I’m not crazy, Mutharika refutes Nyasa Times report on extravagance

Malawi President Peter Mutharika was on damage control mode in the United States of America (USA) when he refuted  a Nyasa Times story he is staying in a New York hotel that is costing Malawi taxpayers about K7 million per night.

This week Nyasa Times reported that an unprecedented number of delegates had accompanied President Mutharika and that a cool MK400 million has been spent in expenses ranging from air travel, accommodation to allowances.

President Mutharika is scheduled to present his maiden address to the Assembly as Malawi’s Head of State on Thursday, September 25, 2014.

Mutharika:  I'm not crazy

Mutharika: I’m not crazy

But addressing a group of journalists  in the presidential entrouge at his posh Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Park Avenue, New York, the Malawi leader described his room as the smallest of all presidential suites and a few blocks away from the UN secretariat.

“I am not crazy to stay in a hotel room that costs $17 000 [about K6.8 million] per night. It is unimaginable how someone thinks I am crazy to do this. I am not crazy,” said Mutharika.

He claimed “nothing closer to the claimed amount was being spent on his accommodation.”

“On a normal day, my room costs about $390, but because the rates of almost everything in New York go up during the UN General Assembly, at the time I came it cost about $2 000 [about K800 000]. For those that are coming now, it could be costing about $2 000 plus,” he said.

President  Mutharika  also refuted that his delegation had 68 people, claiming.

He said “ the delegation from State House is about 20 people. There are people from ministries who have come to attend meetings that are relevant to their ministries. There are also people who have been funded by the private sector.

“We also have six journalists; three from Malawi News Agency, two from Malawi Broadcasting Corporation and one from the private media: Nation Publications Limited.”

Meanwhle, Nyasa Times understands that Mutharika’s Personal Assistant, Ben Phiri, included  his wife in the presidential delegation to New York using taxpayers’ money.  The wife does not work anywhere near government.

The only expense that government has been spared on her is accommodation as she is sharing a room with the husband at Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

 Nyasa Times can reveal that Twammie Chimungu, Phiri’s wife, is among the ‘delegates’ attending the 69th UN General Assembly.

Highly placed State House sources indicate that Ben Phiri’s wife is categorized as a ‘Guest of the President’ alongside several ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadres and traditional chiefs.

Traditionally, Heads of State in Malawi may invite a modest number of ‘guests’ to accompany them on such trips, according to an administrator at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe.

“However, the criteria used to invite this particular guest (Twammie Chimungu Phiri) is suspicious,” said the administrator, preferring anonymity for fear of reprisals.

Other people making the entourage includes government ministers and top officials, security detail for the President, intelligence officers from the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) and the Malawi Defense Forces (MDF), journalists from both the public and private media and Ben Phiri’s brother, Matino Nkasala, among others.

State House has booked Mutharika’s support staff in Waldorf Astoria Hotel .

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122 thoughts on “I’m not crazy, Mutharika refutes Nyasa Times report on extravagance”

  1. Thyangathyanga says:

    mmmmm mpaka pamenepa, eishhh nafe tikalowa ntchito ku State House konko. Mwina nkumakakhala nao ku UN kkkkk

  2. Dausi says:

    zitsiru za Dpp kuononga chuma basi koma muona

  3. Sidix says:


  4. Brightontinason says:

    Abale nsanje ina ndiyoopsa kuti muzafike 2019 ndithu mukhala mutayamba bp.PETER WOOYEE .

  5. Weekly mwale says:

    “Little minds discuss people, great minds discuss ideas. From the look of things when god created the world,he also created brains.people of all walks life rushed to get thier brains.zambians,russians,the british,zimbos and many others did.when the nyasa came all the brains were finished. Why are you malawians talking bad about your country and your president?the moment you talk bad about you home noone will be interested to invest in a bad country.now you are burning buildings,markets and killing each other.you talk bad about the president,you must be proud of you country and leader.god gave you the lake,the soil,the animals.the minerals and the brains why do you spend your time discussing trivial issues about the president.the president is a responsible someone plis let him do his job!

