is so clueless to responces as government leader

  76. marble says:

    Abale ndale za chigawo zosankhana mitundu zatilephera. Awa akuba kwabasi. Mcp inakayesanso ndi atsopano wa.

  77. namaoda says:

    the question is not about your generation and Nick’s. Its for todays crop of leaders with primary or secondary school going wards, do or can they send them to public schools? I wish it was compulsory that Ministers, MPs send their kids to public schools.
    Same for Kasaila as Min of transport to drive or be driven in a Toyota corrolla on our nasty roads. Hopefully leaders could think of improving this nation.

  78. captain says:

    I went to school with ministers kids at chigoneka in 47 during kamuzu time. That’s true the democratic government didn’t help education improvement at all

  79. khumbo says:

    I bet Kasaila anachita manyazi sure,and the rest of cabinet ministers as well

  80. mpimpa says:

    eeeee koma ndale zakoma hvy! Pple can talk

  81. mleme says:

    Answer the question. Are Chakwera ‘s children in the public schools? How about those of Msowoya? What about yours Menyani? Petty talk and utter rubbish honourable Menyani!

    1. johnM says:

      He answered the question you moron. He stated that Nick Chakwera and Menyani attended the same government school. In my time, I remember the children of Ministers attending school at Mphungu Primary School

  82. BigMan says:

    Nobody cares whether you quit or not Menyani, you are a noisy tin.

  83. Dusty says:

    Menyani ndi fire,he usually call spade a spade.Gvt kunva madzi each time he stood up in parliament.

  84. Baba wa boy says:

    It is very sad how we in Malawi concentrate on the NOW.

    The decline of education standards did not start in 2014 with this DPP government. If we were really interested in improving education standards, rather than just political point scoring, we should have nipped this in the bud in the 1990’s.

    And for this idiot to suggest that we should be blaming this DPP government for poor education standards is idiocy of the highest degree.

    What we have now is an accumulation of neglect, which can not be blamed on one year of being in power, it is like “Ngongole” if you do not pay, it gets bigger and more difficult to pay.

    We need as a nation to be more constructive, than this.

    who cares if Menyani, or what ever his name is quits, will that improve the standards of education? And who in their right mind would send their children to a shitty school just to prove a point?

    People that care for the future of their children, regardless of being rich or poor do whatever they can to send their children to a good school, that has been the order of things for a long time. Is it right No! is it reality yes! (we need to deal with reality not what should have been)

    Some of us can not afford a beer because we send our children to Marymount, Kamuzu Academy, Phwezi etc If Menyani thinks he can be drinking and expecting my tax to pay for his child’s education at a time when standards are poor everywhere, he has another thing coming.

  85. Blessings banda says:

    Thumbs up!! Ths pipo doesnt care about public goods edu in particular they run away from improving the life of ateacher they always point at resources eg desks o school blocks not rewards teachers are given to be motivated for them to lov their job ths s y to be a teacher is someting regarded as outclass because of this govts after multpaty.osadabwa they are the same pipo u train but they work hard in privat? The question is rewards!!dzikoli likufunia edu for t to get rid of this poverty!i rest my case

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