I’m not rebelling- Lucius Banda

Balaka North member of Parliament (MP) Lucius Banda has said he is not rebelling the governing pact between his United Democratic Front (UDF) and ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) by rejecting the relocation from opposition benches to the government side in Parliament.

Lucius Banda:  I'm not rebel

Lucius Banda: I’m not rebel

Banda says he remains UDF and support the party’s stand to work with DPP, saying he will continue supporting President Peter Mutharika without necessarily physically moving to sit with government.

The lawmaker, who is also the country’s top musician, said it is “not necessary” for him to relocate.

He said his decision should be misconstrued as rebelling.

“I am not a rebel. I will still speak on behalf of UDF while sitting on opposition benches and keep good working relationship with government while appreciating good points that come from the opposition,” explained Banda.

Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya announced in Parliament that all UDF legislators except Banda had moved from opposition to government benches in the 193-member National Assembly.

Banda, who is leader of UDF in Parliament, said the party’s decision to relocate from opposition to government benches in the National Assembly will completely kill of the visibility of the party in the House as they will be under DPP leadership in the chamber.

“My constituents cannot go to bed with UDF and wake up with DPP,” he added.

UDF president Atupele Muluzi is serving in Mutharika’s cabinet and relocated to the front benches after he was appointed minister.

Speaker said UDF will not be contravening any law by physically moving and changing the sitting arrangement in the August House.

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Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk palibe chachilendo chipanichi ndichimodzi Ine ngati ndikudabwa next

bwana chilima chenjelani angakutayeni ngati Joy.


Bravo Soldier. You are really a true soldier of the poor. Please keep it up, we are all behind you.


Akufuna kuthetsa milandu ya atcheya dzimakape. That’s why zonse ndi zipani dza kunyumba kwao. They know each other makape ndi ma mp akungo gwiritsidwa ntchito unknowingly.


Agulugufe,amalilyongo,apumbwa,nonse a udf(MPs) except chiphona abwana lucious mufa ndi dyela


U dont have to justify your very wise and politically mature decision for udf to be swallowed by dpp for the benefit of atupele,we wise people like u hon lucius to keep govt in check udf and the whole nation is behind u.


Limamuvuta Atupere ndi dyela thats why he fails to bring the party to state house as his father did. Supprt ali nayo but loses members chifukwa chokonda kudya. I wonder what his father is doing. Come 2019 I will vote for Lucius even if he will contest as a presidentail candidate atupereyo musiyeni adye kwambiri nyama akhute ku state houseko


Mukhale a President a UDF bwanji. Adyerawo alekeni azipita zitsiru za wanthu.


I wish I could be in his constituency. Very wise and democratic MP not ZIMADEYA zomwe zapita ku government side. Zithyupiti zawo. Ife kukhala opusa kukuvoterani pa ticket ya UDF. Lero mukupita ku DPP. Analipotu oimira DPP ku constituency yathu ija koma sitinamuvotere chifukwa cha zomwe chipani cha DPP chakhala chikuchitira UDF. Mukutitenga ngati ndani ovotafe. Idiots. Nincompoops, Embeciles, Mad dogs Bulshit, Manyi anu. Ndakwiya MP wina atandiyandikira ndingamufake mbama Stupid ndi azikazi anu omwe

Edwin Mwalwen

Lucius,ndakutayira kamtengao
that is being honest, loyal, frank n u can make ursef a very gud politician unlike wat Atupele n others r duin that’s naive n immature.
Angakhale mwana adwale bwanji mchipatala timamtaya?
Dziko linga tukuke choncho ndi dyelaro?
Adyera nonse sindingakutsekelereni ayi “pamukundu penu” basi
Lucius kip it up,do not work to suit but to manage.


People from Balaka North will always vote for Lucius this is a good example of a strong and powerful leader. Changing of direction is a sign of strength am MCP but aaaaaa we people of his calibre in our country people who are not easily taken.Bravo Lucious.

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