I’m not Satanist, says Pastor Salanje: Maintains bragging about riches

Pastor Hastings Salanje, leader of Wells of Revival Ministries in Johannesburg, has rebutted claims that he left Malawi at the thicket of allegations that he was a “Satanist” and a “human private parts dealer” warning orchestrators of such talk to always “be careful about what they say about pastors.”

Pastor Hastings Salanje,living in ostentatious riches and not afraid to tell it!

Pastor Hastings Salanje,living in ostentatious riches and not afraid to tell it!

The South Africa-based controversial pastor told Nyasa Times in an exclusive interview  that the allegations of his links to Satanic cult were “a total lie from Satan.”

He said: “If I was being involved in human private parts dealings, why didn’t the police arrest me? I’m sure we’ve police in Malawi right? Where is the person who saw that?

“It is high time people knew that the devil is clever. When you beat him, he calls you Satan or Satanist, he called Jesus Satan too. So, to me it is the same case but it doesn’t move me.”

He said he too started hearing about “these stories from 2003” but only left Malawi in 2008.

Salanje, who has been awash in media posting posh pictures of his expensive cars, told Nyasa Times that he “was not focusing on how many come to worship at his ministry for now.”

He said “God told me to invest first and at the same time I was going through training.”

Salanje referred to his training as some sort of “wilderness.”

“When God calls you,” he said, “he takes you through a series of trainings and that is one of the most difficult times for a man of God. Wilderness is when God takes you through a series of troubles.”

He unleashed venom at his sceptics saying “people must know that whatever they say doesn’t affect us, but themselves. We know the one who called us is God, and we will always listen to him only.

“Like in my case, nothing will affect me because I don’t eat from church offering. Whatever they say about men of God will affect them and their children tomorrow. You can’t attack a true man of God and go unpunished.

“People tried in the Bible but they were heavily punished.”

On investing in Malawi, Salanje said he was not investing in the country “as of yet.”

He added: “But I do help a lot of people. If you ask people they will tell you that I’m the best giver ever, and what I’m today is because of giving. You can imagine that I’ve already given over 22 cars to pastors and other places plus millions of money.”

Unlike most men of the clergy, Salanje does not use the social media platform to share scriptures or reach out to his followers but rather uses it to brag and show off his riches.

His Facebook page is littered with images of his expensive cars and upmarket mansion.

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105 thoughts on “I’m not Satanist, says Pastor Salanje: Maintains bragging about riches”

  1. Unsi sufuka ponda moto,ukubisara mmunda mmwa mzama sana ulikunja

  2. White Thamanga says:

    The richest black man in South Africa is mr Patrice Motsepe not this rubish man you called a pastor.

  3. nsamu says:

    if jesus was living amoungdt today would be facinated about a mecerdes bence and try to show off his wealth when he knows theyre people dying because they cant afford some life saving medication/


  4. Honest says:

    Sufuka popanda fire.

  5. Ryan says:

    Christians must testify to prove to unbelievers that God is not dead.. pastor Salanje’s testimony is based on what the bible says about tithe and offering Malachi chapter 3, as wel as obedience.

  6. maganizo atchetche says:

    ive neva seen self called man of God lyk ths one tokng abt his wealth instead of gvng us wat z in the bible;

  7. Tatyata says:

    It’s all in the Bible,what else can you say about the false prophets

  8. Totolitotoli says:


  9. John K Black says:

    Where there is smoke, there is fire. Salanje, watch out.

  10. Mphwache says:

    Matthew 6,19

  11. Mphwache says:

    Jesus Christ, mwini wake wa chuma chonse, the best he could do was ride a donkey. Does that tell you something Pastor?

  12. Shaaz says:

    If such are the leaders, then shame on those who are led by such people. There is no trace of any form of godliness in this man. God fearing people do not brag about their wealth, just wait and see when God really exposes him, then you shall know the truth. I feel pity on what is happening in Christianity.

  13. Atopitopi Ali konko says:

    What the right hand has giveth, the left hand should not know. Thus says The Lord Mr. salanje. Why should tell the people how many car you have donated to Malawian pastors. Your problem is you are the only man of God who is boasting of your wealth. God giveth but can also take away.

