Imran Malida risks arrest on tax evasion

Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) and Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) in joint crackdown on suspected tax evasion are now pursuing business person Imran Malida after the customs body seized property and sealed off offices belonging to motor vehicle supplying company, Mike Appel and Gatto Limited, over the company’s failure to remit about K1.2 billion in taxes.

Malada: Tax dodge suspect

Malada: Tax dodge suspect

Nyasa Times understands that Malida faces criminal prosecution for not playing by the rules and his dues over K200 million through a misty business.

It is said that proceeds from his businesses were being deposited to FDH Bank city centre branch in Lilongwe, account number 9700000078071.

This was money made through Mali investments under Gibraltar Limited.

Malida has also been earning through business partnership with Priceworth wholesalers  and Dinish of Casa Entrada who gave him K100million cash for produce business of maize  but that was not declared with MRA, it has been established.

The tax collector and graft-busting body suspects wrongful enrichment in the business operation and failure to pay what they owe to the tax man.

Malida could not be reached for comment as he was reported to be on the run after a tip off that a warrant of arrest has been prepared against him.

MRA is on crackdown on tax evasion, saying it is a crime that costs society dearly.

The tax collecting body is warning all business persons evading tax, that there is no safe haven and they will find them.

Over K50 billion in tax revenue is currently stuck in court cases as many of the businesses involved in the practice of tax evasion have sought relief from the judiciary through stay orders and injunctions.

MRA Commissioner General Tom Malata says tax malpractices can be reported to toll free number 847 for Airtel and TNM subscribers or 80000847 for MTL subscribers. Informants can also send their tips to the Centre through email address:[email protected] or fax to 0182 229.

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10 thoughts on “Imran Malida risks arrest on tax evasion”

  1. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    Believe you me, Imran Malida will not go to court. Why? He is Indian! Indian are protected species in DPP Govt. So too are Chinese. Let us wait and see how it ends.

  2. A.Ravat says:

    It’s a shame to earn illegal earnings by decrypting the poor people of Malawi. Is this dirty money going to bring happiness ?
    At least fear God and Law of the country you live in. I was born in Malawi (Asian) but left during the Kamuzu Banda time. There was strict law and order during Kamuzu time. I wish there was someone like him today. I do not live in Malawi but still love the people and the Country.

  3. Riaz Kasmani says:

    Number seven was Riz of debro as this was his comment

  4. APM says:

    I’ve never heard or seen an Indian convicted of any crime – be it raping maids, evading tax, connextion with cash gate, externalising forex illigally, assisting illigal immigrants, etc. Tell me just 2 Indians who are in jail. This shows you how crafty these coackroaches are. They’re worse than cashgaters.

  5. Mapwevupwevu says:

    This just shows how trustworthy the new MRA boss is! The likes of Mhura, John Bizweki, Ralph Kamoto were busy sharing the purported penalties with the amwenyes!

  6. mjiba says:

    MRA one of the most corrupt agencies in Malawi. Officers working for this organisation have amassed wealth not consistent with their income. They steal with impunity and when a mwenye has refused to share them the money they seal the offices. How come this mwenye has been evading tax all this time? what was MRA doing? busy collecting kick backs from him? How come there is no progress on the cases of tax evasion by a mwenyes in Malawi? How come despite owning 90% of all businesses in a corrupt country like Malawi, there is no mwenye convicted of financial crimes? kundende kuli anthu akuda okha okha. ha ha ha

  7. Tatopa says:

    Malawi government is in full time grabbing properties from Malawians just to run the failed government . These people like priceworth and other rich Malawians no matter black , yellow or mixed colours they are being targeted by MRA to have their properties grabbed in order to collect money to run this failed APM government , there are many arrests coming without looking at skin colour . You will find that these Young MRA officers are driving descent cars to an extent of building good homes in towns and their villages , it is like that because MRA officials are sharing fifty fifty with the government and had it been all the money was being remitted to the government there was no way APM was going to fail running the government with tax payers money but it’s the rich MRA staff who are getting bigger share than the government.
    Please don’t scare investors and business people just because donors have refused to give you money to run your government.

  8. Ngolongoliwa says:

    Believe me or not all amwenyes behave the same not matter what. Actually they are happy to see Malawi sink as it is now, happier to collude with corrupt govt. More fire MRA, do not give these amwenyes any chance, enough is enough.

  9. Chindazi says:

    MRA !!!!!!!

    Can we not remove this thing where businesses get a WithHolding Tax Exemption Certificate….. most Indian businesses in Lilongwe they have this which is obtained by bribing the same MRA officials.

    If this certificate was not given tax will be collected in most businesses like Cross Roads Hotel …. which has the Hotel plus Filling Station and Other businesses which makes a lot of sales and yet they are exempted from Withholding Tax…..Government income lost here….

    Travel Agents lots of them are also exempted but they make lots of money by selling the air tickets…..

    If a Malawian business want to apply for this exemption MRA officials are reluctant to accept…. Why ??????

  10. smart bentry says:

    Judicially ndi imene ikubweresera mavuto onsewa.

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