Illegal Chinese workers swarm Lilongwe at Golden Peacock

Some illegal Chinese workers are still working at  Golden Peacock in the capital Lilongwe without the blessings of the Department of Immigration which denied them working permits for several times.

Chinese docked for ivory smuggling  , Axin Shang, left, and  acquitted suspect Mark Nyirenda,  (Photo © Charles Mkoka)

Chinese docked for ivory smuggling , Axin Shang, left, and acquitted suspect Mark Nyirenda, (Photo © Charles Mkoka)

Nyasa Times investigations has revealed that Golden Peacock management is still keeping the workers in their managerial positions despite the Immigration Department advice that the group has exceeded the maximum number of five expatriates as required by law.

Golden Peacock has different entities among them Sogecoa Golden Shopping Mall and Sogecoa Hotel in Lilongwe.

One of such workers is Lin Wenweni who is also known as Chen Li.

At first, the company had applied that Wenwen as an expatriate is working under the shopping mall but Nyasa Times investigation has found that she is working as a Sales and marketing manager at the hotel.

According to a department of Immigration letter reference number 104733 dated March 24, 2015 the department felt that it will no longer give TEPs to more expatriates at the hotel.

“I am writing to notify you that the department of immigration has regrettably noted the increased number of expatriates against the maximum number of five.

“In light of these findings the department will no longer entertain any new applicant and it will also scrutinize all renewals in order to minimise the number of expatriates in line with our laws,” reads part of the letter signed by a Mr FT Nyirenda for the Chief Immigration Officer.

It adds: “In View of the above information most positions are now supposed to be taken over by the Malawians that were understudying them per the countries laws.”

Not relenting, Golden Peacock through Jennifer Li on March 30, 2015 insisted that Weniweni be given the permit.

“Miss Weniweni is a go between Sogecoa management and the shopping mall which consists of 76 shops and consists of 40 tenants and she ensures correct information flow on the lease agreements and other binding documentation between the parties.

“She is well versed in providing system wide Chinese/English translation services in order to facilitate communication,” reads the letter.

Apart from Wenwen, other expatriates include a Liu who is working as a chef and Jerson who is a restaurant manager.

When contacted by Nyasa Times, Wenwen who confirmed as working with the hotel and not the shopping mall said handed the phone to her immediate boss who refused to identify herself and said she could not comment unless she is told the source of the information.

In September last year, the Lilongwe Magistrate court convicted a Chinese expatriate working at Golden Peacock for Ivory trafficking and ordered for his deportation.

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52 thoughts on “Illegal Chinese workers swarm Lilongwe at Golden Peacock”

  1. Hoitty says:

    Why does the corrupt immigration department leave the Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis who lie everyday in the papers classified ads that they have lost passports? Do you investigate at the borders they claim to have entered Malawi through if their records show that they have visas? Everyday a different mwenye claims to have lost a passport. zimaonekeratu kuti ndizabodza. When they report stolen passport investigate them and send them home

  2. Capital_VaM says:

    Is wenweni (Chen Li) a man or a woman? please nyasatimes be clear in your she instead of he.

  3. billy phiri says:

    The fundamental problem for Malawi is that laws are only put in place just for the country to be seen to be in alignment with other civilized countries in the world. There is always no genuine operation of laws in most sectors, let alone capacity and mechanism for enforcement. Where a little may be seen to be done on the surface, it is underpinned by corruption to the benefit of a few individuals. If you look around the region or the continent, let alone beyond, the way Malawi conducts its affairs in all sectors is unique to the country. Even in SADC Malawi is unique in backwardness! One Chineese remarked that China doesn’t strategize for 5 or 10 years, but 50 years! If we can’t act now, Malawi will again be a colony, alas of this giant communist power in future. Wake up Malawi.

  4. GRM says:

    What is it that China gets from Malawi if it is not business opportunities. MWATUMIDWA NDI NDANI A NYASATIMES? Muwauze ngati akufuna maudindo kumeneko alemba mmadzi

  5. ujeni says:

    Leave the Chinese alone, kodi the Pakistanis ndi ma Indians mukuwaopa? After all amwenye are tilling our daughers and impregnating them alot, yes the same pakistanis who come as visitors but end up tilling.