  6. bache says:

    twammie chimungu is not ben phiri’s wife.i know ben phiri’s wife,this one ndi chibwenzi.it clearly shows how weak the president is.how can he allow that?anthu afika potenga zibwenzi ku trip ya boma

  7. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    “I’m not crazy to stay in a hotel room that cost $17,000 per night” YOU ARE CRAZY! you could have either trimmed the number of your accompanying guests or the number of days you are spending in NY

  8. ife says:

    Stop complaining that’s what you voted for

  9. Biggy says:

    For Christ`s sake ndi mtsogoleri wa dziko.Do not put our president to shame pliz.This bevaviour is sickenning.What u r writtin is trush!Total marlice.Like it or not atumbuka sazalamula dziko la Malawi.Foolish ppo!Go to hell and rot 4eva!We hate u!He is Lomwe yes!Vuto ncha?Noophia mwene wa ma mwene!Mighty DPP DPP DPP Blue 4eva Blueeee!Chilima woooyeee!Akweni Wooooyeee!Boma!! Osamangokamba zamanyi apa ayi! Bakha akagwere kutali

  10. Dan Mbendela says:

    There is no need to compline about the what president used,he was doung for government not for private.

  11. Manzy j says:

    Amalawi enanu sindimakumvetsani ayi.mumafuna zabwino zizikhala zanu.munakakhala modzi opitanawo munakakana inu? Nkhani yaikulu ndi nsanje amalawi chifukwa mwakhala muku munyoza mutharika kuchokera nthawi ya kampeni. Joyce Bandanso munkamunena chimodzimodzi ndeno mudzangoimira inuyo 2019 tidzakuvoterani mudzalamulire mukuoneka kuti muli ndi utsogoleri wabwino inuyo.

  12. Fukulani says:

    You are mad Peter Mutharika…you are a shameless glutton!…a thug….

  13. Yankho says:

    Chitsiru cha mlomwe chikuwononga ndalama. No plan

  14. kalumadazi says:

    Ufunika kulemba article titled Mtumbuka sazatheka….anthu okanika asakhwi or they do is complain and never come up with suggestions or solutions…they just whine day in day out..olo Khumbo kachale atakhala president olo Inkosi Mbelwa itakhale president mtumbuka sangatheke..ngokanika….anakokelana ambilimbili kukatenga ma degree kunja and what have they done for malawi?? Let alone their beloved tchile of a home in the north??? Nothing!!! Angotukwanana ndikumenyana ku livingstonia sinod….NDATI!! MTUMBUKA SAZATHEKA..ndipo if the north becomes independent trust me it will be like burundi or afghanistan tizavutika tonse nkhondo siyizizatha among themselves ndi ti anthu tamakani tokanika…MTUMBUKA SAZATHEKA!!!!!

  15. Loto Langa says:

    Ndichimodzimodzi anthuwa amangosiyana maina. Noboby will behave otherwise, mpandowu ndi onona uwu!

  16. nota says:

    ndi zomwe amalawi tasankha.musadandaule.

  17. Chiye Nang'omba says:

    Adyera anthu awa!

  18. BLINDED says:

    Funny attending a meeting that will require you to pay an accomodation fee that you dont have. Its like going to south africa to buy 1 loaf of bread paying bus fare of K20,000 a PRICE of buying many LOAVES if youcould just buy it next DOOR.

  19. sir mzungu says:

    Avigour, Kodi a chipani akukachitako chiani ku UN summit?

    Anthu azifa kusowa mankhwala, civil service yizisafala for being paid peanuts, yet alomwe a dpp aziwononga ndalama zathu. chilungamo chasowa pamenepa ndithu.

    Do not forget that being arrogant pays dearly

  20. samson says:

    jelous at its best in malawi.

  21. MWANONI says:

    waste of gove money /people very here , but spending alot of cash for nothing

  22. marvel chikondi says:

    Anthu inu ndikuona kuti chomwe chakula apa ndi nsanje. Ena mukuti president woyenda yenda ngati uyu simunamuone mutu wanu ukuyenda bwino? Chitengere u president simunalembepo zabwino za boma ili why? Nthawi ina it’s good to appreciate zina.

