Immigration suspends printing of Malawi Passport

Immigration Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs in Malawi has suspended issuance of passport due to the fact that the office does not have passport books as its printing is affected with lack of resources, Nyasa Times understands.

Passport seekers at Immigration Department in Blantyre

Passport seekers at Immigration Department in Blantyre

Passport seekers who have been queuing at the Immigration offices in Blantyre and Lilongwe have been frustrated as they are not being helped due to the non issuance of the booklets.

“We have suspended the whole printing process of passports,” a source at the Immigration told Nyasa Times.

The source said the department will be able to issue travelling documents for those who are cortically ill and have to make a foreign trip for medical treatment.

When Malawi Government hiked the passport fees increase by 320 percent, Malawians thought problems which have been locking the department will now be water under the bridge.

Government increased  the ordinary passport fees from K15,100 to K48,500 while the express passport were hiked from K25,100 to K58,500 which lasts only 5 days.

The department hiked emergency passport from K35, 100 to K85, 500.

But when contacted for comment Immigration Public Relations officer Martha Gonondo confirmed about the hitches but rebutted that assertion that the department has suspended the printing.

“We have not suspended as you are putting it but we are just printing ‘on a need basis’. W e are hoping to rectify the problem by next week, “said Gonondo.

Centre for the Development of people executive director Gift Trapence on Monday urged immigration office to ensure that the right of Malawians to own passport should be upheld all the time.

President Peter Mutharika, in pursuit of the public service reform process, ordered the Immigration Department to decentralise printing of Passports to regional offices, meaning passports have to be printed in Blantyre, Mzuzu and Lilongwe.

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49 thoughts on “Immigration suspends printing of Malawi Passport”

  1. Elliot Matiki says:

    There Z no nid 4 u 2 increase pasport cz their ppo they r struggleling

  2. Mark chikweni says:

    Kwerani za Mangochi opanda chiphaso mukafika ku Rsa.

  3. chrisstopher shangire says:

    You charge too much custom when when we are coming back to our buetiful land

  4. son says:

    Mfwethu izi sozoona ukapita ku rsa lero ukapeza amalawi ambiri.pali maboma awiri mzimba ndi mangochi.ukafika ukhoza kuva chisoni ena satha kulemba or kuwelenga munthu ngati sanapite ku sch angakagwire ntchito yanji kwaweni.munthu kungo vota lero mawa ali bus,kungokwatila lero mkazi akumusia ndi makolo eye wa ku joni,podzabwela after 5yrs.pepani sindikunyoza abale aku mzimba kapena mangochi koma chilungamo chake ndichimechi.tiyeni tichepetse kubeleka boma silikwanitsa anthu tachuluka ndichifukwa chake tikuthawa mdziko lathu chifukwa chamavuto.

  5. mpamba says:


  6. Mfwethu says:

    There are so many people who got passports but have never even travelled. And then there is this expiry issue, you find other passports expiring with so many unused pages…

  7. son says:

    Amalawi tamavetsani chilichose kunyoza,ukapita ku immigration aliyese ukamufusa kuti mukufuna passp mukupita kuti uyu akuti rsa.kodi ndi choncho.akakuwuzaniso kuti rsa sakufuna obwela munyozaso.ndichifukwa chake akukuwuzani kuti kulibe ma passp.ingoganizani bwino

  8. Patriot says:

    And ya amwenye is K500,000/person, koma alibe stationary.
    Amangodya ndalamazo eti?
    ACB ifufuze zoputsazi.
    Malawi ilidi mmanja mwa agalu

  9. Mberube says:

    Kwangu NO 37 CHANGE IN Management meaning abweretse another homwe? We dont want… Last time that Lhomwe was here all he was doing was enriching himself. Tiulure za GUN-GATE? UNIFORM-GATE? PASSPORT PRINTING-GATE? File ilipo… Mankhwala was just a good person osamumangisa …

  10. James Phiri says:

    Last year Immigration took more than 3 billion Kwacha in revenue but now has no money to print passports. This is mis-managament. Anyone getting fired anytime soon – no didn’t think so. Seems like the president’s passport to travel is unaffected by this lack of passports. By the way Mr President any chance of you declaring your assets anytime soon. We’d like to know what you had before you became President and how much you have 1 year after becoming President. The increase in your assets should be equal to your annual salary plus 1 wife.

