I’m not rebelling- Lucius Banda

Balaka North member of Parliament (MP) Lucius Banda has said he is not rebelling the governing pact between his United Democratic Front (UDF) and ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) by rejecting the relocation from opposition benches to the government side in Parliament.

Lucius Banda:  I'm not rebel

Lucius Banda: I’m not rebel

Banda says he remains UDF and support the party’s stand to work with DPP, saying he will continue supporting President Peter Mutharika without necessarily physically moving to sit with government.

The lawmaker, who is also the country’s top musician, said it is “not necessary” for him to relocate.

He said his decision should be misconstrued as rebelling.

“I am not a rebel. I will still speak on behalf of UDF while sitting on opposition benches and keep good working relationship with government while appreciating good points that come from the opposition,” explained Banda.

Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya announced in Parliament that all UDF legislators except Banda had moved from opposition to government benches in the 193-member National Assembly.

Banda, who is leader of UDF in Parliament, said the party’s decision to relocate from opposition to government benches in the National Assembly will completely kill of the visibility of the party in the House as they will be under DPP leadership in the chamber.

“My constituents cannot go to bed with UDF and wake up with DPP,” he added.

UDF president Atupele Muluzi is serving in Mutharika’s cabinet and relocated to the front benches after he was appointed minister.

Speaker said UDF will not be contravening any law by physically moving and changing the sitting arrangement in the August House.

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73 thoughts on “I’m not rebelling- Lucius Banda”

  1. Anyirenda says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk palibe chachilendo chipanichi ndichimodzi Ine ngati ndikudabwa next

    bwana chilima chenjelani angakutayeni ngati Joy.

  2. Vic says:

    Bravo Soldier. You are really a true soldier of the poor. Please keep it up, we are all behind you.

  3. Achikulire says:

    Akufuna kuthetsa milandu ya atcheya dzimakape. That’s why zonse ndi zipani dza kunyumba kwao. They know each other makape ndi ma mp akungo gwiritsidwa ntchito unknowingly.

  4. Terson says:

    Agulugufe,amalilyongo,apumbwa,nonse a udf(MPs) except chiphona abwana lucious mufa ndi dyela

  5. Nyampini says:

    U dont have to justify your very wise and politically mature decision for udf to be swallowed by dpp for the benefit of atupele,we wise people like u hon lucius to keep govt in check udf and the whole nation is behind u.

  6. Nenani says:

    Limamuvuta Atupere ndi dyela thats why he fails to bring the party to state house as his father did. Supprt ali nayo but loses members chifukwa chokonda kudya. I wonder what his father is doing. Come 2019 I will vote for Lucius even if he will contest as a presidentail candidate atupereyo musiyeni adye kwambiri nyama akhute ku state houseko

  7. Mbawuwo says:

    Mukhale a President a UDF bwanji. Adyerawo alekeni azipita zitsiru za wanthu.

  8. kika says:

    I wish I could be in his constituency. Very wise and democratic MP not ZIMADEYA zomwe zapita ku government side. Zithyupiti zawo. Ife kukhala opusa kukuvoterani pa ticket ya UDF. Lero mukupita ku DPP. Analipotu oimira DPP ku constituency yathu ija koma sitinamuvotere chifukwa cha zomwe chipani cha DPP chakhala chikuchitira UDF. Mukutitenga ngati ndani ovotafe. Idiots. Nincompoops, Embeciles, Mad dogs Bulshit, Manyi anu. Ndakwiya MP wina atandiyandikira ndingamufake mbama Stupid ndi azikazi anu omwe

  9. Lucius,ndakutayira kamtengao
    that is being honest, loyal, frank n u can make ursef a very gud politician unlike wat Atupele n others r duin that’s naive n immature.
    Angakhale mwana adwale bwanji mchipatala timamtaya?
    Dziko linga tukuke choncho ndi dyelaro?
    Adyera nonse sindingakutsekelereni ayi “pamukundu penu” basi
    Lucius kip it up,do not work to suit but to manage.

