I’m MCP, Chikago rejects new party: Mvula says ‘will take position at right time’

Former diplomat Dr John Chikago has rejected being part of the formation of a new party allegedly being formed to shake the support base of ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and its partner United Democratic Front (UDF) in the southern and eastern regions.

Chikago: I'm MCP member

Chikago: I’m MCP member

Chikago’s name was linked to the new party after a meeting held Saturday at the offices of former diplomat Ziliro Chibambo situated next to Nandos in Blantyre.

But Chikago has said he will not be party to the formation of the new political grouping

“While I know Malawi is democracy and that every citizen has freedom of association to join any political grouping, I hate to be forced into any association without my knowledge,” said Chikago.

The former diplomat said he has never been a frontline politician and his experience is in offering analytical services.

Chikago said he cannot understand “the political logic” of forming a party to fight DPP and UDF working pack or Muluzi and his family.

“Let me be frank, in spite of my arrest by the DPP government, I hold high former President Dr Bakili Muluzi in high respect. He offered me the opportunity to serve in the Foreign Service where I seized the opportunity to further my education to Master and Doctorate degree levels specializing in Public Policy.

“In case, those implicating my name are not aware, I take Dr Bakili Muluzi as my own uncle because he was a friend to my late uncle Dick Matenje,” said Chikago.

Chikago stressed that he remain a members of opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

“Having re-joined the Malawi Congress Party-MCP and contested in the 19th May, 2014 General Election as its parliamentary candidate, I am still a member of the Malawi Congress Party,” he stated.

Chikago appealed “to those with vendetta against Dr Bakili Muluzi and his family is to desist from floating other people’s names in their fight against Dr Muluzi. My wife, children and myself continue to hold high respect to the former president vindicated by my stance against the Anti Corruption Bureau to use me as a false witness against Dr Muluzi.”

Another politician Humphrey Mvula, former UDF strategist, said he is currently on” sabbatical from active frontline politics”.

He said: “Yes, at the right time and at the opportune moment I will take a position as regards to my future political belonging.”

Mvula said he is contented with being a political activist or social commentator.

Former minister Sidik Mia also rubbished assertions that he will be party to the grouping, saying he quit frontline politics.

“It is absolutely not true that I am going to form new party. I am out of both frontline and undeground politics,” Mia said.


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36 thoughts on “I’m MCP, Chikago rejects new party: Mvula says ‘will take position at right time’”

  1. Bonjes Lanjes says:

    ikulephera UDF, ikulephera PP kuchita shake DPP ndiye zingatheke ka chipani kobwera lero kupanga shake DPP, no ways

  2. Wazil says:

    Fools mvula atumbuka tulo basi

  3. Chenkumbi says:

    Imran Jawad,
    tell them. It seems they have forgotten what DPP is all about. Ndi ana amenewo afunse PP, MCP , akudziwa bwino .

  4. Chenkumbi says:

    ukunama, MCP will never rule Malawi again, period.

  5. Jeremia Kachingwe says:

    Malawians let us learn to digest stories before presenting our comments.
    Can you not see the motive behind the story?
    This is known as signaling. There is no truth. The aim of the article is to arouse sensetionalism for violent comments. You cannot mix tomatoes, cucumber, peach and mangoes in one plate. If you read the story again, can.t you see that the journalist did not
    talk to anyone but himself?

  6. ZACHIBWANA says:


  7. CHEKUCHEKU says:

    Ask Prof John Eugines Musukuma Chisi About Dpp. Ananyela Nayo Kale Kummwera Komweko. Mmwera Is The Choosers Others Followers.

  8. Kennedy nali says:

    Let the dpps fool themself only time will tell, muluzi is a died man so as peter.

  9. Pwiyapwiya says:

    jkkkkkkkkkk.No secret under the earth ..kkkkk.u r dealing with big parties.so if leakage ikuchitika first day of ur meeting kkkkk koma ziyenda??????…..Chikago and mvula akukana coz zawululika msanga kkkk. VIVA UDPP Viva UDPP !!!!!!!

