IMF programme off-track, Malawi $20m loan witheld

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that Malawi’s US$150 million extended credit is off-track following the Peter Mutharika government’s failure to meet agreed targets with the fund and that second tranche of funding of about US$20 million under the programme will not disbursed.

Gondwe: Off track

Gondwe: Off track

This will compound Malawi’s fiscal difficulties and increase pressure on the overvalued kwacha.

The ECF has been derailed mainly by the government’s spending beyond its target.

An IMF team led by Washington DC-based Malawi mission chief, Oral Williams, disclosed during the presentation of their review findings at Capital Hill in Lilongwe on Wednesday.

“Fiscal slippages equivalent to about two percent of the GDP emerged during the second half of the 2014/15 fiscal year, in part because of overspending on the wage bill and these were exacerbated by revenue and external financing shortfalls,” said Williams.

He said: “Corrective measures undertaken to offset the slippages were insufficient. As a consequence, the end-June 2015 program target on net domestic financing was not met.

“On the structural side, structural reforms in the financial sector were carried out as planned, but programmed improvements in public financial management (PFM) were delayed.”

IMF called for restoring macroeconomic stability by bringing inflation—which has been stuck above 20 percent since mid-2012—down to single digits.

“ To this end, tight monetary and fiscal policies are needed. Given ongoing external financing shortfalls, the budget should be financed in a sustainable manner and expenditures prioritized with a view to safeguard social spending,” said IMF.

The global lender said planned reforms to the farm input subsidy program aimed at increasing expenditure efficiencies are a welcome step, while measures to boost revenue mobilization are critical in responding to growing developmental needs.

IMF also pointed out that strengthening public financial management systems is integral to safeguarding public resources and restoring confidence in budgetary processes.

The mission said it met Minister of Finance Dr. Goodall Gondwe, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi Charles Chuka, other senior government and RBM officials, a broad range of national stakeholders outside government, as well as representatives of Malawi’s development partners.

Gondwe, has since admitted that things are out of hand and that a team of experts at his ministry is already working on reducing the budget from K930 billion as approved by Parliament in June.

“We will have to come up with a revised expenditure in the budget,” said Gondwe.

Meanwhile, IMF said Malawi’s economic growth will slow to 3 percent this year from 5 percent in 2014 due to severe flooding in January that affected food production.

The IMF said the slowdown in growth reflected the steep decline in the 2015 maize harvest, disrupted by floods early this year that killed at least 79 people.

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89 thoughts on “IMF programme off-track, Malawi $20m loan witheld”

  1. chimwemwe says:

    Goodal Cancels subsidy programme

  2. kachikho says:

    There was no need to think of revising the budget downwards . I cry for my beloved country. Let us just deal with corruption. I remember there was time when our late president Bingu used to say that we could develop the country using our own resources and at that time MRA was able to collect so much above target and the excess was used for other developments like construction of roads. But now there is total chaos at MRA. Where is MJM Phiri and the people that were responsible for that good performance?

  3. Telling the Truth says:

    It comes as no surprise that Peter Mutharika’s DPP is failing Malawians. Let us not forget that DPP brought Malawi to her knees by April 2012. And the same people who were in charge of DPP in April 2012 are back in charge of DPP except Bingu wa Mutharika who died. The truth is that DPP does not have a new vision and policy to take Malawi forward. The DPP’s community technical colleges program is based on a fundamentally flawed reasoning that there is adequate demand for goods and services to create additional jobs. So Malawians should be ready to face very tough economic times. DPP has dramatically raised user fees and charges with total disregard of poor Malawians who are in a majority.

  4. Jabulosi says:

    JB was far much better than this goat!!!! The problem was that Amai found cashgaters already established in the system and retained Ken Lipenga as finance minister. These people connived to destroy her despite her good efforts. Thus today Malawi is back to square one if not worse than Bingu’s time!!!DPP should be kicked out immediately!!!These are destroyers, we should bless ourselves with even tougher times ahead because 2019 is too far away. Period!!!!!