  10. Paul says:

    People from Balaka North will always vote for Lucius this is a good example of a strong and powerful leader. Changing of direction is a sign of strength am MCP but aaaaaa we people of his calibre in our country people who are not easily taken.Bravo Lucious.

  11. paul says:

    kodi kulimba mtima kumeneku ndi kwabwino kapena ayi?

  12. Chengolopiyo says:

    Man @ 32 let mi school you: People in Lucius Banda’s constituency vote for him as Lucius not because of a party. His constituents are loyal to him because he too is loyal to them. Its mbuli ngati inuyo who think that a party votes a person into power, no. Its people who vote for people who have shown maturity of leadership. Lucius Banda is mature and can not easily be used just as Atupele is being used. Atupele maybe educated but education does not erase stupidity in a person but illiteracy. Lucius Banda is not that educated but wise; Atupele is educated but stupid. We need wise people for representatives not stupid ones!!!

  13. william mzunga says:

    Bravo ur MP Lucius Banda don’t move like wind people from Balaka North loves u

  14. Ndepele says:

    Kusilila to be in the goverment eeti! Atupele akunyengelela uprsdt. Be where u r my son never be pushed.

  15. honey comb Chidyauzu says:

    Bravo Lucius. UDF itha ngati makatani. Remember Aford.

  16. Chengolopiyo says:

    @ Chinthumwananga…is Atupele Muluzi leader??? of what because wakwatiwa ku DPP. Kwa anthu anzeru ngati Lucius, UDF is as good as dead now. Atupele ndi wa mitala ngati bambo ake Eleson poyamba anamukwatira ndi Joyce Banda pano wamukwatira Peter. UDF yatha ngati makatani vomelezani kkkkkkkkkk hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! The only opposition we know is MCP and PP

  17. Akatswiri says:

    Ameneyo ndiye Lucius

  18. Clement says:

    Atupele anamangidwa munthawi ya BINGU koma lero ndiwuyo alilimodzi lero ndi DPP
    Nanga iwe ukukana chiyani?wangokhala woyipa mtima ngati tambala wakuda iwe,

  19. Mweneku Muzi says:

    Nzeru zayekha zija ndi izi aviika …….

  20. Steve says:

    He has a right to move or not. It’s not compulsory, moreover the UDF parliamentarians have their own section and that is where he was seated. Let’s not draw water from a dry well. I support his move though I am DPP. I would even want my MP’s to stand as how he has if we were in opposition.

  21. ZACHIBWANA says:


  22. mlangizi wankulu says:


    Where is Nawena to day and all those MPs who worked against their party positions in Parliament? This same people who are praising you today are those that praised the Nawenas and called them Heroes but where are they now? The people that were praising the Nawenas have completely forgotten them. The Nawenas are today alone nursing their wounds in their political wilderness. Banda osamapusisidwa with these fake praise singers. They don’t wish you well. They are only happy with you because you are destroying and fighting their enemy. Remember the proverb “An enemy of my enemy is my friend” Thus what these newly found fake funs of yours are doing. Check around you and think about who really your friends are. FREE ADVICE.

    1. Man says:

      I wish Lucius Banda could listen to your free advice. What surprises me is how Lucius makes his decisions when it comes to being used like a condom. Last time I checked, they used him to try to impeach Bingu. And the implications of his actions affected him and his family directly and not the party. Today, it is clear that his decision will cost him his seat in 2019. Unfortunately, Lucius doesn’t have eyes to see this. Very soon Lucius will join the bandwagon of the Nawenas, Gwengwes, Kalindes, the Phoyas, Matolas, the Kumkuyus and many more. May be this is what he wants. We all have to be responsible for decisions we make.

  23. tsamba says:

    Iwe Lucius, A Malawi amakutama lero kumati ndiwe wa nzeru, mawa azizati timadziwa ife!
    Nanga ndatukwana?

