I’m surrounded by Judases and fortune seekers, says Malawi’s Mutharika: ‘I’m enjoying robust health, will say when about to die’

President Peter Mutharika says he knows that he is surrounded by some “fortune seekers” who could dump him if he was not in power.

Mutharika: I have Judases with me

Mutharika: I have Judases with me

Mutharika made the remarks in Mulanje after commissioning the construction of the $23.5 million (about K17 billion)  Likhubula Water Supply System project  which is expected to help Blantyre  Water Board pump  water from Mulanje mountain.

Mutharika said he is aware of what some of his party members were planning following rumours of his health while in United States of America after being away from the country for a month.

“I know that I have some Judases around me. Just like what happened when my brother Bingu died, some left the party before my brother was buried. But let me assure you that I am strong enough to seek re-election come 2019,” said the 76-year-old leader.

“I know what was happening while I was enjoying my coffee in America. Let me also take this opportunity to inform those who thought I would be dead by now that I will call them when am about to die. But for now, I am enjoying my good and robust health,” charged Mutharika.

Earlier on, DPP’s Regional Governor for the South, Charles Mchacha, MP,  attacked other party officials for failing to support Mutharika.

Garrulous Mchacha said he is aware of some DPP big gurus who are not loyal to the party and are busy formulating parallel structures within the party.

“I am aware of some DPP officials who are not doing their job as true members of the mighty DPP. Let me ask you the President to allow me deal with these party officials as regional governor . Some of us were born to support you and we don’t want to see you being castigated by others,” said Mchacha receiving applause from a section of DPP women.

Apparently Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water George Chaponda is the one busy campaigning to succeed President Mutharika and has intensified his engagement with party machinery.

But Mchacha did not mention names.

Observers says what transpired in Mulanje are real signs of cracks within the party.

The President left for the United States in September  to address a U.N. gathering. The lack of information after that prompted demands for him to explain what critics called his “absence without leave.”

He returned with the right hand paralysed but he  blamed that on “slight rheumatism” in his shoulder and injections to treat it.

The President is now able to use his hands freely and brags being fit and well, saying doctors told him his vital organs are like those of a 30-year-old.

Speaking at Pasani Primary School ground after unveiling the project’s plaque at Likhubula Forest ground, Mutharika described the project, which  got  line of credit from the Exim Bank of India to finance it, as a big national investment and is part of a bigger plan to develop Malawi.

He also tackled the current hunger and electricity supply problems the country is experiencing by outlining what government is doing to address the issues.




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Pax Romana

You’re very right Mister President ,I am happy that you know very well the people around you.

winston msowoya
Mathanyula,you are not surrounded by the so-called JUDASES AND FORTUNE SEEKERS,but rather,by your own satanic images.You have plunged our nation into irreversible economic and political cataclysm which you and your late crooked brother are directly responsible for this turmoil.Tragically,it seems you are a bewildered and unenlighted individual who had crookedly joined politics to exploit and destroy our nation for your own personal interests “IAM ENJOYING ROBUST HEALTH,WILL SAY WHEN ABOUT TO DIE”,Muthalika retorted.This shows Muthalika’s incapacited leadership trend.How would a human being foretell his day of departure from earth? There is something terribly wrong with this President hence our nation… Read more »
Well now he is talking. It has been known that in his DDP party members there are hungry gurus who pretend they loyal to him but actually they do it for their own benefit. If he remember when he was a party leader and went to America and stayed longer or one month. The DDP wanted to fire him on ground they said he had green card. There are some gurus who are afraid of Chilima. What they forget is its Chilima who made them to be there. DDP/APM he will choose another running mate 2019. He will make a… Read more »

Mr. President, just do one business at a time. Name calling of your own juniors has nothing to do Likhubula water project. You are doing exactly what ZODIAK radio station would do.

Who issued a passports to Judases you are talking about and when did they come in Malawi. zamabodza basi

Iyi ndiye OG.


Am happy that the president accepted that he was sick. It means the media did their thorough check before informing the public. I don’t remember may be if corrected, hearing ,zbs or times that Peter was dead. It was infact the general public circulating the death news on fb and whatsapp. ZBS and Times keep up the good work of informing even they hide. Zinazi ndi last kicks of a dying horse. Palibe chinsinsi pansi pano.


Chipani cha matchona ichi. Always suspecting. Always not comfortable. Kenaka muyambe kutemana nokhanokha paja zankhani ya zikwanjezi DPP ndiye kudya kwake. I smell a cabinet reshuffle.


Njoka saweta


Chule anadabwa mmadzi muli mwake. Atambwali okhaokha mwakumana.


This means Peter Mutharika is still holding on to some grudges against Chilima. You talk of parallel structures osamupanga discipline Chaponda bwanji?

Fact is: Chilima has no future in DPP! The sooner he realises, the better for him.

The Analyst
O……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..O Having known that there are people (within) who cant wait to celebrate his death so they can ascend to the presidency (howsoever they do it); what has APM done about it, if not nothing? . . . One thing is very clear: Either APM is lying (that he’s surrounded by Judases) or he is just wholesale careless (for not taking any action to get rid of these Judases). And either way, there is little or no hope for Malawi (as her president is either a liar or a man or no action or both). ……………………………………………………. . . . Yes,… Read more »

Iyayi bambo APM is neither lying nor careless. He knows who the snakes are but then why strike when they are expecting it. Let APM choose the right time when the snakes will have forgotten about this whole issue. Don’t azungu say revenge is a dish sweeter served cold (something like this. Pepani ndine wa standard 8B)

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