  5. benjnes says:

    please people of malawi let us not just talk but act for once. we are not going to work for one week mid october this msg goes to all

  6. NH says:

    Even if….repeat even if fiscal situation is not so poor, as it is at present, even then govt spending should not be as high as it is at the moment. Ad how can / dare president of such a poor country dare to hire very expensive aircraft for his comfortable travel ? This is a big ..big question indeed which the respectable president needs to ponder over. At best he should have gone to NY by a regular flight but only if he really cared for the starving masses.

  7. Chimani. Game says:

    If the president can spend over half a million USD on a chartered jet how do you expect I MF to react on that.this fool of a president must be removed by any means.malawians,you need to act or else you will suffer to hell

  8. Ras Manthanyula Peter says:

    Legalize hemp growing, use and trade in Malawi. Key issue is we need find new avenues to generate income to fund goverment programs while creating local employement.

  9. lloyd mpofu says:

    They (azungu) are failing to admit that they don’t ve the money.Otherwise they are even failing to help their colleagues such as Spain, Greece,Turkey and the like who are in big financial woes. How can they help Malawi while they know they have nothing to steal from her.

  10. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    These IMF guys are economical with the truth coz their arguments to hold to the money are contradictory. They say “..ECF has derailed mainly by the govt’s spending beyond its target..” but later on say “..economic growth will slow to 3%…due to…flooding that affected food production..” To me the former quote is due to the later. They would have just come clear that they have suspended aid due to the 100-man UN delegation scandle. My advice to all Malawians is to stop and fight corruption. We can steal huge amounts and construct and admire nice corruption tainted buildings in Lilongwe city but when the economy collapses the Zimbabwe way which route we are on course to take (where else in the world can we find 1.5 USA Dollar which is MK1,000 as a lagest banknote?) those things will mean nothing. When we had fuel problems did it spare those with latest expensive Landcruiser VX? NOPE! Poor squater staying guards, drivers, chefs, messengers, etc will infect Area 43 pwepwete’s with khate, ebola, likodzo, etc

  11. IMF withdrawal is the saddest thing to happen to our country and this is where leadership is called upon. It should have been foreseen that this will happen much earlier and preventing actions deployed. The fact that now has happened begs a lot of leadership questions. And no mistake fingers will have to point at one person alone and that is Mr President.

    This blame can never go to advisors or so called ministers here because the CEO should have foreseen this and taken action. IMF report say that the offshoot is coming due to over expenditures – is this not what we have just been crying over the over blotted UN delegation and jet cost ! What about those other areas we do not know.

    Mr president we voted for you because we trusted you how can you make such obvious and avoidable errors. If it is people around you why are you not caning them for costing your reputations and credibility to run our country.

    This lack of holding people accountable is the biggest disease this country must learn to deal with if we will ever move forward otherwise we should never be surprised why Malawi is where it is today and will continue to sink for ever. Cashgate cases are selectively pursued and taking forever to close them. The 577 bn Kwacha querry is not keenly pushed for closure. And now 121 people to attend UN and no one will be held accountable. Should we be surprised why we overspent against IMF plan !

  12. mabvuto owayamba dala koma nkhalamba imenei imaganizadi? chilichonse akupanga palibe chanzelu iye emweyo akutiuza kuti tili mmavuto azachuma iye emweyo ku ma seweletsa chuma chadziko ndie mabungwe wa musawade ndindomeko zawo

  13. Raymond Tembo says:

    apa ndiye zayang’ana ku dazboom

  14. Oscar says:

    koma chifukwa chiani mukudandaula? inu simumasowa chitandiso chochokera kwa azungu. inu amalawi mutha nokhanokha. nanga si mumati “ndi independent country” osapumsitziwa ndi azungu.

  15. nyamata wa kwa Mayaka says:

    Koma 2019 kuzavutadi

  16. Balamanthu says:

    The IMF normally discusses its findings in country and not in New York.Now that we know that our macro situation is out of hand, we should bless ourselves for a lot of shit and Kwacha slippages which will both be inflationary and damaging to the economy.

  17. We should not be surprised with this. How do we expect IMF to give or borrow us money when we have no means to pay back and we continue spending more without counting how much it costs and how we can save. Peter will destroy his country totally. Let those who voted on DDP rejoice. If Malawians vote without looking on region and tribe to day Malawi was better. Alhlomwe alemela. But how? Which land are they living. Muntharikas has used them. Please lets make a better decision in 2019. Its our life and or nation. One nation one people. We are Malawians all of us.

