Illovo confirms fraud probe as Nyamilandu denies wrongdoing

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) incumbent president Walter Nyamilandu has vehemently denied all allegations of wrong-doing following claims of massive fraud detected at sugar giant Illovo Sugar (Malawi) Limited.

Nyamilandu (c) vehemently denies any wrong doing

Nyamilandu (c) vehemently denies any wrong doing

In an earlier report, Nyasa Times indicated that two officers were called for an internal hearing last week and have been suspended from work until the company makes a final decision within 10 days of the hearing.

Nyamilandu and Illovo national sales manager Peter Mtokale were reportedly implicated

But the FAM president who is also Illovo’s assistant general manager (Marketing) has rebutted his link to the allegations.

He said reports that he is implicated are “false, malicious and unfounded.”

Nyamilandu said the reports implicating him were “manufactured and circulated by people in dirty campaign” to tarnish his image as he seeks for a fourth term at FAM elections next Saturday.

The FAM boss said he would fight to defend his “integrity.”

Irene Phalula, spokesman of Illovo, confirmed investigations into suspected fraud were indeed instituted but did not give further details.

But she said allegations against Nyamilandu were without foundation.

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28 thoughts on “Illovo confirms fraud probe as Nyamilandu denies wrongdoing”

  1. Paka Bush says:

    Walter your time is over…Ndiye konse zovuta?

  2. MJ-Thyolo sovereign State citizens says:

    Please Illovo , can you arrest this thief on Friday 11 up to sunday 13 so that he should not take part in this FAM elections. We dont want to harbour a thief at FAM. Let him go with Blatter in same year, the same of corruption, in the same unceremoniously way, in the same way when people are angry with them.

  3. prince says:

    Koma kumeneko.ngati amaba kumeneko wat month ku fam. ACB tiyeni nayeni ameneyu.nkwiyisileni agalu

  4. ninja says:

    hha ha ha no wonder soccer ıs a game run by thıeves gangbangers…ıts a hoolıgan thıng even from ıts creatıon and so shall ıt remaın

  5. PHIRI says:


  6. Gadabwali says:

    Walter out!!!!!

  7. peeping lizard says:

    walter khalapansi tatopanawe

  8. Fortune Nuka says:


  9. Ujeni Phiri says:

    @Nyika highway. Nyaamukandu is not a southerner but a Northerner so you don’t have a basis. Do your research properly before you comment. Let Nyasatimes do its job. If you are able to follow it’s writings then you are a problem not them.

  10. Nyika Highway says:

    This issue is about nyasatimes supporting wakhithu fellow based in Canada by attacking Nyamilandu. Work up southerners! Indians are exporting sugar and making billions, why Nyasatimes did not write about this before or why not write about your wakwithu friend who was given contract to sell molasses to Mosambique you think we do not know? Fotseki

  11. Happening Boy says:

    Don’t make Silly noise, Water Is a big Guy at Illovo and has been with Illovo for a long time and the pro has confirmed That Water Is not involved, what else do You want, upresidenti womweu kapena zinanso. Thèse people are competing, You think Water camp dont have muds to splash at Steve or Yabwanya, but He Is a gentele. Let them compète, full stop.

  12. Kk says:

    I think Nyasatimes owes Nyamilandu an apology on this issue. This is pure malice. By inserting the rebuttal of the Illovo PRO right at the end of the story, Nyasatimes exhibits the want to hide the comment itself and make it as less important as it should be. This comment from the PRO should have been in the first paragraph. Again this decampaign has made me change my mind, Walter for FAM President!

  13. Judah says:

    all involved in fball administration in Malawi are cashgaters

  14. Pwiya wa Pwiya says:

    Walter yemweyo kuti wa wa wa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  15. yakumbuyo says:

    IT pains natives that these deals should go to indigenous ,like Mulli it goes to INDIANS and BURUNDIANS at the end of the day our politicians go begging to foreigners who rob the TAX. MRA check out.EXPORT sugar sold by black market RAND exchange rate from DEDZA and MWANZA BORDER. These people have made money from ILLOVO every year export sugar ends in Malawi

  16. STIGMA says:

    All sugar sold as export has been sold within.we know who have benefited from this sugar.these are two indians and one Burundian.

  17. Kwacha says:

    But do you people read before posting your comments? What has the Illovo PRO said in conclusion? Malawians eishh

  18. Mwalusya kuvotera wamama winu....kkkk says:

    Vote Mijiga………Mbava zonse out.

  19. young-s says:

    kodi ku FAM samapanga audit??

  20. Dings Mpota says:

    viva Walter! viva Nyamilandu! These name calling will not result to something. Go ahead with your csmpp.

  21. Benford says:

    Munthu ameneyu ndi president wa FAM komanso ass marketing manager wa illovo, koma mukudziwa kuti sugar sakuyenda malonda, kuti mupite ku Dwangwa mukapeza sugar paja all the ware house are fully up, komanso Malawi National team all Malawians we are not impress with its performance, Watter ndi munthu wolephera bansi, watt outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt watter outttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt both positions.and ACB do your job.

  22. Hix says:

    If Walter’s name is implicated in the fraud, please he must not stand for FAM presidency. Illovo is a large and organized organization in Malawi, it can implicate Walter baselessly for the sake of FAM elections. Illovo has nothing to do with FAM. So Walter sooner or later will be behind bars. Mark my words.

  23. Wadyera says:

    Walter Nyamilandu akumuwopa anthu ambiri hence all these allegations. In this generation there is no one better than Walter Nyamilandu. Jeoulous is not a sperm guys.

  24. Chemmela says:

    Mnkhwizingeni zingwezo

  25. Willie Chimseu says:

    Amalawi tatiyeni tisiye kaduka please. M’malawi ndi nsanje komanso kaduka zaonjeza kwambiri. Womwa tea koma m’theladi adzamwanso.

  26. Boyi says:

    A Walter nyamukani mupite mumulondole m’bale wanu Sepp Blatter. Apo bii! tizikakuonani ku Zomba Central Prison. Ife takuuzani koma mumamvera anthu ofuna kukudyerani pamene ku Prison mukakhala nokha

  27. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Ku illovo mwadya, Ku Carlsberg mwadya Ku FAM mukudyanso eeshhhh team Yabwanya/Mijiga

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