  14. mattersoftheheart says:

    Lets call a spade a spade, I am sure you can always choose to ignore about this so called wealthy mans riches, you don’t have to negatively or positively comment about it. If someone as poor as a church mouse was to brag about how broke he is, what would you call him?? I am sure some of you are just wasting your time in having a say about him.. In the end when we die we all shall leave this world with nothing. Thats the funny thing about God.

  15. Zokonda Kusiyana says:

    Kaya Zanu Izo

  16. H Kamdidi says:

    Tiyeni nazo

  17. olila says:

    Pastor Salanje, whether you are satanist or not, we don`t care,, its between you and your God….Humble yourself and the Lord will lift you higher, the Bible said so…WATCH OUT!!!!

  18. Chaplain says:

    yesani zonse sungani chokomacho

  19. kene wa kene says:

    The bible in the book of romans says “ out of the fulleth of the heart the mouth speaketh“
    What pastor salanje verbally vomits makes some of to question `the fulleth of his heart“ The pastor is not on full time pay…… he doesnt rely on church offering…….. he doesnt receive donations from anyone…….. drives expensive cars……. What is the financial source of all this?
    Indeed those who are interested to know the source of this money have the right to contemplate……… kodi mwina ndi stanism? Ngati ayi, ndalamazi akuzitenga kuti? Komanso mbusa womalalata ngati uyu sindinamuone!!!!

  20. nyavizwazwa says:

    Have you ever heard a satanist saying I’m satanist? noway a satanist will always speak as a rightious angel. But the dos being done. Why boast for wealth than boasting for preaching the gospel and turning the lost to God?

    Whether rich or poor a true man of God will always be pleased when people receive Christ and repent. that is the most joyous time for the true Man og God.

    But the fake ones will always boast for the wealth which will in the end vanish in rust. Shame on you Salanje

  21. James says:

    Mr Salanje your indeed Paster but what you have said just show your pridenes then being pride and insolence are the sign of satanic,any way God will judge,

  22. chimwemwe says:

    Ndalama zake zobera anthu osaukazo! Olo atakhala wa satanic angavomere? ?? Akufunika xenophobia ameneyu!

  23. Kamkhwezule Kakang'ono says:

    Simple minds talk about pipo. Great mind discuss ideas and how to achieve goals. Leave pastor Salanje to brag what his god has given him.

  24. So match liches 4 the paster,mwaononga mizimu ya anthu osalakwa zachisoni.

  25. francis big man wamkuru says:

    Mkuluyu nd kape wachabechabe, zot he is man of God ndzonama koma he is man of satanic ndpo nthawi yake pa watch ya mulungu yasala yochepa

  26. nthawi says:

    Dziko lilingati Galasi ukamaseka nalo limaseka.

  27. Salanje ndi galu! Munthu wa mulungu matama ndi chuma choncho.koma azafabe.

  28. bwampini says:

    Mwawonjezatu asalanje, mpaka kuima pachulu kuno mkunja. Ngati sumutenga zachopereka nganga mwachipeza kuti chuma? Ndiye usatanicwo ulipodi m’bale utsi sufuka wopanda moto.

  29. stephen waku kaya says:

    ma of god. be careful with what you say and do. ife utha kutinamiza bt ewa mwambamwamba yo akukudziwa A to Z. LA 40 LIZAFIKA LOMWE ALIYYENSE OSACHITA ZA BWINO AZAYALUKA

  30. Nyamakumutu says:

    Komatu olo mukukana kayankhulidwe kanuka kakutsimikiza kuti akulu inu ndinu a kunyanja kumene. Chifukwa pride is the sign number one ya mdyerekezi. Inuyo ndithu ndinu m’modzi wa iwo ife tawonera kayankhulidwe kanuka

  31. Africa says:


  32. nyalapsya says:

    zowawitsa mutu izi a salanje chuma ndi chanu ife zisatikhudze

  33. Nedson Trouble Jere says:

    Salanje ndiwe chindere chakufikapo.Kuno bachewa banyako bakusuzgika na njala bwenu iwe apa ulembengeko vyakupusa.You are not in RSA as chidongo has stated.If you are really i would have rather if you could be shot dead.The criminals killed a good man LUCKY PHILLIP DUBE leaving a satanist like you.Lucky Dube left 30,000 orphans helpless what about you? Stupid If you are angry just call 0 888 185 448.