  18. I am in New York right now. I have seen Malawi delegati
    Just looming in the city which they dont even know how to
    Take underground train. Most of the so called delegations
    Have nothing to do with this meeting. They dont have a sitt in there. 121 or 100 is a huge number. How many sits are in there? If Malawi should take in such a number how many other countries take in? This is a meeting all the nations inn the world. APM is a manamwho does care about affairs of ordinary Malawians. This is a man who was travelling with his brother wherer ever he went in an expensive privat jet plane. We can not expect better now. Iam sure JB is laughing at us.

  19. zeze says:

    malawi’s economy is as frail as badall gondwa. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  20. Denguzman says:

    Ndidzapitiliza pamene anasiyira mkulu wanga. APM, limeneli ndithembelero lalikulu kwambiri limene anakutsiyila mkulu wako BINGU Goodall, munthu ukakalamba kumavomeleza .

  21. Kent Y.G. Mphepo says:

    Dear Countrymen,
    I am not Llomhwe. I am Chewa. I come Kasungu and Ntchisi. However, I feel concerned when we Malawians easily disintegrate into tribal pockets each time a national problem visits our country. We have done this in almost all epochs of our national history: pre-colonialism, colonialism, One-Party State and now Multi- Party State. The net result is that our nation continues to deteriorate despite massive donor in-flows and collective toils in various aspects of our economy. Now, we are the poorest country in the world. Let us remember the wise words of Martin Luther Jr. who said: Do not judge people by the colour of their skin BUT by the CONTENT of their character. I personally believe in the depravity of all people and to suggest that our problem is a result of having Llomhwes in power is a BIG lie that will only plunge us into problems much bigger than what we have today. In my view, Malawi is where she is because we have a rushed Constitution that has too many gaps that need quick filling. We tried to fill these gaps but in 2007 the process got stuck due to a section of Malawians who felt threatened by clauses that would affected them personally. This, in my view, has nothing to do with a tribe but, rather, politics of patronage and self
    aggrandisement. To me, these are character problems and we can best deal with them by having a well researched and debated Constitution like what our Kenyan counterparts now have. We need to do away with the “cut-and-paste” Constitution that we currently have and develop a “home-grown” one that takes cognizant of our political history, cultural ethos, economic realities, tribal confoguration and intellectual/literacy levels. Democracy is BASICALLY about the RULE OF LAW. The fact that those in positions of responsibility do not run their offices on democratic principles due to lack of adequate safeguards in the supreme law of the land means that the culture of impunity and arrogance will continue to grow until the national economy is brought to its humble knees and all of us are declared fugitives and beggers like it has happened with Greeks. Now, the solutions is not whether one is Chewa or Tumbuka or Llomhwe. Let’s create a water-tight Constitution and robust laws that shall adequately punish and deter wrong-doing at all levels of the governance and government structure. It is not what people ARE but what they DO. There good Llomhwes just like there BAD Chewas and GOOD Tumbukas. And I have many friends among them just like I am a good friend to many Yaos, Ngondes, Ngonis, etc.
    I rest my case. Kent Y.G. Mphepo – Blantyre, 0888435629.

    1. Baba wa boy says:

      Kent,Malawians can not debate with you at that level. Malawians enjoy tribal castigation and they love to hide their ignorance by blaming others.

      Even if we tighten the constitution, Malawians will still be lazy and clueless.

      I will call you to see if you are a serious individual.

    2. lim says:

      I totally agree with you. It is amazing how we sink so low every time we have issues and connect them with tribe. Its about personality not tribe.

  22. Masiye says:

    A Malawi tisadandawule ndi zofuna zanthu kusankha munthu oti bale wake anatizuza olo azungu amadabwa ngakhale abale anthu apa zimbabwe pompa muthu kutenga anthu 121 kupita nawo ku USA on top of that iye kupanga chatter ndege koma amayenda kumidzi ndikuwona mmene anthu akuvutikila ameneyi ndi satana weniweni

  23. mphevu says:

    abolish fuel allowances for everybody without exception

  24. Cashgate1 says:

    What next? Not good news. How does APM and his party feel?