  11. marko says:

    I always wonder if the office of president has no Criteria for leadership…wina aliyense bola akhale ophunzira bwino atha kukhala president that is why we are backward thinking when it comes to leadership e.g Doctor angathe kulamura nanga zamalamuro akuziziwa or Administrator angalamulenso nanga ICT Technology sakuiziwa.UNIMA muli kuti introduce Bsc of President Cashgate control and IT,country Law,Engineering ,Doctor course,commerce,economics e.t.c Duration 30 yrs,Fees $3 million,selection grade 6 points with first sitting age below 18 yrs Course imodzi zonseso .That is the reason why izi za proffesor chani zilibe ntchito chifukwa Pitala kuti apite ku Poly kwa afana a engines ndi swazi komaso Chilima kuti apite kwa afana a surgery ku medicine ndi zoba palibe oziwa zonse apa tiyeni out

  12. Kadozo says:

    Bwampini’s government on duty.

  13. kwangu says:

    Need for a change in management

  14. gift says:

    I cant believe how malawi government doing this

  15. ujeni says:

    I cant believe how expensive it is to aquire a passport now in Malawi. Bornified Citizens aquiring a passport is a right, not some kind of revenue generating government business, thats stealing from the citizenry. African governments are full of thieves stealing from the poor and making the poor poorest

  16. jahannesburg says:

    Is beter the past two years for banda.i said 24month in office but things was not bad as it is now.hand over power back to Joyce . passport k48.500 from K15.100? And u r busy lying about cashgate while u r taking more money.shame malawi . malawi will be poor and poor.

  17. Ngongoliwa says:


  18. Munthu says:

    I think immigration management should receive warning letters from their bosses or something this is not the first time we have herd this. If they are in management they should be able to plan ahead for such cases. If they cant plan ahead they are failing to perform and in the end failing the country. Some peoples lives depend on those passports. Imagine some innocent little girl is supposed to be in India for a surgery in less than a week but she cant travel because the immigration don’t have printing materials. What if she dies here without getting medical attention. You guys are a disgrace please improve its not acceptable.

  19. kalonga says:

    To my surprise how long will people in Blantyre continue to staying out side this building waiting for their passport Boma simungamange extention yabwino anthu adzikhalamo akudikilira ?

    Ndi zomvetsa chison to see people paid alot of money keeping on waiting out side than the promissed period of waiting … at times ndi madabwa kuti maudindo or manister amagwira ntchito yanji? becuse we, ordinary people we are to see vuto koma we dont have an ability to act on it wina s/he has ability koma suchita kanthu…….. Ku zuzana bwanji?

  20. wobeba wanga says:

    Immigration Anthu akuba inu eish!!!!!!!!!

  21. I wonder why they dont want to decentralise printing bcz many ppl flock to Lilongwe & Blantyre from the North hence adding up on the numbers wich are already high in these places.The fact that they have suspended is raising questions bcz ppl pay alot of money to get a passport.I dont know when this government will start delivering to its ppl.But its very worrying!

  22. Mzika ya Mw says:

    Failing on every side in other words zero delivery service…wina athawa chaka chake ndi chino

  23. lastborn wa noma says:


  24. sabiti says:

    Please immigration dont tell me that K48000 is not enough to produce the booklet be serios stop fundrising

  25. Nyono Mwanache says:

    I hear from reliable sources that this is Governments trick so that they can use this excuse to bring back that Lhomwe cocksucker Elvis Thodi who is the biggest fraud and corrupt Immigration Chief ever. Your Excellency the people who had grievances with him had genuine grievances what was wrong was how JB went about it. If you bring him back a section of staff are ready to make these problems even worse. He was too pompous, crooked and too much Muhako. Immigration cars were used to ferry peope to nsonkhano. No more Immigration for this crook again. Zambiri tiulula kutsogoloko

  26. kamwendo says:

    not goverment but department lf immigrastion

  27. khamani!! says:

    On a need basis? If someone bothered to apply and pay 85k … Don’t they need it ?