  34. [email protected] says:

    Salanje ili ndi dziko udazdiona ngati udase, u r pocketing from de poor ppl &yet u r saing kuti sumalandira chopereka

  35. Samuel Sipho says:

    Hehe koma ziliko ngati sagwirisa ntchito offering amapanga business yanji magalimoto onsewo?

  36. Emberrased says:

    Go register to FORBES. Leave alone poor people

  37. Emberrased says:

    Why compare himself with poor people?
    1. Aliko Dangote: Dangote, Chairman of Aliko Dangote of Nigeria is worth $25 billion, $9 billion richer than last year, according to Forbes.

    2. Johann Rupert & Family: Forbes ranks South African Johann Rupert, owner of Swiss-based luxury goods outfit Compagnie Financiere Richemont owners of Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Montblanc, worth $7.6 billion.

    3. Nicky Oppenheimer & Family: The descendants of South Africa’s original diamond barrens, the Oppenheimers, are worth $6.7 billion. They own De Beers, a diamond firm and also have investments with private equity firm, Tana Africa Capital, Forbes reports.

    4. Nassef Sawiris: Tied with the Oppenheimer family when it comes to net worth, with $6.7 billion, is Nassef Sawiris. He is the CEO of Egypt’s most valuable publicly-traded company, Orascom Construction Industries, according to Forbes.

    5. Mike Adenuga: The founder of Nigeria’s second largest mobile phone network, Globacom, Forbes reports. He is worth $4.6 billion with a portion of his wealth also derived from oil profits – he has the rights to some of Nigeria’s lucrative oil fields that his other company, Conoil Producing, mines.

    6. Isabel Dos Santos: Worth $3.7 billion, Isabel dos Santos of Angola is Africa’s richest woman and one of only two female billionaires. She owns large stakes in a number of blue-chip companies in Angola and Portugal including Angolan cell phone company Unitel.

    7. Issad Rebrab: Algeria’s richest man, Issad Rebrab, is worth $3.2 billion thanks in a large part to his stake in his family’s business conglomerate Cevital, Forbes reports.

    8. Christoffel Wiese: The South African retail mogul owns a chain of low-price supermarkets, Shoprite, located across African countries. He is worth $3.2 billion and has assets in discount fashion brands, a five star hotel and a private equity firm, according to Forbes.

    9. Nathan Kirsh: Nathan Kirsh is worth $3.1 billion and the only Swazi national on Forbes’ Top 10 list. He is the founder of Jetro Holdings, a cash-and-carry wholesaler for grocery stores, Forbes reports.

    10. Mohamed Mansour: An Egyptian, He is the owner of the world’s largest GM dealership along with his two brothers, Yasseen and Youssef, and is worth $3.1 billion, Forbes reports.

    11. Issad Rebrab: Algeria’s first billionaire, and a first timer on the list, Rebrab is owner of Cevital, producers of margarine, sugar, and vegetable oil. He works alongside his five children, and is worth $3 billion, Forbes reports.

    12. Naguib Sawiris: An Egyptian investor, Sawiris is a major player in the telecommunications industry. Also, he founded the Free Egyptians Party and is worth $2.8 billion, Forbes reports.

    13. Patrice Motsepe: South Africa’s first black billionaire, Motsepe is a lawyer and his African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) yields high volumes of platinum, nickel, gold, copper and coal. He is worth $2.7 billion, Forbes reports.

    14. Othman Benjelloun: Morocco’s Benjelloun is one of the Morocco’s wealthiest. His holding company, FinanceCom, invests in telecom, banking, and insurance. He is also the CEO of BMCE Banks, which is present in 15 African countries, and he runs a money management firm in Paris. He is worth $2.7 billion, Forbes reports.

    15. Folorunsho Alakija: Once a fashion student in London, Alakija returned to her native Nigeria to found Supreme Stitches. She owns Famfa Oil, which produces about 200,000 barrels a day. She is worth $2.7 billion, Forbes reports.