  25. Steve Kamkwalala says:

    Is it deliberate or you don’t want to read. The IMF is saying that the problem is the wage bill. These are salaries and emoluments in the civil service. They have been agitating that the government should downsize the civil service. Inu nomwe mudzabwera pano mumvekere boma lichepetsa anthu ogwira ntchito mboma bwanji. IMF wants mchokocho. Anayambila 2014 zimenezi.

    1. Zaya says:

      The wage bill includes APM’s duplicated positions (2 Army commanders, 3 MRA CGs, 2 MACRA DGs, etc); the village of “advisers”; obscene fuel allowances; etc. If these numerous toxic practices were abolished by APM, the wage bill ought to be well within budget.

      Before the next review in December, APM needs to grow some balls and remove unsustainable practices. Why should top public officers get fuel allowances as if they take helicopters when going to work? If you check BNL Times Online of 29 July 2014, you will see that ECAMA advised APM against these obscene allowances. Just imagine 1,000 litres of fuel per month for a cabinet minister?!!! 300 litres per month would be more realistic, considering that ministers are allocated new 4 by 4 diesel vehicles (and assuming that they don’t have to follow the President to events not relevant to their ministry)…

  26. WIN.B says:

    ife tikuona kuti dziko likuyenda bwno!!! asafuna amwe madzi onse a mu lake malawi/tanganyika!!! inu mutalamulira mungatipangre chani??? musiyeni APM nd nthaw yake inoo

  27. Boy says:

    The international mother fucker (IMF) is not the solution to our problems. They always dangle a carrot with so many stringent requirements

  28. Alungwana says:

    Mbendera, MEC, Allan Ngumuya, Friday Jumbe, the Blantyre Court and the 36.4% voters are responsible for all these problems.

  29. vin mongu says:

    Goodall the magic has run out!! Kapumuleni abwana.

  30. Tiyanjane says:

    @ 37 and 37.1.

    We Malawians are partly responsible for the perpetual executive wastage. First our reaction to the executive looting is increasingly ending on internet where often, we hurl tribal insults at each other. The so called executive see this and my God, don’t they furthure fuel our ethnic-based comments! Secondly, Mark Katsonga Phiri has been warning us about executive abuse of Acct. 1. Why can’t we accept that the reason the executive thieves cling on to Acct 1 is so that they can deeptheir fingers into the thumba as the have done with the obscene New York trip. Should we not vindicate Bina Shaba and other Federalists whose main agenda is to reduce and protect our national wealth by proportionately allocating the same to regions? Country (wo)men, let us do away with this central/unilateral government. Let us demand regional budgetary management through a Federal government system.

  31. Honeycomb Chidyaudzu says:

    This Muthalika is destroying our country. Please Mr President for the sake of peace in our just resign honorably.

  32. Jonathan says:

    Njoyani ku Newyork ko!! amene anakuvotelani ndizimene amafuna

  33. Khodoba says:

    Imraan Sadick who told you that BRICS give out loans. Even aluya anzakowo bwanji sakuthandiza Mlawi. Don’t show you foolishness here. JB managed to bring back the economy on track. It doesn’t need magic. It just requires quality and humble leadership. If Chakwera was there this cud not have been an issue. Leadership has to direct every decision towards the good of the people not being pompous right in the face of the donors yet you are a beggar. This country requires a real practicing Christian for a leader as christianity teaches love and service to humanity

  34. mbuyuni says:

    Posachedwapa tiyamba kulipira ndalama pa misewu ya mziko muno.

  35. frank says:

    amalawi ife tinakuwuzani kuti chonde musamvotele m’phwake wa bingu, koma inu simunamvele, lero tawonani two years now no donors aid, mwaphunzira apa, chachikulu mu 2019 wosapanga mistake ngati yomwe munachita chaka chatha.

  36. MCP????? says:


  37. Angoni says:

    A Goodall Gondwe avuta nazo kuno pomwe odya ali phee ku New York…

  38. Azungu Misala says:

    IMF has been responsible for derailing economies in several other countries. Their advice is in pieces and when added together, they do not make sense at all. Leave Malawi’s economy to Malawians and we are now tired of your manipulations in the way the economy must be managed. Malawians still remember the time when we slipped into a famine in 2001/02 after IMF advised the then leadership to sell off the maize from the strategic grain reserves. We can say good riddance with your loan. After all we are tired paying back useless loans which you externalise back into your control through missions like the recent one. Go well IMF and leave us to fix our weak leadership alone.