  28. phwisi says:

    This is very stupid now mxiii

  29. mahara says:

    this government does not have direction and it has failed.

  30. kido says:

    wat went wrong to that backlogs sort out as soon as possible n u r jst singing in mzuzu they r nt printing u politicizing everything wen wl u start printing in mzuzu? bull shit

  31. sapitwa says:

    Passport fee is high and you are not issuing it.what do you want? Bribes?

  32. These days a Presidential Directive is jus a joke. decentrise passport printing, will never be done Ma officer ngamwano ndikwa president komwe

  33. Charter says:

    The problem is that most of the fees paid for passports do not reach the central account – a complex and deliberate network pockets the money while passport booklets are being used. How will they be re-ordered?

  34. chikhwalingwa says:

    vomerani a PRO zinthu zavuta apa. Why on need basis when everything z ok? If there z a mess, what z it? Let us know.

  35. Alexander N Kamoyo says:

    Malawi wa lelo walowa china ndithu,mpaka pamenepa mmmmmm shame!

  36. Gilbert says:

    Shit always happen

  37. A COMMONER says:

    Very strange indeed. Only those ill need treatment in foreign countries need passports and God forbid when they die while outside the country and their remains r brought back home, both lives of pipo must b given their passports sick or not. SHAME SHAME SHAME

  38. Moses says:

    Chiyambi chogwetsa boma tsopano! MRA next!

  39. Ngungudya says:

    Kkkkkkk Malawi watsopano eeshii

  40. CHITHUMWA says:

    Koma anthu inu nthawi zina ndimalalaka nditakuthidzimurani ndithu nonse mutavala zofana zanuzo, atha bwanji ma Passport? ndiulure kuti munapatsa ma BURUNDI kumayambiriro a chaka chatha opitirira 200 nthawi imodzi tinali konkotu tinawaona, ndidzakuvinitsanitu masewe one day! Kupusa mxxi

  41. Nkhombokombo says:

    Is it because of management frequent changes or lack of annual planning? Coughing out MK49,000.00 at a single time and to be told to wait indefinetely, oh! bwana! It pains!

  42. Ulaha Observer says:

    bullshit all that money yet u bring nosence again

  43. yungsai says:

    Mangochi immigration office is 24/7 service,why kipon sturving on on government offices akatero agawanenso ndalama zamphawi.ife timapanga zathu zimenez no kupta kwa DC kukhot zachamba basi.jst bring Pass photo and 10pin ulendo watheka bas.

  44. Hakimu Banda says:

    The department cannot admit that they have suspended the process. These people always talk positive to pliz their pay masters at Capital Hill. Malawians are going through tough times at the immigration offices.Malawians deserve better services and not the interrupted ones.

  45. aphiri says:

    They owe the supplier of books alot of money and also they didn’t pay techno brain the guys contracted to put security features in the passport

  46. upile says:

    decentralisation not done either

  47. The whole issue tu apa petala sakufuna kuti mudzitulukamo dzikomo popanda chifukwa khani yonseyi inayambila pokweza passport ndi 320% padziko lonse lapansi ndi kumalawi kokha komwe passport yake yatsala pang’ono kufika one million kwacha zachisoni kwa boma lamalawi silikuganiza bwino ndipo pitala akapitiliza izi masiku ako sachuluka

  48. Chabwanda!! says:

    Ikakuona litsiro siikata

  49. Chatty Man says:

    This govt is a disgrace! People are paying alot of money for their passports. You should sort your mess up! Immigration Malawi!

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