  24. Vaanwyk ku Mzuzu says:

    Lucius saopa. olo kamuzu ankamziwa pomwe adatulusa nyimbo yoti MABALA. good idea Lucius

  25. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Paja DPP idawamanga akuluwa. Well, on the contrary he has a point. Why relocating now? Who authorised this if mps are servants of their constituents?
    Atupele will go down in history as the worst UDF ‘leader’ who masterminded its inhilation.
    Education does remove ignorance but not stupidity.
    For interets sake, who will Lucius be leading in the house since all are not with him? Ha!?

  26. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Paja DPP idawamanga akuluwa. Well, on the contrary he has a point. Why relocating now? Who authorised this if mps are servants of their constituents?
    Atupele will go down in history as the worst UDF ‘leader’ who masterminded its inhilation.
    Education does remove ignorance but not stupidity.

  27. Hestings says:

    God ahead banda!all gridy mps shud respect who elected them into their office

  28. Lucius Banda chidamulumapo chakuda, nde akuopa zones zakuda

  29. kandapako banda says:

    He is a true hero who can stand for the truth. Even if the party fires him he has nothing to lose. Osamaganiza mopelewera.

  30. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    What principle is Lucius Banda advocating if he stays put, but at the same time support DPP in parliament, as he says he wants to do? Is this not a contradiction, and a demonstration of lack of deep thought on his part? And apparently, he is not a team player – character very important in party politics.
    UDF angomuchosa uyu baasi (the party should disown him, no two ways about it).

  31. mathanjez Ishmael says:

    Bravo Lucious, remember you were alone in cell 52 I don’t think this wil be new to you.musamangokhala olima ndikumadyelera mmodzi , you have showed maturity in politics. One family should not be fooling around with all the Malawi and . its high time we woke up and realise that we are being taken for granted. Shutup

  32. wazilala says:

    Kuganiza soldier. Anakumangisa ndamenewo, atupele akuyenda, mwachewuchewu, ankati akpangise msonkhano kwabiwi, avekele Malowo anabukidwa kale ndi a ruling. Today he wants to save his father. Awaziwa ma pro. Eni law, amuyika nkhwapa atamubela mavoti Ake.

  33. zandile says:

    The rest have crossed the follow. Forget about what the lawyers said. Atupele and others have crossed the follow.

  34. mbuyuni says:

    Supporting government does not mean sitting on one bench . It is clear that some leaders are there to serve for their own interests For us who knew the soldier since early 90s,we know what he is doing.LB, keep it up we are proud of you, and we will support you politically. We agree with your reasoning that supporting government can be done while sitting on the opposite benches. As baba Tembo and the original MCP about LB.in the 90s

  35. honourable says:

    Lucius amaona patali, UDF itha ngati Aford. Lucius u are there to stay, we are supporting u. No need to jump the gun

  36. endindeni says:

    viva soja that’s what we need no hand clapping bcoz of poverty useless MPs

  37. SOTHINI says:

    Brilliant, Man. Stick to this decision, never get twisted .
    Either by cash. We know already you can not be purchased like( a product). Cash sinkhani, koma opanda kkkk, lero akhala mpando uwu, mawa uwo, kusokola cash.
    Even if you can quit UDF and join MCP your constituents they don’t like you, BUT LOVE YOU, come 2019 they will vote for you and win Landslide.

  38. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    This man has now realized the price of being a “blind follower”! They got into the battle of one Elson Muluzi against the mighty chitsulo cha njanji, Mulupale, mwene wa mwene, late Bingu wa Mutharika for dumping UDF after winning the Presidential Elections- which ended up him facing the music of being stripped off as the MP and got a jail term on the premise of an MSCE issue. Today, the same Elson want him and the rest to rally behind the same group, of course the former brotherly advisor, that sent him to nzande ……. I only congratulate him that maturity is coming in for not just following things blindly…

  39. Man says:

    Those who are praising him today, remember to praise him also when he fails to retain his seat come 2019. It is obvious that Malawians vote in blocks and there is no PP or MCP in Balaka but DPP and UDF. If I were him I would have done my mathematics today carefully and see where Malawian politics is going. He will see this too late when UDF and DPP will have their own candidate in his own constituency…..and for sure anybody who knows Malawian politics better can agree with me that it will be difficult for Lucius to fight against the combined power of those two main political parties. Let us all wait for 2019 and see where he will stand.