  23. Jelbin mk says:

    The question of how Kamuzu did is irrelevant because during his reign there was no democracy where citizens can question and demand accountability from their leader so comparing the two is like comparing car and a bicycle in terms of speed,so wise up guys & for Peter he should not think that this is still a stone age when people could easily hoodwinked.This is an information age where I can get info from all over the world at my finger tap so be wise not as stupid as u are.

  24. Neymar says:

    And back home, mra is struggling 2 meet their targets, our country!!

  25. BigMan says:

    Poor Malawians, obsessed with trivia and always barking, barking, barking and barking some more…. for nothing! Not even bothered with facts. A citizenry stuck in fantasy land.

  26. The Truthful One from the West says:

    I am now convinced beyond doubt that for the lives of Malawians to improve there is need for a federal system of government. I can see clearly that people in the southern region especially Lomwes do not care when clearly Peter Mutharika is being extravagant and reckless because they know that with their numbers they will always control government. We also need a person to get 50% plus 1 votes to become state president.

  27. Do not be foolish says:

    Joyce Mtila Banda was travelling every day in your own country and you said nothing. She travelled and travelled we warned her and warned her she could not take our advice. Mr president Take advice wherever it is necessary.Mtila Banda took no advice she was fond of saying KOMA INE -KOMA INE she is now regreting

    Koma kunena zoona anthunu mwango muda Peter. Palibe chachilendo wachita chosakhala munthu walowa pa upulezidentkoma sanayende kuyamba kuona zinthu pa ofesi kaye. Lero wayamba kuyenda kuti azipempha zofunika kuwofesi ndi team yache ndiye walakwa popeza sanukuikeni inu kapena abale anu mu gululo.

    Amalawi Chodziwika ndi chakuti ku Boma kwalowa gulu lina YEMBEKEZERANI Zotsatira musanayame chipongwe. M,mene zikuonekera mudawa naye PETER MUTHARIKA

  28. chilungamo says:

    People are faking the matter so lightly. We have been waiting for our terminal benefits for many months now and there’s no sign that we will be assisted. I wish you visited room 35 and wetness for yourselves.

  29. john says:

    in our world, (Homo) we call them brothers. same way in your world girls call them uncles ‘if you know what l mean’

  30. vigour says:

    Kodi mwa mapulezidenti onse amene alamula dziko la Malawi mumawalonda chonchi?i think nyasatimes yachuluka atolankhani akumpoto ansanje.but do u understand by the word state president?.guyz ur full of jealous bt u wll do nothing

    1. Malawi says:

      Panopa a Malawi Akuzindikila zambiri. Akufuna atsogoleri a chilungamo, otumikila anthu osati okolola zolima za anthu. Ndiye pang’ono pang’ono Malawi akumanga Boma la mphamvu ku anthu.

    2. hluphayo says:

      thus stupid & total murdness, fool, kawawa. zikugwirizana pati ndi anthu aku mpoto, an indication of kuti zinthu sizilibwino mmutu

  31. Patriot says:

    Pulezidenti woyenda yenda ngati uyusindinawonepo. Budget siinadutse koma taonani mene akuwonongera ndalama za boma.
    In 2011 presidential room ku hotelaimeneyo inali $10,000/night http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/booking-10-000-a-night-presidential-suite-waldorf-astoria-requires-background-check-article-1.137449
    Nanga lero?
    Kodi amationa ife ngati zitsiru eti $2,000 akunenayo ndi ya ku motel.
    mbava yachilomweyi SIITITHANDIZA YAYI

  32. khang'a ndine says:

    zizadziwika… Lets go!!

  33. malawi says:

    Kuba basi.. We are not babies to be cheated.. U will pay Mdala iwe for ur self enriched life style taking advantage of Malawians. Remember your brother.. Mind you Malawians are irritated with your arrogant leadership style

  34. Thoko says:

    APM we knew you were crazy when you :
    1. You let people pound on your dead brother’s chest for 3 hours until they broke his ribs
    2. Failed to respect the dead by letting your brother’s corpse decompose
    3.When you shipped your dead brother’s corpse to South Africa for “medical attention” under a pseudo name “Daniel Phiri”
    4. When you are allowed your brother violet human rights under your watch
    5 When you failed miserably as education minister

    It does not get crazier than that does it? We’ve always known that you’re not right in the head

  35. Dongo says:

    APM what are you doing you are barring people from attending tertiary education .in various universities but yet you are spending lavishly shame on you and your cohorts one day you will need us those you step on.