  6. mc donald vumu says:

    ndale za kumalawi,ukawona akukangana just know pakufuka moto.sasamala za anthu.osangololerana bwanji?

  7. Amalawi tinazolowera nkhwangwa ili mkhosi ndipamene timaliza wisulo. mulinawo cholinga posawathamangitsa. tikukuwonanitu.

  8. Nyamkaka says:

    Why is Immigration Department negotiating with illegal immigrants? These guys should be deported. They are in Malawi illegally. Go to RSA and see how illegal immigrants including Malawians are treated. They are not even given time to take their belongings.

    Can Immigration Department be serious? Just deport these illegal Chinese immigrants. Also change the law to start fining companies that flout immigration laws. Why is Malawi so soft on this?

    We need seriousness! As I read Nyasa Times, I see the photo of President Mutharika with words “Days of doing business as usual are long gone” Sorry Mr President, they are not gone. They are still here and will still be here as long as your civil servants have this kind of mentality. You do not negotiate with an illegal immigrant. You simply tell them to pack up and go.
    No one needs Chinese workers to work in hotels. By the way, Golden Peacock has been in Malawi for more than 30 years. He does not need his fellow Chinese to work here.

  9. Ezekiel Peter Ching'oma says:

    nthawi ya MCP kunalibe zibwana izi

    1. Comment: Olemekezeka, pressurise boma to stop this nonsense nanga ana athu atani?

  10. wagwidwa ndi mfiti says:

    I would imagine myself in their country n I guess by now they could have deported me back home, so why hesitaiting to throw them back. Mukudikila akudyeseni chibanzi zithele pomwepo.

  11. chimulamba says:

    Why are the government quite on this issue, we have also problems with most Indians companies, and the government doesn’t want to act. Please this is our country and we should be enjoying job opportunities.

  12. Blessings says:

    Comment pliz this is our country ,do not let this happening in our country grand The security especially @ immigration office ndapota nanu..

  13. Dr. Godfrey Mvuma says:

    The Chinese are our next Masters, not the British. South Africans will be forced to learn Chinese in their schools as a second language – watch the space

  14. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    Why are these guys still in the country?

  15. Magagula says:

    WeniWeni Sounds Malawian. ..mpatseni passport ndi nzika yathu imeneyo….is from Kasungu T/A Kaomba.

  16. truth says:

    za ziiiiiii

  17. fkr says:

    Just understand this. the Chinese WILL colonize Africa. they have close to 2 billion people and growing. the Chinese economy is starting to falter and unless they can move their people elsewhere they will have massive unemployment in China which could bring the communist party to it’s knees. so Africa is the new China in the next 50 year’s……get used to it. south Africa is already introducing Manderin language at it’s schools as a second language. Malawi will need to do the same. in 50 years a Chinese will be the president of Malawi. guaranteed!

  18. Ineyo says:

    These are thieves.

    And what is this about such cheap ‘expatriates’ when we have skills and qualifications for these jobs?

    Chase all Chinese, except those working legally, from Malawi.

    Would I be called an ‘Expatriate’ if with all my qualifications and experience I went to work in a Malawian-owned restuarant in China? Stop this nonsense,even amongst the Portuguese at Mota Engil, Australians at Palladin, and Indians in shops, etc.

  19. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Ku immigration kuli mabvuto adzawoneni. Nkhani izi zakhala zikumveka kuyambira kalekale. Inunso wolemba mukati nganganga ndiye ma Chanese mwina sakupereka kangachepe. Ku Raiply kumpoto akhala akulemba anthu kuti kuli ma expatriates opitira 30 ambiri oti anathere Primary School. Ndiposo zaka pitirira 4 pano zatha maudindo aakuluaklu ndiawiriawiri achimwenye. Zikutheka bwanji zimenezi? Chikhalireni icho a Immigration amabwera. Ma Production Manager atatu ma CEO awiri, ma Forest Logging Manager awiri. Ku Finance kuli Financial Controller, Financial Manager, Accounts Manager. Akamabwera kuno kuMalawi amakhala asakudziwa china chirichose amana amawaphunzitsa ndi aMalawi kenaka akaidziwa ntchito mwenyeyo ndikumupatsa uManager. Malawi yafika ponunkha zochitika.