  40. UDF says:

    Man Soldier Paja Bingu anafinya pyepye

  41. opportunist says:

    Soldier ur a real man. Maintain ur conscious. How i wish we had 193 pple of such caliber.

  42. Roka says:

    Udf and dpp are same thing nothing to say that u gonna help dpp govnment,wats the different there?Zavuta zavuta basi Koma we need people like u Soldier in parliament who gonna work for there people not to fulfil there needs. Zaka zisano ndizochepa anthu pano achenjera. I support u Mr L.Banda for ur decition but wat can u do poti ur leader wapasidwa fupa kukamwa sangauwe.

  43. Abiti says:

    No wonder why Malawi is not developed with such myopic thinking I see here. Akuti DPP inachoka mu UDF, UDF inachoka mu Congress therefore tonse ndife a MCP. Guys we are in a democracy and Lucius has done is basically exercising his democratic rights

  44. musolin says:

    That is good stand Soldier!

  45. Oh says:

    Lucious, follow your conscious. We don’t call you soldier for nothing.

  46. Shawa says:

    When u disagree again,does it mean u relocate to opposition agaim?

  47. Tim Masamba says:

    This action speaks volume and requires someone who understands Malawi politics!!!LB being the Leader in Parliament and refusing to move should tell you that the process was not consultative at all and was done to please ONE individual of FAMILY. The UDF has realized that they have no avenue of returning to power in the immediate future and the only way they can achieve their delusional desires is to associate with those in power. This has all come about because of the believe that UDF and MULUZI FAMILY are one and the same. GREED has KILLED the UDF remember that this party has been reduced to a regional block and it’s only a matter of time before it’s will be reduced to a District Party(Machinga). You cannot be a sober person and follow this foolishness so LB has seen the writing on the wall and reacted accordingly. As for the Leader of the Party he has been reduced to prostituting himself to any party that is in power from Amayi’s PP to Peter’s DPP and who knows next he will be in Chakwera’s MCP the point is he has no vision or ambition he simply motivated by greed.

  48. Chipoya LJ. says:

    It is indeed his birth right to remain to the opposition benches but somewhere somewhat, he raises some eye brows. By the way, what was the main mission of his meeting with Chakwera and other Opposition top brass privately. What did they discuss? Did he represent UDF as a party or on personal grounds?

    What Mr Bands should know is that Politics its all about understanding and forgiving each other since no any permanent enemy in politics. Isn’t this high time he learn to forgive and go for reconciliation like his mentor Bakili has done with DPP?

    What he ought to know is that “Ng’oma yoliritsa sichedwa kusweka and that nzeru zayekha ananyika nazo ujeni? Plse Mr Banda, don’t think you are buying any political sympathy or gaining political mileage here. Follow the principals of the party that ushered you to where you are today.

    MCP and PP must know also that they are fighting for a loosing battle if at all they the ones behind Banda’s actions. UDF and DPP Coalitions will emerge voctorious come 2019 and mark my words please.

    All in all, GOD Bless Malawi!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Khwethemu says:

    I admire Lucius. He knows wat he is doing. Let us c wat happens. A matured politician. Standing for the truth. No need for him to move to the governing benches. Sinjoka mu udzu ngati enawa. Wade up Lucius a man of principles.

  50. Dickens says:

    Stick to your decision. dont be moved like tomatoes.