  36. nyapala says:

    Kkkk komaaaa!!!! Kukwiya ndi kuluza kumenekoooo!!!! Dnt worry ur tym z comng 2029!!!!

  37. Vyachalo says:

    Is it education visit? Why calling donors to help us? Do donors wants their money to be wasted like this? Thank you nyasatimes. Malawi needs federal system.

  38. Kadakwiza says:

    North Malawians can’t be part of this useless government. That’s why they are calling for secession. They are too smart and can’t be ruled by such leaders. DPP leadership don’t care about Malawians but themselves. Soon or later you will hear Peter Muthalika has bought a $30 million presidential jet that is what the Muthalikas are good at, buying presidential jets.

  39. Baba Wa Boyi says:

    Do we Malawians take ourselves seriously?

    Before the story about $17,0000 was writen, it would have been easy to find out what the rates at the hotel are.

    If rates start at $449 per night, which they do, I have checked, so how did Nyasa Times come up with $17,000 per night?

    Rousing anger is one thing, byt bare lying cheek is another.

    1. Federal State says:

      Check the payments and you will find the 17,000 per night bill there – whether its one or the whole group but that is there

      1. Baba wa Boyi says:

        You are missing the point. I am not supposed to be checking, I am supposed to be told the truth. $17,000 is there ia it per night? You do not even know, so why tel us something you yourselves do not know.

        News is about facts, and reasonable opinions.

    2. Thoko says:

      Presidential suites do not cost a mere $449.00. Dude check your facts . This is not your mothers hotel. This is one of the most expensive hotels in the universe.

      1. Baba Wa Boyi says:

        I have checked, its a shame you can not copy and paste.

  40. Fact Checker says:

    1. The last I checked, Ben Phiri is not married. Remember this is the same Ben Phiri that got his a$$ kicked at Mount Soche over an argument about a ho. So whoever that woman is, she is not his wife!

    2.Ben Phiri has got so many brothers, and guess what? None of them share the same last name!Ask some people around town, they will tell you stories about his ‘brothers’. Come to think of it, how come the ‘wife’ is not called Twammie Phiri?

    3.To be fair,let’s give APM his due. He is only doing what other presidents are doing. But please do not let trash like Ben Phiri tag along at the taxpayers’ expense, and then expect Malawians to remain silent.

  41. atako says:

    Nice try Mr president. We know better than you think. The hotel and the presidential suite you are staying in does not cost less than $17,000 a night. Call the number 1 800 112 112 00 They will tell you the rates. stop lying to Malawians. I called this number and in fact they told me presidential suite cost no less than $15,000 a night. What are you talking about? The cost is even more if you book rooms for your new conference and private function like you did when you met Malawians living in NY area. It cost us $6,000 for just few hours which included the refreshments which you provided. We are not as dumb as you think

    1. waNkota says:

      Musanamize anthu!!

      $17,000 is about 28 presidential suits not one room, is it in heaven?

      Don’t try to get cheap “I know”

  42. Mr enjoy n lead us aliyense asakunjenjemeretseni.pokhalira pawo amene ali njala yakulamula,nsanje koma thenda.wish u all the best while in USA komaso mukapita kwathu kunyasaland.

  43. MKWAPU says:


  44. Kanyimbi says:

    Time to enjoy. Anafa bulu. Paja munamumenya mpaka ku ICU. Musiyeni anjoye mkazi wake anavutika paja munamukomolela mwamuna wake. Akanyenganirane ku USA basi.

  45. Most of the money comes from the Central and the Northern Regions and blow by the Southern Region. That is why we want a federal system of government. These people akutidyera masuku pamutu. They do nothing apart from stealing. cutting down trees for charcoal, prostitution and mini bus callers. Useless people. The presidents of Malawi will never listen. Kamuzu traveled less and save money for the poor. No wonder what we see in Malawi mostly belongs to Kamuzu era.