    16. Youssef Mansour: Mansour and his two brothers own Mansour Group, which holds Caterpillar dealerships in Russia and eight different African nations. He also helped bring Egypt’s largest supermarket chain, Metro, into prominence. He is worth $2.3 billion, Forbes reports.

    17. Onsi Sawiris: Sawiris is the patriarch of the richest family in Egypt. His sons — Nassef, Naguib and Samih — now own Orascom Construction which he founded. Sawiris has a net worth of around $2 billion, Forbes reports.

  38. Patriot says:

    Chuma cha pansi pano icho.
    Olo ko Bingu anachisiya, so will everyone of us.
    Koma pastor Salanje humble yourself before God, chifukwatu izi mukuzipopa ndi timagalimoto tanuti ndi zimene zikupangitsa anthu kuti aziti ndi inu a sataniki.

  39. Chendele says:

    zakayisala zipite kwa kayisala.

  40. Piche Yakiti says:

    Vuto ndi anthu….kutengeka ndi chopeleka….mapeto AKE MWALEMELETSA MUNTHU

  41. mariana says:

    mmmmmh the humble Nazarene did no even have a house let alone a mule! You shall know them by their fruits!

  42. Phunzitsi wa chinyanja says:

    Musathe za mutu kumaweruza,mwini wake chisumphi wamkurumkuru azaweruza ndi kulanga yekha

  43. chidongo j says:

    Kodi iwe Salanje ine ndiri nkokuno ku RSA nyumba imene mukunenayo kuti mashoni ndi imene mwaimapo inuyi kapena mwana wanuyi. ndipo ilikuti ngati si kuno ku Sandton ndiye musawadwalitsa a Malawi ndi ku tchubula kwanu.ndipo kuno ku Santon kuno simungapezeko nyumba yagaraja ngati tikuyionayo kapenanso mpanda wa zitsuro ngati umenewo. Tsono muli pa number chani kulemerako poti kuno sabisanso. Mu drum ndi mu you magazine mukanaoneka kalekale koma mukuti pa face book musawanamize a malawi muzipweteketsa ndi zazi. mulibe ndi chooneka ndi maso ku Malawi ngati Kang’ombe house kapena kuthandizako anthu ovutika ndi floods. Anthu kuno akati ndiolemera sali ndi magalimoto 23 koma ndi ma private jet mukusonyeza umbuli wanu wonse ndi usatanic. mbiri yokha imene munasiya kumalawi ya ziwolo za anthu mu frige.

  44. JVC says:

    I am not conversant with spiritual things, I am only hoping that those that brag about their riches do understand that God blesses us with riches for a purpose, instead of bragging in social media about how rich you are why cant you ask of the Lord to reveal how he wants you to use the riches. Silver and gold belong to the Lord and the are given to us to bring Glory to his name.

    By the way the Msungama’s seems to be inviting trouble whenever they see one, is it because they reckon they are rich or what? Kuno ndi kunjatu kunayanja lichero!

  45. KAMBUKU says:


  46. Kadushu says:

    What is the point by just showing us how wealth you are. Please pastor respect yourself for others to respect you. We don’t see or hear you preaching anywhere in media or enywhere else what we see is your wealth what are you trying to preach to us. All those comment evil here they are angry because you are not telling us why you do this. You are not the only preacher leveled as satanist, your colleagues remained quite and the issue died a natural death I don’t know how yours will end.

  47. PA MALAWI says:

    Tell us which pastors have you given the cars.

  48. mang'anja says:

    no comment but holy ghost fireeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  49. xxxxx says:

    Mr Salanje how did you decide to come out and show us how pompus you are with the wealth accumulated fro poor people. I mean you and your family standing against people. Munaganiza bwanji a busa?Kukula shafiti eti?

  50. ASHLEY SCOTT says:

    only God knos, if he blongs to satanism let hm b & if he blongs to God let hm b,the bible says time wil come.