  51. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Bottom line. Mwana wa mudzi is original. Whether malicious or not, Lucius has outplayed Pharaoh, who persecuted him.

    He is just being independent thinker! Don’t label him otherwise.

  52. my right to speak! says:

    za ziii

  53. My comment has been reserved for future use

  54. Verg says:

    Va UDF vomwe vakhala ku bench ya boma n’vitsiru zedi ine2 a soldier m’mandiwaza muli n’nzeru zodabwitsa kipitampu!

  55. ADE says:


  56. Chinthumwananga says:

    What else is it called when one cannot respect party caucus?

    Atupele, as party president should show maturity and cracked his whip on Lucius if the party is to remain loyal and disciplined to its leadership but most importantly party consensus
    This big headed fool should not think he can cheat everybody.

  57. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawi is in serious trouble. Hon.Lucius Banda is fighting for the poor.

    1. Man says:

      Fighting for the poor? Really? Seriously? I know you know that you are just kidding. Lucius minus UDF = Musician. Not MP. If you don’t agree with me, just wait until 2019, UDF and DPP will have no competitor in all districts beginning from Ntcheu going down to Mangochi, Mwanza, Phalombe, and Nsanje. Lucius is missing the game now….unfortunately he is listening to people who just want to use him and destroy his political career. There is no MCP in Balaka or PP. Let us wait and see how he is going to end.

  58. daudi mj says:

    He has the right to choose where to sit. Politics in malawi z dirty, some decisions benefit few individuals. Hop he doesnt want to b used for other people’s benefits. He has a very good reason for arriving at that decision.

    1. Makaiko says:

      The right to sit anywhere even in toilet

  59. zoona says:

    Kkkkkk. Koma umbuli ndi matenda. Anatukwana udyo a Lucious. Aganize za nyimbo yawo kuti ” iya! Zakwanu eti! Lero akakhale naye limodzi wangoinyumwa yekha. A Lucious you better quit politics. You will never enjoy your political career because you always do the opposite in the name of kulimba mtima. Kulimba mtima ndi kupupuluma ndi zinthu ziwiri zosiyana. Kkkkkkk! Iiiii! Kkkkkkkkk

  60. lol says:

    ” mabala okha ndiye akupweteka! Sing along” kkkkkkkkkkk akuti akakumbukira ya MSCE ya fake mpaka u MP kumuchotsa. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiest

  61. beaton smart says:

    Wayamba yako ija akupangenso impinch

  62. kudziwe says:

    Awa!! UDF ndi DPP boma.

  63. MkutuWester says:

    ameneyo ndiye soldier, or atamuthira Dum- Doom mkamwa sangalore, kikikikikikikikiki, the toughest, dont look back

  64. Clement says:

    MR wobanda anakumangani si Peter!chimene chimene ungadziwe ndichakuti,DPP inachokela ku UDF ndiye iwe ukunena chiyani apa?
    vomeleza kuti unamangidwa basi,ndale ndizimenezo!

  65. Antobwito says:

    Stick to the decision a Mr. L. Banda. Otherwise we want the big brains like you in Parliament. If they give you scone, accept it but shame them with your decision full of substance! Teach them by examples!

  66. chebokosi says:

    Political maturity at work.

  67. Za muntima nza wekha says:

    ‘My constituents cannot go to bed with UDF and wake up with DPP’

  68. Maximum Prison says:

    He is a rebel! Asakane ayi! One thing he does not understand is that DPP is was born from UDF therefore by joining hands in parliament, I think is just normal. If Late Bingu and Bakili did not agree on some issues, I don’t think that difference should keep on going as God fearing nation, we have to learn to forgive! We all know Its because he, Lucius is bitter because he was put behind bars by the DPP led government hence the hatred!

  69. Akiba Alli says:

    Keep it up Lucius

  70. Eeish says:

    Yache yija Lucius, full of controvery, kuchuluka mzeru. Sanati, mpaka kuchotsedwa pa mpando wonona woo.

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