  39. Emmatuwa says:

    Gondwe Go ndwe mwakumana nazo

  40. I think its high time now we abandon good for nothing IMF and join the BRICS
    They can go to hell with their filthy money

  41. Kandapako says:

    Osanamizila ma floods ndi mvula kuduka msanga apa ai. The main issue affecting our economy is CASHGATE. President Mutharika, just bring out the cashgate issue, blame it on your late brother (after all he is dead), apologize to the citizens of Malawi and the donor community and donor inflows will start. Swallow your pride Mr. President for the sake of our country and its citizens.

  42. chipie says:

    Bomali lidaluza zochuluka. Asieni achite momwe angathere. Majelasi basi! A Mbendela ni team yawo zawo zilibwino plus akuluakulu akumakhoti zikuwayendera. Musova nokha aSimongolianu osati Mbendera/akhoti omwe adasankha uyu amene mukumutchula kuti Mathanyulayi ai.

  43. mike says:

    The best way just sent mwana akamushute pamodzi zibwenzizake

  44. Sindi says:

    Did the IMF really expect Malawi to be on track while being led by a clueless bunch of selfishies?

  45. Moderate Economist says:

    Much as I dont fault the IMF on their reasons for withholding the loan, I strongly feel that the plight of an ordinary Malawian should not be completely ignored in these decision making processes. We are talking of an economy on its knees and poverty and joblessness on an astronomical rise. Surely the country needs some leniency from the IMF and others otherwise punishing millions of people because of the misaligned figures may not be a good deed before the Lord.

    I hope also that we Malawians have leant a lesson that choosing leaders just because they become from our area may not be always a good idea. We are in this mess because we think we eat politics . Next time we include education qualification as a prerequisite to take part in the voting process other than age alone. Most of our non educated people just vote for someone because they have been told to do so not out of their own conviction.

  46. drakes says:

    I get so sick with issues of World Bank and IMF, these are devil’s institutions why do we always beg from them?. These organisations brings misery and sufferings to Africans. Can the President live by example, shedding off all the luxurious life and live simple, use one state house, reduce security detail, this has to be extrnded yo all civil servants. Lets learn to make our own Money than depend on these devilish organisations who wants to further depreciate our national currency to make us more poorer

    1. Achimwene says:

      I totally disagree with your first and second sentences: IMF are like katapila people – you have no choice but to go to them when you have messed up. Munthu wa katapila samabwera pakhomo pamunthu kumuumiriza kutenga ngongole; it is always the other way round.

      However, your third sentence has hit the nail on the head. The failure by APM to cut out executive waste is at the heart of the matter. Malawi can save lots of money if only APM can realize that he cannot continue to live like a Saudi Prince with a village of advisers, a bloated convoy, bloated number of state residencies, taking a planeload of illiterate traditional chiefs to New York each September, building new banqueting halls at his palaces, hiring expensive private jets, paying for 2 or 3 people for one public position because he likes “re-deploying” people, etc, etc.

      As a country what we are doing is similar to a father who drinks his salary away then goes for katapila for school fees. We need to grow up as a country and start using tax payers money wisely. Currently there is too much executive waste…APM needs to step up to the plate and provide leadership.

  47. KUKHALA says:


  48. john says:

    it’s very absard for a leader without thinking ov his country,but only loves for his own ends o power malawians

  49. chimwemwe says:

    IMF also known as International misery fund, no matter what you do they will not release aid, they only help oil rich countries as Malawi has nothing to offer they will let this country suffer to its knees, they will only react and give aid once they see this country collapse and once migrants head to europe then they will act. This is a country of 16million people with a budget of 930billion which is less then usd2billion and you still say its too much how do you expect poor malaiwans to survice. Dont punish poor Malawians for mistakes of politicians have some ethics and Morality dont just come here for holidays, 90% of population is living below poverty line you still dont want to help shame on you IMF

  50. malani says:

    Im not sure if Peter muthalika is a real professor.we need to ask him show us his PhD.