  51. kudyera mwa satana says:

    He made a false prophesy that JB will win the last general elections. Who can trust and believe this thief. South Africans should be careful this man will swindle their rands by staged and false healings and prophesies. South African who donated any money or materials should go and reclaim their hard rearnedcash and properties

  52. apm says:

    Salanjes vs msungamas akuti olemera ndani bragging on facebook like ana God has ways of putting people who think are untouchables down. Azikulangirani pansi pompano choncho. Too many misfortunes is a sign that you need to reflect on your life. As for Salanje his bragging was not targeting any individual but I wonder why this young fella decided to take it personal and attacked him. Why were all these rich Malawians not affected by his crazy posts but rather found them funny.we are here to watch this drama.

  53. ZZ Junior says:

    The bible does not state the worth of its biblical prophets. so it is not proper to assume that these preachers were poor nor rich. However it is also important to note that these preachers had large following and were always travelling to spread the message of God, therefore they must have been spending something along the way. By the way Judas was the accountant of Jesus mission.

  54. kamfana says:

    Let God Himself judge,not U.Do not condemn.Bring EVIDENCE to LIGHT.If he is cheating in the name of the Living God,soon or later,he will be punished.Do not become jealousy of him.

  55. nachipanti says:

    @Pius Nyondo, Please ask Salanje as to what happened to his church in Chilomoni. There used to be Wells of Revival Church in Chilomoni but it disappeared abruptly when he decided to flee the country to South Africa. Why on earth did he flee Malawi to South Africa. This person is bragging heavily on about his wealth as if he is the only richest pastor in the world yet he does not even have a house in his own homeland. Why is he not investing in his own country. When he says he is assisting people in the country, could this so called pastor come in the open which areas of development he has played a role. Malawians recently experienced floods, what did this foolish pastor do to help the needy? He should not brag about his wealth and let alone allow his sons to brag about their father’s dirty wealth because the truth of the matter is that this Salanje guy is crooked. He sold his church building here in Malawi when he fled the country. Saints discovered that the church building had been sold when they wanted to go clean the church for a sunday service only to discover that the building was being turned into a school.
    Am sure whatever this man is doing to accumulate all this so called wealth is dirty game. The spiritual eye in me tells me of the colour “BLACK”. Almost all the cars he is bragging about to be riches are black. What does that entail?

    I have my further reservations on this coward otherwise ayamba kutionetsa walldrove yama underwear…

  56. chumbwatiko says:

    Abusawatu anapanga business ya solar koma kodi ndi angati atukuka nayo business yi asatinamize Salanje ndi agent wapasi pa nyanja


  58. Kambani Zanu says:

    Salanje!!!! Curse me if you can. Pamtumbo pako mfiti yochinda Maliro iwe

  59. satopa says:

    Goodson Phanda, if you worship the true God, One who encourages us to forgive and pray for each other, why wish Salanje to be burnt to ashes?? If you see something wrong in Salanje why not pray that God brings him back in line??

  60. knowkeep says:

    Only in Malawi where a whole country will be obsessed with salanje and Ben phiri. Speaks volumes of our values as a people

  61. Chief satanist says:

    Then why the smoke? Does it rise firelessly?

  62. chalo says:

    I have just heard someones car (Posh) is in flames a week after showing off and challenging this man of god. I now hear his word that some one cannot go unpanished if he/she challenges him.

  63. Harry Pongolani says:

    Why are you wasting time with Salanje or Salaje about his wealth? Whatever wealth Salanje has amassed did not come from Malawian tax payers. Let those that have been swindled if any, complain. After all he is not in Malawi, what are we losing? We have issues here at home where we see politicians getting rich overnight through shady deals every day, but you don’t go deeper to investigate as you are doing with Salanje. You should tell us how the Masangwi saga is playing out with MRA – this is interesting news to Malawians because we are stakeholders, not Salanje. There are so many pastors who are rich like the Karonga man – you know him, is he also Satanic?

  64. Goodson Phanda says:

    This pastor is a true agent of the devil himself. Salanje!!! The true God I worship shall punish you to ashes

  65. xxxxxxxx says:

    You are.How many private parts did you buy from me?

  66. Pastor Solange says:

    pple please stop giving attention to ths mad man..all he wants is ur attention basi…taona anthu olemela ife..pali chani …….

  67. Denguzman. says:

    Although judgement is in heaven bt this Pastor is not a man of god and i kno for sure that he is doing private business while pretending as if he is spreading the word of god. Awa ndi gulu la aneneri onyenga pa dziko lapansi. Why do pipo trust such type of Pastors? Ambuye mwaonjeza kusabwera msanga padziko lapansi, taonani anthu akutibera munjira yovala mikanjo.