  20. Mr Chamwaka says:

    Malawians, lets build our hotels and run them using Malawians instead of always blaming other people on how they run their investiments. We should stop being opportunistic. This hotel would not have been their if chines people had not pooled and invested their money. Lets cut down on drinking, womanizing and driving posh cars, let those with common interest pool their resources, invest in something productive and employ fellow Malawians. The indians, Burundians, Lebanese, Somalise etc are all doing this, when are going to learn? Stop molesting these people!

  21. MELINDA says:

    osawasiya choncho amenewo minyanga ya njobvu yokha,palinso ena amakhala ku area 14.anatsegula bar, imatsekulidwa usiku okhaokha cha m’ma 11pm kuopa MRA,amaseweranso gambling,minyanga ya njovu komanso mankhwala ozunguza bongo.

    izi sizakumva koma garden boy kuipereka info mosaumira ataona kuti ndalama ikuchepa yomwe akupatsidwa pakhomo,koma akukhalira kutsitsa zinthu zoopya.

    kumangogundanso anthu m’minseu.chitani nawoni amenewa.kwao sitingakapange zimenezi ife

  22. sattoe felix says:

    pakufunika security yokwana pa Malawi anthuwa amenewa amapezeka pa Malawi akuchita bussines opanda zowayenereza.Vuto lalikuru ziphuphu zachuluka mdziko mwathu muno.

  23. pierra says:

    Government does have powers to fine businesses and even close them down where persistent offending takes place. This just highlights how deeply embedded some business owners are within government systems. It is a cancer and its choking the nation’s economic potential. And it is corruption akin to cashgate!

  24. lol says:

    Koma zimene zimandidabwitsa ine ndizakuti Malawi ndi dziko lasauka kwambiri koma amwenye, and other foreigners amakakamilako chani? Osamapita ku Britain kapena ku US bwanji? Daily akumabwera ku dziko lathu losauka.

  25. Balamanthu says:

    Our Immigration needs to be cleansed of corruption.I dont understand why we give so much prominence to Chinese that come to malawi.These are ex-prisoners or are just traders.You cannot go to China and work without a permit.Bundle themon a plane and send them back.Part of the security problems we have in Malawi is because people amangolowa ngati kuchipinda kwawo and immigration is not working.Worse still there are no investors that come to Malawi.You have a bunch of Nigerians, Chinese, Burundis and many more that come to trade.These traders accompanied by mwana boy just externalize our little resources and our government officials are just sitting phwiii-kuba za cashgate.Clean up the syste, close the Golden Peacock and send these guys back home.Check those that come into the country and ensure they get visas before arrival.Tikuferazi sizikutipidulira amalawi.Tilira mpaka liti?

  26. Mugonapamuhanya says:

    Malawi is stupid indeed. Only in Malawi are there foreign investors investing in grocery shops, bakeries, pubs, restaurants, pay-toilets etc. Are we serious as a country? Or these are just fruits from our corrupt civil and public service? Shame Malawi

  27. Mugonapamuhanya says:

    Malawi does not have a law. However hard people may write in news papers and make anonymous tip offs, the problem will never go away. The police and immigration office conduct a false raid and ‘arrest’ the illegals only to release them in the evening after palms have been oiled. Malawi is not poor it is the Malawians who are poor in the head.

  28. Lolani eni nthaka kuti azigwira ntchitozo. Ngati iwo akuzembetsa minyanga yanjovu ndiye tinene kuti akufuna chani? Mwachidule ndingoti: ACHOKE!!!

  29. chejuzi says:

    kaoneni ku crossroads pamenepo ndipang’ono

    1. I agree says:

      check the general manager at xroads, mr Gonenso, a guy from zim kuzunza a Malawi for many years. Corruption at its best

  30. Zanga Phee! says:

    No wonder china impressed with Malawi in providing financial technical and human resource, claiming we have good ties with Malawi. This what they were eyeing for, Ivory is one of their role materials for their income,they knew Malawi don’t know how important ivory is,if they found they burn it publicly to show that they are seriousness on poaching.We never had such cases with Taiwan.This is terrible.Malawi should be serious with these matters of foreigners.I wonder if some of these Immigration officers they do travel and see how Malawians suffer in foreign countries,See my Name.

  31. Tike Pajih says:

    At Raiply Malawi Ltd,over fifty expatriates from India.Immigration offials are pretty aware.CORRUPTION AT ITS BEST!