  46. hst says:

    Too early to be making blunders, the crew seems already getting confused, I hear them talk about 2019 succession when they are yet to show anything on the ground. I really am worried! Many people do not have confidence with this crew, and instead of working hard to instil confidence, they seem intoxicated with power already. If this continues, no results on the ground, how will people vote you back? Izi zikuoneka ngati sizithanso bwino, just like the other bingu. Nakhumwa, I know you read these comments, please let your man be extra careful with what he says and does. He is now supposed to lead the whole country and should know he is being watched very closely. Is it not the same blunders and sheer arrogance that led to the downfall of his brother, in case he has already forgotten?

    1. Thoko says:

      Mr President, please don’t insult us with your stupid responses, please check you facts before addressing the nation. If that’s what Ben Phiri told you it’s because that is what you want to hear. It just takes a phone call to verify the figures. Even if we slightly believe that your hotel suite cost $2000.00 (MK800,000.00) that is no cheap change by any standards, why are you there for 2 weeks.? We could have used that money to sweep the streets of Lilongwe.

  47. Za mtiii zeni zeni,phokoso lake lanji kodi likuchitika panoli,NJALA MTHENDA NSANJE…..

  48. bodza says:


  49. Cydrick Mgunda says:

    Mumati apite yekha ? Bwanji kuzolowera kuipitsirana mbiri mesa mmati ndinu ophunzira?

  50. Mtumbo Lende says:

    Stupid pagans running innocent country. Amalawi so kupusa, how could you vote for people with blood in their hands, mbava, anyaphaphi so on and so forth.

    1. bodza says:


  51. Ma says:

    Nyasatimes investigate the real truth and embarass this maniac with hard facts numbers and charges he thinks we are fools. How did he know his room is the smallest? Fool your wife not all Malawians.
    After all we didnt vote for you, only 36% of your village voted for you and then you stole the votes. You are not president of 64% OF MALAWIANS HELLO!!!!

  52. Vikhumbo says:

    Kkkkkkkk,iwe mbuli kwambiri ukungofuna kunamizila atumbuka,chindele mmesa ndi mchewa iwe? Asiyeni Mr president agwile ntchito,anthu awa sayamika,akukamba za Zuma,inu munthu olemela amapanga zodziwa yekha,Pamene Bwana Peter zikolawo ndilovutika,this is readership we expected adziziwa poponda akapita kunja,kongoti chi congress chinakulowani muntima.kamuzu amkapanga spend half a million dont you know its 20 yrs ago,so make 20x415x500000x7days,

  53. Nabanda says:

    Koma ndiye mukumulonda pulezident amalawi olo Atati andigaileko ka 100,000 mundilonda bad

  54. zandiwawa says:

    pepani a Malawi anzanga munthuyi paja sadawine pachisankho chija zonsezi kuti zitere ndi Mr Mbendera ndi Mec paja .

  55. zandiwawa says:

    pepani a Malawi anzanga munthuyi paja sadawine pachisankho chija zonsezi kuti zitere ndi Mr Bendera ndi Mec paja .

  56. nabanda says:

    Reminds me of Bingu,,, anthu akufunsa za ndalama iye akuyankha za personal psychological state?

  57. Chiphwisi Mtibule says:

    All your whining on this stupid news site wont bring back the money. Get back to work!

  58. ben says:

    All head of states are in US for 2 to 3 days, why is it, that you need 2 or 3 weeks to stay there, areach 2 days before the conference after its finsihed please come back, lets not waste taxpayers money and the little forex this country has

  59. fkr says:

    It is simple. He doesn’t give a shit about Malawi, you or me. His only interest is his comfort and his pocket. If you look on the Internet you can get hotel rooms in new York City for $ 250 no problem.

  60. Daniel Phiri says:

    Before he became president, APM used to say Malawi was a failed state. One would therefore expect APM to spend all his efforts on repairing the country. Instead he is gallivanting to the USA at every available opportunity.

    Maybe the Obama Africa summit was crucial; but this trip to the UN General Assembly could have been made next year, or in 2016. APM will be President for 5 years – is he saying he will be going to the General Assembly each year?