  68. nobel says:

    Enough with this Salanje issue. Give us break pliz. We want developmental stories and not gossips

  69. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Our father in heaven will judge these salanje false pastors

  70. Alex Likoswe says:

    He gives and takes.

  71. elkabiir says:

    Holly ghost fiireee

  72. itchp says:

    Maybe he can also help our Flood Victims. We need a lot help here. And there are people who have lost their homes all over the country due to heavy rains.

  73. mtumbuka 1 says:

    Some of us chooses not to comment on sensitive spiritual things cos we don’t wanna get judged by our assumptions.

  74. Bwampini wa APM says:

    The truth is that Pastor Salanje is an agent of satanism. If you look at his facebook page, this gives a testimony of his links to satan. A true man of God does brag about world riches. And the bible says, it is easier for a carmel to enter an eye of a needle than a rich man to inherit the kingdom.

    Pastor Salanje is linked to another false prophet Benny Hinn. Look at his facebook page. You may search for yourself on the falsehood of Benny Hinn including his temporary miracle healings.

    Pastor Salanje had headlines that he is a satanist and was found with private parts. The fact that he was not arrested does not justify that he did not take part. How many people have committed crimes and are just walking free? There are murderers in the world who have been set free by the court. There are innocent people who have faced the long arm of the law but yet they are innocent? This world is not just. A man who steals a cob of maize is severely beaten to death while someone who stole 1.87 billion kwacha moves freely in our street?

  75. Pillar says:

    Pastor, we thank the Lord that he is blessing you. But be careful. Dont show off like that and dont curse even if others say bad about you. A Pastors duty is to bless always. Thats the way of Jesus. Its good that others are getting blessed because of your blessings from God. But be humble. Dont show the world your cars and houses. Let people speak about those and not you. You are preventing people to comment on your good works

  76. Obama says:

    Mphavu zakumidima zokhazokha tikunenanzo inu,ndichifukwa chiani mumathangila kumapita ku john ngati kuti kwathu kuno kulibe ochimwa?ikubwela nthawi yomwe mudzaonekela poyela ndi dzimikango zanu zili mumitimazo.

  77. opportunist says:

    Something is following him. Please slow down

  78. Moya says:

    Pastor please, may you do justice to that Mercedes ML or GL you are standing by. Using masking tape as a wiper blade especially on the driver side, I believe is against the law and mostly demean the value of the vehicle.

  79. SHAMS says:

    Tazinenani chilungamo nthawi zina, wina aliyense pa dziko lonse la pansi ngati sali Msilamu ndiwa satanic . Yemwe mumamutcha kuti Yesu pa canema uja wankulu wa satanic, Papa ndi a Zibusa onse satanic.. Lero ngati kuli cashgate, uhule, STDs gwelo lake Bible especialy New testament. Ngati mukutsutsa ndikupatsani umboni oti bible si mau a Mulungu.

  80. alekekuba says:

    Nyasa Times, enough of this guy. You are giving him a podium for his doubtful deeds

  81. Chidongo j says:

    Asawale ameneyu wa satanic anthu wolemera amakhala ku Sandton. Amakhala wotetezedwa bwino. Nyumbayo ilibe ndi electric fence nkomwe. Forbies akanawapanga kale kuti ndi one of billioners of Malawi. Asatiwalire amenoyu.

  82. Nkhani za ziiiii. Typical of Africans. The Bill Gates and other billionnaires don’t do such stupid things. What do you gain? An extra stomach to eat more? Why don’t you just set up charity organizations to educated the numerous poor children in Malawi. The catholitics and CCAP brought with them hospitals and schools.

  83. Elias says:

    pastor,before you join God how do u earn a living? Or i may say that all of your riches came from God’s ministry?remember that people who knows u from ur grassroots are the ones who are busy digging you!!.nowadays even presidents declare their riches unlike pastors to avoid this.