  51. ganizani says:

    Pathetic Malawians celebrate being in a ship that they are trying to sink forgetting they are sailing in the same ship. No matter what this ship (Malawi) is going through, it shall make it to the shore. This trip is not for the faint hearted. May God bless Malawi! (Anthem).

  52. The real ujeni says:

    This budget was revised upwards just yesterday, today you’re planning to revise it downwards, clueless. When Joyce Banda was working hardest resuscitating the economy from intensive care unit, you DPP leadership went to town shouting on top of your thuggish voices that she is a mandasi seller and clueless with the economy. Now who is stupid? JB was a start performer, the record is there for all to see and Malawi was slowly moving up out of ICU. Come the professor, we are back in the intensive care unit with no sign of recovery. Musova, mavotavota

  53. Josophat Returns says:

    We are here to help the DPP to fall. We have hanged up our patriotism for now until such a time when the environment is conducive to re-practise it again. Mwachita bwino a IMF. Akhaule makosanawa.Iyaaaaa!!!! Anthu Osamva zaena, ndinu otani? Mukupangitsa JB kukhala dolo pamene ali kape. Tamachenjerani muchilungamo alomwe inu. Pemphanani alomwe nokhanokhanu. We will lobby Central Region not to plant the tobacco in their fields this year whether you Lomwe will continue to fund your luxuries. You will have the fuel queues again; you will kill a few Chasowas; you will burn some markets; and deport some diplomats including Nevin.Good night.

  54. Goodall Gondwe claims was born in 1936. Watopo munthuyu. Fine one can argue that Mugabe was born in 1924 koma running a country these days is not as easy as it was during the cold war. These days the donors put a lot of strings or conditions. We know most of us are corrupt including the judges as seen at MEC. We need leaders that love Malawi and not the Patricia Kaliati type ochokera ku primary school oyenda ndi dictionary.

  55. Uziwa-Uziwa says:

    A Malawi kondani dziko lanu zonse zomwe zchitike muno zikhudza tonse. Watch out ur stupid thinking enafe zikavuta kwambiri tilinako kothawra nanga inu??? Munthu wa nzeru saganiza mopusa choncho

  56. Uisova says:

    Well done IMF. Mathanyula diso linali tuzuuuu kudikilira ndalama zimenezo kuti azinyambitenso. Asova this old he-goat with one tooth.

  57. 5555 says:

    Iwee pat you are stupid!! Mwana wa Fiti

  58. Namukachapa says:

    JB was not perfect at yes there was cashgate but least she and her team managed to do what was needed to bring back the IMF programne, get World Bank support and even save the Millenium Challenge Account. It was also under her leadership that Ministerial benzes were abolished.

    1. Baba wa boy says:

      Licking ASS!!

  59. Dr Mbewe says:

    This just shows ineptness of peter muthalika and his evil dpp. Achitabwino a IMF to withhold aid. Otherwise the money would have been going into the evil peter muthalika and his dpp sycophants

  60. waitha says:

    Eee! Ndiye bolaso Osward Lutepo uja anatengeratu makhobidi nkukasunga yekha kunyumba. Nanga mavuto akubwerawo tizaloweraku?

  61. Chidelunde says:

    A Chakwera tidavotera inu. Tithandizeni kupemphera kuti chipsinjochi chitichokere

  62. Sir Bentby says:

    no donor can fund this stupid and deluded, government, led by morons. but i beg, if there is capable and assassins out there, plz assassinate this plink, before we all Malawians perish

  63. Robert Zingani says:

    Wawa! The economy of Malawi very soon will be in track, I believe Mutharika is a hard worker,performer and visionary. DPP! Boama!

  64. Sir Bentby says:

    no donor can fund this stupid and deluded, government, led by morons. but i beg, if there is capable and assassins, plz assassinate this plink, before we all Malawians perish

    1. lloyd mpofu says:

      let the assasinee assasinate ur father first

  65. Peter27 says:

    Izotu. DPP ili pheeee kudyelera. sizikuwakhunza nkomwe…

  66. Malawiyano says:

    Why giving money to riggers, thieves , murderers , nepotistic tribe , extravagant DPP government etc etc etc ?

    If they say that they will be in power for 30 years let them enjoy the honeymoon with Mbendera.