    Even if one accepts that costs will be kept to a minimum, APM should still be faulted for choosing to take a month’s holiday to New York when he should have been at home fixing the country. So to answer his question I would say ‘Yes, you are crazy…’

  61. peter mateyala says:

    Kodi Inu a DPP wayiwala kale eti? ok mungoti Phee Muone!

  62. gaga says:

    JUST google astoria and see

  63. yuona says:

    Hahahahahaha!!!!! Damage control at its best.

  64. Hangover says:

    A room at Wardof Astoria costing $395 on a normal day? No no no Mr President not with a hotel of such status and located in Manhattan for that matter! Learn to say the truth please.

  65. zoti says:

    hehe musiyeni president wangayo,nde muliratu simunati,2019 wooooooooo

  66. John says:

    Sizoti mudzawauze anthu kumeneko kuti ngati mukufuna speech yangayi yonse mukaiwerenge pa intenet mwachizolowezi cha nankholowa.

  67. loveness says:

    you are not crazy but a liar and a cheat…………………… stupid

  68. Malawi Speech says:

    We Voted For U Professor! Idyani Zimenezo Njoyani;ndife Ayani Ife Kudya Ndalama Za Misonkho! 24% Increment Imatikwanira

  69. Think Tank. says:

    Why do the Muthalikas like name-calling themselves. The other time his late brother called himself “Chindere Chakufikapo” and now maphwiya Peter is asking if he is “Crazy” or not. i prefer you to be Peter and not Crazy,sir.

  70. Where is Mr Kapito? I really miss the guy

  71. Mr bean says:

    Thats why a escom akulandira ziphuphu pofuna kusadula magesi,ngati ulibe shauli yako adula mpaka pa pholo.ati apulezdnt akutha misonkho yawo.aescom aku zomba ndi mr Apm same same.

  72. Chemkumbi says:

    Zuma used their plane and you stupid malawians sold your own jet, how could you make your own timed trip apart from following the schedule flight the USA? Yes they had to be there differently because we don’t have of our own transport, Zuma had means of his own transport to the USA.That is not an issue.

  73. Chemkumbi says:

    it seems you were young during kamuzu’s reign. He could take mbumba to England people who could not speak English and he used to say sukulu sikuphuzira kokha but kuyendanso, I have my mbumba abroad so that they could learn new things. Which Kamuzu are talking about here? That is not true.

  74. Issa Kabudula says:

    If Mr. Ben Phiri toolk a girl friend on his way to the UN assembly, that would be news but his wife I see no reason for her to even being mentioned on the front page of Nyasa times – making a person who is too far from the government to be famous and easy going if she is to stand for by-elections in her area. Other little, petty things like the wife of the president cook should not be an issue. How can I for example go to America for 2 weeks and leave my wife alone at home, yet knowing that am going to take more days without her? He is right for being accompanied by the wife than having the hit and run girls.

  75. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba, formerly known as Obanda Joyce Ntilen says:

    And these delegates don’t even attend the meetings when they come ku New York. They just attend strip shows and peep shows and shop for the latest brand of iPhones. Inu ku Malawi mumvekere anthu apita ku general assembly for the good of our nation. LOL. I wish wina atabwera yekha nkuzaona zomwe zimachitika. You’d stop defending uchitsiru pa nyasatimes.

  76. Power 101 says:

    Atumbuka and northern thug reporters on Nyasa times, leave our president alone. Where was Chihana staying during his time as VP when he travalled outside the country? As people at ministry of irrigation what he was like even as a minister? Declair north independent and wallow in your wakwithusm. Agalu a nsanje inu, koma anakakhala Kachali

  77. Mtumbuka says:

    Whether the delegates come from Pvt sector or not the final result is that they are using the very Forex meant for our Malawi. However little it may sound, it’ll still end up affecting the poor souls in the village. Some of these trips have no significancy or meaningful developmental effect to our Nation. Late Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda used to delegate his Ministers to these meetings. Spending half a billion on one trip at this time of need is far too wasteful. There are times to enjoy yourselves but not now. This is time to build and not to squeeze the sup out. The soul will weather someday soon. Mark my word!!