  10. nana says:

    I salute atcheya

  11. Maliseche says:

    Analephera amayi kuyesesa kupha DPP for a full 2yrs despite using gvt machinery ndiye ti ankhwezule ting’ono-ting’ono ngati timenechi tingapange cha?….lol!

  12. one malawi one people says:

    ena anayeselako koma zidakanika….whether its true or not, DPP ndi ya mmagazi u can’t take it out of the majority southerners….the undisputable truth is mulakho ndiochuluka and they love their party….ask chisi kuti molalo yonse ija adapeza mavoti angati?…..anabeledwanso nayenso kapena?….if someone wants the gvt to change….(i.e…if they have zanzeru zodzachita mubomamo osati ngati za PP)..they shud use proper ways osati mafia type of tricks which only brings enmity and hatred …… pple with such tricks and enmity amaonetseratu kuti lawo ndi dyera amangofuna kuzipindulitsa Iwo eni osati anthu wamba…alipo akuwatuma amenewa, somebody is feeding their stomachs……Chisi, Mafunde, PP, etc r all from the south ndiye mukuyambitsa chipani china mukuopa chani? anthu ake ndinokhanokhanu, if u change paties d’u think anthu anaiwakhalidwe lanu loipa? shame!!…in UDF time some formed tizipani tawo but it Neva worked…..u cant use the same old foolish tricks expecting a new result…Neva.

  13. Imran jawad says:

    Koma dpp mumaiziwa?mwaiwala nthawi yomweyi?ask joice and chasika.oooooh!

  14. Kanyimbi says:

    If you think that the southerners are fools then lick my ass. These people are very clever and have never been divided. Their union is readiness for the 50+ majority that you think can prevent them from wining. Ziyabwe zokhazokha sizimayabwana.

  15. opportunist says:

    MCP for life

  16. ujeni says:

    Here is my advise, free of charge. If you want to oppose the policies of DPP/UDF then join MCP/PP alliance, simple. In 2019, MCP and its partner are walking straight into government.

  17. titi says:


  18. Phwexy says:

    Simungagwese my Vote … DPP woyeeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. Abwana says:

    Pot belly ndiwe mbuli basi

  20. BalakaGuy says:

    You cant fight DPP in the southern region,,,ife tonse we are baptised by it.

  21. Nyansi says:

    Shuppitt. Nonse ndinu Anzimwale. Mukuchepela Kaba.

  22. SEXWELL says:


  23. pot belly says:

    How can Chikago say that he has never been in front line politics yet he stood as a Parliamentary candidate? I need to be schooled.

    He says he is MCP and goes a long way to praise Peter and Bakili. For him to go to the embassy, he was certainly UDF. Chikago needs to choose where he really belongs. Politics and pure diplomacy do not go along together. That is naive or immature political thinking.

    inu a MCP, chenjerani ndi chameleon uyu.

  24. Winnie phiri says:

    Comment: Bwana Chicago, with all my due respect i say continue being so that these bunch of political zombies can be schooled or take your direction. Why forming a party aiming@ destroying another party? A Chiwambo, plz musawonongo mbiri ya anthu a kumpoto. It seems its a grouping of northerners. Shame on you.

  25. Natembo says:

    Dpp Cant Shaken With That Stupid New Party

  26. Natembo says:

    Dpp 2019 Boma

  27. Black lion says:

    2019 i wil vote for dpp

  28. Kavuluvulu says:

    What value addition could John Chikago make even if he joined this new party ?He failed to manage MALTECO.

  29. Yaki says:

    Foolish people why implicate innocent men ? you to bring confusion or hate amongst retired veterans . shame on you , they have rejected your myopic tricks

  30. T/A says:

    Mukuchepa simungalimbane ndi mithutha ya ndaLe pa malawi pano

  31. SEXWELL says:


  32. Namiasi says:

    Iwe Damien u r a big fool,a buffon,a moroon.away with ur tribal and nepotistic stinking party.

  33. Namiasi says:

    Join and vote 4 MCP to avoid political prostitution of southerners.

  34. Damien says:

    The DPP cant be shaken by small tremors like such

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