  32. AMFUMU says:

    Westerners never did that.The Chinese will only bring misery to our nation

  33. Kanyimbi says:

    These Chinese needs to be checked.Even those owning shops gives some doubts.

  34. Masoambeta says:

    Weak laws of a country reflects the effectiveness of it’s legal system.
    Malawi is accounted without public morals and the level of illiteracy escalates this fact.
    Nothing is coming out good in this story. Mind you, these are just tips of underlying problems. Lamd is being sold by anyone at any price, building are being erected without planning permission and the whole place is being run with no rule t all. Yet the president of this country is a law professor???
    Matubzi awa!

  35. OMEGA BEMA says:

    Only in malawi this happens

  36. Mzaliwa says:

    Ma Expatriate 5 okha basi maximum?.What about Carlsberg MW,there are more than 10,some just special for cobweb removal.

  37. alukosyo says:

    We hv sold Malawi and we are still selling it to foreigners at will. Where will our children work after school? shame on our headless chicken leaders who wants to satisfy their egos leaving Malawians destitutes in their own country

  38. chejali says:

    Kkkkkkk china simudati

  39. Mathews says:

    Kick them out. From China to be F&B Manager?? Shame!

  40. Prophet Justice says:

    Immigration has failed our nation. They are supposed to ensure that their action is monitored to the end. If someone is denied TEP, give them notice period for deportation and monitor that the same is done so too with those convicted of crime such ivory trafficking.

  41. Mphongo Zidana says:

    Bravo Immigration Department. This should not be entertained. Though poor Malawi is, its laws should be followed. Very soon we will see these guys selling kaunjika and chimanga chootcha on the street corners if documents are not checked

  42. Ndipo uyu mukuti Marketing Manager munthu wa mwano wachipongwe kwa amalawi kaya amamusungilanji kaya. ameneyu amubwenze kwao.

  43. wochenjera says:

    Immigration ya malawi ikupereka dziko la Malawi ndi ntchito za ku Malawi ku anthu akunja. Taonani munthu anamukaniza permit koma akugwirabe ntchito how. Where are the laws is this not corruption. Makampani ambiri ali ndi ma expatriate ochuluka kuposa muyezo wake. eg First Merchant Bank, Opportunity International Bank of Malawi, Mota Engil etc koma immigration palibe chomwe ikuchita.

  44. Donyisto says:

    Anthu amenewa akuku pezerera kuno pamodzi ndi amwenye, ofunika azibwerera kwawo basi

  45. Atchona says:

    Ife anatikweza ndege yopanda mipando kuchokera ku Joni.Nawonso ayidziwe bangwe.Deport them please!!!!!!!

  46. Clean Malawi says:

    You are aware that some Chinese nationals are working illegally at Garden peacock.Why can’t you deport them if they have all the evidence?If its true,they should be sent in the next plane to shanghai and the fare paid by Golden peacock.

  47. Sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    Malawi is not all that sophisticated to accommodate the Chinese crooks.The Russian neighbour has been having problems with the Chinese so what about the backward Malawi with the crooked immigration system?.Even the Indians,Nigerians and other foreign nationals have been abusing the immigration system for so long.China has a billion population and is flashing its people to African subsaharan continent in the name of being development partner.In Ghana they were caught panning Gold illegally with home made tools and they were all sent packing.When Malawi will be waking up,you will find all the resources gone.Wake up Malawians.Your country will never be developed by foreigners.Its your responsibility of you and me to develop this country.These people are just here to make money and go back to their respective countries.We need to start love our Malawi and be patriotic.Ma China amaliza very advanced countries so what with Malawi with full of sleepy people?

  48. KARU UNITED says:

    Xenophobia will take us nowhere,leave the Chinese workers alone.Sometimes these foreign workers mean business,they do their jobs excellently & are more trustworth,than us locals, fond of gossip & hatred of foreigners.I thought golden peacock is their own.

  49. If the Chinese allowed us to date their women, we wouldn’t have a problem. But if they insist on hiding Chinese pussy we will make life hard for them

  50. Ngalu wa galu says:

    A immigration amadziwa thawi zones. a FT Nyirendawo amadziwa asaname apa. Did they not check the books. Indians are all over the place working in shops illegal. Asatinamize apa. Katangale basi a immigration.

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