  78. Boza twoboo says:

    Mr. Ibu is just crazy kkkkkk

  79. Malawi Poverty says:

    kodi agalu mukuti chani? 38 si 68

  80. stanicious says:

    You are crazy Mr. President period!!!!! Your conduct in running government affairs is not surmounting to a professor. President Zuma of Southafrica left for the same UN Summit just few days before the main event, but you arrived there almost earlier than any other head of state scheduled for the meeting, and yet Southafrica economy is much much better than our own. Pull ou your socks Mr. President how could that little rat in the name of Ben Phiri convince you to include his wife and brother to be among the entourage. Watch out!!!!!

  81. nsanje port says:

    Anthu ozungulira mitu,opanda ulemu,alukhu osavinidwa…mukufuna pulezidenti azikagona mu rest house,kapena mu lodge??…jelasi plus nsanje…koma ndiye muliratu munthuyu siwa contract ya 2years…5years idakali,ndipo Mr president room yatchipa udyo pezaniko ya 15million muzifewa we voted for you…enawa ndi chamba chikuwazunguza

    1. Makito says:

      Anthu ngati inu you are a wasete of time to Malawi. Even DPP is worse off with people like you.

  82. jimbo says:

    Instead of spending all this money on his visit to US he should be making sure that the government water bills are fully paid up. I am sure when our PM David Cameron goes to US he does not take 68 delegates and stay at the Waldorf Astoria. If he did, the British press would be all over him. It is the duty of the press in a democracy to hold the government and its leader to account. APM needs to listen to the press and take note, or his term of office may not last five years never mind ten! While in US APM should stay at the Malawi Embassy to cut costs, not at one of the top hotels.

  83. Taweni says:

    Such a large delegation must be costly for Malawi at around K2.5m per person as per current airfares for VIP’s.


  84. moto mwikho says:

    This is petty and an effort to micro manage the President. I can say comfidently that this is standard practice unless you have a different benchmark. The criteria Presidential Guest includes anyone the President decides to invite. There is nothing out of the ordinary here. Excuse your ignorance.

    1. Dr. Godfrey Mvuma says:

      This is nonsense. You cannot say the president has the right to invite and take anybody to New York. This is Poor Tax Payers’ money in Malawi . And these Tax Payers are the Bosses of the President. Come out of the old mentality of thinking the President is the Boss. He is not. This mentality is what has killed Malawi to still remain in backward thinking.

      1. Mwale says:

        Right of the President? At the expense of ordinary Malawians? Who did not even hire him?You must be joking.

    2. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba, formerly known as Obanda Joyce Ntilen says:

      Standard practice. LOL. An idiot commenting confidently as if he’s talking sense. Ignorance is bliss indeed.

  85. Dadaboma says:

    APM is in fact not crazy – he is a MAD man plus all who voted for him and all his supporters.

  86. Makito says:

    Peter is actually more than crazy. There is no way Astoria hotel can cost $400 per day. Prices do increase due to high demand, but at 500%???? He is so crazy that he thinks all Malawians are crazy.

  87. namarokoro says:

    Nyasatimes, get your facts right before publishing your articles. Well done my president for clarifying the issue.

    1. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba, formerly known as Obanda Joyce Ntilen says:

      He didn’t clarify shit. He just lied. Stop being so dumb!

    2. Yona says:

      @ namakoroko

      Inu moti mwakhulupilira zomwe akunena peter. Waldorf is the one the most prestigious and most expensive hotel in the United states. Its an elegant and high class hotel where Obama stays when he is in Manhattan. It is senseless for peter to say waldorf to claim that rooms let alone presidential suite would cost that little. The average rate for a standard room ( not suite) at waldorf is in the range of USD 500

    3. nice man says:

      so you believe on what the president says, than what the news paper says? mutharika is a politician dont expect that he can tell you what exactly going on.. if you know Uk, you would have easily believed on what the paper says…

  88. Federal State says:

    Absolutely Mutharika is crazy, why is he refuting a story that the delegation has 68 people when indeed total number of people are 68; let him cotninue barking we will shame him with all names