  67. apa nde yalakwa…….. zimbabwe inayamba chomwechi lero ikukanika kubwella mwakale. kaya apa nkutani chifukwatu che mutharika ndiazawo sanga tule pansi udindo ,nkhani ndimanyazi. lero madzi aphwela chitsime chaoneka chakuya,,,,mai apa akuoneka kuti ankazikwanitsatu. kodi amasaliyuti aja kuti atenge zingatinthandize? kodi nkutani tsopano chifukwatu iwo azisangalalabe ndalama azizitenga mwaamwenye ndi mma boarder ndi kuwatengela anthu zamisonkho..aaaaaaa lero ndaona nkulu uja i mean che Bakili anali dolo.kumudzi kwanthu nde njala yasowesa ntendere kale ,,vutoso alomwe ife kuchulukana nde sukuluso ndi mwa apo ndi apo,,,,,kayekaye mmene akuti tizilipilamu nde kananji ompha mbewa achulukamo m matengomu yes dzuka malawi dzuka.

  68. sniper from ntcheu says:

    maxon mbendera sovani imeneyi, paja ndinu munatipatsa munthalika, ifetu amalawi tinasankha chakwera ….. those tears you shade that time were real….

  69. munthalika he let us down. How could he take 121 delegates to UN.US embassy is a watch dog of imf , thank you imf for holding your funds, we will to the east than spending time with west

  70. Attention Seeker says:

    Taking a bloated delegation to The General Assembly when the IMF team was in town was not only insensitive but also outright arrogance. How did you expect the team to react to reports that the entire State House Household staff traveled with the President yet their services would not be required as the hotel also provides and paid for through the room charges? Government Ministries and departments are already underfunded and then you talk about further cuts? Sad!

  71. malawi says:

    Failing to win donor confidence for 2 Fys is failing Malawians. Bakili, Bingu and JB managed to bring back donors soon they came into power.

    Koma ife kuomba m’ manja zautsiru. I mean how can we justify 121 delegates to UN meeting. A good stupid decision is to get a Health Surveillance Assistant (HSA) as a Presidential delegate. Kafuseni ku Bwaila hostipal HSA (She stays in 25, lost as MP in KK) pano ali ku USA. Why not get may be DEHO, DHO, DNO or director from ministry.

  72. Pat says:

    Thanks IMF for withholding your dirty money. Please we don’t need loans, we need money and God will give us money not your evil spirits

  73. Chifira says:

    I guess our ability to “speak English ” didn’t help us with the negotiations with the IMF. My fellow Malawians this is the end of Mathanyula’s brief stint as the president. The significant blow that Mathanyula’s administration has been handed down by the IMF means that our lives are going to be hell on earth. Lets take to the streets, we have the power folks.

  74. Negativity Negativity Negativity, IMF`s tradition is that they release their findings back in Newyork. However,the 2percent slippage Insinuated here can hadly backtracked the Bretton Woods Institution.

  75. mussa says:

    Kulira kudakalipobe, I don’t know where Malawi will be by next year. I still agree that JB was better.

  76. contrarian says:

    In light of admission that things are out of hand with the economy, can we trust Jappi that his boss is in control? Why can’t the so-called experts at Min of Finance and RBM just pave way for real experts rather than continue to mess our economy with mediocrity, selfishness, lies. We are tending towards the situation Zimbabwe went through, unnecessarily.

  77. Dzuka Malawi Dzuka says:

    I guess we will not be “clapping hands ” for this clueless administration any time soon. All Mathanyula’s boot lickers what do you have to say now????

  78. Goviva says:

    Duh!!! Of course its off truck..why would it be on track when 101 delegates are flown off to shop in New York?

  79. Kodi tinkaluuzani kuti Peter sangakwanitse. Kuyendetsa boma is serious business. Awa kungokhalira mapwevupwevu. Sorry to say koma adzafa imfa yowawa nayenso.

  80. jokujoku says:

    Then is it not right to say JB was better than APM according to the %s ?

  81. Dwambazi says:

    We are in deep shit!!!!………. Dzuka Malawi Dzuka

  82. Professor Colbyn says:

    Gondwe ndi Mister plz. U Dokotora (PhD) mumawudziwa inu a Nyasa? Stop that mediocrity of overpraising people by tagging them titlsles they dont deserve. I think its clear.

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