  84. Aaron Nsena says:

    The so called man of God, why waste ur time condemning ur critics. This exposes ur immaturity in spirit. Even Jesus did not boast of his riches and miracles in public. U deserve a question mark

  85. ninkuuzeni says:


    pliz dear pple, if u were born in times of prophet EZEKIEL when GOD told him to marry a prostitute what cld be ur reaction?
    T he same GOD askd PROPHET ISAIH toget naked and go to a city square idakakhala nyengo ino mudakatani?
    stop accusing pastors unless if u can tell me that u called them not GOD.
    MULUNGU amatha kugwiritsa zithu zimene mumaziona ngati zopusa pofuna kupeleka uthenga. CAN U CHALLENGE GOD URSELVES?

  86. Zanga Phee! says:

    So it really shows that what ever we write it reaches to the destination good.See my name.

  87. Tentacles says:


  88. losco says:

    Uyu watikwana bwanji,aaasaah

  89. Ingwenyama. says:

    Mr Salanje is just a business man you can search his facebook page you will see what he is most dealing of, no Ministering people!

  90. Wachimalawi says:

    What a lot of rubbish, comparing himself to jesus is a joke. They are kids starving around the world while he drives posh cars and calls himself a saint, nothing wrong with being rich, but one has to be selfish and live with himself knowing he has riches that he does not need while fellow man is suffering. Its like eating a 5 course mill while you are not hungry in fromt of a starving child and say well God has chosen to bless me so piss off. Thats not christianity

  91. make chikomukomu says:

    social network njovuta!!!! nanga za limo yapsya kamba kopikisana nayezi nde ziti

  92. MIKE (mchewa weniweni) says:

    mukumutchukitsa mkuluyutu…ife tatopa nazo nkhani zake iya!!

  93. Truck says:

    Vuto la ife a Malawi nsanje inachuluka sitifuna kuona Mamalawi nzathu akutukuka.Timayamba kumunyoza nkhani zopanda umboni.God create every person with his different prosperity whether a person like or not when Jesus say yes nobody can say no.Nyasatimes also stop concentrating on other peoples wealth start focusing on how can we develop our Country Malawi unless if that person got Cashgate then you can talk.

  94. Nganali Kombweke says:

    This man was embarrassed by the grace of God

  95. Mweneeee says:

    Am beggining to like this guy now

  96. kanyimbi says:

    God told him to invest first? so the ministry is his investment? So the the church is his personal property? Please people must go to churches that belong to God and not personal investments.

  97. Masoambeta says:

    There will be a day when God will reveal the secret behind money currently awash in these ministries. Remember that God will not deceive us. Wait in diligence.

  98. Namu! says:

    I have known this Pastor since 1997 and his riches have not come today, he was rich in those days. I remember we had over night prayers at his house in Area 43 Lilongwe. He used to live in Blantyre and his family in Lilongwe. His wife used to teach at Tsokankanasi primary school. Pastor Salanje had a beautiful house and car/s as well. Za u satanic zi kaya poti mumtima ndiwe mwini munthu.

  99. sir bentby says:

    last days, but I don’t want to judge because the only responsible judge is Jahovah

  100. wawa says:

    sindinamvepo za mneneri kapena mlaliki m’baibulo akukamba za chuma chake, iye kwake kumakhala kugawa uthenga wa Chauta, chuma pambuyo. komanso Baibulo limati usakuze chifukwa udzatsitsidwa, kuli aneneri ambiri masiku ano omwe ali ndi chuma koma sakhala pa front mkumaonetsa chuma chao, izi zingosonyeza kuti anything is wrong with this guy, akufunika upangiri wapadera

  101. zizwa says:

    Osangovomera bwanji? Zinthu zochita kuonekerathu

  102. ujeni says:

    Salanje ndi dhilu, we Malawians we have grown up under massive poverty and we were made to believe anything great belongs to Kamuzu. Our mentality is so wrecked up. To see a fellow Malawian rich is, is a nightmare only Kamuzu should be rich. wake up Malawians.

  103. stanicious says:

    nanunso mwatikwana kodi kukula movutika chani? mdala ngati nkumakhala onyada chonchi bwanji kukamwa kwako and fuc you too

  104. Namatchaitsa says:

    Nyasatimes! Can you plz stop encouraging this mad man by stopping publishing his rantings!

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