  89. malume says:

    Joyce Banda, iii koma ukanakhala iwe…..pali bvuto lanji munthu kutenga mkazi wake pa ulendo.. nyasatimes talk about developmental issues. bring suggestions how we can develop as a nation. shaaaa tatopa ndizopusa ife

  90. chekambewa says:

    Mumafuna a president azikalumidwa ndi msikizi kuti musimikize kuti is cost conscious? stupid journalist whats your motive. amalesa kuyenda ndimkazi ku field? dont you know that there is AIDs? useless Journalist once more go to school please for further eduquation. KKKKKKKKKKKK chair ameneyo


  92. cherel says:

    a stupid so called president who wastes time answering articles by journalists instead of being busy doing what will take malawians out of this below the poverty line poverty, idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Jonathan says:

    This is another wasteful government! They are in yet again to enrich themselves and to plunder the little resources we have in our coffers! For a government on zero-deficit budget none of these “presidential guests” should be taken at all! This appeasement culture is killing us slowly as a nation! The way it sounds, the figure of 68 delegates could be right! As well as the K400 million bill!!! Shameful!!! If DPP is serious about being transparent, they should print for us the list of everyone who has travelled with them and the expenditure attached to each person!

    1. Fact Checker says:

      Thank you.

  94. chosatheka says:


  95. Kwanunkwathu? says:

    Chabwino tamva

  96. Mwene Wa Mwamwene says:

    Ayayayayayayayaya……????????? Mutiwuza mmene zithere

  97. Boko says:

    You Peter of all the people should be the last person to ask if you are crazy or not. Becoz the reality is that you are MAD, crazy is an understatement. What do you have to say now about Twammie Chimungu Phiri, she is also your guest? Rubbish president just keep your stinking mouth shut. Matanyula.

  98. pearson sadala says:

    He is a liar. Please paste invoices to prove your innocence. We have copies signed by your officer with these so called alleged figures.

  99. Concerned Citizen says:

    I hope mumafuna mukanapita inuyo Mr/Mrs Nyasatimes reporter. We need to understand kuti mwayi wa anthufe ndi osiyana. That’s life just accept it. even if you can write kuti he is spending 1 Billion per night i don’t think that will change anything. Just work extra hard kuti mufike pameneposo nanuso.. Zikomo kumpando..!!

    1. Nancy says:

      mbuzi ina iwe mbuli zapita nawo palibe chimene akukachitako uko kungokhala mu hotel basi ndiye ukuti mwai ndi osiyana mbuzi yeni yeni iwe

  100. John says:

    Doctors ask for symptoms from a patient and look at signs to make a proper diagnosis of a disease. All signs and symptoms are showing that,,, dude, you are extravagantly crazy, allowing people to invite their wives( the price you pay for high libido Malawians who cant stay a whole month away from wives), taking with you traditional chiefs? I mean come on dude! Dude you have loose wires, trust us, we know what we are talking about. I dont understand how APM’s Maths skills work. Ok so you went a month in advance to save money because you will end up getting a cheaper rate at a posh hotel, let us agree with that reasoning, but doesnt your whole useless entourage cancel that “saving money” reasoning? Ok, so you got 20 cabinet ministers ( forget where they are all from for now) so save Malawians money, but hires a congregation of advisers.#laughing # faints!

  101. Central says:

    You mean you now have the weight to use our tax for entertaining “zibwenzi”!!!

    Peter, why are you claiming “NOT” to be crazy when, what you are doing is more than the meaning of the word itself???

    Izinso ndiye kayatuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you not with this so called “Twammie Chimungu” mentioned here!!!

    2 points Nyasa Times, keep up informing us what they are doing!!! Mind you, whatever you are doing on this planet will be known!! Apo bii, ndiye mupite ku mwezituuuuuuuuuuu!! Anyamata gwirani ntchito and serve your brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers etc here at home!!!! So you want donor money for these luxuries!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fotseki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Namkungwi says:

    we need to have apresidential jet and cut down some of this expense for ouyr presidents needy travels. For all president sthat will run Malawi!now and in future.

  103. Chindazi says:


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